Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wars And Rumors Of War

Of course, first and foremost is the situation between Israel and Iran, and today is no different. The timing of this war game is also very interesting:

In a simulation war game featuring Israelis in senior positions, Israel loses 10 fighter jets in a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities and manages to set back the Iranian nuclear program by seven years. An angry President Barack Obama takes no steps against Israel but also refuses to intervene on its side.

The simulation was carried out with the participation of former Government Secretary Yisrael Maimon as a member of the "Octet" of trusted ministers and Home Front Minister; Iran expert Dr. Eldad Pardo as the Iranian regime; Maj. Gen. (ret.) Eitan Ben Eliyahu as a senior member of the Octet; Begin-Sadat Center Chairman Prof. Efraim Inbar as the Prime Minister; Dr. Mordechai Kedar as "the Palestinians," Hizbullah and the Arab countries; journalist Amit Segal as Israeli and world press; journalist Ofer Shelach as Preient Barack Obama and Makor Rishon journalist Amnon Lord as game administrator.

According to the game's premise, on October 14 and 15, four independent and reliable Mossad intelligence sources indicate that Iran has begun transferring its strategic nuclear equipment to underground sites in Qom. Military Intelligence, meanwhile, determines that Iran was ready to enrich weapons-grade uranium.

Iran sends 1,500 tanks toward the border with Iraq and instructs Hizbullah to fire missiles at Israel. It also launches a series of large scale terror actions and fires missiles from Lebanon and from its own territory at hi-tech targets in Herzliya, suceeding in destroying Intel's headquarters. A suicide bomber kills a large number of cadets in the IDF's hi-tech Talpiyot program. Low-level radiation is released in Tel Aviv by a "dirty bomb.

India plans this week to test-fire for the first time the longest-range missile in its arsenal, a weapon that would enable the South Asian nation’s military to target parts of northern China and eastern Europe.

The Agni V, with a range of more than 5,000 kilometers (3,107 miles) and the capacity to carry a nuclear warhead, may be launched from the eastern India state of Odisha as early as tomorrow, according to a government official.

“This missile is about neutralizing the threat coming from China,” said Uday Bhaskar, a former commodore in the Indian navy and now an analyst at the New Delhi-based National Maritime Foundation, a research group. “The tests are about trying to create equality with China rather than trying to outdo it.”

A successful test of the rocket would take India a step closer to becoming the sixth country known to deploy intercontinental ballistic missiles, those that can travel more than 5,500 kilometers. The five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council -- the U.S., China, Russia, the U.K. andFrance -- are the only other countries with that capability, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies based in London.

The test-firing of India’s missile comes at a time of rising international tension over North Korea’s recent failed test of a long-range rocket.

At least 67 people were killed in Syria on Tuesday, activists said, with the continued violence threatening the future of a United Nations observer mission overseeing a peace plan.

"There are many obstacles, and the Syrian government is not helping to ease them off, which delays the movement of the team to prepare the ground for the larger batch of observers to arrive in Syria," a western diplomat based in Syria told DPA, on condition of anonymity.

Representatives of the Syrian opposition meeting in Moscow said they were skeptical about the peace plan of UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan.

Under Annan's plan, Damascus was to withdraw its troops and heavy weapons from restive areas across Syria after a ceasefire and start a dialogue with the opposition.

Though the level of violence Syria has dropped since the truce took effect on April 12, government forces have continued shelling rebellious areas.
Also see:

The so-called "peace" activists who attempted to infiltrate Israel via Ben Gurion Airport on Sunday would likely identify with those of Israel's most emphatic critics who insist that despite their disdain for the Jewish state, they are not anti-Semitic.

But more often than not, the behavior of these individuals betrays their true disposition. That is what happened on Monday, when it was discovered that at least one of the flytilla activists who was detained at Ben Gurion had scrawled a Nazi swastika on the wall of a holding facility.

The enormously offensive and anti-Semitic graffiti was found by Israeli Immigration Authority officials following the deportation of two foreign activists, citizens of Spain and France, respectively.

"This was the gift the 'peace activists' left Israel," one Immigration Authority official told theYnet news portal.

A total of 79 foreign activists managed to reach Israel this week. Most were detained at the airport, handed a wry letter of "welcome" by Israel's Foreign Ministry, and then deported to their home countries. Hundreds more activists were planning to invade Israel, but were thwarted when the airlines suddenly cancelled their tickets.


Anonymous said...

Stocks are moving up again tonite.
It is 9:14 in Hawaii as I write this.

In actuality, it might be GOOD if
bulls manage to make a new high
above 13,297 since that would
PRODUCE numerous technical divergences (although there
have been many already).

Bulls are very very
be sure...and aggressive.

But the EWI model is still against
them. and the rally is getting
really old (ie....since 3/4 OCT
2011 on the current wave up)

3/4 MAY will be 7 months IF bulls
can push that far, which is
questionable now. EVER since
I have played this game, after
a CERTAIN time period I notice
that BULLS get really tired,
ie, out of money to continue
fighting gravity (remember
the roller coaster theory ?? )

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anne Mc. said...

I'm sorry Stephen, dear.
I don't have the faintest idea what the bears and bulls have to do with Bible prophecy!
We know the stock market will crash big time some day, but to keep watching it's ups and downs just make you dizzy.
Please to explain?

Dave Down Under said...

That's funny! sorry Stephen.