Monday, April 23, 2012

UN "Seeks New Powers At Rio Sustainability Summit": Calls For Global Government

We're beginning to see more and more news leaking out regarding the upcoming "Sustainability Summit" and it's very ominous indeed, as we could predict:

The United Nations plans to use its upcoming UN Conference on “Sustainable Development” (UN CSD or Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro to amass a vast array of unprecedented new powers and literally re-shape civilization, the global economy, and even peoples’ thoughts, according to official documents. All of it will be done in the name of transitioning toward a so-called “green economy.”

Among the new authorities being sought by the world body are global carbon taxes, wealth redistribution amounting to trillions of dollars per year, and a barrage of programs dealing with everything from poverty and education to health and resource allocation. Virtually no realm of human activity will be unaffected by the scheme, which analysts have described as a “mammoth exercise in global social engineering.”

The global transformation agenda was laid out in a recently published report entitled “Working towards a Balanced and Inclusive Green Economy: A United Nations System-wide Perspective.”

The conference marks the 20th anniversary of the 1992 UN Earth Summit that adopted the highly controversial “Agenda 21.”

The dramatic transformation to a supposedly “green economy” — still largely undefined — will not be cheap. In fact, according to the UN, the price tag will be in the trillions of dollars per year. And consumer prices will have to increase across the board, too, with food, energy, and housing at the top of the list.

“A global transformation towards a green economy will require substantial financial resources,” the document admits, proposing “ecological taxes” as a way to “unlock” the enormous amount of funds needed to redesign human civilization. One suggestion offered in the plan: impose carbon taxes or a cap-and-trade system on the people of industrialized countries to extract some $250 billion per year for the UN agenda.

There are so many prophetic implications to this movement, it's hard to know where to begin. The totalitarianism aspect is obvious, but below we see additional prophetic implications, including a global financial system, a central currency and of course, a global form of governance to manage all of these changes:

However, the UN understands that there may be a limit to how much wealth governments can extract from their populations or divert from investors to be poured into “green” programs. So, to deal with that, the world might have to move toward an international currency that would allow global authorities to finance the schemes by printing money.

“In addition, there is a need to identify and develop new sources of international funds at scale that support the global transition towards a green economy,” the document explains. “Efforts need to be made to explore the potential for an innovative use of Special Drawing Rights (SDR), international reserve assets, and pools of concentrated assets to serve the aim of financing green economy investments with attractive social as well as private returns and increasing the provision of global public goods.”

SDRs are a proto-global currency managed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) based on the value of a basket of major fiat currencies. The global government-promoting establishment and a wide array of national leaders have been demanding for years that SDRs be used as a world currency — eventually displacing the U.S. dollar’s status.

The calls for such a monetary transition are only growing louder, but critics are fighting back. Givingglobal institutions the power to print currency, of course, would provide a potentially unlimited supply of funds to transform the world and erect the global environmental governance structures sought by the UN.
And this - like any totalitarianism based system, re-education must ensue:

To ensure that the global population supports the UN agenda, the controversial report notes that “UN entities need to scale up support for education” and “culture must be an integrated part of a green economy transition.” The future of humanity — the youth — must be taught about the supposed dangers of theoretical man-made global warming. And children must also learn that the UN is needed to solve the alleged problem.

“Climate change education is a particularly important part of quality education,” the report claims without elaborating. And so, the UN educational scheme “provides people at all levels of education, in particular youth, with the skills, competencies, and knowledge needed to prepare for green jobs and to change unsustainable consumption and production patterns.”

Also see the link above for an extensive list of related article links.

The United Nations is holding its’ “Conference on Sustainable Development” in Rio de Janero, Brazil, over three separate sessions in June, to which organizers, led by UN Conference Secretary-General of Rio+20, Sha Zukang [who 'really doesn't like Americans'], expect 193 attendees from governments, the private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders, according to the Sarah de Sainte Croix March 20, 2012 article in The Rio Times.

More specifically, the debates will cover a … ‘breathtaking array of carbon taxes, transfers of trillions of dollars from wealthy countries to poor ones, and new spending programs to guarantee that populations around the world are protected–from the effects of the very programs the world organization wants to implement.

According to Russell, the Obama Administration officials have supported this “agenda,” which is designed to ‘make dramatic and enormously expensive changes in the way that the world does nearly everything—or, as one of the documents puts it, “a fundamental shift in the way we think and act.”

This UN doctrine seems to directly channel Marx and Engel’s scribe of 1848, “The Communist Manifesto,” wherein its’ organizational and operational structure appears to largely be a paraphrasical equivalent to the 10 short-term demands Marx prescribed in section II., “Proletarians and Communists.”

Actually, as this directly smacks of the long-discussed “UN Agenda 21,” America must treat this audacity of the United Nations as a wake up call, and say “[last] check please”–then hit the UN exit doors without delay.

And this information leads directly to the article below:

The Blaze expanded on each of the Manifesto’s 10 planks and juxtaposed them with modern day American society. The picture revealed, while perhaps not shocking, is unsettling to say the least.

Considered the playbook, the framework, the founding document of Communism, it is argued that no other political volume has altered the course of history more than Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel’s tiny yet effective blueprint for the proletariat.

Commissioned by the Communist League, Marx and Engels laid out their analysis of capitalism and class struggle while supposedly offering economic and socio-political “solutions” rooted in what they called science. While every instance of Communism attempted around the globe has since failed abysmally and without exception, proponents still cry that Marx’s inviolable political and economic theories were simply “improperly executed” and thus, if true to the Manifesto, Marxism is, in itself, “perfect.”

Below are the tenets they seek to live by, as mapped out in his “magnum opus.”

The article embellishes each of the following tenets, and is worth reading in full. These highlights look breathtakingly familiar to anyone paying attention to recent news:

1. Abolition of private property
2. Heavy progressive income tax
3. Abolition to all rights of inheritance
4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants & rebels
5. Centralization and monopolization of credit by means of a national bank
6. Centralized control of communication & transportation
7. Government ownership of factories
8. Equal liability of all to labor
9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries
10. Free education for all children in government controlled schools

The Communist Party USA opened its national conference in New York this weekend, and the speakers weren’t shy about their plans for the United States of America.

In what constituted a clear step-by-step stratagem, Sam Webb, the party’s chair, opened his remarks by saying that the upcoming elections are only be part of “a grander design [that] will connect the dots between our immediate and longer-range political task.”
“To put it differently,” he elaborated, “we hope to connect the struggle at the ballot box today with the struggle for socialism tomorrow.”

But how, exactly, does the party propose to transform America’s system of governing?

The first step, according to People’s World– where the official Communist Party USA Twitter pagedirects readers– is to defeat right-wing “extremism” (presumably at the aforementioned ballot box).

Once Republicans are successfully subdued, Webb believes that communists will join with workers in an “anti-corporate” struggle.

“[But] this stage of struggle doesn’t supplant capitalism,” he explained. Rather, it “brings the socialist stage closer as tens of millions become convinced in the course of the struggle that capitalism doesn’t work for them” [Emphasis added].

Finally, after a shift among the “core forces” for social change, the Communist Party and other leftist organizations will finally succeed in becoming “the people’s government.”

In this stage, Webb explained, it is important to “control the movement of capital, [institute] a tax policy that weighs heavily on the wealthy, and [place] under democratic control sectors of the economy, such as finance, that are a threat to the peoples’ government and a socialist revolution” [Emphasis added].

While many have long-dismissed the Communist Party and other leftist organizations as fringe political movements, their influence among vocal groups like Occupy Wall Street has granted them more consideration in recent months.

Occupy Wall Street plans to come back with a bang in less than ten days when it unleashes its May Day General Strike that could blockade the bridges and tunnels necessary for New York City to function. lays out the plan openly on its website:

“On May 1, 2012, autonomous direct action groups within Occupy Wall Street, as a part of the global mobilizations for general strike and economic non-compliance, will block one or more Manhattan-bound bridges or tunnels to protest the shameful opulence of the 1%.”

In addition to the planned transit blockade, Occupy is rallying factions across the country in solidarity with general strikes around the world: “For the first time, workers, students, immigrants, and the unemployed from over 115 U.S. cities will stand together for economic justice.”

The storied Marxist-activist past of Union Square is unknown to most New Yorkers (and the rest of America) but shows that the Occupiers have added a knowledge of history to their organizational tactics and digital media savvy. According to, Union Square,

“started being used for political rallies soon after notable Labor Day marches in the 1860s (the traditional spring festival of May Day became International Worker’s Day to many after the 1886 Haymarket incident in Chicago), but … it is really only in the beginning of the 20th Century when the use for political demonstrations really began.” Specifically, the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) starts to have a lot of events.”

Also see:


Mrs.C said...

Well hello "mato" aka "last anon". Didnt Scott ask you, and then WARN you to STOP posting your mid/trib "pre-wrath" nonsense!
Yet here ya go AGAIN! Interesting how when you were told to STOP, you just continue, only changing your name to "last anon" etc. You waited until the extraordinary thread of 98 posts! ran over to the next pages, and then continued to lure others into your false "discussions" which are a set up so that you can share your nonsense. And not just in one thread, but in another one that went up to 38! And many others before that!
First Brother Dave, and NOW you've lured "almond" into yet another thread (continuing from THE one with 98!) and are now attempting to saturate this one with your untruth too! We ARE NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRIB PERIOND! WE THE CHURCH ARE NOT GOING THROUGH THE TRIB, PERIOD!
You have been doing this for almost a FULL MONTH, with absolutely no regard for Scott AT ALL! You distract from ALL OF Scotts hard work, and steel his time! to selfishly attempt to promote your own agenda, with your false teachings. Sowing fear, confusion, and doubt.
You are beyond disrespectful to Scott! ENOUGH ALREADY! There is a whole big cyber land out there just waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

oh no not again..

getting tired of this already..enough is enough. I believe personally in a pretribulation rapture. But, I do feel that Christians need to be some what cautious in regards to being 150% certain about pretrib rapture. We should face the possibulity that we may go through some of it, just so we can be prepared spiritually to endure what we all may have to face.

No where in the bible does it say that we have to believe in pretribulation or mid tribulation or post tribulation rapture to be saved. That is not a condition of salvation. We should all have love, respect for one another as brothers/sisters in Christ.

As for causing confusion or whatever, this is Scotts blog, not anyone elses blogg. He can make the rules so to speak. If he asked someone not to keep making such comments, then if this person is a Christian he or she should respect Scotts wishes. I must admitt, I didn't read your long winded comments. If I were interested in a mid tribulation blog, or post tribulation blog, then I am sure I could find it somewhere else on the web. This I do not believe is the right blog for you.

That being said, have you ever really prayed about this? Have you asked God wisdom?

Just thoughts. God bless all.

Dave Down Under said...

C'mon guys let's all be mature about this.

Just ignore anon when they start argumentative posts. Let Scott do the deleting. Let's all talk about what's happening now. We could go on for 1000 posts to try and put together eschatology, but you know what matters most IMO? Occupying till Jesus comes is what matters most and watching for his coming. Loving one another and submitting to elders in the faith, all in the name of Jesus. If we can't get it right down here in the Spirit how will we cope in heaven?

Just ignore them.

WVBORN56 said...

Folks please pick and use a name and stick with it. Many anons is confusing and confusion is not of the Lord. We have asked repeatedly.

My TEE today went well indicated I have a "mass" on my heart and not a broken cord on the mitral valve. He said it would require an operation to replace the mass and valve. My wife only spoke briefly with the doctor who did the test and the overseeing doctor is suppose to call in a day or two with the plan for what is next. sigh. The Lord reassured me from Psalm 138 before I left this morning and will continue to trust Jesus. Thanks again for all your prayers.

My Blessed hope is to be raptured before the tribulation and not in the middle of it. Otherwise I would be looking for the AC and not Jesus first. The 7 years is not for the church but for Israel. Of that we are most confident.

Anonymous said...

its help a lot now.thank you.

last anon

Dutch Treat said...

I've simply decided to stop reading any comment that doesn't put a name to it whether on top or bottom, even if the comment is legitimate. I can't understand why people won't take account for what they say. After all, Jesus called us by name; and we should be able to do the same, even if it's just a code-name. After all I use one; and all of you know who this comment came from. So to all the so-called anons who are causing division here within the Body, just be forewarned: someday Jesus will call you into account; and you'll have no place to hide. WV, so glad to hear that it's not too bad; and will continue to pray for you; and don't worry. The only way you'll know the AC is from the Upper Balcony.

Alice said...

Dutch, great idea! Everyone, please skip all posts that do not have a name.

WV, praying for you! Please keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

The problem with these anon's is they are getting a reaction from you guys, just ignore them....

They LOVE the reaction status, so
just ignore them, they will go away. the Jewish Wedding Model proves Mr. Mato wrong and HE KNOWS
it. Just ignore him.

With that said, here is the update.

Stocks were down, BUT WELL OFF the
lows. Not good for bears. I need to see 12, 700 taken out on the
downside. I am NOT trying to sound
like a broken record here, but I
NEED TO see confirmation so that
bears can truly REVEAL what we
already know.............


so we wait until then.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Scott said...

I agree completely. I guess I'll have to go back to moderating for a while...sigh....for the life of me, I don't understand certain people. Those who seem to enjoy dividing and causing strife. I'll never understand it as long as I live.

Scott said...

WV - A mass? What is this mass? Did they tell you what it could be?

Is it worth a second opinion before going through a surgical procedure?

hartdawg said...

Scott i really wish you wouldn't go back to moderating but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm sick of the bickering. there are things i don't agree with, but if it were a problem id ask about it and if i still didn't agree id just drop it.
Re: today's say often (correctly) that tribulation events won't just happen but must be paved. well today's post is more than a small step if what's discussed happens. if the U.N. initiates this its more like stepping of a cliff than a small step.

Caver said...

Scott, the reason they won't stop is because you are producing fruit for the Lord.

They either have or are part of blogs that are dead. There's nobody posting over there...they're all here.

Its a multitude of them. They are pitching ...
Pre Wrath...mid Trib Rapture...stuff
Bll Sal__... or for short, call him BS... stuff...
Various musings and self teaching blogs...
False teachers stuff...

Most done for self glorification, gratification.

Your heart is pure, you are doing this for the Lord at great self sacrifices of your time and resources. They don't.

They are barren, naked branches....You are producing fruit and being blessed greatly.

They want yours.

The enemy wouldn't be using these people to constantly attack your fruit were it not good and bountiful.

Its that simple

Caver said... assured the Caver house is lifting you, your family, and your medical team up in prayer.

Scott said...

You're probably right Caver. Its kind of depressing really. It would seem that they could find better uses of their time.
Hart - it really is paving the road. I'm amazed that we are seeing as much progress as we are right now. In fact, I'd say the most surprising thing about prophecy (to me anyway) - is just how much progress we're seeing (towards the trib) on this side of the gathering up.

Dylan said...

Scott, your ministry here is amazing. I'm sure that there are many who don't comment who appreciate this blog. As Caver said, you are producing fruit and had I not found this blog, I'd probably one of those Christians we talk about who are blind as to what's happening in the world. Now, prophecy watching isn't necessary for salvation, but it's so amazing to see the signs every day. Anyways, don't let the "trolls" discourage your ministry. Even though sometimes it seems like there's more division than unity here, we all are a family and are waiting together. Don't let a few divisive comments discourage you.

And to the rest, we should encourage one another as we were commanded to in 1 Thessalonians 5:11. I truly believe that we are doing a good job as a whole.

God bless. Maranatha!

Scott said...

Thanks Dylan. What a blessing you are. Actually, I'm supremely stubborn and when people come here to create their mischief all it does is strengthen my determination and resolve. So if the efforts come from the 'other side' or, are done in attempts to dissuade - then they have no idea at all. If I have to moderate I will (not for now)....Its also interesting that on the day that I stated I would be out all day, Mato/Anon came on in full force. I had a feeling that would happen.

And - I'm STILL waiting for the answers to those basic questions that I posed. Funny thing - that 'side' has never once been able to answer those basic questions. In all these years - I've never had an answer to those basic questions. Food for thought.

Cary said...

Hello Scott...just wanted to put my two cents in and agree with Caver and Dylan...If you were not making an impact you would not see these things rising against you.

We appreciate so much what you are doing in these last of the last days. Will be there when He tells you...WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT...

I for one have been reading past them like they are not there.

WV...just got thru putting your name before His Throne...

Love to all my brothers and sisters


well...maybe more than two cents:}

Scott said...

Thanks :)
I didn't even bother reading that last series of posts either; I've seen them all read them all in the past. The funny thing is - they always get stuck on the more tangential scriptures and misinterpret those - all while ignoring the main, basic scriptures pointing to the pretrib proof. In fact, when I first began studying prophecy, (at a time when I really didn't have an opinion formed) - that is one of the first things that struck me - was the weakness in 'their' arguments and the sound, 'scientific' logic of the pretrib group and how they created 'rules' of the study based on past prophecies. AT the time, I was just beginning to learn the basic foundations of scientific research, and much to my surprise, the same fundamentals were being used by this pre-trib group. It was much more 'scientific' than the seemingly random views of the non, pre-trib group. But that was just the beginning. It wasn't long before I realized that the 'other side' could never answer the most basic, fundamental scriptures and they could never deal with all of them, in totality. Rather, they would cling to a couple of random scriptures and misinterpret those, making their entire case on 1-2 tangential scriptures.

Diane said...

Well, as for me, I know that the Lord has it all worked out perfectly regarding the Rapture, so I just don't feel the need to know everything about it or be convinced of my "rightness" about my views.
My main concern about this bickering is how I KNOW it will turn off seekers of the Truth.

"For I know Whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.2 Timothy 1:12b

I am scheduled to have surgery tomorrow, Wednesday , April 25th. This will take care of part of my problems. Prayers are much coveted and appreciated.

Thanks, Diane :)

Waterer said...

Hey Diane,

Praying for you and Wv and meemaw( sp?) .
In Him, because of HIS faithfulness.

Scott said...


You're just not going to let go are you? How perplexing and bizarre. Why are you so obsessed with this blog?

I promise, I will continue to delete your ramblings and attempts to divide and cause controversy. Can't you move on to some other site?

Do you not have a job or some other form of activity?

Scott said...

One more thing...I will be most happy to engage in this 'discussion' , but as I stated a week ago, you need t o answer my basic questions/scriptures first and then we can progress from there...For some odd reason, you refuse to do so.

Going Nuts Almond said...

For the attention of Dr. Scott Sykes ONLY

I am 100% PRE-MIL, PRE-TRIB using a LITERAL interpretation supported by men such as Arnold Fruchtenbaum ‘Footsteps of the Messiah’, Reynald Showers ‘The PreWrath Rapture View – an examination and critique’, Gerald Stanton ‘Kept From the Hour’, Dwight Pentecost ‘Things to Come’, John Walvoord ‘The Rapture Question’ and all the PRE-TRIB RESEARCH centre.

You didn’t bother to read again, did you!

I have done all to try and convince you that I am NOT who you call 'Mato/Anon'. Perplexing and bizarre is right on! If the discussion you refer to concerns midtrib or prewrath, I can assure you that I am well versed in the Biblical denial of both false claims and others. I am 100% PRE-TRIB and I know WHY I am 100% PRE-TRIB from Scripture (unlike the other claimants here). I was trying to help LA understand the Biblical facts that PRETRIB is the ONLY logical, systematic option and he/she was polite at all times with their Q.

Yes I do have work to do, lots of it, and I shall certainly be moving on to do it, as my folly was to think I could help another person here to understand from Scripture WHY the Rapture occurs BEFORE the seven years. (NOT 3 ½ years)
To underscore, Preterism, Midtrib, Prewrath, Postrib, Amill and Postmill are all utter tripe and none has a Biblical leg to stand on.
You may think I’m nuts, but your ‘hounds’ have at least acute paranoia, with signs of Psychosis! What they don’t have is mercy, grace or Godly discernment. As a result your blog has done me an injustice.

Goodbye to you Scott. Maranatha!

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but it seems to me like someone is playing games.
Funny how you can sense a tone, or a way that someone speaks or talks, even when the words are written.


Mrs.C said...

Yes indeed BAC, yes indeed...there have been pretty disgusting "games" going on for quite sometime least 1/2 a year!
No matter the MULTIPLE names used, or "anons" used, their words, behavior, tone ALWAYS betray them...most important, the Holy Spirit ALWAYS Witnesses to this and at times they have even mocked the Holy Spirit! Whew…not good…
God Bless!

Dutch Treat said...

Diane, I completely agree; and have quit worrying about all the little details. God's got this whole thing figured out. Will pray for you.

WVBORN56 said...

Diane lifting you up in prayer for your surgery. May the Lord protect you and use the surgeon to bring healing and relief. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I was kinda confused as to why the post was deleted as well, it was totally SUPPORTIVE of a pre trib rapture...I dont think people actually read it. No division at all, it was a long comment on SUPPORT of the PRE trib rapture. Im very confused as to what we are "allowed" to post on here and what we "shouldnt" post on here.


Caver said...

Almond, (and Lynn for clarity :))

It is possible your post were innocent, that you just got caught in the snare. If so, then I'm sure a major reason you were implicated is me. If so, then please forgive me.

But, the flip side....

This is the exact scenario that whoever this is uses. They get a "friend" to come on and engage acts like the Pre Tribber and through "apparent" innocent questions and answered Mato or the name favorite of the day is afforded the soap box to spout their "stuff" on the blog.

The result is the same....discussion is taken away from the prophecy topic Scott posted for the day.

That is the argument....Scott set up and maintains a prophecy watching/discussion blog. He has stated many times that is what he wants to keep it....narrowly focused on that.

As a result, I believe he and, in turn, we have been blessed with the best on the planet. Through his hard work and sacrifice, we are kept more up to date than any single other site I know of. That is where he wants the boundaries...not discussing theology, false teaching, pre / mid / post trib.

Fir over 6 months now, others have been determined to force the topic away from Scott's postings and toward their "topic of the day". We can get that any number of other places.

I hope this provides some clarification at the frustration and ever growing harsh responses you are seeing. The tolerance level has pegged out.

Scott said...

I may have accidentally deleted a comment - if so, I apologize. When going through the "boxes"for deletion, sometimes a post can get easily deleted in the middle of posts that should be deleted.

I could have easily made a mistake there (not my first, believe me) - I have been really really busy lately and was in a hurry. I feel very bad if I indeed deleted good posts by accident and I'm truly sorry if that is the case.

Not sure what I can add to this - other than, I should be more careful in the future when deleting posts.

I take full blame and full responsibility and again, my sincere apology if I deleted posts inappropriately (which seems to be the case here)


Mrs.C said...

Interesting...why be SO upset that your study "posts" to mato/anon were deleted? when previously (4 days ago) its very apparent that you KNEW mato/anon was questionable to yourself and Scott, and stated it was ok for Scott to delete them? Your and mato/anon's posts get deleted off yet another comment section, this time this one, and you then lash out at Scott for doing so? Is this YOUR blog? Nope…is this about you, and your “knowledge”…nope…this is about Brothers and Sisters Watching together, learning and studying His Prophetic Word together…ALL of us no greater than another…ALL of us falling short of the Glory of God!

Almond said - "This is only the roots, and I apologise to Scott if this adds to conflict but I could see what last anon was asking but was misunderstood I feel. Sorry, sorry if you have to delete this, thats okay I get it – I think? "
April 19, 2012 12:08 PM

BTW nice list of "books" by "men", There was curiously something missing though from your book list. THE BIBLE and how bout the HOLY SPIRIT!...
Quote - ” I am 100% PRE-TRIB and I know WHY I am 100% PRE-TRIB from Scripture (unlike the other claimants here).”
Really? “unlike the other claimants here”.
Whew…pure arrogance…

Time for dinner…ruff…ruff…yes indeed time for this Rottweiler…ur or am I a now a “hound” as you have said both…either way, time to have my kibble…

Dave Down Under said...

Scott, you can appologise all you want, but at the end of the day if these lovely people didn't put up their mischievous nonsense you wouldn't have to go out of your way and make mistakes in deleting the good post's. Only the angels can seperate the wheat from the tares, not Scott. Lol

Scott said...

I know what you mean - I was having similar thoughts:)

Going Nuts Almond said...

Now Mrs C, you know full well that you lurched aggressively at my jugular making false claim after false claim that I was saying what I wasn’t saying, while insisting I was someone I wasn’t, because you Mrs C, had obviously NOT read my comments. But of course by divination you knew what my words said without reading them, after all, you also claim it was The Holy Spirit that was telling you what I was writing. No way would the Holy Spirit make that error! Christianity? No, that is mysticism with another spirit in control.
By the way, detective work is not your forte, you make a fool of yourself attempting to put paltry ‘clues’ into disorder. You are a fraudulent twister of words and honest intentions looking for anything you can puff up into a whirlwind of trouble.

I used the words BIBLICAL & SCRIPTURES which, fyi, are an acknowledgment to the Bible. I also mentioned The Holy Spirit in those posts you encouraged Scott to delete – yes and he foolishly took your word for it, so deleting them at your twisted advice. He repeated your very words at me, so there was no mistake, as both sets of comments were unread but deemed garbage by MrsC the Mystic, and you were going to have your embittered own way by fair means or by foul.

Ruf, ruf? No Hounds like you snarl while showing spiteful teeth. Other ‘claimants’, oh yes Mrs C, its YOU who have said that you take no interest in understanding about the Tribulation. Without that knowledge you cannot know from interpreting Scripture with Scripture WHY you claim to be Pretrib. So in that case you have never had the blessing promised for reading and understanding The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Which no doubt is why you are terrorised by other views who drop by and expose your Scriptural ignorance on these subjects.

It has been no pleasure meeting you.


Paul on the Pacific said...

I am glad to see a lot of new names of people that have been following this blog for quite a while that have some good comments pointing out the good side on both sides of these issues because every one has differing opinions on what they are reading and how they understand and misunderstand what has been posted.
I am pretty positive that what we are seeing is a lot of hurt feelings and extremely defensive and offensive comments that are mostly based on skim reading and a lot of misinterpretations of what some posters were trying to say. This is not counting the few who causing problems.
There used to be a time when there was good in-depth discussions on any issue that popped up here and there were many able knowledgeable posters
who could quickly respond to any posts whether deliberate error or simple misconceptions in a proper Christian manner without rudely showing them the door and slamming it on their neck.
What I have been seeing starting about a year ago was an increasing tendency to run people off with unfounded cries that they were spreading fear, doubt and division to new believers and the lost.
I think this fear mongering has been a smoke screen to shut down different opinions.
This fallen attitude has been spreading to where now many here are primed and pre-prejudiced to view people suspiciously who are at different levels of understanding or with different POVs and treat them harshly with a whole list of crazy paranoid things like accusing them of hiding behind anon, hiding behind their posted name, hiding behind a computer keyboard, asking them to post their personal private phone number and others want to ignore them or tell them to go away.

In Mato's case I read his disjointed and sometimes very confusing statements and verses that he gives and I have to slow down and reread it to try to see where he is going and if he is making any sense.
I believe he thinks in his own mind that his questions and restatements are logical answers to what he thinks the questions are.
He seems to be self taught and very confused on bible terms and concepts especially the 2000 year gap between the 69th and the 70th weeks of Daniel and the 7 year tribulation and when it gets confusing he resorts to a simplistic "very clear again no need to explain just believe."
I would be interested to know if he is following any book or teachings of anyone we have ever heard of.
I don't see that he has developed any level of structure for logical debate and I feel sorry for the way he has been treated here.

Going Nuts Almond said...

Mrs C (I can see why it is you hide your identity) as whoever it was that placed you, as a woman, in a position of Scriptural authority over men, are to blame for your irrational behaviour. This is what is STEALING Scots time, and is the direct cause of such unpleasantness while stoking up the fear, confusion and doubt you choose to lay at the door of others not to your liking.

Had you not written your bile and sour grapes, I would not have responded and given Scott and Caver the benefit of the doubt. YOU Mrs C, are Trouble with a Capitol ‘T’ so don’t disturb yourself, I will put as much distance as possible between you and me. I have seen you for the control freak you are, and it wont be long before others do as well. In fact I consider you have done a good job of letting yourself down with dishonest attacks, and so warning others to steer well clear of you.

Your manipulations and power play disgust me, and I don’t feel inclined to pretend otherwise.


Paul on the Pacific said...

Scott we love you and your ministry but I disagree with you that he is deliberately trying to disrupt and cause division.
I try to read everyones comments carefully so that I don't jump to conclusions because of all these constant shrill accusations and I am sure that I would have remembered if any of his posts had any inflammatory language that you say or any thing that smacked of an intent to inflame and divide.
If he said things when you were moderating I would not doubt what you say at all but during all the other times when you were not moderating there were only a few places where there was examples of "This comment has been removed by a blog administrator", but the accusations of being under attack were still being made all the time.
I know you are dedicated and spend a lot of your time to keep this blog at the very front edge of the news and may have skim over a lot of comments.
But I think you too may have gotten caught up in the hysteria and have been tainted a little with the suspicions and accusations that are being spread around by a clique that is close to you.
I would not expect you to divert your precious time to go back and check the content of old comments. there are probably others that could do that.
And sadly we have another example today of this continuing trail of bullying comments and we lose another person.
I hope prayerfully consider that you may need to make a hard decision to separate the interest of your ministry from your feelings for certain friends in your area and take a harder look at they say.
God bless you and your ministry Scott.

Scott said...

Hi Paul - thanks for stopping by and for your comments

As far as Mato is concerned - he kept repeating the same mantra over and over. It was the usual types of arguments (opposing the pretrib doctrine) over. I asked several times for him to engage me on the root scriptures and he continually refused to do so. I then requested that we have a robust discussion - but also requested that we do this sequentially, and offered a starting point with the various scriptures that many of us are familiar with

He refused to do so, thus, when he continued to produce the same mantras over and over, while ignoring my requests, I (as I told him in advance) refused to continue to allow his repeating mantras.

As far as the other posts in question (most recent) - I made a mistake in deleting (at least I think itw as a mistake) - I was in a hurry and clicked too many boxes (its actually pretty easy to do).

As far as the perception of paranoia, I'm not really paranoid by nature. There was an individual who was posting as a variety of different people, including "anon" - (its easy to detect) and the individual came here periodically, to create divisiveness. He/she pops up periodically and it seems to be some kind of weird game with the individual. This actually does happen and it is worth watching for.

Almond - I believe its inappropriate to accuse someone of being aggressive - all while being aggressive yourself. Model the behavior that you want to see - its not a good idea to be aggressive and your harshness isn't an effective way to fight against harshness -- if that makes any sense.

WVBORN56 said...

Titus 2:13-14 "While we wait for the blessed hope,the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, 14 who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good."

Are we all doing what is good? We should be laying up for ourselves treasures in heaven. Let's all finish the race strong. We all will have to give and account for things done while in the body.


Scott said...

WV - Thats a great place to end this comment thread - many thanks for those timely scriptures.

lounorm said...
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