Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the news:

Mosques Flourish in America; Churches Perish in Muslim World

As mosques, some of which breed radicalization and serve as terrorist bases, start dotting America’s landscape, churches are on their way to becoming extinct in the Middle East, the cradle of Christianity.

As Muslims prepare to erect a mega-mosque near the site of the 9/11 atrocities, it is well to reflect that the sort of tolerance, or indifference, that allows them to do so is far from reciprocated to churches in the Muslim world.

I speak not of Islamist attacks against churches — such as the New Year’s Eve attack in Egypt that killed 21 Christians; or when jihadists stormed a church in Iraq, butchering over 50 Christians; or Christmas Eve attacks on churches in Nigeria and the Philippines. Nor am I referring to state-sanctioned hostility by Islamist regimes, such as Iran’s recent “round up” of Christians.

Rather, I refer to anti-church policy by Middle East governments deemed “moderate.” Consider: Kuwait just denied, without explanation, a request to build a church; so did Indonesia, forcing Christians to celebrate Christmas in a parking lot — even as a mob of 1,000 Muslims burned down two other churches

The best example of anti-church policy is Egypt, where the Middle East’s largest Christian minority, the Copts, lives. Even before Mubarak stepped down, “more than 1500 assaults on Copts have occurred, without any appropriate punishment given to criminals or compensation to the victims,” according to Coptic Solidarity.

Incidentally, all this was under the “secularist” Mubarak; considerate the fate of Copts should the Muslim Brotherhood assume power. As for Egypt’s current power-holders, the military, armed forces just opened fire on monastic monks while chanting “Allah Akbar!”

Such, then, is the plight of Christians and their churches in the Muslim world — and such is the irony: while mosques, some of which breed radicalization and serve as terrorist bases, start dotting America’s landscape, churches are on their way to becoming extinct in the Middle East, the cradle of Christianity.

China Takes Giant Step Towards Making Yuan the World's Reserve Currency

For years, I've been writing about the long-term decline of the Dollar, and the rise of the Chinese Yuan ... and it's potential to become the world's next reserve currency.

As I pointed out in 2007, many countries have started moving out of the Dollar as the basis for international trade settlements, including:

Venezuela and 12 other Latin American countries as well as Cuba
Many other countries

This is all part of China’s plan for the internationalization of its currency, which may, in the decades to come, threaten the global ‘market share’ of other currencies like the US dollar.

The Chinese central bank surprised with a spectacular announcement: The would-be superpower wants to handle their entire future foreign trade in yuan, not in dollars. Beijing shakes America's claim to represent the key currency - with serious consequences for the U.S..

The announcement was inconspicuous , but it has the potential, to permanently change the balance of power on the world currency market: China strengthens the international role of the yuan. All exporters and importers will, this year, be allowed to settle their business with their foreign partners in Yuan, the central bank said on Wednesday in Beijing.

This will respond to the growing importance of the yuan as a global reserve currency.

Needless to say, should the yuan be seen increasingly as a reserve currency, all of this, and virtually everything else is about to change.

Pentagon reveal financial terrorists may have triggered economic crash

Did China or Jihadists try to bankrupt America? Pentagon report reveals financial terrorists may have triggered economic crash.

Terrorists and other ‘financial enemies’ were likely responsible for the near collapse of the U.S. financial system in 2008, a new Pentagon report has concluded.

In an astonishing conclusion, the report claims two unidentified traders deliberately devalued trillions of dollars’ worth of stocks at the height of the crisis.

The report also concludes that untraceable actors undertook a three-tiered attack beginning in 2007, and that ‘Phase III [of the attack] may be under way right now.’

‘In addition, these same actors have clearly demonstrated the means to carry out such an attack.

The report concluded that: ‘Without question, there were actors who had the motive to harm the U.S. economy.

Know Thine Enemy

But contrary to the perversely rosy assessment of America's top leadership, the Muslim Brotherhood – the shadowy, transnational Islamist parent organization of al-Qaida and Hamas – is committed not only to filling the growing leadership vacuum in the Arab world, but also, through its many proxies within the U.S, to impose the Quran and Shariah law right here in America.

Today, while America is focused on the threat of terrorist hijackers, underwear bombers and jihadist "martyrs," it is simultaneously being infiltrated and subverted by jihadists wearing coats and ties, "peacefully" insinuating themselves into our major institutions for the ultimate purpose of imposing Shariah law here.

Shariah, Islam's "sacred" 7th century legal system, is best known for chopping off the limbs of shoplifters, publicly flogging people for drinking a beer, executing those who leave Islam, stoning women to death for adultery, and even – believe it or not – lashing and imprisoning women and girls who were victims of rape.

Tehran's hands-off threat to Riyadh incites Saudi Shiites to revolt

Ahead of the first Day of Anger planned in Saudi Arabia for March 11, a senior Iranian figure close to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Riyadh Wednesday, March 2, against launching preventive security measures against, or cracking down on, the kingdom's two million Shiites who live and work in the oil regions of the east.

So now Iran is getting involved in Saudi Arabia too? This could be big news:

Saudi and other Gulf security sources called the Iranian warning unprecedented interference in the domestic affairs of Saudi Arabia and a call to the Shiite minority to rise up against the throne under the shield of Iran's protection

In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came forward for the first time in the three-month wave of Arab uprisings to accuse Iran of using its Lebanese surrogate Hizballah to shape events in the Arab world. Addressing the Senate Budget Committee Wednesday, March 2, she said "They are doing everything they can to influence the outcomes in these places,"

He went on to threaten that Saudi Arabia, whose Shiite minority accounted for at least 15 percent of its population, could be the next target of the revolution engulfing the Arab world. The Iranian lawmaker went on to warn Saudi Arabia against interfering in the course of events in Bahrain and Yemen.

Debka points out the consequences of Iran's influence:

DEBKAfile's Gulf sources find three major implications in the harsh Iranian warning to Riyadh:

1. Tehran is for the first time taking an overt stand on the Arab uprisings, using their Shiite minorities as levers of manipulation.

2. Iran is flexing muscle for the first time in the role it covets of regional superpower which calls the shots for the oil states and challenges US supremacy.

3. Iran wants Riyadh to call off the preventive measures Saudi security and intelligence have been conducting for some days to offset a Shiite uprising on the Day of Anger, including the arrests of political and religious activists

Iran. One of the two major players in the battle/war of Gog-MaGog described in Ezekiel 38-39. A country as led by a leader who is obsessed with the destruction of Israel, and is now exerting a major influence in events in the Middle East; events that are lining up radical Islamic administrations who will be part of this growing anti-Israel coalition.

This is precisely what we would expect to see based upon a literal view of biblical prophecy.


Anonymous said...

As the Islamic extremists continue to push towards their goal, the fall of Saudi Arabia and the rise of Sharia Law within the US, I am curious to know what will become of them once Ez 37-38 commences? Will it significantly diminish their influence within the US and the revived Roman Empire? Do you believe that the antichrist will hail from the ME?


Anonymous said...

France and Britain seek 'bold and ambitious' Libya measures
03 March 2011, 18:12 CET

(PARIS) - France and Britain want to put "bold and ambitious measures" to next week's emergency European Union summit on the Libyan crisis, British Foreign Minister William Hague said on Thursday..."We also agreed the international community including us and other partners will continue to plan for different contingencies,..."I continue to hold the view that the speediest way to bring about an end to the bloodshed is for Colonel Kadhafi to leave," he added, while warning that if the Libyan leader clings on he may face military action.


Anonymous said...

EU hoists its sails as Arab winds of change grow stronger

Published: 03 March 2011

Ahead of a special EU summit on Libya and the South Mediterranean next week, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso described the unfolding events as “a rendez-vous with history”…



Scott said...

Geared up

I believe that when the battle/war of Psalm 83 - Isaiah 17 takes place, the "immediate" enemies of Israel will be hurt big-time...Enough so that they aren't involved in Gog-MaGog.

I also believe that Israel will reclaim Gaza, parts of Egypt and southern Lebanon (not to mention keeping West Bank and Golan Hts)...

Then, after Gog-MaGog - Islam in the ME will no longer be a significant player. They will rise again ('from the south') to go against the AC towards the end of the Trib, but it is hard to know how significant that threat will be (I believe thats in Dan 11 as I recall).

After Gog-MaGog - I don;t see radical Islam as being a significant factor.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott >>>>>

Evidence continues to call for a
major LOW in the dollar and major
TOPS on GOLD, SILVER, and New York

I am not sure how this will play
out but I have to go with the Elliott Wave counts.

Also, please go here >>>>>

Masadeh was working until 28 FEB
2011, I did NOT know that.....

Lino is NOW in charge temporarily.

They are looking for a new one
to take Masadeh's place....

who i believe will be the real AC.

Write soon


Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott for your reply. Do you want to venture a guess as to whether the AC will come from the ME?


Alice said...

Hi Scott...I am interested in your thoughts on this article by Walid Shoebat:



Alice said...

gearedup2go said:

"Thank you Scott for your reply. Do you want to venture a guess as to whether the AC will come from the ME?"

Yes! I'm interested in knowing your opinion, too! :)

I have a couple of Christian friends who have read Joel Richardson's "The Islamic Antichrist". They said it's EXCELLENT! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Anonymous said...

Can we REALLY believe terrorist could be the cause of the 2008 crash????

With ALL the many evil agendas going on, that wants us to be a second or third class country; NOT #1 anymore???


Scott said...

I was just having this very conversation the other day as a matter of fact.

This is my take, for what its worth:

- I believe the reference in Daniel 9:26 is much simpler than many folks want to make it (some people want to try and identify the exact country based on who - specifically was fighting in Jerusalem in 70AD

I believe that its quite simply - someone from the Roman Empire (aka, in context of today's world - the "revived" Roman Empire).

Regardless of who was actually fighting in Jerusalem during its destruction - it was still under Roman Rule. It was under the Roman Empire - so I believe it is simply someone from the Roman Empire. Period. No more complicated than that.

Also - and I got this from a book several years ago - and I believe it was Grant Jeffrey (but I'm not 100% sure it was him) - anyway - in context, you could make a case for Daniel 9:26 being a reference to modern day "revived Roman Empire", in which case, it would be someone from the EU/Med Union.

Anyway, I believe thats as specific as it gets

I'm not very passionate about this, however, because when the AC is declared by his act in Daniel 9:27, it will be clear anyway who it is, and anything before that is speculation.

Plus, I don't believe we'll be here anyway, so I don't usually get into these discussions.

It is fun to speculate, and I sure look at certain individuals and wonder - I have a semi-formed list that interests me - but I realize odds are pretty high that it won't be anyone on my "list" :)

Scott said...

Alice, I'll take a look at that. Many thanks:)

DrNofog said...

Alice said... "...I have a couple of Christian friends who have read Joel Richardson's "The Islamic Antichrist". They said it's EXCELLENT! I'm looking forward to reading it..."


Dr. Reagan [] just did a 5 part series on JR, WS, and their "The Islamic Antichrist" theory starting in January and continuing into Feb.

The Muslim Antichrist Theory: Authors

I think he thoroughly shreds them and their "theory"!

Check it out and let me know what you think.

I'm sure EI will chime in soon, as she's pretty sure Walid's Shoes are filled with more than just bats.

Expected Imminently said...


Not just his shoes, they are also in his belfry from all the hanging around he does.

Walid is a typical 'loveable rogue'that I met in Israel. They can charm the birds off the trees while patting at his heart and saying 'Madam, what beautiful blue eyes you have'and 'how many camels could I give to buy you'?

Well I giggled and threw up round the corner, but men with BRAINS are falling for his patter - wots up wiv em, the daft dates?

Sue :)

Scott said...

You guys are killing me :)
(in a good way :)

Paula said...

As with Ergun Caner, I think Shoebat is a showman, an actor. How else does a brand new believer suddenly command the prophecy speaking circuit and start pumping out books? You need "insider" sanction and grooming for that. And if you listen carefully, both men have "accents" that are all over the map. But the churches have "itching ears" and little if any discernment.

Scott, I agree that many are engaging in newspaper eschatology these days re. Islam. It seems more likely to be a means to an end than the end itself as far as the global religion is concerned.

Expected Imminently said...


Walid is a 'trophy' ahem! 'terrorist' and a Friday muslim. (You know, like a 'Sunday christian.)

They wave him about in front of the brethren saying 'look at what WE'VE got, you haven't got one of these, Na-na-na-na-na, so there'.

Walid is taking his sponsors for the ride of his life! (Don't know the other chap, I'll take your word for it).

Sue :)

Paula said...


Caner is big in the SBC and was a professor at Liberty U. He was dismissed (sort of) after being caught in many lies told over many years, contradicting his own story over and over about his alleged terrorist past. He was born in the ME but raised from a young age in Ohio. But he's so slick he's even advised US troops about Islam!

Expected Imminently said...


Thanks for that info!

It's true what they say 'give the devil enough rope and he always hangs himself - in the end'.

This has even happend in hospitals here in the U.K. with men acting the role of a doctor - even a surgeon, in at least one instance. If this kind of fakery can happen within medicine, the itchy eared church is a 'pushover'.

They are 'Walter Mitty' characters, but sinister in the harm (physical or emotional) they can inflict upon those taken in by their pretentions.

They are merely confirming the prophecies concerning the 'perilious' end times imo.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Scott, I agree with your statement that it will be someone from the revived Roman Empire. However, with the rapid spread of Islam I have to question just how much influence it will have on the future one world leader.