Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have (once again) noticed that the "spam box" was full (during February mostly), and for some inexplicable reason, many good comments went straight to spam, and I had failed to check it.

As a result, many really good, interesting comments didn't appear and it wasn't because I was intentionally blocking these comments. I just failed to check SPAM - so if you commented and didn't see the comments appear - my apologies. I have no idea why the spam blocker (which is unfortunately necessary), randomly catches certain comments.

So again, my apologies - please feel free to comment - I have only deleted 2-3 comments over the 3 year period (and one of those was mine :) that this blog has been active.

Thanks again for taking the time and effort to comment, the comment section adds a ton to this blog and they are greatly appreciated.


Paula said...

I haven't made any (just found your site this past week), but just wanted to say how much I appreciate every pre-Trib voice I find. There is a LOT of pre-Trib hate out there, a lot of hopelessness. Watching current events can get depressing and I always need to "recharge" at a good pre-Trib site. Thanks!

Scott said...
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Scott said...

Paula - there is a lot of anti - preTrib sentiment out there and I have never really understood the emotion behind it. I see it all the time.

I don't feel a need to constantly shoot down the mid-trib or pre-wrath view (to me, the post-trib isn't even worth mentioning...At least there are a few good arguments to be made in mid and prewrath circles)...I just don't have the time nor the desire. I'm comfortable in the pre-trib view that I don't even really feel the need to debate it - I've looked at the same overall set of scriptures on both sides, and to me its irrefutable. So I like to move on and focus on the signs that tell us the Rapture is near.

Thanks again - God Bless

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott >>>>

I have been checking again.....

no A/C revealed yet.

well, what is new ???

The stock market MAY be setting up
for a crash here. I am not sure.
I need to see 12,000 on the DOW
broken solidly, then I will know.

11 MAR 2011 meeting coming up in
Belgium. 3-4 MARCH meeting in
Rome for the UFM Parliment.

I will be watching to see if
ANY ONE gets selected to fill
Dr. Masadeh's vacant position.

although it must be getting
done in great secrecy,

Write soon,

Stephen in Hawaii

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of anti pre-trib sentiment out there simply because there is no pre-trib Rapture.

Not to be argumentative, but a pre-trib Rapture absolutely CANNOT be supported with Scripture, no matter how hard you look. You really have to literally make Scripture speak things that cannot be supported by the "plain reading" of the Word.

Not to mention, do you pre-trib Rapture Believers really think that this World could actually handle 7 years of Tribulation? Which by the way, you will find absolutely NO WHERE in Scripture that a 7 year tribulation is indicated, implied, or can be supported. I mean give me a break, if one simple "blip" in the internet can literally cause a Nation to shut down, just what do you who believe in a 7 year tribulation period think, would happen if the entire World took a hit like this? (And this is just a computer problem) Do you actually think that the entire World could sustain something - as God Himself has described; and/or has stated; would be a time such as the World has ever known, or ever will know; (meaning a time of distress), for 7 years? The Creator went on to say that except those days be shortened, no flesh would be saved. So no, I don't think 7 years of this is even thinkable - not even if you were to say well....there "is tribulation", then there is "the Great Tribulation" - which separates the 7 year period in half; or two 3.5 year periods. This sort of thinking also CANNOT be supported by Scripture - nor with the "plain reading" of Scripture, does it make any sense.

So Believers in Christ....please prepare yourselves to be TESTED, TRIED, and put through the fire; so that you may be found worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven when HE APPEARS!

James said...

Mr Anonymous:

Thank you for your thoughts as all opinions are welcome here. I respect your right to state anything you believe even if it's incorrect. A few things, what I think would clearly be speculation and the bible warns us that only God interprets his word. To speculate, as you have done here, has consequences.In this time, surely and accurately, the last generation that Christ spoke about, we are to encourage one another and lift each other up because our reunion with Christ is imminent. Your words were written with contempt as you have assumed the power to judge all of us who believe passionately in the pre-trib rapture. Your arrogance and belittleing comments are conceived outside a relationship with Christ. God's word clearly says that there is no arrogance, dejection or sadness that comes from a reltionship that is in Him only joy. If Christians, people who have a true everyday communion with Christ, had to be proven worthy of Heaven, then that means none of us are going because none of us will ever be worthy of Heaven. There is no way to earn your way to Heaven. Surely as the thief on the cross defended Jesus, his life never was worthy of Heaven. His promise of Heaven was only realized through the blood Jesus shed with him in that moment. The only way we get to Heaven is because when God looks at us all He sees is the blood of Christ cloaking our life. It's Christ who makes us worthy because his blood is worthy. The blood actually destroys all the sin that God would have seen. Lastly,if you comment here and feel truly passionate about what you believe, you need to put your name in your comment. Take some ownership and don't be afraid to identify yourself. Remember the greatest thing about being a Christian is that we support each other even through our differences becuase it's not about us. It's about Christ and trying to be more like Him everyday.

God bless you!


DrNofog said...

Anon said... "there is no pre-trib Rapture. ..."

Oh dear, that brought tears to my eyes!

Bwaaaaaaaah haaaa haaa haa!

Do write more for us, please!

Scott said...

Can I ask jiust one question? (I could ask dozens, but I am in a hurry)

Christ took the wrath of God on the cross.

If He did that - then why would we have to face God's wrath during the Tribulation? I thought Jesus already took that for us?

Whats the deal?

Was the promise of salvation made on by the cross not valid for Christians who you believe would face the Trib?

Have you read 2 Peter 2?

Scott said...

Also - do you not understand the 490 years laid out in Daniel 9?

Speaking of Daniel 9 - who do you believe was being referred to when Daniel was told that the 490 years was "decreed for YOUR PEOPLE...."

Who do you think "Your people" refers to?

The Church or the Nation of Israel?

Also - how do you explain:

1 Thess 1:10?

Rev 3:10?

Why was no rapture described in Rev 6-19?
Wouldn't an event THIS big during or after the Trib have been explained, given the detail in Rev to the main events?

Who do YOU believe received Crowns in Rev 5? IOW, what group of people would have rec'd the victors crown in that passage?

When did the "Wedding" between the Church (aka the bride) and Christ take place - as described in Rev 19 - if there had been no rapture of the Church?

How did it happen if no Church was in heaven?

Why is there no mention of the Church in Rev 6-18?

This is just a start.

Answer these and we'll go from there. And PLEASE be specific and answer each of these questions.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

What about the "pale" (green) horse and horseman in Egypt during the riots about 1 month ago, shown on national TV stations . The pale Horse is the 4th horseman .

Expected Imminently said...

Come on, surely you didn't fall for that nonesense? SO many events occur before the pale horse rides out, and all of them are conspicuous by their absence.

a.The antichrist is revealed - who is he, whats his name?
b.Where is the rebuilt Temple he enters?
c.What did the two witnesses say from Jerusalem?
d.How many times did they call fire down from heaven?
e.How many did you know who died in the 31/2 year drought they caused?
f.How many were saved by the witness of the 144,000?
g.What did Elijah say to Israel?

These are a sample of events from the first 31/2 years - more to go and much worse for a shavuah (seven) of years.

Is Daniel missing from your Bible?
Go on with you - you haven't read it, have you? You have done a lucky dip, come down on an idea by somebody else, and run with it as 'true'.

By the way - an idle thought.

The Church is ALREADY in heaven, IN Christ awaiting the redemption of their bodies. Her citizenship is heaven, not earth. The worldwide trial is for the un-saved 'earthdwellers' and the Church is NOT an 'earthdweller'.

Please read the Scriptures, then come back and have a lovely chat when you know what you are talking about.

God bless

Anonymous said...

I dare you all to look at "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" on Google.