Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Rockets Fired into Israel

Grad rocket lands in Ashkelon; 2 treated for shock

A Grad-type rocket fired from Gaza slammed into southern Ashkelon on Sunday night. Two residents suffered shock as a result of the blast and were taken to a clinic for medical treatment.

A Rocket alert system rang out across Ashkelon at around 7:20 p.m., local officials said.

A police spokeswoman told The Jerusalem Post that bomb squad officers were searching for the location of impact. "We believe this was a Grad rocket," the spokeswoman said.

The IDF said a mortar shell was fired earlier on Sunday at the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, adding that an additional two rockets were fired at the South earlier during the day.

This represents a continuation of what we have already been seeing in the area - and now it does indeed appear that we are in the midst of an "escalation" of tensions:

On Saturday, a major escalation in Palestinian shelling attacks on southern Israel occurred when 50 mortars were fired at farming communities in the western Negev. A man and his wife were injured by shrapnel as they sought shelter in a safe zone.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said he viewed seriously the “criminal attacks by Hamas on Israeli citizens. Israel will take all necessary measures to defend its citizens,” he added.

If the current round of violence continues to escalate, the IDF will consider resuming targeted killings against Hamas commanders and senior operatives in the Gaza Strip

Hamas’s so-called “return to direct terror activity” began Friday with the firing of a guided anti-tank missile at an IDF jeep on patrol along the Gaza border.

Hamas fired 54 mortar shells into communities in the western Negev within a period of about 15 minutes early in the morning, causing extensive damage to several homes on a kibbutz, a police spokesman said.

One shell landed on the rooftop of a kindergarten, but there was no one inside because it was Shabbat.

Its hard to believe that the increased rockets and mortars from Gaza into Israel are just a coincidence. This was the concern when the Egyptian government collapsed, and it now appears that those fears have been realized.


Caver said...

Could be way, way off base but....something tells me Iran has decided the pot needs to be stirred right now to divert attention. But from where or what??

Anything in from NK lately?

Scott said...

Absolutely. They are pushing the buttons right now.

Not sure about NK - I know they have been sabre rattling --- isn't it interesting how quickly news shifts from one thing to another completely in a matter of days?

Caver said...


One gets that "feeling" we are right on the cusp of world and daily reality changing events. Oh well, its all in His most capable hands and "All Knowing" are we all.

Expected Imminently said...


This may be an idle thought, but it struck me as intersting.

BBC News, this evening, reported that our UK planes are now taking off from ITALY!

The Italians also have the amazing Euro Fighter I have mentioned to you before.

God bless you.

Sue :)

Scott said...


It just consolidates the ideas that we have all had - that is, the formality of the EU as a unified fighting force has officially arrived.


Alice said...

Wow, is right!!!

This is SOOOOOO exciting to watch!!!

Thank you Lord for allowing me the privilege of watching!


(and thank you Scott for all of your efforts here!)

Scott said...

Thanks Alice - and wow is right - it is fascinating to watch these prophetic events unfold!