Sunday, April 22, 2012

In The News: Sunday Edition

IDF Prepared For Iran Strike

IDF ready to attack Tehran’s nuclear facilities if needed, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz says; military constantly engaged in covert, high-risk operations beyond Israel’s borders, he says

Should Israel decide to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, the IDF will be prepared to carry out the mission, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz told Yedioth Ahronoth in remarks published Sunday.

"In principle, we are ready to act," the army chief told the newspaper in a special interview ahead of Israel’s upcoming Independence Day.

In respect to the Iranian threat, 2012 will be a critical year, Gantz said, adding that "the State of Israel believes that nuclear arms in Iran’s possession are a very bad thing, which the world should stop and Israel should stop."

"We are preparing our plan accordingly," he said.

Israel is the only country in the world facing open destruction threats by another state, which is also producing the means to do carry them out, the army chief said. However, he noted, this does not mean that he will be ordering the army’s Air Force chief to strike Iran "now."

The level of hostility against Israel has reached an all-time high in the UK because it is not being countered effectively.

The reality is that the level of hostility against Israel has reached an all-time high in the UK because it is not being countered strongly and effectively. Let us be honest: There is a growing bias in the media against Israel, there are more and more anti-Semitic incidents recorded (and probably many more not recorded), universities host extremists speakers who preach hatred against Israel and Jews, and in local politics we have people like George Galloway who are being elected on racist and divisive campaigns while a Labour candidate for London Mayor claims that Jews won’t be voting for him because they are rich.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has warned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that Egypt presents more of a security danger than Iran.

“We have to be prepared for all possibilities,” the Foreign Minister warned the Prime Minister. He suggested that the IDF create three or four southern divisions in the wake of a social and economic deterioration in Egypt and the increasing number of Egyptian troops in the Sinai Peninsula.

He said Egypt is likely to violate the peace treaty by sending in more troops with heavy arms, prohibited by the treaty. The Foreign Minister pointed out that last year Egypt deployed two divisions, and that Israel approved the move only after it had become a fait accompli.

Spain Bans Cash Transactions Over 2,500 Euros ... Spain has outlawed the use of cash in business transactions in excess 2,500 euros in order to crack down on the black market and tax evaders. The motivations behind the push for digital currencies is exposed as Spain heads down the road of the Greeks in combating their sovereign debtcrisis. As the government scrambles for every tax dollar it can get its hands on, even though they already gave every Spaniard $23,000 Euros in debt last year alone (approximately $32,500), they are now banning all large cash business transactions. Why? So they can track the transactions and make sure that people and business are paying taxes. Being able to track the transactions is also aimed to combat the growing black market in Spain

Spectactularly, the reports such as this one, excerpted above, don't even both to hide the real point. The Spanish government wants to ensure that it can "track transactions and make sure that people and businesses are paying taxes."

It is surely part of a larger meme having to do with a "cashless" society. Just recently the UK Telegraph asked "Is mobile the way we'll all be paying?" The answer, as can be expected, was a qualified yes, but issued in the predictable upbeat way.

The march to a cashless society has begun. Perhaps we owe Spain a debt of gratitude for revealing the REAL reason for a cashless society. It makes tax collecting so much easier.

The bottom line? See below (hint: it's all about control):

This is what the power elite – a few dynastic families behind the EU and much of the world's globalist mischief – may not have entirely anticipated. We have to think that the EU takedown was created to further the aims of globalism. But those at the top did not take into account the dawning realizations that the Internet was capable of generating.

Now the trap has been sprung. The "sovereign debt crisis" is creating a larger globalist presence, puffing up the IMFand creating further EU integration. This was all part of the plan, no doubt.

The move to get rid of cash is also part of the larger plan, we're sure. The idea is for every transaction to be tracked and controlled. The mass of people is to be further disciplined and herded. Global government is to be the result

Conclusion: The mechanism is increasingly transparent. They hardly bother to hide it anymore. But here is our question: Do they believe that people cannot read ... or think? Do they believe people will hold their aggregate resentment in check forever? There seems to be a kind of baiting going on, and it may not end well.

A great example of this audacity of ignorance comes from the Department of Labor.

Nothing in the resume of Secretary Hilda Solis suggests that she has ever stepped in a pile of cow manure, or even seen one. Nothing suggests that she has ever been on a farm - yet she has the audacity to dictate to farm families what their children may and may not do.

Solis believes farm kids should never work on projects that are higher than six feet above the ground. That means that kids would be excused from putting hay in the hayloft, or getting hay from the loft for winter feeding. Solis believes that kids younger than 16 should not operate any equipment that is not powered by human hand or foot power. If Solis gets her way, farm kids will no longer be able to mow the lawn, or use a power washer to clean the barn or driveway.

If the parental exemption stays in the rule, it means that kids may continue to work on a farm owned totally by one or both of the parents. There is no certainty that the exemption will stay in the new rule. Even if it does, a farm kid could not work on his grandfather’s farm. Nor could he work on a neighbor’s farm, or another relative’s farm. Should the parent need to take on a partner, all exemptions would evaporate.

Solis has great experience with labor unions. She has extensive experience promoting social justice and environmental protection. She served as Representative for Los Angeles County before Obama chose her to be Secretary of the Department of Labor. She was also appointed to the United States Interparliamentary Group. Judging by the new rules issued by her department, she knows absolutely nothing about farming, but assumes that she knows better how farm kids should be raised than do their parents.

Missouri hog farmer Chris Chinn, told the House Small Business’ Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade, that Solis’ new rule HR1 would prohibit farm kids from driving a tractor. She said that milking a cow was prohibited by HR4; cutting weeds would be banned by HR3; building or repairing a fence would be banned by HR6.

What’s worse than the specific tasks prohibited by this DOL rule is the very idea that a bunch of Washington bureaucrats think they have a higher level of parental wisdom than do the actual parents. Even worse, is their blatant arrogance that compels them to impose their ideas on the public.

The bottom line is found below:

This administration has continually demonstrated that, one way or the other, they intend to control the life of all citizens. If Obama is re-elected, there is nothing to stop the complete “transformation of America” he promised before he took office in 2008. To be perfectly clear, this means the transformation of free markets to government-controlled markets; the transformation of private property rights to government-control of all land use; and government empowered by the consent of the governed to government empowered by the dictates of the President.

The news is out that Obama-Soetoro, his unindicted co-conspirators in the Democrat Party, and their running dog Republican toadies have, in just three years and a few months, run up a mindboggling $5,000,000,000,000.00 in new debt.

That is significantly more spending than was done by all previous presidents, from Washington to Bush.

But what is really scary here, is how few people, including otherwise knowledgeable conservatives, understand that this was not simply Keynesian economics gone wild, or fiduciary irresponsibility, or incompetence, but a radical Marxist strategy aimed at ending free, capitalist America.

People who have failed to grasp this fairly obvious truth, also have, since it is an integral part of the strategy, been unable to understand why the Obama-Soetoro cabal has relentlessly attacked the oil, gas, and coal industries, and poured billions into worthless “green” energy schemes.

May I repeat: this is all part of a radical Marxist strategy aimed at ending free, capitalist America.

What is even less understood is that these subversives have been using unconstitutional executive orders and the unconstitutional Environmental Protection Agency – the EPA – to set the stage for creation of a dictatorship.


Anonymous said...

I read this great analogy on the web recently...
"I heard a story some time ago about a goldfish and his goldfish bowl. The goldfish was losing two drops of water a day from his goldfish bowl. When confronted with this fact, the goldfish looked around his bowl and laughed as he replied "I've got the greatest goldfish bowl in all the world and it will never run out of water." Of course as time passed by the two drops a day added up and one sad day the little goldfish found himself flapping around on his side until he died.

The moral of the story? As Americans we have been losing our freedoms a little bit at a time for a very long time. If you are like the goldfish you may be under the impression you will never lose all your freedoms. Please think again!"

I pray our Lord comes soon, I shudder to think what kind of country we will be in just a few more years even. So many people are oblivious to what is happening all around them!

Ally said...

A few more years? We have lost everything in the constitution already except for gun rights and thats next. All thats left is for someone to flip the switch. Which I certainly am expecting by 2013 and thats being very gracious in regards to timing. If our goose isnt cooked by election day, I will be astonished. And only by God himself holding things back are we even still ok here!
I think even with people who are in the know, the big picture is so incredibly terrifying and unbelieveable that its hard to really understand the big picture!
Id say that goldfish is down to about 2 inches of water.
There is a point Stephen constantly makes but im not sure how much people really get it. The market should have collapsed! There is norhing to hold it up! But the uberwealthy are sooooo greedy, they dont want to lose one penny they can manipulate out of our pockets! Their greed is what has kept this fake market going! And everyday, Stephen, like myself, is amazed and baffled they kept up the farce for one more day!
Enough in the natural..My father owns the cattle on 7 hills, so if I need a steak, hes got me. He said the righteous will not be begging for bread so hes got me rhere too. He will not leave me or forsake me so im all good. Besides, in just a short while, there is a big wedding im going to!
And I dont just get a new dress, I get a new body!
Maranatha people!

WVBORN56 said...

Did anyone read the comment section on the Ynet news article about General B Gantz? Most of the Israeli's are not fans. Apparently he, Liberman and the supreme court are viewed as being liberal and all talk. It appears to me that the people are wanting the IDF to attack Iran sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Ally, to a POINT you are right about the manipulation and yet
you are wrong. Why do I say that ??

COS even the manipulators and greedy PEOPLE were all created
by the same GOD. With 5 fingers
and 5 toes.

the wave theory, ie EWI....

So there really is no escape....

no, NOT AT ALL....!!!!

what I mean is this.....

markets move in waves of 5's and

based on the physical makeup of
the HUMANS that are trading them.
That being said, they leave TRACKS
of their behaviour on the charts
that cannot be HIDDEN.....since
humans are made up of 5's and 3's.

so, if ONE can FIGURE out the correct wave count, then one
will KNOW the most LIKELY path
that stocks will take in the future.

no promises of PERFECT success of

Bottom line. We have a HUGE (Y) wave of CORRECTIVE nature off
of the 3/4 OCT lows....

that appears to have reached top
tick on 2 APR 2012....

CONFIRMATION that bulls expended
themselves is a BREAK of 12,700.
I have stated this for a while now.

so we need to wait for that out come.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cary said...

WV..a friend of mine is in Israel right now and she says she feels the Israelis are deeply afraid of what is going on around them and they actually want action taken.

My friend also told me that she had taken great pains to explain to the people she spoke with that there are many Americans who love and support them...

Still praying for you!

Hello to everybody out there....


Anonymous said...

I can't understand the current Israeli leader. Ben Netanyahu....
always stalling this move to attack
Iran. just do IT already....

why listen to Obama and Company ??

just attack already and BE DONE WITH IT.

unless of course Netanyahu has money in the stock market in NYC
and wants the BULL to go and on.

God forbid if that is the case,
since that would be a VERY STUPID
CHOICE just to keep money safe
in stocks WHILE IRAN is producing
one N weapon after another under OUR little noses.

I really HAVE NO IDEA why this stalling is going on, all I can
say is that it is foolish to wait.

The leadership in Iran is possesed
no question about it....why play games ?? I also have been reading
that MORE AND MORE Jews are sick
and tired of talk by Netanyahu,
they want action, can u blame them ??

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dave Down Under said...

Stephen, going to war ain't like picking roses (as you know). It takes time, money, politics, inventory checking, dragging everyone off leave, debating with your neighbors or just forgetting them because their the ones your gonna fight, appeasing Obama because he's in charge of the of the most expensive military in the world, amunition production and lots of other stuff. That's just the beginning.

Better them than me any day!!


Dave Down Under said...

The other thing is, if he reads his Hebrew bible (and is keeping up to date with Scotts blog, tic) I'll bet he may have a few queries regarding old testament prophecy; is this going to be the war that devestates my country? Am I making the right call as to the timing of my campaign.?

It's no easy life or call sending your country to war. I feel sorry for Ben, he needs prayer!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Dave >>>>>

Yeah you may have a point, BUT
try to remember the DOWNSIDE of
what you are saying. If this thing
continues to STALL OUT, that rapture
could be years away.....

I presume you would NOT be happy
with that outcome, am I correct ??

PLease tell me

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dave Down Under said...

That's true stephen, I'll be stomping my feet and pouting just like any other Christian.

But I'll also be gritting my teeth and saying, "lord you have plan, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT IM SURE YOU HAVE ONE". And I'll probably throw in doubting Thomas remark here and there, but I'll get over it Stephen.


Anonymous said...

IC, what u are saying, David....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>