Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Iran Rides High On Nuclear Concessions"

This article comes from Debka and the reality is haunting for a variety of reasons:

Praise for the Iranian negotiating team’s “achievements” at Istanbul along with a demand to end sanctions highlighted the sermon delivered on April 20 by the powerful provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, who is also Chairman of the Guardian Council and Imam of Tehran.

Since the western side had officially accepted “Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear enrichment,” he said, the talks with the six world powers were a success for Iran. However, “if Western hostility continues by the stretch of sanctions and pressures, Iran will leave the negotiating table,” Ayatollah Jannati warned.

Iranian sources say that Tehran is making no secret of its substantial gains on the diplomatic front or its tactics. The US framework proposals submitted in secret, direct talks with Iran, although not yet finalized, are being treated in Tehran as a done deal.

Iran is therefore hailing US offers to acknowledge its right to enrich uranium and relieve Iran’s nuclear program of international inspection as concessions already in the bag.

Sensing they are on a winning streak against the West, Tehran is now pushing for the lifting of Western sanctions, “to gain the trust of the Iranian people.” European sources calculate that the Obama administration will soon decide to lift sanctions in stages.

The unfinished, unsigned US-Iranian deal is gaining traction as a done deal in America too.

Friday, April 20, the military historian Prof. Frederick W. Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute, published an article under the heading “P5 plus 1 Ceding Red Lines in Iran Nuclear Talks.”

In his public address on the eve of the Day of the Holocaust and Remembrance, Wednesday, April 18, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said bluntly: “I will not hold back from telling the truth [about the Iranian nuclear threat] at the UN, in Washington and in Jerusalem.”

But his words fell on deaf ears in Israel, where people have become inured to his highflown talk and by now wonder if it will ever lead to action.

Also see:

The recent YouTube video showing Lt.- Col. Shalom Eisner, deputy commander of the Beka’a Brigade, striking an aggressive ISM foreign national in the mouth with the clip of his rifle, has made waves all over the world. As usual, as in the Mohammed al-Dura incident, the pictures, taken out of context and played without explanation, are hard to for those who love Israel to combat. After all, no one wants to attempt to justify the killing of a child (even though in the al-Dura case, it was staged and completely false) or the violent attack on a handsome blond Danish “peace activist.”

Left out of the 60-second video, of course, are the two hours of physical attacks and provocations which preceded the event.

But then, to his surprise, the 60 activists were suddenly joined by two busloads of ISM members who attempted to block Road 90, a major artery filled with holidaymakers heading towards the popular nature trails in the northern part of the country. At that point, protesters began attacking soldiers, leaving Eisner with a broken finger and injuries that required a cast on his hand. Taken by surprise, he used his weapon to deflect the attack. The ISM members, Eisner said: “risked my life and the lives of many others.” Still, the officer, highly regarded for his integrity, morality and professionalism by his fellow soldiers, admitted: “I should not have flung my weapon like that.”

Unfortunately, 60 seconds is all the “flytilla” organizers needed to turn their failed propaganda stunt into another highly viewed media event blackening the face of Israel.

When I first looked into this, what interested me was who these young people are who are willing to drop everything, hop onto a plane and fly to a country they have no connection with to attack IDF soldiers and risk Israeli lives on the roads. After all, they looked normal, like young people everywhere, filled with the same eager idealism that fuels the Occupy Wall Streeters and DCers, and Arab Springers. What is it that motivates them? What are they trying to accomplish? And so I did a little check on the organizers of the “Welcome to Palestine Campaign.”

However, according to the Anti-Defamation League, Al-Awda – The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, is actually a grassroots organization that opposes Israel’s right to exist, is responsible for coordinating numerous rallies, demonstrations and events to condemn Israel and its policies.

The village of Beit Sahour, known for harboring dozens of Bethlehem-area gunmen, including senior Hamas, Tanzim, and Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorists, was infamously involved in the violent siege of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002, imprisoning 49 clergy and 45 unarmed civilians.

In 2011, a terrorist cell was discovered in the village and its members put on trial for attempted murder, production of weapons and weapons trade, military training, throwing Molotov cocktails, attacking a Border Police vehicle... shall I go on, oh peaceful activists? OF COURSE, the part played by these organizations in the Welcome to Palestine provocation is minor compared to that of the International Solidarity Movement. So brush your golden locks out of your ears and eyes, Mr.

starry-eyed Danish ISM activist, and listen up.

But people won’t compare and contrast, will they? It’s hard to fight successful and clever propaganda. World history is filled with the sad evidence of young, educated, idealistic people who sided passionately with Hitler and Stalin, Mao and Che. There is no end to dupes, dummies and useful idiots who support terror and war in the name of peace and freedom. No end. Too bad in the heat of the moment Eisner wound up allowing himself to become a propaganda tool, used to convince the gullible and ignorant all over the world, and unfortunately in the Israeli leadership itself, that the provocateurs were the victims.

Instead of cowering and bending under the onslaught of bad publicity, it would have been refreshing to see someone in our government standing up to shield our soldier, instead of flinging rocks and mud at his good name along with our enemies.

With regard to the first article posted above, one must always remember the scriptures found in Genesis 12:3, as God directly addressed those actively work against Israel:

"I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse"

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