Monday, April 2, 2012

Evening Update:

It is still somewhat surprising that the news cycle, as pertaining to prophetic related news, is now twice a day. For someone who has followed such news, this is a stunning development, as only a few years ago weekly updates would have been sufficient.

A magnitude-6.3 earthquake struck southern Mexico today in an area hard hit by a quake two weeks ago.

The jolt was felt in Mexico City, but there were no reports of injuries or major damage.

This summer’s Olympics will increase the already 'extreme risk' of a flu pandemic spreading in the UK, according to a new report.

Britain was ranked second only to Singapore for its vulnerability to the rapid spread of an influenza outbreak.

The UK is at such high risk because of its densely-packed cities, highly-mobile population and popularity as a global travel hub, analysts Maplecroft found.

The study said the London Olympics in July and August will increase the danger of flu spreading because an extra 5.3 million foreign tourists - many from countries where any pandemic is likely to emerge - are expected to visit Britain for the Games.

The capital is expected to see almost 800,000 additional people use public transport each day, which is an ideal breeding ground for viruses.

Maplecroft’s influenza pandemic risk index rates five countries at 'extreme' risk for the spread of the disease, with Singapore top, followed by the UK, South Korea, the Netherlands and Germany.

This might be a good time to brush up on Ezekiel 38-39 and review the alliances foretold:

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov issued a strong warning against a military attack on Iran Monday, April 2,, saying that a pre-emptive strike would violate international law. His comments, made during a visit to Armenia, stopped short of threatening (the US and/or Israel) of consequences. But they backed up and were in tune with the explicit threat from Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei last Thursday of strong Iranian resistance to foreign intervention in Syria and vow to defend Damascus as the “center of resistance against Israel.”

Western military observers link the two statements as representing an evolving Russian-Iranian front.

After their shared success in delivering Bashar Assad from the revolt against his regime, the two partners are preparing to fend off a potential strike against Tehran’s nuclear program as well as shore up Iran’s regional interests from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean.

Within its borders, America once provided an example to the world of what free markets and sound money can provide. But as Goyette painstaking points out, those days are over. Today’s America is but an aging bankrupt empire. Not so different than the last days of Rome. Its armies spread thin throughout the world. Its treasure wasted long ago, government finances are in shambles, and it can only pay its promises with money it creates from nowhere.

America is bankrupt, Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and the country’s financial situation worsens each day. The author points out that the Federal Reserve’s holdings of Treasury debt increased from $777 billion to $1.6 trillion in a year’s time. America owes more to its own central bank than it does China and Japan. This should be the very definition of a banana republic.


Anonymous said...

To go ahead and clarify some points that were brought up.
I was NOT referring to a record
on the dow, just a NEW HIGH since
the bottom in MARCH 2009.

Also, i am AWARE of the old dow high near 14,200...very AWARE of
that. And it was NOT April 2008, it was 11 OCT set the
record straight.

Also, WV, yes, that is true, the
rapture COULD occur soon, but
I would think that stocks will
CHANGE trend first, in fact,
i am CONVINCED they will before
that rapture hits........

why ????

Like I said, as long as it is this
market's destiny to GET BULLED, I
see no rapture hitting at all.
I do NOT know where top tick is,
why would I ?? But neither does
any one else....and i think you know that.

I can ONLY go by what I see when
i wake up and check the market.
AND SO FAR, the evidence is for
the bull. Believe me, it makes
ME SICK every AM I wake up and
we are at new highs again....
but i cannot change that and
neither can u or any one else.

We JUST have to be patient, it is
hard, but what else can u do ??

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Dear WV >>>>>

I do NOT mean to be nosy or NEALA
is we say in Hawaii, but i am wondering why u are so ANXIOUS
for this rapture to happen ??

Are you scared due to the upcoming
surgery ?? My sister is an RN, trust me, it's no big deal, they
take EVERY PRECAUTION before an
operation, ESPECIALLY heart surgery.

I think you will be fine, I doubt
you will DIE on the (O.R.) should not worry
about it...........

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Fukushima Japan said...

The Radiation Warnings You Won't Get from the Mainstream Propaganda Machine

The prophecy must be fulfilled said...

Signs That America Will Soon Be A Nation With A Very Tiny Elite And The Rest Of Us Will Be Poor

WVBORN56 said...

Stephen I have been anxious for the rapture for years well before this surgery. While not looking forward to the operation I do have great peace that I am in the Fathers hands and care. In fact I live a blessed life. I have a wonderful family, loving wife of 32 years, a great church family and a very successful business but all that pales to seeing my saviour face to face. Simply put this is not my home and I have longed for a long time to go home! I am not running from anything but running to something of far greater value. :)

Diane said...

Well said, WV, well said :) My sentiments exactly !

1 John 3

1 See what great love the
Father has lavished on us,
that we should be called
children of God!
And that is what we are!
The reason the world does
not know us is that it
did not know Him.

2 Dear friends, now we are
children of God, and what
we will be has not yet been
made known.
But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like
Him, for we shall see Him as
He is.

3 All who have this hope
in Him purify themselves,
just as He is pure.


WVBORN56 said...

Thanks Diane, God Bless, yes indeed, "But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like