Sunday, April 8, 2012

He Is Risen!

I realize, based on various communications, that many of you (for a variety of reasons) cannot make it to church, so the messages below can fill that void today. Below are parts one and two of an excellent Easter message as delivered by David Jeremiah:

Additionally, below is a link to a brief, written message from Billy Graham which is definitely worth reading:

This article really should be read in its entirety. Below are just a few sample quotes:

The greatest news that has ever flashed from heaven to earth is that Christ the Lord is risen. The angel at the tomb delivered the most important message ever to fall on the ears of mankind: "He is not here: for he is risen" (Matthew 28:6, KJV). The power of those words changed the course of history, brought hope to a hopeless world, and gave believers a purpose and a power that they had never known before.

Third, the power of the Resurrection gives us hope. Many years ago, a submarine sank off the coast of Massachusetts. As soon as possible, divers descended to the disabled ship, endeavoring to find signs of life. One diver heard a gentle tapping. Listening intently, he recognized the dots and dashes of the Morse code. This was the message: "Is there hope?"

Is there hope? That is the constant cry of humanity, and Easter is the answer to that cry. The New Testament is the textbook of hope. That word occurs again and again after Christ was risen from the dead. It was the Resurrection of Jesus Christ that set off a chain reaction of hope around the world. And Christian hope is the one lone ray of light on the foreboding clouds of despair that canopy our world.

On the purely human level, there is little hope in the world. International tensions become more complex and increasingly insoluble with each passing day. Crime, immorality and lawlessness seem to be worsening daily. In the battle for the minds and hearts of the world's peoples, wrong seems to be winning, and right seems to be losing. But the Scripture says, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead" (1 Peter 1:3, KJV).

We have misplaced our faith. We have put our faith in weapons, machines, stocks and bonds, pleasures and thrills. Our intellectual life and our educational system are in trouble because we have left God out; we have left the Ten Commandments out; we have left the Sermon on the Mount out. And now we are reaping the tragic results.

But there is hope in the Easter message today. There is hope for all in Christ today. There is hope beyond the grave, because the same power that raised Christ from the dead will also raise those who confess Him. Death becomes only a veil, only a river to cross. On the other side is heaven, home and Christ.

I do not know what people without Christ do. They must have utter hopelessness. There just is no hope without Christ.

Today humanity is facing a decision. Each person individually is faced with a decision. Easter, with its message of Resurrection power, brings you face to face with the living Christ. You have to make a choice. Will you choose to accept Christ and the life that He alone can give you? Or will you choose to reject Him and be lost for all eternity?





Caver said...

Scott, thank you Brother. Thank you.

We got the sunrise service this morning but there was your links to Dr. David Jeremiah...his Easter message. Just wow! What a blessing.

Thank you for that.

Thank You Father, for Your plan and for Your Son.

Thank You Jesus, for Your love and sacrifice...and more than my words or life can ever describe...


Cary said...

Hi Scot! I am one of those who watches Dr. Jeremiah. I cannot find a church that actually teaches exactly what the bible says.

And I know more about bible prophecy than they do! That came from reading and watching Pastors such as David Jeremiah, Hal Lindsey, John Hagee and Ed Hindson.

My church has gotten into things that frankly disturb me. I quit going when on Resurrection Sunday they had a man in a LOIN cloth walking thru the church on the way to a cross...

I will tell you this ... YOU are a blessing. There have been several instances of reading your site that I was able to walk thru this world one more day......

Much love to you my brother,

GG said...

Hi Scott~

Thank you for thinking of those who can not attend service today. I am a watcher of his sermons. Thank you for going beyond what a blog may provide daily and giving soul food to the flock. Have a blessed day everyone.

God Bless you brother!


Cary said...

I just read my own comment and found that I sounded angry. And probably at some level I am. Outside of my family I am beginning to think I am absolutely along in my faith...that is, until I go on line. The last refuge it appears.

I apologize to everyone.

Happy Resurrection Sunday to everybody and much love.

Your sister In Christ,


Ally said...

I agree with all of he above! Cant find a church that preaches the word. The churches wont touch prophecy. Makes me mad. Probably maked Jesus mad too. Love Jesus, need fellowship, need meat not milk, need to know Im not the only one thinking these things. Though I would continue believe even if I wad the only one. Lol.
Just like his resurrection, he will be returning soon, surprising believers!
Thank you Scott for feeding his lambs!

Scott said...

Thanks so much for the comments :)
They mean a great deal.

The great thing is, with the community of prophecy watchers, is that we all share something so unique and so special - all in the fact that we know with certainty that we will be in the presence of Christ soon, we have complete assurance in the promises of Jesus - we all have eternity right at our doorsteps - and we all know and appreciate the fact that we are literally living in a biblical age.

Cary - I did't think you sounded the least bit angry...and we ARE living in the age of Laodicea - and we should have some degree of righteous indignation when churches don't preach the gospel. That should be our reaction IMO.

Like Caver - we're lucky to have several local churches that preach the gospel as it should be preached.

Its great to have a group of like minded people - all who love the Lord so much that we desperately want to be in His presence. I thank God that we have such a group - and not only here, but all who long for His appearing. I also believe we will be gathered together at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.

And I truly look forward to seeing all of you there :)

God Bless

Gary said...

Dear Scott:
Maybe we'll have our own table.

David Down Under said...

Cary, I agree with you to. Don't worry it's just as dry over here in Australia. I think the mindset is if the pastors preach prophecy and the congregation ends up divided, well, that would be disastrous for the tithes and offerings.


Annie said...

Thank you Scott for the links. I love Dr. David Jerimiah! I got to see him when he came to South Bend, IN. He was preaching prophecy. The title of his sermon was "What in the world is going on". It was great.. Ally I'm like you, I'm exhausted trying to find a church. Last one I went to the whole sermon was on angels!! I could go on and on, but like I said, I'm exhausted! lol! I'm glad I'm not alone in my feelings! God bless you all!

Caver said...

Lord, we just gotta praise You and thank You.

Here we are, on possibly our last Resurrection day on this earth before our Savior comes for us in the clouds...and it was perfect.

You know what I mean, maybe 5-6 of them a year...crisp in the morning, high about low 70s, sky cobalt blue and not a cloud all day...and no humidity. Just perfect.

Spending most of the day on the back patio, in the woods, watching all of His little creatures come up to feed, contemplating what happened on this day about 2000 years ago...the price paid for me...and all the other thoughts that tag along with it.

Just a Wow of a day. Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus!

Scott said...

Well stated Caver. Lots of serious contemplation today here as well. Its hard to imagine another Easter here on planet earth. We'll see. But as the Pope recently said, the darkness is descending and we see it every day. But there is good news involved in these signs of the age, and we all know what that means :)

Cary said...


You are so right. I heard this 'preacher' say that God wanted him to have a black BMW every year. Wow. Just send in your $1,000 seed money..

Hey everybody, I think our TABLE is going to be really croweded. Maybe tonight?



Caver said...

And I suspect that a lot of folk that have twisted and turned and cherry picked His word to their flock is going to have a few surprises waiting form them.

They better enjoy that black BMWer quickly....or do some serious and quick repenting.

Dave Down Under said...

Yea I saw something the other day that had a picture of a nice big mansion and said something like, why wait till you get to heaven to have a mansion when you can have one now.

I admit I've tried to get into prosperity living as well and it's so easy to be fooled by the big preachers and their lavish lifestyles. Who wouldn't want the best for their families and make the 'dash for cash' to the throne, if only that doctrine was correct. I guess I've come to realize Im not going to be happy and content unless I'm living in the sufficiency of the cross.

You could probably say that one BMW gained down here is one less reward given in heaven. Wether or not that's theologically correct I don't know but I don't want to find out.

Any way guys I love you all and hope you enjoy your Easter Sunday.

God bless all

Scott said...

The problem with prosperity 'teaching' - is that it makes people worship what God can give them, rather than worshiping God Himself. Big difference.

David Down Under said...

That's right Scott, and God, from the beginning has threaded His hatred of idol worship all through the scriptures.

Human nature being as greedy as it is has expertly redefined against Gods wishes just what idol worship is.

Unfortunately the common misconception is if it comes from the pulpit it must be ok. I think Hitler once said something along the lines of, a leader is lucky if the people he governs don't think. Well lucky for the devil the church has lost its ability and obligation to think about what's theyre being fed.

If you can't destroy the church you can at least put it to sleep. A sleeping person is alive but ineffective.


WVBORN56 said...

Busy day today at church and later with family so I'm just now catching up. Sad to hear many here do not have good Bible preaching/teaching fellowships.

Good stuff Scott today...thanks again for all you do. I recently attended a David Jeremiah event in Pittsburgh. Well worth attending if anyone gets the chance.