Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Iran Threatens Military Action Over Abu Musa

This is beginning to look like another potential tipping point in the Middle East, and it is worth watching closely:

The war of words between Tehran and the six-members of the Gulf Cooperation Council over three disputed islands continues to escalate.

Iran's ground forces commanderwarned the military is ready for action should diplomacy fail, state TVreported on Thursday.
General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said Iranian forces are "capable of confronting any offender: against Iran's sovereignty over the strategic Abu Musa island in the Persian Gulf.

It was the first time an Iranian military commander commented on the issue since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last week made a controversial visit to Abu Musa.

"If these disturbances are not solved through diplomacy, the military forces are ready to showthe power of Iran to the offender. Iran will strongly defend its right."

Iran took control of tiny Abu Musa and two nearby islands – the Greater and Lesser Tunb – in 1971, after British forces left the region. However, the UAE insists they belonged to the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah until Iran captured them by force days before the city-states united and declared independence from Britain, also in 1971.

The dispute between Abu Dhabi and Tehran over the islands has been in theInternational Court of Justice for three decades without resolution.

The GCC – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE – responded to Iran warning that any perceived aggression against the UAE is considered an affront to the entire bloc, "which stands united."

The following article may contain the most important information regarding the Middle East in several months. We can see that the U.S. is staging "theater" and attempting to tell the world that a settlement has been reached with Iran, when, in fact, this is a clever way to allow Iran to maintain their present course towards nuclear weapons while deceiving the world.

Additionally, this theater will make it more difficult for Israel to protect themselves, as the MSM will carry the water for the White House and give the appearances that a deal has been struck - thus - any future attempts of Israel to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities will have been done following such an "agreement" and will thus be negatively viewed by the press.

This represents a very big development:

In the direct, secret exchanges between the US and Iran which led up to the Istanbul talks with the six powers, of Saturday, April 14, President Barack Obama quietly backed off from his demand that Iran “come clean” on its nuclear activities and open up to international inspection, DEBKAfile reports.

After all, once sanctions are lifted by the end of June - as Tehran demands - and they are freed of IAEA oversight, the Iranians can go forward with their plans for building a nuclear weapon undisturbed and Washington can celebrate a breakthrough.

Israel has not received word of this deal.

DEBKAfile’s Washington sources report that in contrast with the downbeat mood in Israel, Washington is already celebrating its success in resolving the Iranian nuclear conundrum and averting war.

Obama will eventually have to level with Israel, the American people and the rest of the world on his deal with Iran.

There is no chance of Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu going along with agreements on the lines under discussion between Washington and Iran, because they would allow Iran to develop nuclear armaments relieved of the hindrances of international oversight and sanctions.

Officials in Jerusalem angrily dismissed reports of a breakthrough in last Saturday’s nuclear negotiations in Istanbul between six world powers (P5+1) and Iran

Far from this being the shape of an eventual settlement, it was the shape of American demands relayed to Tehran in side-channels going via Paris and Vienna. Israel was never informed of Iran accepting this formula or its presentation to the Istanbul meeting.

Above all, they stressed, Netanyahu has not and will not play a role in any choreography of this kind staged by the Obama administration.

Earlier that Tuesday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in another radio interview that the“P5+1” group’s talks with Iran must result in a clear-cut resolution, the end of Iran’s nuclear program. He did not believe they would, although he hoped to be proved wrong.
The two Israeli ministers would not have delivered their downbeat comments if indeed US talks with Iran over and under the negotiating table had achieved, or even approached, the breakthrough depicted in Washington.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delivered a hard hitting speech centering on the Iranian threat, in the central Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony at Yad Vashem Wednesday. Such a direct reference to current events and politics in the Holocaust Memorial is unusual.

"On this day, we must realize a supreme obligation, and this obligation is not just to remember the past but also to learn its lessons, and most importantly – to implement these lessons, in order to continue to safeguard our nation's future," said Netanyahu. "This is especially true in our generation, which again faces the call to destroy the Jewish nation."

Netanyahu took aim at unspecified critics who accuse him of spreading needless fear and panic. "I ask – have these people lost all faith in the people of Israel? Do they think that this nation, which overcame such great difficulties, does not have enough strength to overcome this new danger?"

"I will continue to tell the truth to the world – but first and foremost, to my nation. The truth is that a nuclear armed Iran is an existential threat to the State of Israel and also a grave threat to the rest of the world," he said. "The memory of the Holocaust is not just a ceremonial matter. The memory of the Holocaust is a practical commandment to learnthe lessons of the past in order to guarantee the foundations of the future. We will never bury our heads in the sand. The People of Israel lives and the Eternity of Israel shall not lie ."


Anonymous said...

There are so many tipping points that it is just a matter of time before one or more do tip over.

God is going to say enough is enough and then He will take us and begin His wrath.

There is nothing good going on right now. Everything is going down hill all over the world. Just like the bible tells us. So many are blinded by their greed, materalism, the hatred of the lights that Christian shine. They are eating drinking and marrying as if all is ok. Its amazing that so many are ignorant of what is going to come about in this world. It is not because they are not told, are not warned, it is because they are lovers of themselves. They think man , government , and money can solve all of the problems. So many feel that if they ignor the problems of the world, they will just go away some how.

I am so glad my home is not to be here, I have the hope of glory, as do all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Time to hold our heads up high, let our light shine to others. Spread the good news of salvation to as many as possible.

Alice said...

The Debkafile article is stunning!

And it says, "Obama will eventually have to level with Israel, the American people and the rest of the world on his deal with Iran."

Really? I don't think so. I don't think he'll EVER tell us, nor our media. That little detail (the deal) will be lost in the flurry when Israel has to take action to protect herself.


I am so happy to know Who is really in control!


Anonymous said...

And yet, stocks continue to WORK on the upside. I am sure, yeah, it will end eventually, BUT NOT AS long as the stock market is DESTINED to go up, I have made this
point many times...

so far I have been VERY correct....

just gotta be patient.

Just cos people want the rapture DOES NOT MEAN that it's God's time
yet. No one really knows that time.

EWI is NOT perfect, but i gotta use
something.....people have been
lovers of themselves for a LONG time, and yet stocks continue to
get bulled.

WHY ??

not time yet !!!!

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information! Im so disheartened to think of the mass of people living their lives completely oblivious to what is happening around them. I am so ready to go home!! I have so many people in my family that are blinded by lies and deception and do not know the Lord. It makes me so sad to think about. I pray they all come to know Him before its too late. Blessings to you Scott, and to all my sisters and brothers in Christ.


Sharon said...

The Debkafile article is stunning particularly in Obama giving Iran freedom soon to continue with their plans. Over the weekend I was in Illinois. While driving I listened to a program where the guest presented themselves as a strong conservative, but he spoke so stronger on how Iran is not a threat to anyone in the world with their nuclear ambitions. I listened in dismay at this persons distortions and lies and this article explains the purpose of his interview. The media is setting Israel for strong judgement if they stand and go against Iran. May the God of all creation provide wisdom, guidance and protection to Israel and her leaders!

Anonymous said...

Amen Sharon! and all of you. God bless you all in Christ.

Caver said...

Geepers, just when I start thinking there is no more dirty back stabbing tricks Obama can throw at Israel....I find everything previous was child's play as compared to the next one.

Leaking Israel's secrets was downright traitorous. If true, this is as close to attempted national murder as it gets.

How does this man (???) face himself in the mirror. Absolute total lack of any emotion I can relate to human. Even his eyes look empty.

Dave Down Under said...

Apophis in the flesh!

"Jaffa Cree"!

Ok back to prophecy!

Anonymous said...

Stocks were down, BUT NOT in a convincing manner. Dow down about 68 pts....but well off the lows.

I am NOT convinced yet that bulls are ready to give up and start
selling...i mean, they are either buying or selling it seems, depending on the waves of social mood.

12,700 is critical....I would NEED
to see a CLEAR VIOLATION of that
level to convince me that the end
is really close, serious about that.

UNTIL THAT HAPPENS, stocks can still hit new highs ......and
the end delayed yet again.

Gold and Silver were up, dow WAY
off the lows, GE up.....don't like
it now, NOT convincing.

However, IBM and HON and AAPL look
downright time
well tell.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

R.G. said...

Dave down under,
Thank you for that, haven't laughed that hard in a while : )

Anonymous said...

Quiet tonite, not much going on, dow up 15 pts, we are still in no man's clear cut trend as of yet.....will have to see WHEN and IF bears can take control and take out 12,700.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dylan said...

Scott the leader of Hamas said that any deak reached between Israel and the PA would be temporary (7 years?)

Dave Down Under said...

Thanks RG.

Scott said...

Thats very interesting. Also don't forget, most proposed peace deals hinge on the Oslo Accords which was also intended for a 7 year period (5=2)