Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Massive" (8.7) Quake Hits Indonesia

Massive Earthquake Hits Indonesia, Tsunami Alert Sounded In Indian Ocean

An earthquake measuring 8.7 on Richter scale hit Indonesia's Aceh province. Indonesia issues tsunami warning as powerful quake hits off west coast. The mild tremors were also felt in Indian cities of Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and several other cities on the eastern coast.

The epicentre of the quake was located 33 km below the earth surface, about 495 km from Indonesia's Banda Aceh and 962 km from Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

According to reports, India too has issued Tsunami warnings for Nicobar islands and east India following the earthquake. Six national disaster teams have been rushed from Arakulum to Chennai. Besides Navy and coast guard have also been kept on high alert in Chennai, Vizag, Kochi and Port Blair. National Disaster Management Authority has, however, ruled out tsunami threat in India.

An 8.6-magnitude earthquake struck off Indonesia’s Aceh province, the U.S. Geological Survey said today, prompting residents to flee to higher ground as India, Thailand and Sri Lanka issued tsunami warnings.

The quake struck 431 kilometers (268 miles) off the coast of Aceh, one of Indonesia’s poorest provinces where 170,000 people died or went missing in a Indian Ocean 2004 tsunami. India’s tsunami center warned of possible six-meter waves in the Andaman islands and the Malaysian Meteorological Department advised people in Penang, Kedah, Perlis, Langkawi and Perak to stay away from the coastline.

Buildings in neighboring Singapore shook after the quake hit, which was initially measured at a magnitude of 8.9, and tremors were felt in India.

A massive earthquake off Indonesia's western coast triggered a tsunami watch for countries across the Indian Ocean on Wednesday, clogging streets with traffic as residents fled to high ground in cars and on the backs of motorcycles.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii said a tsunami watch was in effect for Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Maldives and other Indian Ocean islands, Malaysia, Pakistan, Somalia, Oman, Iran, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa and Singapore.

But hours later, the threat appeared to have passed.

Roger Musson, seismologist at the British geological survey who has studied Sumatra's fault lines, says the temblor was a strike-slip quake, not a thrust quake, which causes the sea bed to flip up.

The tremor was felt in Malaysia, where it caused high-rise buildings to shake for about a minute, and in Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh and India.

There was chaos in the streets of Aceh, where memories of a 2004 tsunami that killed 170,000 people in the province alone, are still raw.

Patients poured out of hospitals, some with drips still attached to their arms. In some places, electricity was briefly cut.

Hours after the temblor, people were still standing outside their homes and offices, afraid to go back inside.

There were several strong aftershocks.


Robin said...

According to USGS . . .another 8.2 was recorded. I guess that would be an aftershock . . .but if, that TOO is huge. This after a relatively quiet week.

Anonymous said...

massive quake.

Anonymous said...

Massive church quake underway and off the scale...

Contemplative Spirituality

The end-time delusion of ‘Contemplative Spirituality’ is ushering in the apostate church of the looming False Prophet, side kick of the Antichrist.

Quoting from ‘The Message’ by Eugene Peterson and ‘Renovare Spiritual Formation Study Bible’ by Richard Foster is a dead giveaway to those who have fallen into ‘Spiritual Formation’ by courtesy of ‘teachers’ such as Rick Warren, David Jeremiah and Beth Moore… these, and many more are now ecumenical and are taking the visible church back into the deception of Rome. Once sound ministers are now dropping like flies into the Emergent ‘ointment’.

Quote “The contemplative prayer movement is quickly becoming a part of Christendom, pulling it down the slippery slope of delusion. This month's feature article is the testimony of a woman who started down that contemplative path and finally saw the darkness that began to envelope her. Contemplative spirituality is entering the church right now through several avenues - the emerging church, the Purpose-Driven, Renovare, Youth Specialties and others. While it is not our intention to hurt or speak unkindly of any particular individual, we must mention names when these names are helping to usher in CP through their books, websites and churches. God bless your New Year as you press on to defend the gospel message of Jesus Christ. You can view past issues of this newsletter at Lighthouse Trails Research News Page.

Cary said...

David Jeremiah? How?

Scott said...

I personally don't believe (nor have I seen any evidence) that David Jeremiah is involved in this in any way.

Caver said...

Geepers, this is giving me the shivers.

This post seems reminiscent of past unpleasantness here with a target to divert discussion from prophecy to discussing real, alleged, and imagined false teachings of today.

We all know they are there....and they should scare the living daylights out of anyone not checking everything against scripture and/or not in very close step to convictions of the Holy Spirit.

I know false and watered down teachings are part of prophecy but I hope this doesn't slide too far down that slope. There are so very many places where this can be explored / discussed in detail and so very few places that focus on the nature of prophecy Scott is so good at identifying.

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know why David Jeremiah is mentioned. I love him so much. Beth Moore too? What are they doing and are teaching? I am not sure I know what you are speaking of..I know what Rick Warren said and that was very disturbing and now I have no use for his teaching. Ran the other way from him.

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with discussing this / with prophesy? Its all part of prophesy....
God bless!

Alice said...

I love David Jeremiah but I have to say that I was disappointed when I heard him quote from "The Message". I've heard it on more than one occasion, too.

That said, I don't think it's an offense (unless he was using it frequently) worth lumping him into the Emergent church category. Jmo, of course.

Mrs.C said...

"anon" said- "what is wrong with discussing this / with prophesy? Its all part of prophesy....
God bless!"
Scotts blog is not a forum, and does not accommodate various sections for lengthy discussions.
There is no Apostasy section for example. As was pointed out, there are many forums out there to accommodate lengthy in depth discussions. This particular thread for example, has an amazing Sign of a HUGE earthquake which Scott to the time to post for all of our information and comments, yet so far, 8 out of 10 comments are now regarding a questionable article about yet another “Church movement”.

God Bless! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry Mrs. C!

I was just saying, that to point out something like that is actually a huge part of prophesy. Something we need to watch. But you are right as always!!

I don't like forums, so many have an uncristian attitude.
God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff going on! I have a feeling we will see a huge earthquake in the ukrain area, middle east soon. I watched the earthquake monitor for months now, and several months ago they very seldom had its daily, many many smaller ones. All part of prophesy.

To the person who mentioned the
contemplative prayer movement, I say thank you! It doesn't have to be discussed here I suppose. But I had never heard of this before. Now I looked it up, and researched more about it and know to be on watch for this unbiblcal teaching. Now I will pass this information to others who may not know of the deception of this . Thank you.


Dylan said...

Wow. It seems like it has been a relatively quiet week (besides the failed talks with Iran and Syria) and then an 8.6 happens and wakes us up again.

To the poster who mentioned contemplative prayerr: my aunt told my mom a fee months ago that her church had started contemplative prayer. She seemed really disturbed about it. I think she has moved churches, but it is an alarming trend.

Rahul said...

Yes every one felt the earthquake,it was to mild. but what makes people to vacate the office what will happen if we continue work since its very Mild...

Diane said...

I sure wish that you different "anons" would give some sort of first name or even a code name, so that we know whom we are reading. Otherwise, it is confusing and my tendency is to just skip over "anon" comments :) Diane

Waterer said...


How are you feeling?

Hope you much better.

In Him,

Dave Down Under said...

If I may suggest something anon? I find it more approaching when a person asks their way into a group situation. For instance rather than plunge in (under the alias of anon) and throw your information around, it's usually more helpful and polite to enter with humbleness of attitude: 'I know this is off subject but'. You could then put forth your question such as: what does everyone think of this', or, 'can someone help me with this'.

Also it's despised when people hide behind 'anon'. C'mon, we're Christians, Gods children, there's no need to hide.

Bless you brother/sister.

mary said...

I also wish that the anon's would use a name... I see that now there is another Mary...Hi Mary!

Cary said...



David Down Under said...

Anon, I'll throw my 2 cents worth in if I may.
I guess there's the side to us Christians mixing with non-believers in the hope that they would see our light shine and glorify God who's in heaven. But where do we draw the line and say enough is enough? How close is the line of working to establish peace amongst faith's and appeasing them by establishing covenants to sit at the same table in ecumenical unity?

I believe if you have the spirit of the living God in you, you will 'do all you can to live in peace with all men'. But what does that look like? What does establishing peace so we as Christians can go about our day in safety, being free to express our beliefs, look like?

I think about this stuff a fair bit (simplistic as it is)and I see a whole lot of appeasement but no condemning sins like abortion and other evils. For crying out loud I believe Warren is Obama's top rep on the Christian world so I heard. Wheres the fist pounding against sin? Where? Instead we see handshaking and table sitting. Covenants being drawn up.

Rubbish, absolute rubbish.


Scott said...


I appreciate the effort, I really do. but this isn't a forum for apostasy, and as someone mentioned, there are a vast number of sites that focus on issues such as this.

I'm going to have to limit comments to issues specific to prophecy, and while one could find an avenue for these links etc to relate to end times apostasy, I believe that is a stretch. I apologize if these comments represented work (hopefully they were cut and pasted).

Thanks for understanding.


Anonymous said...

Apostasy is the prophecy that affects every believer in the here and now. Scriptures makes it abundantly clear that the Church must do this work of the Watchman and warn the flock of Christ - these are perilous times and we shall be giving an account of ourselves before the Bema. Personally I don't want to hear Jesus saying to me, 'why did you fail to warn my sheep when you saw the hireling fouling their food and drink!

Would you like to consider making your objections clear on the introduction to your blog? There are no such restrictions there because I checked. As the falling away is end time prophecy, I saw no reason not to post about the prophesied 'falling away' timed to occur with the political and ecological events.

Yes, it was a great deal of work and very draining on my time. However, my labour was done out of love and obedience as unto the will, and direction of my Lord. I did my part, and that is all that matters to me and my conscience is clear.

Anonymous said...

Dave DU
2Cor6:14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?
15. And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever?
16. And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: "I will dwell in them And walk among them. I will be their God, And they shall be My people."
17. Therefore "COME OUT from among them And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you."

Appeasement is the action of sheep dressed in wolves clothing in a feeble attempt to calm the beast. Appeasement is the curse of the hour.

Cary said...

...apparently not so clear that you opt to hide behind ANON...

my name is Cary

Scott we all appreciate your work..

Scott said...


I'm going to continue to be polite and professional.

This is a prophecy site. I don't believe it is appropriate here, on this site to call out various Christians for their beliefs - expecially when you personally don't agree with what they are saying.

I have my personal beliefs about a lot of pastors, but I am not personaly led by the HS to call such pastors out in public as you are doing.

If you feel that compelled, why don't you start a website and have a go at it? If you are so compelled to be a "watchman", then I would argue going to websites such as this and burying such comments in a comment section isn't the optimal way to serve as a "weatchman".

You seem compelled to spread your message. In fact, you even mentioned that you don't want to face Jesus and have Him state "Why dd you fail to warn my sheep..."

So is this your best effort at such?

Perhaps you should write a book and engage in a speaking tour. Perhaps, as I said earlier, perhaps you should start a website.

Honestly, I don't believe what you are doing now (posting comments on a blog such as this) is the best way to accomplish what you feel led to do.

Have you considered other, more ambitious ways to accomplish the things you feel led to do?

Having said that - now you do indeed hopefully understand what we are doing here and what some of the boundaries are.

If you do feel led to spread your message and you don't know how to do so, I would be happy to try and help out - just let me know - there are many ways to spread your message, both locally and internationally.

Dave Down Under said...

Scott, sorry about that. I was the one who mentioned a particular pastor.

I'll slapped my wrist...ouch!


Scott said...

Anything you said - isn't what I was referring to (I didn't remember seeing you mention anyone by name FWIW - if you did, I missed it)

I'm not condemning someone who feels the need to systematically attack certain pastors for whatever reason. Its just not my mission and its not something that I am interested in.

But to me - when I read sites that are into that (judging different pastors and making various accusations etc) - if you combine them all - there is literally no one left. No one.

And I don't agree with every pastor on every topic. In fact, I can't think of one pastor that I am in 100% agreement.

And there are pastors that I strongly feel are steering FAR off course and I also have opinions on such. But again that isn't the focus of this site and I don't want to have a scenario where we get into calling various pastors out for these things.

Anonymous said...

Sheep are told to warn each other when ‘Another Jesus, Another gospel and Another spirit is being preached. Pointing out this false doctrine and calling it an 'attack' is part of the present deconstruction of the Church using the redefinition of words and terms while calling good evil and evil good.

Obviously the Emergent poison is already in your midst, so the bunker mentality of pulling up the drawbridge of your mind and closing the shutters of your eyes and ears while singing la-la-la will do you no good whatsoever. The infection has already made itself known here, as are the double standards of what is deemed as suitable ‘prophecy’.

Fret not, I had only to caution, and that’s been done. A few here have been alerted to the deception of Spiritual Formation, that’s a bonus, so Praise The Lord for that! Otherwise it’s another sad case of 2 Tim 4:1-5.

mary said...

anon,there is a worldwide internet out there to post your thought. I would ask that you respect Scott and his website here and do ask he asks.
The fellowship here is so meaningful for all of us who come here and I would ask that you please abide by Scott's gentle and always loving response to do as he asks.He is a very patient man and once again, there are so many sites where you can carry on this conversation.
In Christian love, mary

Scott said...

Apparently you aren't "listening". Discussing the nuances of the emergent church and/or pastors who are negaging in such IS NOT WHAT WE DO HERE. Many of us may agree or disagree. That isn't the point. It has nothing to do with "closing the shutters" of our/my mind....I repeat IT ISN"T THE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE. And I'll repeat this again. If its your mission to warn Christians of the emergent church THIS ISN"T THE BEST PLACE TO DO SO - and one more time...

How does that equate to "Emergent poisen is already in your midst" ? It is nowhere to be found here at all (and I've been here since the very beginning :)....Let me repeat one more time for you IT ISN"T WHAT WE DO HERE/ OK?

Anonymous said...

I just say to all..

You will know them by the love they have amoung themselves.


Diane said...

Kathy, I am "holding on"....thanks for asking.
And how is Jill ?
Blessings, Diane

Cary said...

Hi Diane,

Can we add you to our prayers?


Diane said...

Sure, Cary, thanks.