Thursday, March 31, 2011

Right on Schedule

WND has been on a roll lately as far as the Middle East is concerned.

As hard as it is to believe, somehow the situation in Syria is turning towards Israel. On the other hand, its not really that hard to believe:

Syrian Uprising Leading to the Golan Heights?

The White House quietly has been urging Israel and Syria immediately to renew negotiations aimed at an Israeli retreat from the strategic Golan Heights...

According to informed Middle Eastern security officials, the Obama administration believes an accord with Israel will strengthen the position of Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose regime is threatened by unrest similar to the protests that toppled the leadership of fallen Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Lets hope and pray that this isn't true.

The White House is pushing an agreement whereby Israel would either evacuate much of the Golan Heights, or Syria would agree to lease the territory to Israel for a period of up to 30 years.

Assad blamed the ongoing anti-government protests on foreign "plots hatched against our country."

Israeli security officials believe the Muslim Brotherhood is deeply tied to the riots in Syria.

The Brotherhood, the most organized opposition group in Egypt, wants to create an Islamic caliphate. Both al-Qaida and Hamas are Brotherhood offshoots

The sources said Netanyahu told Russia that even if Assad coordinated with Iran, the Syrian president is still more desirable than dealing with a Muslim Brotherhood entity.

Back to the issue of the Golan Heights - and we see two sentences which encapsulate this whole issue:

Syria twice used the Golan, which looks down on Israeli population centers, to mount ground invasions into the Jewish state.

With Assad's regime faltering, the White House has been pushing Israel to surrender the Golan in an accord with Syria.

In other words, we would be pushing Israel to give up very important, strategic land by giving away the Golan Heights - land which has vital from a military perspective. Giving up the Golan Heights would make Israel very vulnerable to attack. Perhaps if it happens, it will be for that very reason, prophetically.


Caver said...

Somehow, this little news article in the JP seemed so appropriate to the new "reality"......

" IDF prepares for multi-front war in war games"
04/01/2011 05:20

Military holds drill aimed at preparing forces for all-out war against Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas;

Common sense dictated it but somehow its more chilling to see it actually occurring. They're preparing for the inevitable.

A year ago they were preparing for a 2 fronted its 3.

Caver said...

Ohoopsie.....forgot to leave the link to the above post...

Scott said...

I saw that article and had the exact same thoughts...