Friday, April 6, 2012

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For the first article, get a map out and take a look at the location of Georgia. Then take a look at Ezekiel 38-39 and see where the invasion of Israel will originate (hint: 'far north'). In other words, the land of MaGog will need a corridor from which to lead the epic invasion of Israel and it now appears that such a corridor is being formed. This article (which is worth reading in full) also gives some interesting insight into Russia's plans.

Russian Defense Ministry sources told the semiofficial news agency Interfax that action plans are being finalized to react to an armed conflict involving Iran and its nuclear program. The General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces “calculates” that military action against Iran will commence “in the summer” of 2012. Since Israel does not have sufficient assets to defeat Iranian defenses, the Russian military considers US military involvement inevitable (Interfax, March 30).

Bits of information have been appearing, indicating the essence of Russian military action. Last December it was disclosed that families of servicemen from the Russian base in Armenia have been evacuated to Russia, while the troops have been moved from the capital, Yerevan, north to Gumri – closer to the borders of Georgia and Turkey. The preparation of Russian forces in Armenia for action in the event of military conflict with Iran began “two years ago” (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, December 15).

After the short Russo-Georgian war in August 2008, break-away provinces Abkhazia and South Ossetia were occupied by Russian troops.

According to Lt. General (retired) Yury Netkachev – former deputy commander of Russian forces in Transcaucasia – “Possibly, it will be necessary to use military means to breach the Georgian transport blockade and establish transport corridors, leading into Armenia (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, December 15). The geography of the region implies that any such “corridor” may go through the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

By one swift military strike Russia may ensure control of all the Caucasus and the Caspian states that were its former realm, establishing a fiat accompli the West, too preoccupied with Iran, would not reverse. At the same time, a small victorious war would unite the Russian nation behind the Kremlin, allowing it to crush the remnants of the prodemocracy movement “for fair elections.” And as a final bonus, Russia’s military action could perhaps finally destroy the Saakashvili regime.

An alarming part of the officials' assessments focuses on the apparent surveillance missions that Iranian diplomats and possible Hezbollah operatives have been seen conducting at sensitive targets such as New York subways and bridges, and at nuclear power plants and tunnels elsewhere in the United States in the past 10 years.

The renewed focus on Hezbollah - which U.S. counter-terrorism officials regard as the most potent and disciplined of Islamic militant groups, even more so than al Qaeda - comes amid a growing confrontation over Iran's nuclear program.

An Israeli or U.S. strike on Iran's nuclear sites could prompt Hezbollah to change strategy, moving from surveillance and fund-raising in North America to launching retaliatory attacks on either country, several U.S. officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss security matters.

In an ideal world, President Obama would far rather postpone the festering issue of Iran’s nuclear programme until well after the conclusion of this year’s presidential contest. Unfortunately, Mr Obama is not going to be afforded this luxury, unless there is a radical change in the way Iran approaches the deepening global crisis over its nuclear ambitions.

The only reason we have not, in recent days, woken up to discover that Israeli warplanes have launched a devastating series of bombing raids against Iran’s nuclear facilities is because of the personal appeal Mr Obama made to the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, when he visited the White House last month.

It was only a few weeks ago, after all, when Israeli sabre-rattling was reaching fever pitch over deepening concern in Jerusalem that Iran was starting to transfer key components of its nuclear programme to its new underground facility at Fordow, on the outskirts of the holy city of Qom. The Fordow complex is built deep beneath a range of mountains, offering protection against even the most sophisticated bunker-buster bombs.

But Mr Obama’s ability to hold off Israel’s dogs of war depends to a large extent on whether the recent round of UN sanctions on Iran has a salutary effect on the ayatollahs, and persuades them to demonstrate that they are serious about resuming talks. The omens are not looking good.

Nor is there any suggestion that Tehran is serious about reviving negotiations – due to start on April 14 – with the West over the future of its nuclear programme.

All this spells some coming bad news for Mr Obama. If, by the end of the summer, there is no significant change in Iran’s position, then the clamour for military action will start all over again. Israeli officials have already identified September as the best month to launch air strikes, when weather conditions in the Middle East are most conducive to a successful attack. And if that happens, Mr Obama could find himself campaigning for re-election in the midst of the war he has sought desperately to avoid.

Global food prices rose in March for a third straight month with more hikes to come, the UN’s food agency said on Thursday, adding to fears of hunger and a new wave of social unrest in poor countries.

Record high prices for staple foods last year were one of the main factors that contributed to the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as bread riots in other parts of the world.

“The food crisis has not gone away since then,” said Emilia Casella, spokeswoman for the UN’s World Food Programme. “Prices are a big concern and have remained a large reason why people are food insecure.”

“We will be 7.2 billion people on earth in 2015, and more than one million have died from starvation in 2011. The situation will not improve, and in fact the contrary will happen,” Pierre Reuland, Interpol’s special representative to the European Union, told a meeting of European security officials in January. “For poor people the struggle for life will not be better than it is today.”

A 17 year old Coptic Christian boy, Gamal Massoud, was sentenced yesterday (Wednesday, 4/4/12) to a three year prison term for allegedly publishing cartoons on his Facebook page that lampooned the Muslim creed, and its prophet.

The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) reported (on January 18, 2012) the circumstances surrounding the initial allegations against Massoud, and his resultant apprehension. Massoud, a resident of the village of Bahig and Adr in Assuit province,

...was assaulted by his fellow students after the school social worker had printed and hung on a wall a web page from Facebook with the photo of Gamal and a drawing which Muslims regarded as that of their prophet. Although he denied the charge, violence and protests broke out in three villages. Muslims from the surrounding villages protested for two days. They torched his home, together with four other homes of friends and relatives.

Gamal Massoud was detained and put on trial. The following statement on the judgment was issued yesterday, 4/4/12, by a children's court in Egypt, as reported by Reuters:

Assiut child's court ordered the jailing of Gamal Abdou Massoud ... for three years after he insulted Islam and published and distributed pictures that insulted Islam and its Prophet

This draconian punishment may foreshadow even stricter-including lethal-punishment for the "crime" of blasphemy should Egypt fully retrogress and re-institute the Sharia, unalloyed by non-Muslim legal principles, as recently supported by Muslim Brotherhood Presidential candidate, Dr. Khairat Al-Shater.

And then in 1998 a cooling cycle set in. It was hard to hide because the weather satellite data was indisputable, but try to hide it they did. Even then, however, there was a handful of outspoken meteorologists and climatologists who were trying hard to get out the message that the perfectly natural warming cycle was over and had been replaced, thanks to—guess what?—a lower output of solar radiation by the SUN.

In 2009, the release of a huge cache of emails between the IPCC global warming perpetrators instantly became known as “Climategate” as the world learned that it was all a scam, a hoax, a fraud based on deliberately falsified computer models, and force fed to the public.

Those who use global warming, i.e., the assertion that carbon dioxide emissions should be restricted and controlled, are the true enemies of progress, of freedom, and of humanity.

In the twentieth century intellectuals foisted Communism on the world, thus ensuring that millions of Russians, Chinese, Cambodians and others would be killed for their dissent. Intellectuals are always the first to embrace every dictator and to excuse their methods.

In Europe and here in America all their schemes to replace the real production of electricity with solar panels and wind turbines are being rejected. Their plans for herding populations into cities and onto mass transit meet with resistance. Parents are objecting to their eco-curricula in schools. Al Gore has become a joke.

Consider this, if they were in charge, anyone who voiced dissent from their global warming-climate change lies would be in concentration camps, undergoing “re-education”, being “treated” with mind-altering drugs, or dead.


Anonymous said...

In the telegraph article, the first paragraph predicts an attack in September. There's that month mentioned again. Last year September was an important month in prophecy. Looks like it might be an important month again

Ally said...

Wowsa! Lots of stuff for Good Friday. Im still rather baffled as to why Bibi didnt strike while he could have been successful and the big guys werent ready. Now, for sure, russia ia ready! And waiting. And hoping beyond all hope for a reason to attack the usa! Lets see, both they and china have massively equipped and continue to raise both weapon production and defense spending. Russia is racing to get their nuclear bomb shelters finishef in moscow. Oh, and we have worn our military out and chopped defense spending and are trying to ditch our nukes. Oh and we are still in afghanastan. Remember, thats rhe straw that broke the camels back for the soviet union!
So just looking at facts not speculation, eeeeek!
Now throw in some speculation, albert pikes letter back in the 1800's, presidents usually remain in power during wartime, the ndaa, a few things off obummers desk in the last year or so, fema camps, the dhs massive bullet purchases. Id go on, but you know people dont want to think nowadays!
Unfortunately, I think a lot :(
however, I am not in charge! Of any of the above! The Lord himself is! And fortunately, I have the Blood of the Pashcal Lamb on my door post! Boy, is this Passover important! Ya think?
This time next year the world is going to be mighty different, Im thinking! Seems like everybody is ready, except for the general public!
Love you guys! Maranatha and Shalom!

WVBORN56 said...

Yes Ally, I scanned over the folks working in McDonalds yesterday while picking up some breakfast and thought the same thing. How many are saved? The lost have no idea what is coming. There are many "good" people I am sure who will face the wrath of God during the tribulation.

We can only pray that they turn to Christ and refuse the mark of the beast. It is heart breaking that many refuse the love of Christ and still others are just clueless as to what is just ahead. We can rest assured God loves them far more than we could ever hope to. Many will come to a saving faith based on God's Word in Revelation. Maybe we can pray a few more in before our departure. "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective"

Thank you Jesus for going to the cross on my behalf. You paid my sin debt that I could never pay by my own good works. You paid it all! I am debt free and my ticket to heaven has been paid in full.

Scott said...

A resounding AMEN WV - to that last paragraph - thanks for that

Jill said...

thanks so much for your prayers, i am home recovering with a new hip. here is a video i made on my trip to israel in november, a day i spent by myself at the garden tomb and the western wall. can't wait to see you all there someday soon:)

Anonymous said...

amen to that wv.
the time is short, take advantage of each passing day to spread the gospel of Christ.

in christ,

Scott said...

Thanks, I can't wait to see that video!

Mrs.C said...

His Sister Jill, :)
Thank you so much for sharing your video! It was beautiful!
So thankful that Prayers are answered, and your doing well!
God Bless!

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother Scott, :)
Just thought I would share this video from Zola Levitt. Its called “The Coming Invasion” and is part of his series he did called “Signs of the End- Roadmap to Armageddon”. Zola shot this on location at one of the bridges he tactically believes will be used by the invading Gog forces. Wow, its amazing to look at, and see the maps he shows too. The first time I saw it, I was amazed, talk about making it real. I thought, WOW, that is actually one of the bridges that the Gog forces may use! It was made around the time of the "road map to peace" stuff, and therefore Zolas comments reflect that. Its from the archives, and you have to down load the free version of Real Player if you dont have it.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Well, the unemployment report came out and there was a NEGATIVE reaction to it. And yet, social
mood rules, NOT the report itself like mentioned earlier.

Futures WERE OPEN BUT stocks regular session is closed due
to Good FRI......

DOW down 120 on the futures.

I got the recent EWI report.

They are VERY BEARISH as usual.

But there was a good article in the Atlantic magazine mentioning
Mr. Bernanke as a HERO at the FED ?? really ??

Robin and Caver please note....

It appears that so MUCH POWER is
getting attributed to the FED
as a Hero or a God >>>>>>

what a JOKE !!!!

when social mood really falls apart
(and it will) the FED will be
scorned and scoffed at like NEVER

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Robin said...

You're not going to believe this! Obama has apparently sent a secret message to Iran that it's just hunky dory if they wish to build nukes!

Just when I thought he really couldn't do anything to shock me . . .he pulls something like this. I really would have expected him to begin moving toward the center. He's obviously very cocky about his chance to win reelection this fall. Only God knows just what he has in store for us . . .PRAY

Robin said...

Stephen, you're right about Social mood ruling the day. Mood is the ONLY thing the Fed has in its favor . . .when that TOO falters, there won't be any holding back the tide.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody comment on this video:

Obama Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ


Robin said...

Anon, he apparently hasn't wisened up since he made those remarks. This is what he said just this past Wednesday :(

Caver said...

Sitting here...just contemplating....reflecting really.

This special day of remembrance is over...about two thousand years ago, in a land many miles away, a land that ceased to exist on maps, and has since our lifetime.

In that that time...our Savior had completed the painful part of His journey for us...He had suffered like few men in history...willingly...for us. At any moment He could have said "I'm out of here", but He didn't. At any moment He could have called legions of angles from On High, to destroy His tormentors...but He didn't. They were part of who He was doing this for.

He was beaten until deformity, His beard was pulled from the roots, He crown of thorns was made, deliberately too small, so sticks had to be used to push it down...and into...his head. He was lashed with barbs that tore the flesh from the body....beaten so bad a normal man would have died from just that.

Still He stayed.

Then He was made to carry His own cross...a heavy cross had He been a healthy the place of His calcification. There it happened...3 metal spikes through flesh and muscle, supporting His weight, hanging so He could barely breath...suffering, bleeding, being mocked until all prophecy was fulfilled...until our sins were atoned, our salvation bought and paid for. Ours...not His.

Then He died.

Almost 2000 years lay in that tomb that couldn't hold Him.

His suffering was over, a big red "Paid in Full" stamped on our sin debt. Right now, this a land that was, then wasn't, and is now again...His journey toward ascension into Heaven to be our intercessor was oh so heavy a price.

What a truly humbling, humbling thought.

Scott said...

Mrs C - thanks so much - Zola was always one of my favorites - looking forward to seeing that one most definitely.

Caver - thanks for that as well. There was a book written years ago, I believe it was written by a pathologist who described in medical terms, exactly what Jesus endured as a result of the things you mentioned above. I'll see if I can find it and reference it.

Scott said...

Anon - thats a scary and haunting video. The misquoting of scripture in that way is disturbing at best.

Scott said...

Mrs C - I do have the video capability - watching this now - what a treasure this video is

GG said...

Hi Mr. C-

Yes,Yes,Yes..thank you for the reflections of Jesus' suffering on the cross for our sins. I have been blessed most of this week with teachings on the radio of such details regarding the condition of his body while on the cross. How can our present day sufferings even compare.

Scott- I would love to receive that link or reference if you find it. I took advantage of a service today, which normally I don't attend the Friday services. I couldn't stop getting choked up as I stared at the big beautiful cross on our stage. I felt the need to really focus on Jesus today of all days. We know on this day at that time he was on the cross for us. Simply beyond comprehension at times.

Happy Easter Dear Brothers and Sisters!

God Bless!!


Dylan said...

Thanks Mrs. C for that. Happy good Friday everyone and happy Passover! We can celebrate it again tomorrow on the Feast of Unleavened Bread. :) Anyways, I was thinking, If the Pope retires, as rumours say he is going to, and a new pope is appointed, wouldn't that leave the RCC with 2 heads until Benedict died? Could the AC come from the papacy?

Dylam said...

Sorry, that was supposed to be "thanks for that Caver". My mistake

David Down Under said...

Dylan hows it going mate!
There are a few churches that believe the AC will come from the Papacy, and the reason is because of their influence in the dark ages in slaughtering millions of Christians over a period of 1260 years (sound familiar) from 538 BC to 1798 AD.

For me the crux of me believing the Papacy isn't the antiChrist is the the women who gives birth to the man child. Some churches believe, along with most of the reformers, that the women represents the church which gave birth to Jesus Christ out of persecution. Because the church suffered at the hands of the Papacy over the 1260 yrs and was driven into the wilderness they can be forgiven for believing that the Papacy, which was the persecuting power at the time, could be the Antichrist.

I personally believe the women to be Israel for the reason that Israel gave birth to Jesus Christ not the church. The other thing is Israel is now in existence and opens the way for Romans 9-11 to be fulfilled along with the Ezekiel 38 wars of which are sadly symbolized by these churches.

In my opinion it's hard to ignore the signs around us, most of all the existence of Israel of which I believe to be the deciding factor in helping a person to know what to believe. It's a fascinating study Dylan and if you are willing to put some time into looking into what other denominations believe you will understand why they believe what they believe. A warning though, you must be secure in what you believe otherwise you will end up confused.

God bless mate
Dave Down Under

Dylan said...

Thanks Dave. Ik that Rome is Babylon the Great and that it'll fall at it's appointed time. I really never thought of thr AC coming from the papacy before today. The RCC is Babylon, right? If the Pope retires and a new Pope is appointed, then there'll be 2 living popes, making the RCC a 2 headed beast, so to speak. It's just speculation, and the 2 headed beast may or may not be the vatican. It was just a thought that occurred to me today which I thought I'd ask your opinions on. Again, thanks Dave. And Jill, glad to hear that you're recovering well from your hip replacement.

Anonymous said...

But of course scripture does speak
of a second beast, a false prophet,
and STATES CLEARLY, "two horns of a
lamb and SPEAKS like a dragon"....

so, Dylan, you MAY be right, OR maybe
Peter the Roman will have an assistant that has NOTHING to do
with Pope Benedict. I would think
if a POPE is retired, that's it
for THAT particular pope...

as far as the AC, I am CONVINCED
that is from the UFM, no question
about it, i could be wrong, but we will see.

UFM secretariat has 7 heads of state for more info....ok ??

Hal Lindsey has ALREADY told us about the 10 kings, so to speak, that were established as "the ten" back on 01 JUL 2011....

so it is all coming together...

and the ticking clock in Indonesia,
very very haunting really....
with the image of Jesus crying...
I am starting to think that rapture
will set OFF 83 Psalm/17 19 Isaiah

AGAIN, I could be wrong, BUT STOCKS
are VERY HIGH, there are TONS OF
BULLS, and the STAGE is set for
a real BLACK SWAN EVENT >>>>>>

THAT is what scares me >>>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

sorry, the URL should read .org....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

end time prophecy is a study of what had God declared from the beginning.
1. there will be emnity between the seed of the woman and the serpent. ( end time seed, woman, serpent)
2. the emnity between brothers :ishmael vs Isaac, Israel vs Esau; (end times Israel vs ishmael-esau (Islam))
3. The promised land (the new jerusalem)
4. Its all about the land of Israel and its people. we gentiles are so blessed that we were grafted into that tree. as paul said"boast not against the branches"
5. as God declared himself to Israel so at the end, Israel will call to God.
Luk 13:35Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.
just a thought.


bandungborn (BB) said...

Scott - this probably isn't the book you were talking about but here is a link to an article written by a doctor describing the physical brutality and trauma Jesus went through and how his body would have reacted.

Jill - I loved your video. So nice putting a face to the name :)

Happy Easter Everyone!

mary said...

Jill, loved your video.I found myself just glued to the screen.
I especially loved hearing the shofar in the background at the Western Wall. Thanks for sharing and I pray that you are recovering nicely. Happy Easter, my Christian brothers and sisters in "Christ"

GG said...

Hi Jill~

I am very grateful to see your wonderful experience through this video. It is beautiful! Such love from many around you as you filmed this. :)

I am glad you are home healing now and hope all is well for you in the days ahead.

God Bless!!


Scott said...

BB - The book I was referring to was mentioned in the first sentence of that link - It was "The Day Christ Died"
Anyway , many thanks for this link -