Thursday, April 19, 2012

Israel Remembers The Holocaust

Something that Israel can never forget and something the world should never forget:

Israel Remembers The Holocaust

Israel on Thursday was the scene of solemn silence and piercing cries as every man, woman and child remembered the Holocaust, the most devious and the most successful attempt in history to destroy the Jewish people.

No matter how many times one hears it, the emotions stirred by the nation-wide siren blast at 10 AM on the morning of Holocaust Victims and Heroes Remembrance Day never diminish. It is humbling, and heartbreaking, to realize that at that exact moment, six million fellow Israelis are all standing together in tear-inducing silence in honor of six million European Jews whose lives were mercilessly snuffed out.

In Auschwitz, Poland a group of hundreds of Israelis and Diaspora Jews, including 50 Israeli soldiers, marched through the preserved remains of the largest of the Nazi death camps, as a squad of Israeli F15s roared overhead, a symbol that despite the best efforts of history's most notorious villains, the people of Israel not only live, but are stronger than ever.

Back in Israel, the nation's leaders presided over memorial ceremonies, insisting that such an atrocity would never again befall the Jewish people so long as there was a Jewish state to defend them.

But in the back of everyone's minds is the growing concern that in less than a generation from now, the Holocaust will be redefined by Israel's antagonists, if not forgotten completely.

Already today, foes like Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Palestinian Authority's Mahmoud Abbas and British author David Irving deny that the Holocaust ever happened, or try to paint it as a Jewish conspiracy. It is difficult for these revisionists to gain much mindshare at present as there are still Holocaust survivors living among us. But what happens when the last of those poor souls to personally experience the Nazis' "Final Solution" is laid to rest?

When there are no more Holocaust survivors left, and one of the blackest chapters in human history is no longer a living memory, will any nation besides Israel continue to remember it for what it was? Will any nation besides Israel continue to believe that the spirit behind that horrific act of genocide remains active in the world today?


Anonymous said...

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Dave Down Under said...

Well, with time so close to Christ's coming to retrieve His church; those who have kept the faith and have been patiently waiting in Godly repentance. Who have been watching for the signs of the climax of time, the judgement and destruction of sin and the end of the spirit of the Antichrist who will soon be embodied into its destruction at the brightness of the coming Majesty from heaven; God the Son, Immanuel, risen Lord, Saviour, Son of man, crucified Christ, Messiah, Yahway, Lamb that was slain, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Its only right that the nation of Israel (who gave birth to Christ and who has been on the run ever since, but not so much to need to retreat into the desert), should remember from where they came and how far they have come in beating off the evils of their 'try hard' destroyers.

But they have failed to obliterate this tiny nation of the man Christ who was slain for the sins of these, the very people who seek His destruction. The love and the passion of the Jewish Messiah who was slain so His tormentors could live out HIS paradise in eternity and bask in His Glory forever more apart from the wiles of the destructive one; the angel of sin, father of lies, the one who has deceived the nations with his destructive heresies against the truths of Gods love letter, to a deaf human race.

But no Israel has survived, not by itself, but by Gods power who upholds all things by His might so that not one may fall whom has been given by God. Israel has stood as a testament to the unfinished work of God; yes it is there. This banner of truth, Gods first passion of condensed love shown to mankind has not gone unscathed in total destruction because it stands as an example of God's other passion, His Church! It too can never be destroyed, can never be obliterated. It will stand forever as the servant priests who will serve before Yahway in eternity to come. And why? Because of God almighty. The Spirit of truth who lives with man and brings the giftings of God and His love to His Chosen Church. The Spirit will bring the fullness of the gentiles into Christ's Kingdom so once again His condensed love can be displayed, so all creation may know that man chooses not for himself but only by the enlightening Spirit of God, who brings the dead back to life and changes hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.

Praise be to God for His love. You to may join and bypass my Judgement which is coming on all the world. I only write this in love, not to torment you but so all maybe saved and come to a knowledge of the truth which is found in only one name under heaven, in every season, culture and race; Jesus the Christ, saviour of YOU! If you will only accept and repent of your dead works.

Off my box

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dave Down Under...I once read a prophecy book that had a quote from a conversation the aurthor had with a man. It said something like this.."Why are you certain there is a God?" and the man's response was, "sir, the Jews"
That pretty much sums it up...Praise God, I hope He returns soon!

Dave Down Undet said...

Amen anon. The culmination of the times is drawing to fullness and completion as we see Israel returned to the world spot light and as we see the church taken out of way.

Woohoo praise God

Anonymous said...

And yet, where is the rapture ??

Sorry to be critical, but it seems
everyone on this site talks about
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Maybe people on this SITE need to face the reality that JESUS may NOT
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Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Stephen,no,He may not come back as soon as we want him to. A thousand years is as a day to our Lord...we just WANT Him to so bad, Im so tired of being here I just want to go home to be with our Lord!