Monday, April 16, 2012

In The News:

Israeli TV Report Shows Air Force Gearing Up For Iran Attack: Moment Of Truth Is Near

A major Israel TV station on Sunday night broadcast a detailed report on how Israel will go about attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities in the event that diplomacy and sanctions fail and Israel decides to carry out a military strike.

The report, screened on the main evening news of Channel 10, was remarkable both in terms of the access granted to the reporter, who said he had spent weeks with the pilots and other personnel he interviewed, and in the fact that his assessments on a strike were cleared by the military censor.

No order to strike is likely to be given before the P5+1 talks with Iran resume in May, the reporter, Alon Ben-David, said. “But the coming summer will not only be hot but tense.”

Ben-David said that if negotiations break down, and Iran moves key parts of its nuclear program underground to its Qom facility, the IAF “is likely to get the order and to set out on the long journey to Iran.”

“Years of preparations are likely to come to realization,” he said, adding that “the moment of truth is near.”

The attack, the report said, would presumably trigger a war in northern Israel, with missile attacks (presumably from the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon). “There will be no tranquility and peace anywhere in Israel,” Ben-David said.

This could be the first full-scale war the IAF has fought in nearly 30 years, the report stated.

Pilots had already been told where their families would be moved, away from their bases, for safety, the report said.

A dozen Iranian nuclear experts, visited North Korea last week to observe its failed rocket launch, South Korean state news agency Yonhap's Washington correspondent reported on Sunday.

"On March 31, 12 Iranians of the Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG) arrived in North Korea. The Iranians undoubtedly were there to observe the missile launch and receive test data from North Korea," the correspondent quoted anonymous diplomatic sources as saying.

Pyongyang has claimed that the launch was meant to place a communications satellite in space, but the U.S., Japan, South Korea and other nations view it as part of North Korea's attempt to advance its military ballistic missile capacity.

Jordan’s army will destroy Israel and regain Jerusalem from the “killers of prophets” – that was the message a Jordanian cleric delivered in a Friday sermon on state TV, according to recently released video footage.

“The [Jordanian] army is invincible. Its units are filled with people who pray, with imams, and with people who memorized the Koran. This army will never be defeated, Allah willing,” Imam Ghaleb Rabab’a said in footage translated and released late last week by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

“Jerusalem will be regained, Allah willing, by these modest and pure hands, which hold the Koran high and recite it day and night,” Rabab’a said in the March 23 sermon. “This is an army that bows before none but Allah. Today, we must take pride in our country and its army, which descends from the Prophet Muhammad.”

It remained unclear whether the sermon was delivered from a state-run or private mosque.

“The arrogance of the Jews will be defeated, Allah willing,” Rabab’a said. “This army, my brothers in faith, will shatter the might of Israel, Allah willing, just as the might of the Crusaders and the Byzantines was shattered at Hittin, at Yarmouk, Al-Qadisiyya [and] ‘Ain Jalut.”

In January the media monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch released a video of Grand Mutfi of Jerusalem Mohammed Hussein reciting a hadith (saying attributed to Islam’s prophet Mohammed) calling for the killing of Jews.

“The day of judgment will not come until you fight the Jews,” Hussein said in the clip.

A prominent expert on Syria has warned that Russia's protection of Syria is built on Russia's close alliance with Iran, saying, “The [most important] reason for Russia to support Syria is its alliance with Iran. If Syria falls, Iran will be the next target.”

Moscow, meanwhile, announced Friday, April 13, “A decision has been made to deploy Russian warships near the Syrian shores on a permanent basis.”

The communiqué did not say who made the decision, but it may be assumed that the decision-maker is at the top level of the Kremlin, President-elect Vladimir Putin.

It is the first time that Moscow has officially announced the permanent deployment of naval vessels in the eastern Mediterranean and off Syria in particular. They extend a protective shield over Bashar Assad and the continuation of his regime against outside military intervention.

They also guarantee that the UN observer team, due in Damascus by Monday, April 16, never becomes the nucleus of a broader international expedition for Assad’s removal under the UN aegis, which is what happened in Libya.

Western and Israeli military circles therefore find it hard to understand the rationale of the US and Turkish push for international monitors in Syria, unless the initiative was nothing more than a device to save them having to intervene militarily in the conflict.

In the final reckoning, the presence of a couple of hundred UN monitors in Syria will if anything prolong the violence: the rebels will regard the observers as the vanguard of a major international intervention force to champion their cause, while Assad and Moscow will clip their wings so as to give the Syrian army a free hand to finish the job of wiping out the anti-Assad revolt. Between the two, the UN team will be rendered useless like the Arab League monitors before them.

Seeing Russia and China solidly behind him, the Syria ruler expects them also to put their hands in their pockets to help him survive.

An advance team of six UN observers arrived in Damascus on Monday to monitor Syria's 4-day-old cease-fire, according to a spokesman for international envoy Kofi Annan, as heavy clashes reportedly broke out on the Syria-Turkey border between the Syrian army and opposition forces.

Spokesman Ahmad Fawzi said the remaining 25 observers are expected to arrive days from now. He said in a statement on Monday that the mission "will start with setting up operating headquarters, and reaching out to the Syrian government and the opposition forces so that both sides fully understand the role of the UN observers."

Also see:

Following Japan's devastating quake and tsunami last year, many survivors were unable to access their funds because their bank cards and books had been washed away. The problem gave one bank in the country the idea to develop ATMs using palm-scanning biometric technology, doing away with the need for cards and books.
A Japanese banking group has announced it will soon be offering its customers the opportunity to make ATM cash withdrawals using palm-scanning biometric technology, doing away with the need for bank cards and books.


Sharon said...

Scott, Thank you for your diligent work in bringing this news to us. It seems like the "pot of water" is boiling hard and is getting close to boiling over, where things are no longer contained. I can see so soon there is going to be the calling for one who can bring peace to this world. We know that only Jesus can do this, but we also know historically and biblically that this is not who will be chosen. I am so thankful to God for Jesus' death, which frees us from our sins and reunites us with God, but also for the resurrection of Jesus, which shows us His victory over death for Himself and us, giving us the promise of Heaven. I long to be there with my family and friends and with Jesus! Maranatha!

Anonymous said...

I moved this from the bottom of another because I wasn't sure if it would be seen and I wanted to be sure that you all knew how much I appreciate your prayers and support; and also, Scott, how much your hard work if appreciated. We've got to all stand strong through the Holy Spirit until Jesus comes to take us home! Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

Thank you all so much for your prayers! Cavers, the Holy Spirit must have told you about the "other" because it came out into the open yesterday, praise God! A huge burden has been lifted, and I believe that with everyone's prayers, I can overcome this through Jesus Christ. Praise Him and thank you all forever and ever! Scott, thank you so much for all that you do here. It is truly a blessing. All of you who are trying to divide and conquer - well I bind you all now in Jesus' Holy name and command you to be silent. This blog is intended for encouragement and edification, not turmoil and disagreement. I pray that all of my brothers and sisters in Christ will be strengthened by His Holy Spirit so that we will all be able to stand strong in these last days until Jesus comes to take us home. Maranatha, Lord Jesus, Maranatha!

Here totally by His unending love and everlasting grace,


Anonymous said...

Whoops - I mean is - so much for my proof reading abilities (sheepish grin)!


Ally said...

So another labor pain begins! Maybe Israel is trying to put a little pressure on the talks?
Elizabeth, great to hear your praise report!
Scott-we all love you so very very much!
Once again...another day closer to our blessed hope!
Hang in there people, keep looking up!

Scott said...

Thanks so much for the kind words - they are greatly appreciated. There may not be an update tomorrow morning for several reasons - but stay tuned - back on line Tuesday night at the latest!

Jill said...

Hey Scott, as i recover from the hip surg I am having time to sift thru the internet for things that are directly related to the prepping of the populace for the tribulation. I mentioned the Thrive movement yesterday and today there is a video hologram of Tupac Shakur and snoop dog performing together. the words and profanity are sickening BUT the quality of the hologram bringing a dead rapper back to the stage is ABSOLUTELY CHILLING. the technology is here, the ability to make the image of the beast perfectly convincing is a breath away.

Scott said...

Jill = absolutely. And it will get worse - we know the AC and the FP will have wondrous signs that they will deceive the people on earth with- so these kinds of things will progress indeed

Anonymous said...

Mrs C, Waterer, Scott
Regarding gross context violations and the multiple misapplications of Scripture falsely claiming it is unbiblical to challenge false teaching and name those who do.

The TRUTH is that the Apostle Paul publically named Phygellus, Hermogenes, Hymenaeus,Philetus, Jannes, Jambres, Demas, Alexander the coppersmith and the Apostle Peter.

The Believers Call to Judge part 3 – Naming Names

In part 2 we studied Paul’s warning to the elders in Ephesus that wolves would arise in their midst. In this final segment of this series we shall examine Paul’s practice and teaching regarding correcting false teachers that arise in the church, including naming them by name.


Timothy became a key church leader in Ephesus where Paul had warned the elders about wolves. Paul’s warning came true. We learn from the epistles to Timothy that false teachers did arise, some of them likely were elders themselves.

This provides the background for Paul’s admonitions in Timothy about correcting error, upholding the standard of sound doctrine, and the qualifications of true elders.

Paul specified to Timothy who the false teachers were by name:

“This command I entrust to you, Timothy, my son, in accordance with the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may fight the good fight, keeping faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and suffered shipwreck in regard to their faith. Among these are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have delivered over to Satan, so that they may be taught not to blaspheme. (1Timothy 1:18 – 20)

The reason false teachers are dealt with publicly is that their teaching is public. One does not need two or three witnesses or a private meeting to determine if a public teaching is Biblical or not. Everyone who heard them knows what they believe and teach. At issue is whether the teaching is Biblical.

FALSE TEACHING DAMAGES THE CHURCH, AND IT CANNOT BE TOLERATED. In the Greek, it says they made shipwreck “in regard to the faith.” The definite article indicates that it was the content of their teaching that was wrong. It was not in accordance with “the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3).

Read ON @

*Whatever the genre of the fellowship THE TRUTH MUST BE UPHELD!!!*

Dave Down Under said...

Dear anon,
well you'll be pleased to know this little segment of Christ's church is not "infecting" the rest of the church with their teachings. They stick to their own little corner of cyber world and don't branch their tentacles to other believers, enforcing their doctrine and beliefs. Anyone who reads this site does do at their own freedom.
Not like some people/person we all know of and have learned to beware of as being likened to, "wolves in sheeps clothing".


Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ...I come to Scott's blog often. It is awesome and it has become my "news" channel so to speak. I read the comment section every so often, lately it is disheartning to see how the tone has shifted. It seems to be a forum of arguements and whose got it right. you are to love your brothers and sisters and love your enemies. We are to be different than the world, not caught up in strife. It will take much more than our opinions to change someones point of view so instead we should pray for them. Pray for their eyes to be opened, wisdom imparted and peace to be in their hearts. UNTIY in CHRIST. Soooo, that being said, I will choose to pray for you, anonymous, I will ask God to deal with you on your opinions and not myself. God bless!

In Christ

Ally said...

Wow, I feel like a broken record here! What is it about using the Sword of God on your fellow believers instead of the enemy?
I may hurt feelings accidentally, but very rarely on purpose but anon you are about to get it!
The person causing division is YOU! You are the wolf in sheeps clothing, the one tearing apart the believers here. What is your problem? I will now refer you to te well known, plank in your eye reference.
Knock it off! There is absolutely nothing in todays above posts to cause your attacks. You are acting like an ass.
You dont even have the kahunas to sign your name!
Lots of us believe different things here and/or in different stages of growth with God. Just because you know a lot of verse means absolutely nothing to me!
If you cant behave yourself, go somewhere else! Quit hassling the people here who are really looking for his return and are trying to learn!
Scott, sorry but I couldnt take it anymore! I will gladly accept whatever you dish out for my tirade.
The above self righteous judgemental rigid behavior is why
most people wa/t nothing to do with modern churches or Jesus!
And for a lot if people on this blog, this is our church!

Cary said...

Could not agree with you more Ally...My heart goes out to Scott.

Maybe we can just read past them...


Caver said...

Isn't it amazing...and does it never stop.

Certainly He grants to each of us a gift that is for us....and it isn't the same for each of us...otherwise we would all be trying to do the same thing.

I know some people feel that if it isn't the same as theirs, then its wrong...if it isn't pleasing to them, then its misdirected...if it doesn't coincide with theirs, then its sin.

Mental health professionals have clinical names for these people.

As Dave DU and Miss Ally so rightly identified.....go amuse yourself some other way. Those given this gift of interest in prophecy do not begrudge you your interest. Quit trying to make us you...we ain't....and don't wanna be.

In fact, let me put it a more powerful way. God gave us this interest. Quit telling us He made a mistake and your way is better. He didn't....yours ain't better!

Anonymous said...

As usual, we are playing the ANON game never dies does it ?? I have a VERY STRICT policy
re anon's.....IGNORE THEM !!!


their words mean NOTHING if they do not have the guts to REVEAL
who they are. really, this is serious.

In any case, I guess this game
will continue for quite a while.


and you know what that means...

the END will be further delayed
and we will have to tolerate
all these little anon's with
their stupid comments.

i will just ignore them.

It seems that stocks JUST refuse
to go down. Dollar down again,
and of course, stocks get bulled.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

the words used on these comment boards toward each other are not right. They could seriously cause a lost person to stumble even farther if they were searching and came across these comments. We are to emit brotherly love and sisterly love, we are to "correct" people in LOVE, not arguements or name calling. He needs our prayers, not ugly responses to him. If you have 10 comments that are pure in heart, commenting directly on the article, encouraging and loving and then you have ONE post that is negative and nasty (aka anons post) people will be able to see what is Truth and what is simply someone trying to cause division and impart their opinions. However when you see 5 out of 10 comments argueing back and forth and calling him stupid and an ass then that is wrong. We now sound no different than he does. you are to be a light in this world so lets just ignore him and pray for him.That is all you can do really, turn it over to the Lord and pray for his healing.


Mrs.C said...

2 Timothy 3:5
5.Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

Round and round we go...:(
6 months of this now? Encouraging a Brother to harm himself...THAT is pure evil, and there has been so much more.Very nice that you quoted Paul...Timothy...the above was especially for you from Timothy.
But to trump them how bout THE LORD JESUS, SON OF THE LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL, REDEEMER, SAVIOUR, KING OF KINGS...think he trumps your references. Lets see...what did Jesus say about your kind... the "religious" self Righteous, pious Pharisees that you mirror yourself...hmmm...vipers and more…Wow just like the “legions” that Jesus called out,you come in swarms with many names, from out of the dark shadows sewing your pious condemnation of everyone and everything to disrupt, distract from Gods Word. Like the serpant in the Garden, you slither in with flatery in a pathetic attempt to disarm others, and deflect who you really are. Again, we know who you are, and more importantly, God knows who you are. In Jesus’s own Words…what does He say of your kind…

John 8:43-47
43.Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.

44.Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

45.And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

46.Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?

47.He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

Caver said...

Hi Pat, :wave
Normally you would have all of us standing in your corner saying Amen!

This particular small group of individuals travel from site to site bringing their particular brand of disruption and evil. They arrive in waves, using Anon or a multitude of assumed names to give apparent weight of numbers to their teachings.

There is at least a 6 month history of their flock feeding on this board.....and it took probably several hundred hours of research into a multitude of boards to pin down who they were and their disruptive agenda.

When a brother here was having a particular rough time personally, they even encouraged him to do physical harm to himself.

We've had enough of them and their tactics.

We know there is absolutely no way you could know this history. That's the story behind the apparent rudeness you see from many members here.

WVBORN56 said...

Bck from my sons wedding in Iowa. We had a glorious time. God is so good. We did manage to dodge the tornados. Thank you Jesus. It was simply a little taste of heaven as we met and fellowshiped with my son's friends from California.

I think this is certainly a little bit of what the marriage supper of the Lamb will be like. It was such sweet fellowship and love and meeting new people who love the Lord.

Maranatha.. I can't wait. God is soooo Goooood!

The news I missed the past few days shows we are getting so close. Aalways Thanks Scott.

Cary said...

Remember the IDF dropping notices over Gaza from airplanes before they bombed?

I think this recent display is more than it seems.

Welcome back WV!

Yes God is very good!..can't wait to see everyone!

Anonymous said...

Stocks are UP again tonite, the bulling continues....not much else to say. The "END" is delayed again.

I was hoping for a dow break of
12,600 BUT to no avail...I guess
GREEDY BULLS have alot of money
to do whatever they desire....

SAD for bears like me...

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Waterer said...

Dear Anon,

Local churches, those who are close to a public speaker,who are responsiblefor their care, have the best view and the best opportunity to follow Jesus' examples for us to follow in correcting one another.

CERTAINLY we would all agree here that judging the truth is important. That avoiding false teaching that denies Jesus or misrepresents Him is biblical and valid.
The problem from my view with painting so many with a Heretic brush is that Paul was denouncing heretics not just heretical teaching.
All of us have some of our stuff wrong. WHy? Because we are completely fallen , including our intellects. All of us have the tendency to follow what we like to hear. It's human.ANd we get some things wrong.
When a speech out of thousands of speeches has an error in it, it should be challenged. But the men shouldn't be thrown out and treated as if they are blasphemers.
We agree on the Scriptures teaching that when someone teaches that Jesus is not Lord that it is blasphemy. When strange teachings come, questions should and will be asked, but they should be done from the hearers of that speech,with the proper Scriptures as the margin to measure the error against.
If I were a Dean in a school who invited a Christian speaker who brought in strange unbiblical teachings , then I would call a meeting and point out to those I was responsible for, the errors in his thinking. Their need to see in the Scriptures what the Truth really is. I would talk with that erring teacher and I would NOT invite them again to come and speak unless there were demonstrated changes in his thinking and teaching.I would probably talk with those closest to me about what was wrong with the teaching to understand better through dialogue the error of the teaching.
BUT I would not send a letter from my school out on the internet denouncing them. I would contact the group that sent him. If they didn't listen to our complaint then
to groups around who I knew were inviting him or encouraging others to follow him, I would point to the Scriptures that were violated and tell them to test him in them before having him speak.

These ways judge the teaching and the learners could learn something besides fear. But if that person openly denounced Christ and called it good to do so. If they embraced evil and called it good, I would be strong to say that we can't fellowship with them at all.
THe problem with wholesale catalogs from an anonymous person saying this person is bad and this one is bad, well. everyone is suspect.
Light leaves our fellowship and fear becomes our atmosphere. Encouragement is thrown out the door
and the message that only perfection works for us is loud and clear.
Perfection in teaching?? No. None of us is that.
For the first time tonight though I was painted with the same criticism as Mrs. C and Scott. Both are very knowlegeable. I am honored to be included in your tutorial. I disagree with you on it's application.I see in the way you were naming errors in a broad and bewildering way,wholesale doubting of brothers that we cannot begin to be in a position to correct.( Timothy WAS in that position as every Bishop should be) Criticism without correction is a NO NO .


Alice said...

WV, so glad you're back safe and sound and the wedding was wonderful!!!

Jill, praying for speedy hip healing! Also, I have a hologram story, but will have to share it when I have more time.

Fwiw, I'm with Cary and Stephen and whomever else that suggested that we ignore the destructive posts. We are oh, SOOOO very tired of them... It is sad, though, for those "newbies" who drop in and don't have the "back story." Very sad.

Which, if you're reading this and posting here occasionally without a name or pseudonym (Alice is not my name... well not exactly...hmmmm...) then perhaps you can now fully understand why we ask that you choose a name and always use it when you post. It can be anything... Daisy... Marmaduke... Charlie Brown...(why are cartoons on my brain?)... anything you want! It also helps us get to know you, which we like to do!

Yes, posting anonymously here on this blog just causes problems because of the "back story" which many may not know. Thanks to Caver, hopefully more people understand a tiny bit better now, though.

Anonymous said...

I have some advice for all you guys,
just IGNORE Anon, he/she is a
pathetic little jerk, ignore them.
DO NOT give them space in your mind.

i could frankly care less if someone quotes scripture to attack
others, even the Devil can do that.
I SEE NO REASON for anyone to defend themselves against Anon,
for what ??


Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dave Down Under said...

The only security that can be guaranteed for this site is through the moderator, something Scott may have to enable AGAIN fulltime, this time for good. Conversation may be slow but the lag is worth the security payed in advance.

I suspect Scott will be very dissappointed that a whole thread has been wasted on muck! But good things usually come out of bad situations for us Christians.

Jesus said in John 14 that he has given us his peace and I reckon we should pursue it at all costs.


Cary said...

Hi Dave, I thik you are right. These people seems to be full of battery acid. Must to really hard to live feeling like that..

Makes me happy when I see the posts from my brothers and sisters at peace with the return of our Lord.....I was trying to find the quote (Ithink from Romans) UNTO THOSE THAT ERNESTLY SEEK WILL HE APPEAR THE SECOND TIME...HMMMM

6.7 quake off Chile...glad to see someone else can not sleep tonight.

Dave Down Under said...

Yes Cary, what ever is driving their behavior needs to be curbed. Wether medication, councelling, repentance, getting a job even is the answer, needs to be seriously explored by these poor souls.


Anonymous said...


It is about the introduction of false teaching being spread among the unwary. After I gave a caution about the heresy of Contemplative Prayer coming in via David Jeremiah (who was ONCE sound, and therefore all the more deceptive) it was rejected out of hand – so be it!

Then a poster tried to explain to another that the stock market and EW was not associated with the coming Rapture. In support I gave Matthew 24:3,4 as evidence that the context ‘to watch’ by Jesus is DECEPTION in the Church and not the signs in the world. The EW is a deception not a ‘sign’, these are to be expected until the end. (There are NO signs given for the rapture.)

Mrs C said Matt24:3,4 was an ‘un-truth’ – a lie! Again she gives 2Tim2:3 against the validity of my Salvation, which is judging before the time, and forbidden, thus condemning herself with her own tongue; possibly out of ignorance of those Scriptures? Continued with the threats of emotional blackmail of ‘we know who you are’ and yet more personal judgment against me instead of dealing with the argument.

Waterer gave correct Scriptures for false teaching promptly removing them from their context by an inept commentary. It was also pointed out that the Parable of the Wheat and Tares meant we were not to ‘weed out’ false doctrine. That is a contradiction and a misapplication of God’s Word. The Parable concerns counterfeit PEOPLE, they are to be left until the end-time harvest BUT the deception these counterfeits speak MUST be exposed by ALL. Their WORDS are their FRUITS in Matt7.

Lastly I have given Mrs C Biblical reason to stop her threats against me and tell the whole blog and the world exactly who she says I am!
Mrs C, there you go, you are wroong, for the truth of Scripture is that we must name false teachers and their deceptive teaching. So stop with your blackmailing threats and name and shame me if you are so certain I have been lying to this blog.

I shall say no more about the ‘suicide accusation’; THE Judge knows the truth about that farce and I lost count how many were involved in that wrangle who were anonymous or otherwise named and unknown to me!

If it wasn’t for your pathetic mutterings of dark conspiracies ranged against your magnificence, I would have never come here to post again. So Scott can thank you and yours for not allowing sleeping dogs to lie.

That is a very big spoon you are stirring with in your passion to control, but then it does take a very long spoon to sup with the devil and stir up a stink.

Anonymous said...

Anon, your days are numbered:

I think Scott will decide to

atleast that way we do NOT have to
listen to your stupidity anymore.


you will NOT stop that....of course.

Robert Prechter is ATLEAST way more
mature then u will ever be.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Caver said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yea, unfortunately....on this you are right.

But it IS what we're trying to discuss here. Were it not for the likes of folk like you, it is what we would be discussing here. It is YOUR work preventing it.

Ya know....its exactly like Sis GG a Christian camp, with a few very bored members...they need some excitement in their lives and run from Tent to Tent... sowing doubt, dissension, accusations...trying to pit one tent against the other...then running away to another tent...for your own amusement and agenda....

But you do it with a mask on....changing often as you move from tent to tent or subject or to add apparent weight to your position and give the illusion of popularity or support.

Be gone.

Waterer said...

I am not understanding what false teaching you were correcting in Scott's posts.To me and many here there seemed to be a disconnect .
My point to you , inept as it may seem or be,(sorry for unclearness)is that we are equipped by the Holy Spirit to judge these things. We are certainly not to follow anonymous people who are bringing a mix of good and bad reviews against people who we have never met and most of us have never heard.
There is a context for excluding teachers and writers.
No one is saying that deception in the lst days is not a sign.
But we are also not coming here to to cast stones at people who we are not in a position to judge.
What if we all started jumping on this bandwagon of accusations with lists of people who ARE in our communities?? QUICKLY, the Lord would rebuke us. There is a frame for the judging and it should be followed.
Last, I add my request to others here to PLEASE use name tags .
Judging namelessly is like throwing rocks and running.
Also,dear family here,let's not get off track. The Lord, He comes!

Anonymous said...

Caver you are like your cronies and have an excessively over-stimulated imagination!

Waterer. As Scott decided to delete a whole thread, it is possible you did not see my caution about the onset of Spiritual Formation – CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER and its insidious creep into the unsuspecting Church. It is associated with the use of The Message. At least young Dylan had the maturity and fortitude to acknowledge from his own experience how nasty it is. One other lady; also had the Godly sense to check it out and realised from her own research – after my caution, just how unpleasant it is. Instead of throwing stones at the messenger, here is a starting point for you to judge for yourself. (Test the spirits)

David Jeremiah’s slide into apostasy.
John MacArthur has exposed DJ, and others, as Freemason’s on YouTube PART 1.
Pre 1990’s David Jeremiah was ‘safe’ and many are now heartbroken.

DJ consults the infamous and derelict ‘The Message’ during his Bible Studies.
“What kind of message is The Message?”

Justine Peters challenged DJ for taking part on a TBN alongside false teachers Benny Hinn, Clarence McClendon, Mark Chironna and Steve Muncey who were all guests on the same ‘Praise-A-Thon’

Best to copy this quickly if you want to know this truth, or reject it, for yourself.

The others know why I am Anonymous and its up to them to acknowledge they are wrong about naming names, so Biblically they CAN name me as they keep threaening to.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.

I have recommended new Christians to this site. Oh how I regret that..I hope none have been stumbled by this bitterness I see between Christians.

Mary N.

Heck, I am a new Christian and I am sitting here wondering. We are to be known by our love for one another..Not just love for certain ones.

If someone wants to rebuke another..Rebuke in a loving tone. Not this hateful bitteness, this name calling. This is acting in the flesh. carnal.


Anonymous said...

If someone doesn't agree with someone else..Just say. I don't agree, but I love you anyway!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all dont think that you are the only ones reading these comments. I have read the comments for years but have never commmented. Im sure 100's of people have read them besides yourselves. Its so disheartning to see how you ALL are behaving. It seems to me that if you do not believe what you all believe then you are not welcome to comment because they will be accused of causing seperation, ect. Just because someone does not believe in a pre trib rapture does not mean he or she is not a Christian. These comments are hateful and Im ashamed of the way the tone this blog has taken.

Alice said...

Anon said, "David Jeremiah’s slide into apostasy.
John MacArthur has exposed DJ, and others, as Freemason’s on YouTube PART 1."

Anon, by this statement above, please acknowledge that you have put words into John MacArthur's mouth.

The youtube video which you linked is NOT John MacArthur's video work!!! Someone has used his sermon on Freemasonry and added their own visuals. MacArthur NEVER mentions David Jeremiah or anyone else, for that matter! It is a shame that you are so easily influenced by everything put out on the internet on Freemasonry.

Do I believe DJ's teaching is without flaws? No! No one's is! All of us should "search the Scriptures daily" to test what we are hearing/reading from our trusted Bible teachers. But you have gone too far by saying that John MacArthur exposed David Jeremiah.

WVBORN56 said...

My biggest bone to pick with "anon" is not respecting the wishes of the blog administrator. I have not seen much wrong with anything you have said and agree with much of it but your tone and lack of respect for the authority is a serious concern. You in my opinion are acting in a proudful and arrogant way.

My question would be are you currently in a church under the authorithy of a Pastor and board of Elders? Somehow I doubt it. That is how the body of Christ in a church works. This is not a church but I would think that in order to maintain order and love it would operate the same way. Essentially the Pastor (Scott) and others have asked you to stop and you refuse to abide by their authority. You should be making Scott's calling a joy in which to operate and not a burden. You should be loving and encouraging the flock here and not constantly picking fights. This is not an apostasy forum!! We get it but we wish you would also get us.

Again, I was somewhat sympathetic at first to what you were saying and for the most part agreed but like all bad salesman you don't know when to quit. They talk themselves right out of the sale they have made by not knowing when to shut-up.

Having a single focus is how many men are built and that is how many mountains are overcome. However, the unity of the church is very important to the Lord and you might want to check out the log in your own eye as opposed to attacking the specs in the eyes of others here.

I am the one who questioned Stephen on the EWI and the stock market as have others from time to time but I try to do it in a way that does not offend him and I don't do it all the time. I still love and care for Stephen even though I think he is very wrong on that point but I am sure I am not spot on on every nuance regarding end times and other gray areas of scripture either.

Personally I think if you are interested in fellowshipping here you should offer an apology to Scott and the regulars here and if done in humility and sincerity you would be welcomed with open arms. I have seen nothing but love and goodwill expressed here since I showed up over a year ago.

Time is short before Jesus returns and we should be focused on seeing others come to Christ while there is still time.

Blessings to you and may you receive this in the spritit in which it is intended.


Alice said...

One more thing... I was aware of the dangers of Contemplative Prayer, the Emergent Church and other apostasies long before you started posting here.

Please stop. We are aware.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for disagreeing with me with such courtesy. After Scott posted an Easter message of DJ (fine) I posted to alert of the hidden dangers in DJ’s present ministry. Scott said he was not aware of anything, so I took great effort to give him some information to consider. Scott decided to delete that information and I agreed that I only had to caution and that was the end of it. Over!

You posted (different issue) and I followed with the post on Matt 24:3,4. Mrs C then began a barrage of putridity raking up the past that as far as I was concerned was finished. I had apologised publically for the WAY I ‘spoke’, but not for WHAT I said, which I still stand by. I was told by Scott there was nothing to apologise for! Over! I stopped posting and only read the news, just reading comments occasionally.

I could see there was ridiculous sensationalising of events by three very controlling posters which they have embroidered around me. It is utter garbage, but they have attributed their ‘knowledge’ to the Holy Spirit. Well I know differently, they are claiming the Lord has said and I know full well the Lord has not said. They seem to be in terror of losing their manipulation of this blog so they have embarked into a frenzy of utterly wild incriminations against me personally. Yes, being the vile sinner I am, I have succumbed at times and responded like with like. Notice that the fawning of other ‘yes man’ posters exonerates them of any fault and put it all at my door.

Mary I had ‘stopped’. My last comment was directed to Waterer for their benefit to understand what it was all based on. I am thankful YOU are aware, but it isn’t correct for you to say ‘we’, because not everyone who reads this blog is aware of David Jeremiah’s use of Contemplative Prayer. The eruption that has occurred is a direct result of deliberately vindictive stirrings to keep me at bay. Weird!

P.S. By the way, I have no connections whatsoever with any other posters. PLUS I do NOT communicate with any other blogs or sites. I knew one poster, but have never discussed the blog with them; perhaps just once, in passing? So linking me with all these sites is fiction dredged out of their own earthly minds. My walk with Jesus is too valuable for me to put it at risk with all the scandal mongering that goes on here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mary! I meant Alice.

WVBORN56 said...

Anon, you have gotten it off your chest and made your point. Please try to patch things up at this point. It appears to me the tiff with Mrs. C is a personality clash from your perspective as much as anything and it has escalted to name calling. At some point someone has to back down and be the one to not get in the last word other wise we have the Hatfields and McCoys. Since Mrs. C is protecting the Administrator and his wishes I submit that you be the person to apologize and refrain from doing what has been asked.

"They will know we are Christians by our love" should supercede who is right and who is wrong at this point.

My thinking at this point is you might one day hear these words from Jesus along these lines, "You were right but you were very wrong."

I am not at all sure about the "conspiracy stuff". That usually all flies way over my head. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. But I do know because of God's gifting a thing or two about making peace. It is of the highest importance to God that his bride be unified.

People on both sides have been hurt and it is time for the hurting to stop.

"Blessed are the peace makers." Care to join me?

Mrs.C said...

Still steeling time…You say it was “over”? Really, as you continue, and continue for some time now. Scott didn’t leave as you say, he left it as quite differently.All caps are of Scott...

Scott said...
Apparently you aren't "listening". Discussing the nuances of the emergent church and/or pastors who are negaging in such IS NOT WHAT WE DO HERE. Many of us may agree or disagree. That isn't the point. It has nothing to do with "closing the shutters" of our/my mind....I repeat IT ISN"T THE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE. And I'll repeat this again. If its your mission to warn Christians of the emergent church THIS ISN"T THE BEST PLACE TO DO SO - and one more time...

How does that equate to "Emergent poison is already in your midst" ? It is nowhere to be found here at all (and I've been here since the very beginning :)....Let me repeat one more time for you IT ISN"T WHAT WE DO HERE/ OK?
April 12, 2012 7:11 AM

Your still baiting, and not stopping! You are beyond rude to Scott, and his request for you to stop. Encouraging others to hurry and copy your nonsense, before Scott deletes the thread? Now why was it that Scott was forced to delete an entire thread previously? I think you know the answer to that, don’t you. You said you didn’t like other forums, with your behavior and words, could it be that you were BANNED! Again, you are a master manipulator, and have openly been untruthful now as to how this came about. :( Scott was more than patient and pleasant with you, and you rudely disregard everything he has said. For anyone who would care to read the entire thread of what was said, and NOT said, refer to the comments in this article. You are the fulfillment of what Jesus said, trapped in self Righteousness and legalism. Time is short, before our Beloved Bride Groom comes for need to seek Him!

Anonymous said...

born56..I will join you! Lets stop this nonsence! So there is a man (or woman) who comes on here every now and again to write down their thoughts and opinions. Well, really, who cares? That gives us no right or no "anything goes" attitude. If you continue to engage in offensive and defensive behavior with someone, its of NO USE. Let it go. Ignore him and pray for him. If you quit giving him attention he will go away or maybe through OUR love and guidance and prayer, he will realize the error of his ways. Dont you see that its NOT him tearing this blog apart, its the name calling and the anger. If we are for Christ, who can be against us? We are to love one another as Christ loves us. Even when you dont want to...even when you feel someone is wrong or spiritually lacking, The BEST way to get through to someone is through LOVE not bickering. We are known by our, patience, ect. God bless you all and I love you all and Im praying for you all, even Mr. Anon. because that is what the Lord would have you do.

Anonymous said...

Wvborn56 said "You were right but you were very wrong."

I know it as 'the right thing done in the wrong way is wrong'. Meaning the end never justifies the means - which I agree with and with you.

Where you are mistaken is the 'personality clash’; that is not the case where I am concerned as I have no desire to control. My 'beef' is with the misapplication of God’s Word and the constant removal from context to prove a faulty point!

I don’t quibble over the understanding of prophecy,but such ignorance of basic Soteriology is a hiding to nowhere. The Word of God has parameters, and those are not to be crossed. Mistakes are one thing, those we all make, but as a common practice it is no joke!

As for an apology, I gave one once and it was totally ignored – and realised the bitterness of the pill that they were chewing. That’s not down to me. I kept away from its effects and can see plainly that is how it must stay. In their regard, bad company corrupts good habits, and as long as the imagined nonsense, that I have watched condemn innocent people, stops being stirred, I shall not be back unless I am directed otherwise.

God bless you Wvborn56.

Anonymous said...

Humble oneself to make the peace.

Scott..I feel so bad for you. I know this is not what you want.

Has anyone ever read or heard the tapes by C.S. Lewis..Screwtape Letters?


Anonymous said...


Scott, I am an avid reader of your blog, I do not ever comment but I know this is not what you intended. Im so sorry. Lets just lift up the Lord today and go to Him in prayer and ask Him to search us and our hearts. God bless

Mrs.C said...

Scott said...
Apparently you aren't "listening". Discussing the nuances of the emergent church and/or pastors who are negaging in such IS NOT WHAT WE DO HERE. Many of us may agree or disagree. That isn't the point. It has nothing to do with "closing the shutters" of our/my mind....I repeat IT ISN"T THE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE. And I'll repeat this again. If its your mission to warn Christians of the emergent church THIS ISN"T THE BEST PLACE TO DO SO - and one more time...

How does that equate to "Emergent poison is already in your midst" ? It is nowhere to be found here at all (and I've been here since the very beginning :)....Let me repeat one more time for you IT ISN"T WHAT WE DO HERE/ OK?
April 12, 2012 7:11 AM

Caver said...

I've had my say and am withdrawing from this discussion until hearing further from Scott and to pray about this situation.

Joining in asking the Lord to forgive and change hearts and convict, as He deems appropriate...that He guide Scott and us to make this site exactly what He wants and that it glorify His name.

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 17:14 The beginning of strife is like releasing water;
Therefore stop contention before a quarrel starts.

Proverbs 16:24 Pleasant words are like a honeycomb,
Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones

I am going to pray too, right now. God bless you all

Mrs.C said...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
"Massive" (8.7) Quake Hits Indonesia

Scott said...
I personally don't believe (nor have I seen any evidence) that David Jeremiah is involved in this in any way.
April 11, 2012 8:31 AM

Anonymous said...
what is wrong with discussing this / with prophesy? Its all part of prophesy....
God bless!
April 11, 2012 8:55 AM

Mrs.C said...
"anon" said- "what is wrong with discussing this / with prophesy? Its all part of prophesy....
God bless!"
Scotts blog is not a forum, and does not accommodate various sections for lengthy discussions.
There is no Apostasy section for example. As was pointed out, there are many forums out there to accommodate lengthy in depth discussions. This particular thread for example, has an amazing Sign of a HUGE earthquake which Scott to the time to post for all of our information and comments, yet so far, 8 out of 10 comments are now regarding a questionable article about yet another “Church movement”.

God Bless! :)
April 11, 2012 10:00 AM

Anonymous said...
Oh sorry Mrs. C!
I was just saying, that to point out something like that is actually a huge part of prophesy. Something we need to watch. But you are right as always!!
I don't like forums, so many have an uncristian attitude.
God Bless you!
April 11, 2012 10:46 AM

Scott said...
I appreciate the effort, I really do. but this isn't a forum for apostasy, and as someone mentioned, there are a vast number of sites that focus on issues such as this.
I'm going to have to limit comments to issues specific to prophecy, and while one could find an avenue for these links etc to relate to end times apostasy, I believe that is a stretch. I apologize if these comments represented work (hopefully they were cut and pasted).

Thanks for understanding.

April 11, 2012 8:57 PM

Scott said...

I'm going to continue to be polite and professional. This is a prophecy site. I don't believe it is appropriate here, on this site to call out various Christians for their beliefs - expecially when you personally don't agree with what they are saying. I have my personal beliefs about a lot of pastors, but I am not personaly led by the HS to call such pastors out in public as you are doing.If you feel that compelled, why don't you start a website and have a go at it? If you are so compelled to be a "watchman", then I would argue going to websites such as this and burying such comments in a comment section isn't the optimal way to serve as a "weatchman". You seem compelled to spread your message. In fact, you even mentioned that you don't want to face Jesus and have Him state "Why dd you fail to warn my sheep..."So is this your best effort at such?
Perhaps you should write a book and engage in a speaking tour. Perhaps, as I said earlier, perhaps you should start a website.
Honestly, I don't believe what you are doing now (posting comments on a blog such as this) is the best way to accomplish what you feel led to do.Have you considered other, more ambitious ways to accomplish the things you feel led to do? Having said that - now you do indeed hopefully understand what we are doing here and what some of the boundaries are. If you do feel led to spread your message and you don't know how to do so, I would be happy to try and help out - just let me know - there are many ways to spread your message, both locally and internationally.
April 11, 2012 10:23 PM

Dave Down Under said...

Good morning all.
I've recently discovered that there are two lots of 1260 days described in the bible. Apparently the first lot has to do with the two witnesses standing at or near the temple, prophesying/denouncing the work of Satan. The second lot has to do with the AC and the Gentiles trampling the temple. Is this true Mrs C?
If so that blows the theory out of the water that the Pope is the AC, in my books anyway.


Dave Down Under said...

....and confirms such a thing as seven years of tribulation!

Dave again

Almond said...

Yes there are two lots of 1260 days The first 1260 days starts when antic signs a covenant for 'seven' with majority of Israel. The 2 witnesses also begin their 1260 days so they can die in the middle of the week after the resurrected antic leaves the abyss and kills them at the end of their ministry,just befor the AoD is set up. also the 144000 is sealed and Elijah works,in the first half. Thousands of martyrs killed then.

The second 1260 days is refered to more as 42 months which is the rule of antic from the AoD until the end of the seven when he is destroyed by Jesus at the second coming!

Anonymous said...

WOW !!! alot of comments....

and yet, social mood is the final judge...since social mood is REGULATED from the Kingdom of Heaven.

And yeah, people say I am wrong, ect.

HEY, DOW UP nearly 200.....

The bull move that started back
on 3/4 OCT is NOT it ??

Take a CHILL pill....

the Rapture and the END are NOT
here yet.

and until stocks are done bulling,
we are all stuck here.

make the best of it ok ??

(that means you too anon)

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dylan said...

I'm with Stephen on this one (not on EWI, but on everyone taking a chill pill and making the best of the time we have on earth). Anyways, I'm not trying to start up the argument again, but I'd like to say a few things.
1.Even though not many had alot to contribute to the contemplative prayer discussion doesn't necessarily mean that they endorse it.
2. Not everyone here believes that the EWI will tell us when the rapture will happen.
3.That comment seems to have provoked division on this blog that wouldn't have been there otherwise.
4.@anon, like many have said, we are supposed to correct on another in a loving way, not in a way that causes animosity and disunion in our family.

God bless, everyone. Maranatha!

Dave Down Under said...

Thanks Almond (I like those nuts by the way). I've never seen those scriptures before and honestly it sheds new light on my search for truth of the structure of end times prophecy.
From my point of view the indepth study into end time prophecy is so varied and set. Some camps interpret from teachings laid down 200 years ago, while some interpret from a more up to date, wholistic view of things.

I'm blown away by it all honestly and am always I awe of God who has entrusted with us fickle humans with dispensing His Holy Word.


Caver said...

Dave DU, Mrs C did not miss your question. She will be on in a bit and address it.

Dave Down Under said...

Thanks Caver.

Anonymous said...

Please check this article out !!!!

and TRY to wonder WHY IT IS that
bulls are BUYING stock at 13,000 ??

well, i DOUBT that will last....

just read it

and be shocked >>>>> cause when
stocks DO crash it will be
SWIFT and HARD !!!!

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mrs.C said...

Hi Little Brother Dylan,:)
Just so you know where alot of the frustration came from, and that was anons insistence of the
"contemplative prayer". Scott repeatedly asked "anon" to stop, and it was continued by anon up until now. Thats seven days!
Beginning on the 10th, Scott had to delete the whole of the comments in a section, due to anons posts, some very vile which you nor others have not seen. Anon continued, and on the 11th, Scott continued to nicely ask anon to stop. Three times with in one comments section. See the article for the comments below. The final straw for Scott within that specific comments section was that "anon" had the audacity to tell Scott and I quote, "Emergent poison is already in your midst". Anon stated that the "emergent poison" was in among us all here. You will not see that post either, because Scott deleted it.
There is a difference between earnest discussions of His Word, it should be joyful and exciting,
However, a singular person berating others through their legalistic view, badgering relentlessly the owner of the Blog, to push their premeditated agenda, is NOT a normal Christian Brotherly/Sisterly discussion. Nuff said :)
We surely are in the Last Days little Brother! Look up! our redemption drawth nye!
God Bless You!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
"Massive" (8.7) Quake Hits Indonesia

Mrs.C said...

Good Morning to You Too Brother Dave!, :)
Yes indeed Brother, 1260 days is also in another Chapter in Revelation, and that is Chapter 12. :)
It is a beautiful Chapter, where God narrates and tells us the history of His People, the Birth of our Savior, and what will happen to them through the Trib.
Personally, I never was much for studying the Trib, ac, etc., as I know that we wont be here for that, Praise God! But it is interesting to study on occasion. Yes Brother Dave, the two Witnesses will be mighty powerful, and be in the first half of the Trib. Also with all of the Judgments, Bowls, Trumpets etc in the second half of the Trib., no one in the world would be paying attention to the Witnessing. We know that when they are killed, everyones exchanging gifts and celebrating it, not exactly people around the world trying to survive all of the afore mentioned second half of the Trib. It is the mid Trib, that the beast rises and kills them. The Temple will have been rebuilt in the first half of the Trib. Wow, what power God has given them. Amazing, they kill their enemies by “fire proceedeth out of their mouth”! Whew, and remember John said “He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire” These two are saturated with the Holy Spirit and power, that they devour their enemies with fire out of their mouths!
They are wearing “sackcloth” which tells us of the Law, not Grace. Zechariah 4 tells us of Joshua and Zerubbabel, explaining the “olive trees” and the “candlesticks”. While they are not the “Witnesses”, God explains to us that through these Verses that like Joshua and Zerubbabel, these Two Witnesses will be “Anointed”. :)

Revelation 11:4

4.These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.

Zechariah 4:12-14
12.And I answered again, and said unto him, What be these two olive branches which through the two golden pipes empty the golden oil out of themselves?
13.And he answered me and said, Knowest thou not what these be? And I said, No, my lord.
14.Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the LORD of the whole earth.

Hope this helps a wee bit :) Its awesome to study His Word together!
God Bless You Brother!

Cary said...

Does anybody know if Scott is o.k?


Mrs.C said...

Yes, Scott is fine :)

Dylan said...

Ik I've asked this before, but I haven't really gotten an answer. Whs the situation with Docnofog? Are he and his wife ok?

Anonymous said...

Scott are u out there ??

Has this blog come to an end ??

I see NO update for 17 APR 2012.

anyway, stocks up again tonite.

on it goes....

Amazing, we started this bullin'
back on 06 MAR 2009, and still

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dylan said...

Stephen, Scott posted a comment yesterday that said that he wouldn't be posting today for personal reasons. Don't worry, it'll be back to normal tomorrow. :)

DrNofog said...

Dylam, [Ooops]
Thanx for axing, and I meant to thank Ally fer welcoming me back the other day, but that entire blog got deleted.

Quickly cuz I just saw this and I'm short on time... explain later.
My wife has been on dialysis since going into the hospital right after Christmas for a 2.5 month bureaucratic "approval" marathon, and is slowly doing better now that she's out of the hospital and off the statins that were making a mental basket case out of her! I can tell now after a month cuz she's almost back to her usual cantankerous self...

Dave Down Under said...

Thanks for that Mrs C. It has helped a great deal. The two 1260 day events are crucial to understand the pre wrath tribbers. It makes the verses where Jesus said about one person disappearing and the other being left behind stand out in my mind.

Back when I was first saved I heard end times speaker, Barry Smith say that when Jesus comes with the saints in heaven and resurrects them, our loved ones who have died in Christ will suddenly appear to us in their glorified bodies. Wow! I can't wait to meet my mum.

Thanks again it really makes more sense and all the dots are joining up.


Cary said...

Thanks Mrs. C.........


Dylan said...

Oh no, watch out "Dace", Docnofog is gonna catch that typo.

Doc, glad to see you back! Thanks for the update on your wife. Glad to hear that her recovery is going well. I'll pray for continued healing for her.

waterer said...

Dr No Fog,

I am really glad your wife is improving and that you are back too. Your voice and humor have been missed.

Anonymous said...

The beast is BUSY again >>>>>

all we need now is a global
stock crash and the stage is set.

please go here >>>>>>>>>>>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

just a question mrs c.
if the beast will rise at the middle of tribulation,
who will confirm the covenant at the start of the tribulation?

mary said...

Dr. No Fog, I join in with the others to say that I also have missed you and your sense of humor. We certainly need it here lately.
So glad to hear your wife is on the mend and I will pray for you both.
Have a great day everyone and lets talk about our favorite subject..

h said...

Anonymous said...
"just a question mrs c.
if the beast will rise at the middle of tribulation,
who will confirm the covenant at the start of the tribulation?"

I am not Mrs C, but a possible answer for this is, "He can 'confirm the covenant', without being identified as the antichrist, but, in the middle of the tribulation he will come forth as the world leader". I am not good at explanations, but this is one that I have heard.

I am sure when Mrs. C comes along she will have a much better one. :)

Blessings to all.


Anonymous said...

thanks for trying.
would you agree that in order to confirm a covenant would require power and authority?
The reason i ask this is because Revelation 13:5 allows only the beast to have power for 42 months.
I hope mrs C or scott can give a better explanation.
by the way, Is mrs C the wife of scott, she seems to know a lot about scott?

Diane said...

No, Anon, Mrs C is the wife of Caver. Perhaps the Cavers and Scotts are good friends/associates. I don't know. I know that Scott lives in NC, as do quite a few of the regular bloggers :) Diane

Scott said...

I actually have a lot of thoughts on this thread, but I'm still in catch up mode after a trip. I may make a separate post entirely devoted to this comment thread.

Also - My wife is not Mrs C! (that would make me Mr.C
and he's a lot smarter than me, so we could never be confused! )

Anyway, I really don't understand what someone has to gain by intentionally causing strife among Christians and seemingly deriving pleasure from that. Whoever is doing this, as "anon", I think should have some very serious prayer and reflection on what he/she is causing, and why he/she seems to get pleasure from this.

My guess is - that the individual enjoys the 'power' of creating a long comment thread that he/she precipitated. Its a form of power and control - but I think the individual should take this to the Lord and see if its consistent with biblical teachings about interacting with fellow Christians.

And I will remind Anon that he/she has still (and preictably) never responded to my basic questions regarding the timing of the rapture - nothing tricky or fancy - just some basic questions.

The reason for this is, he/she has no answers and therefore refuses to go there.

So lets just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

We've all heard you anon - and your views.

Caver said...

Diane, thank you for clarifying the issue of Mrs C's spouse.

How are you recovering and feeling?

Diane said...

I am not yet recovering, Caver, I still need to have surgery and now have another problem. Thanks for asking.

"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day." 2 Corinthians 4 :15


Dave Down Under said...

Hello Scott. The person involved is probably/should be on medication for mental illness.

Maybe with that in mind it would enable us all to just ignore the person with their probing questions. At the end of the day all they can do is ask and post. And you are actually in the position of power with the ability to delete their posts. So fear not Scott your in charge here mate, not anon.

Bless ya.

Anonymous said...

to diane and scott,
thank you for the information (i am sorry to ask who's wife is who, i could have ask whether mrs C is a sister or any other). anyway by the sounds of it, scott is not happy with some "anon".
me on the other hand, only ask mrs c, on who will confirm the covenant at the start of tribulations provided that the Word of God allows the beast to have power to continue for 42 months. I hope i can find an answer not enemy.
helen did try but i forgot to include the 42 months before she can answer. (Is this so hard to answer, if yes i will just ignore it, till someone gave me a reasonable answer)

the last anon

mary said...

Diane, praying for you sister.That Bible verse is a good one to keep focused on. Your sister, mary

Anonymous said...

Last Anonymous (and Dave to?)
Im nervous about posting this in case its seen as offensive; for what its worth, I got what you were asking and why, but must keep this as short as I can………..

The Rapture of the Church is BEFORE the Seven years start!!!!!!!

The intervals in Rev make events hard to follow.

Rev 13:2Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. The dragon gave him his power, his throne, and great authority.
3. And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast.
4 So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who [is] like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?"
5.And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and he was given authority to CONTINUE for forty-two months.

The beast in verse 2 is Rome made of iron from Daniel 2 verses 7 &19. This is antic the little horn out of the 10 horns. Don’t have time to fill all this in for you……..
Verse 3 is one of the heads (left from the 10) is killed is antic.
The wound was healed when at the first Woe of the fifth Trumpet Rev 9 verses 1 to 12. Antic is let out of the bottomless pit with billions of demons like locust.
People start to worship the dragon (satan) thru the Rome beast (antic)
Verse 5 notice the word CONTINUE – for 42 months. All told he is ruling for seven years.

Antic is revealed when he confirms the covenant with Israel – as you say, he has to have authority to do that. This starts the seven years, the first 1260 days up to the middle of the trib. This is Daniel 9 verse 27. This is also Revelation 6 when Jesus starts off the seven years by breaking the first seal with white horse & rider is the antic.
Also its 2Thess 2 verse 3
Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the MAN OF LAWLESSNESS is REVEALED, the son of destruction, is the antic.

The 7th Seal holds the first trumpet in the first half of the seven, Rev 8 verse 1 to 13. At the fifth Trumpet which is also the first woe,Rev9 verse 1 to 12 the pit is opened and antic returns to life. At the sixth Trumpet the second woe, the False Proph sets up the image of the beast in the Temple and starts the 666. Antic goes into the sanctuary and defiles it. This is also the end of the 1260 days given to the 2 witnesses. Its in the middle of the week that they are killed by the beast out of the pit – then raised up. Jerusalem Jews escapes into the wilderness……..
All of this is still the middle of the seven years.
Back to verse 5 antic is given a further 1260 days (42 months lunar) to CONTINUE his rule, far worse than he was for the first half because he is now possessed by the dragon (satan).

In the middle of the week is when the third woe falls, which is the 7th Trumpet. Out of the 7th Trumpet comes the 1st Bowl judgment. Rev 11 verse 15 So all this means the 7 seals and 7 Trumpets are during the first half of the seven years (3 ½ years). The 7 Bowls range from the middle of the seven to the end of the seven. After the 7th bowl is poured out – Jesus returns to earth for the 2nd time.
Its easier to see if you look for all that happens in the MIDDLE of the week and work back and forth from there.

This is only the roots, and I apologise to Scott if this adds to conflict but I could see what last anon was asking but was misunderstood I feel. Sorry, sorry if you have to delete this, thats okay I get it – I think?


Dave Down Under said...

G'day Almond. I appreciate your work and theres no need to be afraid, we won't bite.

You've put a lot of thought and effort into your work and I appreciate the insights you've shared.


Dave Down Under said... much so I've decided to I'll map the info you've shared out in my Bible and see how it all adds up. Thanks again Almond.

There's another thing I'm discovering about prophecy. Sometimes The building blocks of prophecy look like they don't fall into place or don't belong in the appropriate positions IAW my minds, but I'm realizing there are somethings I've got to just accept by faith. Maybe the reason I'm not a pretribber like I was, when I was first saved, is because I'm reading Gods Word with my head and not through the eyes of the Spirit.

Have a great day

Anonymous said...

does it says that the beast has a deadly wound and healed (and i think with modern tech, you can have a deadly wound and can be healed). not killed and lived.
unlike the two witnesses it is said that they were killed and were resurrected.
since the beast will ascend out of the bottomless pit, do you not think that his first appearance with power would be when the angel open up the bottomless pit as you reference the fifth trumpet.( if the angel has the key i think it is locked, and i think satan will be held there as well for a thousand years)
anyway there is no reference of the beast before that.

Anonymous said...

Hi last anon
“anyway there is no reference of the beast before that”

Rev 6:1 is about the antic beast.

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a CROWN was given unto him: and he went forth CONQUERING, and to CONQUER. (That’s power & authority from start of seven trib to end of seven trib but worse from the middle of the trib.

Dan9verse 26 &27 ------- and the people of the prince that shall come(Roman antic) shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined. And he (antic beast) shall CONFIRM THE COVENANT (start) with many for ONE WEEK: and in the MIDST of the WEEK he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the CONSUMATION, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

Daniel here speaks of the beast from the start of the seven years (confirming covenant) up to the MIDST and even to the END of the seven years.
Clearly the ruling activity of the Antic beast IS mentioned in both Revelation & Daniel even 2Thess2.

The bottomless pit or Abyss is prison for demons to wait until judgment. Its part of Hades where the unsaved dead wait. Luke 8 verse 31, 2 Peter 2 verse 4 & Jude 1 verse 6. Romans 10 verse 7 So the spirit of antic is released from prison for a season to get back to work and seal his fate in worse atrocities. It’s a Satanic work allowed by God. Its not like resurrection from death to eternal life

The lake of fire and brimstone is where FP and Antic are thrown ALIVE. So is the devil, and death and hell and finally all those not written in the book of life. Rev 19 verse 20. Rev 20 verse 10 & 14 & 20. Yes,Satan is held in the Abyss during the 1k and then released, again only for a season. Theres no getting out of the lake of fire, that’s for eternity and made specially for the devil and his fallen angels. People end up going there because they refuse to believe in Jesus to save them from eternal death and give them free eternal life for faith in Him by Gods grace.

Hope this helps as I don’t have that much time to do this. Hope Scott is ok with this?


Anonymous said...

thank you, slowly making progress. Confused though.
can you please clarify who is the beast and the false prophet between the two(too many antic)?(roman antic vs antic beast)
and who is this conqueror no reference to the beast here or you just assumed?
last anon

Anonymous said...

“can you please clarify who is the beast and the false prophet between the two(too many antic)?(roman antic vs antic beast)
and who is this conqueror no reference to the beast here or you just assumed?”

Hi last anon

SO many beasts !!! :)

No, not assumed, its called interpreting Scripture with Scripture. The antic begins his work when Jesus opens the first Seal in Rev 6.verse 1,2. The Conqueror GIVEN the crown IS the Antichrist. This is why he has the power & authority to confirm the covenant with Israel for seven years in Dan 9 verses 25,27 which is the REVEALING of the man of sin in 2 Thess 2. He is the prince that shall come, as his people the Romans are the ones who burned Jerusalem and the Temple in AD 70. He is the prince of the Roman Empire, the 4th beast iron Rome, the little horn that comes out of the 10 horns. Nothing can begin until Jesus, as the only one who can break the seals, does so. The start of the 7 year trib is when Jesus, as our nearest kinsman, begins to take back the authority over the earth from Satan, the dragon, that old serpent who tricked Adam out of that right when they disobeyed Gods rule.

The symbols in the book of Revelation are largely explained by the Old Testament. As when Jesus said in Matt 24 “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by DANIEL THE PROPHET, stand in the holy place, WHOSO READETH, LET HIM UNDERSTAND Jesus is quoting from the prophet Dan 9 verse 27
Dans 4 Beasts of chapter 7 shows Gods view of the hidden hearts of the four world empires God raises up in Dan chapter 2 of the great image.

Gold head is Babylon Empire & the 1st beast like a lion.
Silver chest & arms is Medes&Persians Empire & the 2nd beast like a lumbering bear.
Bronze belly & thighs is Greek Empire & the 3rd beast like swift leopard.
Iron legs & feet mix of iron & clay is Roman Empire & 4th beast really terrible with a mix of the previous 3 beasts but different.

The Antic comes out of the final Iron Roman Empire of the 4th beast.
This 4th Iron Roman beast has the body like a leopard, (Greece). The feet & iron claws like a bear (Medes&persians), the fierce lion mouth of Babylon. So although the first 3 beasts no longer have dominion, their lives and powers are prolonged through the 4th Beast.

Antic comes out of this terrible mix but diverse 4th beast of iron Rome. Today we are at the feet of iron & clay that will not adhere together. The 5th stage of the Roman Empire yet to come, are the 10 toes of the image which are also the 10 horns on this 4th beast. This beast has 7 heads ( Rev 13). The 7th head is the antichrist stage! This 7th head is struck then healed as a counterfeit of Jesus death & resurrection. Satan is to be worshiped thru his son, the Antic just as the heavenly Father is worshiped thru His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. The Antic will finally have political rule over all the earth and also religious rule over all the earth

more to follow.

Anonymous said...


Another, 2nd beast is seen coming up out of the earth like a lamb but with the voice of the dragon Rev.13 verses 11 – 15, This is the False Prophet who completes the diabolical trinity. The Devil = the Father, the Antic = the Son, the False Prophet = the Holy Spirit.
Coming out of the earth (not heaven) so the False Prophet is an earthdweller, human not Divine. He will be like a lamb and religious, but his speech is the word of the Dragon showing his evil nature. So the 2nd beast in this context is elsewhere called the False Prophet Rev16 verse13, Rev 19 verse 20, Rev 20 verse10.
Just as the Holy Spirit has equal authority with the Son, so the counterfeit HS will have equal authority with counterfeit son. He will be able to perform counterfeit lying signs & wonders for deception. He teaches the power of the Antic, make an image of the Antic beast and the FP will give ‘life’ to the image. Those who don’t fall down and worship the image of the beast. Rev 13 verse 16 – 18 Just as the Holy Spirit seals us into Christ, the False Prophet gives a counterfeit seal on the forehead or right hand which is called the number of the beast, the number of his name, the number of a man the number is 666.
Again, that’s only the bare bones of a very big subject. Primarily I have wanted to show how the Antic’s power and authority begins at the start of the 7 years (at least) which is his revealing after the restrainer (Holy Spirit) stops restraining evil. Antic is GIVEN this authority by God to start off God’s judgment of Israel in order to bring her back to Him and to judge the gentile earthdwellers.Rev 3verse 10.

The Church are not earthdwellers, her citizenship is in heaven. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for that exhausting clarification very appreciated.
you see that is why i ask, you said" The antichrist(beast) power and authority begin at the start of 7years" contradict s the 42 months in power of the beast.
The two witness were they not empowered by the Holy spirit, coz they cannot do those wonderful miracles without the Holy spirit, just a thought, so the holy spirit is still here during the 1260 days of the witness. which again the "lawless one" cannot be revealed if the HS is still present.
Also, the desolation spoken of daniel, did it not happen when the roman desacrated the temple (history) that causes the desolation of israel for a long time from 70 Ad - 1948. since Mat 24 talks of destruction of temple, gathering of elect, and jesus returns
thanks again, hope you can still give further clarity.

last anon

Anonymous said...

“hope you can still give further clarity”

Hi last anon

You aren’t wrong about the 42 months, but they are a CONTINUATION of the previous 1260 days which began when Antic was given a Crown to conquer with. Those 42 months he is empowered by the dragon after Antic is revived. Satan is enraged when he is cast down to earth just before the middle of the seven..
Yes indeed, the Holy Spirit will still be present on earth, His work of restraining evil is for the sake of the Church, it is after he has finished His work as Comforter and ‘earnest’ or engagement ring to the Church. He hands her over to the bridegroom Jesus who takes her to the Fathers house where their works are judged by Christ and the marriage takes place (not the feast). Without Him, no one could be saved again. Also the Holy Spirit is God, He is omnipresent so He doesn’t go away anywhere, He just stands aside and allows evil to do its full work of judgment with the Church safe in heaven. Yes He empowers the two witnesses and He seals the 144k to minister as well as aiding Elijah who will come before the Day of the Lord begins for the judgments through the seven.

I need to stop now, as I am fully occupied for the next few days. As soon as I can I will try to clarify with Scripture about the FUTURE desolation of the SANCTUARY, and the escape of Jerusalem Jews …….. Maybe there are others willing to help you understand in the meantime – Scott maybe?

Every blessing to you. God willing I shall be back.


Anonymous said...

i see where you are coming now.
this is how i see it,
can i say " i will work and continue to work for 8 hrs", although i say "CONTINUE" to work for 8 hrs, what i mean is that 8hrs is the whole duration i will work.
thats the thing i think.
Also rev 13 describes from rise of the beast to power, duration of his reign, his work and the work of his predecessor the false prophet while he is still in power.
Having a crown to conquer is having power, and to conquer means probabaly "war" at the beginning of 7 years.
that is why when you put them together he stay in power for 84 months.
is it possible that instead 42 months + 1260days, they run parallel with an overlap having the 42months reign of the beast at the very end, coz they will be cast alive in lake of fire alive.
We are living in this world full of evil and yet the church is here, what do you mean by the HS will stand aside to let evil do his work, by the looks of it, evil is all around us.
thank you for your help and be blessed.

last anon

Dave Down Under said...

Anon as far as evil goes, we ain't seen nothin yet. You wait till AC comes to power then you'll see some honorific sins.

Anonymous said...

what sin is more than the laws of the 10 commandments?

Anonymous said...

the sin against the Holy Spirit..."the unpardonable sin"

Dave Down Under said...

The ten commandments being the sum of the old covenant are already broken. The deed is done, capoot.

We are now in obligation to the Spirit, to live by Him not to find our righteousness in keeping laws (as ideal and wonderful as they are in a world full of humans who would be capable of such obedience)but being changed everyday into the likeness of Christ and overcoming our sinful flesh.

Faith from start to Finnish, not sabbath keeping, as joyful an experience it may be.


Anonymous said...

the question still remain, what evil or sin, will the HS allow for the lawless one to appear. it seems to me that all of the evil/sins are just around us. murder,adultery,blasphemy,stealing etc...

the last anon

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