Sunday, April 1, 2012

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Al-Assad And His WMDs?

It has been known for years by the U.S. intelligence community that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has considerable depots of chemical weapons which, combined with the SCUD-Ds, are meant to be used against Israel

However, a report by the James Martin Center for Non-proliferation Studies says that out of desperation he could use them against countries that assist the armed opposition in his country or countries which may harbor such fighters.

The report is titled “Assad’s Toxic Assets.”

The report raises a number of possible scenarios, one of which is that the generals could use the chemical weapons without waiting for al-Assad’s approval if the opposition becomes overwhelming.

“It is no wonder that President (Barack) Obama and his top military brass are extremely hesitant to use kinetic force or send weapons into Syria,” the report said. “The country is a chemical powder keg ready to explode.”

...the prospect that Iran could dispatch elite Iranian Republican Guard Corps troops to Syria to guard the facilities. Sources suggest that members of the IRGC already are in Syria providing intelligence and specialized training to Syrian troops.

There are increasing indications that al-Qaida’s presence in Lebanon is on the rise, centering on the Palestinian Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp near Sidon, according to informed sources, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Sunni Al-Qaida’s presence in Lebanon has been growing in recent years, with indications of their infiltration into the Bakaa border town of Arsal under the guise of being Syrian opposition activists.

Elements of al-Qaida in Lebanon have reached a point that even the Shi’ite Hezbollah is concerned about its increasing presence. The concern centers over the prospect that al-Qaida could launch an attack on Israel, which in turn would blame Hezbollah and create an open conflict between Lebanon and the Jewish state.

Former American ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, accused the Obama administration of intentionally leaking highly sensitive Israeli intelligence information, in aninterview with FOX News.

According to the reports, Azerbaijan has recently granted Israel access to air bases along its border with Iran, which would eliminate the need for Israel to refuel during the course of a possible operation and would significantly improve the chances of its success.

Bolton, who refrained from stating whether or not he believes the reports to be true, highlighted the fact that the reports were leaked by United States intelligence officials.

He noted that about a month ago, United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta expressed his belief that an Israeli attack is most likely to occur during the spring months of April, May or June.

Bolton said that because the “Obama administration’s private efforts to pressure Israel not to attack Iran were failing, decided to go public” and asserted that such statements are part of the administration’s “campaign against an Israeli attack.”

He continued to state that “the Obama administration has long believed that an Israeli attack [would be] worse than an Iranian nuclear weapon” and that the pressure American has put on Israel, behind the scenes, has been “merciless.”

However, because the Obama administration is realizing that but that the Israeli government will do what it feels necessary “has torked it up a notch and is now going to reveal very sensitive, very important information, that will allow Iran to defeat an Israeli attack.”

“I think that’s what’s going on,” he said

Schools in northern Brazil are now embedding their uniforms with locator chips that allow the tracking and monitoring of their students. Advertised as a “way of informing parents in case their children skip school”, the widespread use of these devices and the information they can potentially gather is rather unsettling. There no “off function” on these chips. I read some comments stating that these chips will “help finding kidnapped kids”. Really? What if the kidnappers made the kid, like, um, NOT wear the shirt?

Lame excuses to hide the real agenda here, constantly increasing surveillance and monitoring in the name of “security”. Here’s an article on the “intelligent uniforms” that are actually worn by 20,000 students and required on all 43,000 of the Brazilian locale in 2013.

Twenty thousand students in 25 of Vitoria da Conquista’s 213 public schools started using T-shirts with chips earlier this week, secretary Coriolano Moraes said by telephone.

By 2013, all of the city’s 43,000 public school students, aged 4 to 14, will be using the chip-embedded T-shirts, he added.

Radio frequency chips in “intelligent uniforms” let a computer know when children enter school and it sends a text message to their cell phones. Parents are also alerted if kids don’t show up 20 minutes after classes begin with the following message: “Your child has still not arrived at school.”

A coalition of organizations led by officials at the Rutherford Institute is urging members of Congress not to even consider plans to revive the failed Real ID Act of 2005, which mandated “costly and restrictive” nationwide standards for a drivers’ license database.

Although the law gave states three years to comply with “restrictive federal licensing standards” and create a national database of license information, individual birth certificates and other personal information, it never has been completed.

The plan, although made into law, never has been implemented, and according to John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, half the states adopted resolutions or other prohibitions on the federal plan.

“Civil and privacy rights advocates, as well as liberal-, conservative-, and libertarian-leaning organizations, have long raised concerns that a national ID card would enable the government to track citizens and, thus, jeopardize the privacy rights of Americans,” Whitehead said.

“When all is said and done, the adoption of a national ID card serves one purpose only: to provide the government with the ultimate control over the American people,” he said.

Further, “they believed it would facilitate tracking of data on individuals and bring government into the very center of every citizen’s life.”
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Alice said...

This ID in the kids' clothing...what a joke! There's just NO WAY that will last! A small pair of scissors easily takes care of it. I know that's what I would have done when I was a kid - cut that chip right out! Yes, it MUST be something more permanent that would be painful to a chip in the right hand...or forehead... THAT will solve that little problem!


Alice said...

And the thought of the O bummer administration leaking damaging intelligence information against Israel... I just don't have words to express how angry and ashamed I am.

All part of your plan, Lord...

Nevertheless, Father please have mercy on us!

Scott said...

Alice; I concur on both points. I also have to believe that we could be staring directly at Genesis 12:3 as a nation.

Robin said...

Thats a scary thought, Scott . . .but one I agree with. Obama has told the Palestinians to table their push for a PS until after the election. He's told the Russians he'll disarm the US after the election. There's no telling what's in store for America.

Anyone else have a sinking feeling Obama will be around for four more years . . .just to hammer the final nail in our coffin?

What a friend said...

U.S. State Dept. Refuses to ID Israel's Capital - Israelity! with Mark Kaplan - Mark B. Kaplan - Blogs - Israel National News

Scott said...

I've been thinking along those same lines - but HOW Obama could get 4 more years is what really scares me the most (ie, something outside of the normal voting process)....But I could easily see this scenario...Additionally, though, regardless of the outcome, don't forget, the 'gathering up' will do the same thing effectively.

Anonymous said...

I cannot BELIEVE HOW selfish this
man is (Obama) and so DESPERATE to
help his little WALL STREET greedy
bulls, that he would sell the Jews
out like that.

IT IS LONG been known by EWI that
an incumbent president has a MUCH
better chance of being re elected
if stocks are GOING HIS way into
NOV of that particular election

BUT social mood and wave counts
are against Obama, he will find out
soon enough..............there is
a REAL CRASH dead ahead cos of
something called TOO MUCH DEBT.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

WVBORN56 said...

Robin I can't see Obama possibly winning agian unless the church is gone. Since the OWE and global government would benefit from having Obama in the driver see to finish off America I would put that forth as another reason for our soon departure. Does that make sense?

My take is Obama can not possibly win unless the rapture takes place or he cheats or he declares marshall law. No man has ever won re-election with unemployment this high and this much anger and division taking place. No matter how bad the republican candidates put forward I just do not see him winning.

I just think the stage is set perfectly for our soon home going and this is just another small peiece of the puzzle. Well that's my educated guess anyway. :)

Lord we are ready and waiting!

Scott said...

WV...I sure hope you are right. Its the "or he cheats or declares martial law" that unnerves me.

Robin said...

Exactly . . .Martial Law. That's what I'm thinking. He's set too much in motion. The recent Executive Order, for instance, that allows him to take over industry in peacetime in an "economic crises" . . .the Feds conducting "stress tests" on larger banks, etc. I sincerely believe something is anticipated. But oh, WV, how I hope you're right . . .that his reelection is contingent upon the Rapture having occurred. That could cause enough turmoil to trigger Martial Law as the nation would be plunged into cataclysmic disaster.

Dylan said...

And maybe Obama won't be reelected, the USA will turn more pro-Israel, and the events we're waiting for wil be delayed. It's all in God's hands.

Ally said...

Look at Jesus, look at Jesus, look at Jesus! it should be eventful, thats for sure!

Anonymous said...

No No Dylan, not possible, based
ON THE DREAM that man had in the
early 70's that a BLACK MAN would
be in OFFICE during WW3.....making
a speech with a map behind him
showing various nuclear detonations.

WHICH would lead me to believe that
if OBAMA is NOT going to be re elected, then WW3 is AT THE DOOR.

I think that everyone should be
prepared for that based on the
man's dream from the 70's....right ??

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mike said...

Stephen, can I ask you who is the man whose dream that a BLACK MAN would
be in OFFICE during WW3 ?

Robin said...

No Stephen . . .not right. God has provided us the signs to be aware of within His Word. They don't include dreams, crystal balls, tea leaves, tarot cards or palm readings.

Dylan, anything is possible, of course. It's all in God's hands. However, because God so carefully outlined a timeline so we would know when the time is near, I have difficulty believing He'd bring it to an abrupt halt.

Nathan J. Isbell said...

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