Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paving The Road... the Tribulation.

The federal government is about to become the country’s worst backseat driver. Congress wants to put tracking devices in the car of every American, and that’s not even the scariest provision in a new bill being passed around Washington.

The US Senate has already signed off on a new legislation that, if cleared by the rest of Congress, will see to it that the government gets its eyes and ears inside every automobile in the country.

Senate Bill 1813 calls for the installation of mandatory recorders and communication devices in Americans’ cars that could connect the whereabouts and actions of the country’s drivers with whomever the government wants to grant access to.

It doesn’t stop there, though — another provision in the proposed bill will give the government the power to revoke passports from Americans behind on their taxes, essentially making it impossible for the indebted to escape the country.

If you’re not scared yet, then here is another eye opener: the US Senate has already approved the bill by an overwhelming vote of 74-22, leaving only the House of Representatives to vote in favor before government-sanctioned blackboxes become as common as carburetors and calibrated friction brakes. At this rate, it won’t be long before every Beetle and Buick in the country is being tracked by Big Brother.

Although the US was built from the ground up by refugees escaping persecution, persons plagued by hardships in the near future won’t be afforded that same ability to escape Uncle Sam’s strengthening stranglehold.

“It takes away your right to enter or exit the country based upon a non-judicial IRS determination that you owe taxes,” constitutional attorney Angel Reyes tells Fox Business. “It’s a scary thought that our congressional representatives want to give the IRS the power to detain US citizens over taxes, which could very well be in dispute.”

The article below summarizes a dizzying array of measures that are underway - all of which serve to undermine our freedoms as they previously existed. This paragraph is only the introduction - the entire article is worth reading:

Our forefathers intended to establish a nation where liberty and freedom would be maximized. But today we are told that we have to give up our liberties and our freedoms and our privacy for increased security. But is such a trade really worth it? Just think of the various totalitarian societies that we have seen down throughout history. Have any of them ever really thrived? Have their people been happy? Unfortunately, the U.S. federal government has decided that the entire country needs to be put on lock down. Nearly everything that we do today is watched and tracked, and personal privacy is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Many of the things that George Orwell wrote about in 1984 are becoming a reality, and that is a very frightening thing. The United States is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Sadly, we are rapidly becoming the exact opposite of that.

I don't know about you, but I never signed up to live in North Korea. When I was growing up I was taught that repressive regimes such as North Korea are "the bad guys" and that America is where "the good guys" live.

So why do we want to be just like North Korea?

The Internet is rapidly being transformed into a Big Brother control grid where privacy rights are being systematically strangled to death. The control freaks that run things have become absolutely obsessed with watching, tracking, monitoring and recording virtually everything that you do on the Internet. One thing that you can count on is that nothing you do on the Internet will ever be private again. In fact, if you are obsessed with privacy then the last place you want to be is on the Internet.

Everything that we do on the Internet is being watched, monitored and recorded and there is no longer any such thing as Internet privacy. If you think that you still have any privacy on the Internet, then you are either ignorant of what is going on or you are being delusional.

WASHINGTON -- An influential organization with ties to the White House came under fire recently for attacking Christian news outlets.

Now, CBN News has obtained a document showing that the very foundation of the group known as Media Matters for America is built on anti-Christian bias.

As part of its strategy, Media Matters frequently targets Christian organizations in an effort to counter what it views as pro-Christian "bias in news reporting and analysis by the American media."

Vince Coglianese, a reporter with The Dailer Caller, has investigated the Media Matters' attacks on Christian organizations.

"Media Matters, in its application to the IRS--outright, in the very first paragraph--declares it's going to be an anti-Christian organization," he said.

David Brog, executive director of Christians United for Israel, believes the Media Matters' targeting of Christians is connected to its anti-Israel views.

"They want to take on what they see as a Christian-influenced media and Christian-influenced policy, and no better place to start than with the issue of Israel and with attacking U.S. support of Israel," Brog told CBN News.

It's a brave new world indeed, but these steps are necessary for what is to come in the near future.


Ally said...

It is so hard for me to understand why nobody seems to care and nobody is waking up. Its like part of the people REALLY get it and the other part just doesnt care!
Our Congress has really failed us miserably! And yes, I do call and write! They have the ability to stop all of this tomfoolery. But they are not going too! Greedy stupid people.
Those who dont study history are doomed to repeat it!
I see whats coming . Its coming very fast too! It could be stopped, or at least slowed down but people are too busy pretending it cant happen here!
I had to get over worshipping america. It was crushing to me, a person who loved her greatness, what she stood for, to finally lay her aside. She was an idol to me. Like a great sinking ship, she is about to go belly up.
Id leave but where would I go? Canada maybe but nau will have us as one nation shortly. And Mexico, well lets just say there us a definate reason all rhe gangs in the borderarea have been massively equiped with guns by our govt. 3 guesses what rhats about guys!
I pray we are outta here really before it gets too bad! But I am trying to emotionally and spiritually prepare myself for if we dont!
The signs are increasing so quickly, I cant imagine us here, at this pace, for longer than say 5 years. Its hard to even imagine what the world will be like this time next year. Barely recognizable, I have a feeling.
Im waiting to see where we are by the 9th of Av this summer. Something will happen by then, I think. Those Jewish Holy Days and remembrance days, something always seems to go along wirh them.
Im getting weary guys, really I am very very tired. I want to go home. I really want to go home. I wanna go home before our nation completely tanks. I wanna go home before some dummy nukes anything, I wanna go home before Fukushima totally melts. I wanna go home.
I will run the race guys. I know the finish line is coming up soon, one foot in front of the other. He is coming to take his children home, his bride. My ear is cocked constantly listening for the shofar!
Everyday is one day closer to going home!

Shazza said...

Hi Ally

Hang is there girl, remember Jesus wont give us more than we can cope with. I know its scary but we have got to hang on to our faith and pray against the evil one constantly, my daughter and I find that we are under attack much more these days.

As I type this, behind me the TV is tuned to Edge Media TV, I can see the picture perfectly but no sound and its been like that for hours. I dont know if there are people out there who are tampering, funny how we can hear the other channels. We are praying that if the Lord Jesus wants it to be heard he will make a plan.

I am so thankful to you all for this site as its a Godsend.
God Bless you all

WVBORN56 said...

Good question Ally? I do think people care but at this point it is like trying to stop a speeding train. We are to far along and the media has kept the truth from the public

People are choosing totalitarianism over freedom and will deeply regret their choice. When they wake up it will be too late. I am unwavering in my hope and belief we will miss the worst of what is coming.

Revelation 6 occurs after the church has been raptured and all we are witnessing now is the build up to the great tribulation.

TPB can't launch thier one world global "utopia" until the American light has been extinguished.

I don't think the light goes out until we (church) are gone.

Personally, I am having the TEE trans echocardiogram on Monday AM to see what the exact problem is with my heart. I'll update hopefully Monday evening. I am very appreciate of your prayers.

Anonymous said... will be in my prayers! Keep us updated

Dutch Treat said...

Ally, WV, I also believe people do care; but a certain numbness has crept over the world with everything that's going on. The reason for that is unlike Born-Again Christians they have no clue where it all leads to. Thanks be to God we do; and that he will spare us from the worst of it. WV, I will certainly keep you in my prayers.

hartdawg said...

Ally....I'm trying desperately to get used to the idea that we may still be here for a long,long timr and will endure difficult, trying times. I'm starting to think that with the signs that the cart is in front of the horse. Gog/magog occurs before the tribulation and Isaiah 17 before that....probably a long time before that cuz isreal needs to "dwell safely" before gog/magog and that'll take time. I HOPE I'M WRONG AND IF I AM PROVE IT.....PLEASE!!!

Scott said...

"Dwell Securely" is a better translation, and currently, militarily Israel is more secure than they have ever been. I wouldn't let that change your views.

Additionally lets not forget that the beginning of birth pains was unequivocally during the WWI era, and we are drawing very close to the end of the generation.

Also - look at it this way: There are two scenarios with Iran.

1) Iran gets a nuke - in which case they will most certainly use it as a means to bring forth the destruction of Israel, and in turn the Mahdi


2) Israel takes out their nuke facilities, which according to almost everyone, will trigger huge wars in the region.

IMO - both of the above scenarios are very close and either scenario would most likely blow the powder keg, triggering Isa 17 and Gog-MaGog. (why? Because no other big wars are mentioned biblically at this point on the time-line).

Also - don't forget. Jesus WANTS us to view these end times events with a sense of urgency and a sense of imminence.

I think a sense of "it won't be soon" comes from the great deceiver, not from God...

Just my 2 cents :)

Annie said...

Thanks for this reply Scot...I usually get down when I hear people say we could have years yet! Even though I know the time is near..God bless. This site helps me sooo much.

Anonymous said...

I think believers KNOW, they can just sense it in the air so to speak...that we dont have much longer here. I didnt feel this way even a few years ago. Something is different, we can see every piece fitting together so perfectly now. My fellow Christian brothers and sisters at my church also feel an incredible sense of urgency to spread the gospel to as many people as we can..the time is near. I, for one, cant wait! Come quickly Lord!

Scott said...

Thanks Annie, thats always good to hear :)

Anon - I agree. I thin the HS tells us that the time is near - in concert with the abundance of signs around us. Also "we can see every piece fitting together so perfectly now" is a biggie IMO. And it is astonishing that so many different (and in many cases unrelated) pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

Cary said...

My 82 year old father was just telling me this afternon how you can feel something in the air. Oh great to come here and find others feeling the same thing!

WV will pray for you .. keep us posted.

Love to all my brothers and sisters!


hartdawg said...

Just to clear this up...i can't conceive us having more than 5yrs left. but then these thoughts keep coming. scott i agree with your first comment

WVBORN56 said...

I don't see how the world economy and Middle East can keep from imploding very much longer. We have been looking at potential tipping points for months. We absolutely have to be close to going home. We are not here for Revelation 6 or IMO Gog-magog.

As I have said before, I do not believe the church is present for either Biblical war. I am more certain about Ezekiel 38-39 than Isaiah 17 but because the Bible is not specific on the timing I can't be dogamatic. They both seem to be more OT in nature and it also appears to me that God has turned his attention back to Israel thus my conjecture that the church is gone. What if Jesus comes back tonight? Have we individually done all we can to serve the Lord?

So in the mean time we should be keeping our eyes on Jesus and praying and witnessing so the fullness of the Gentiles will come in. Tomorrow is the Lord's day. We could be praying for the pouring out of God's spirit in our churches so alters will be full...adding to the number of brothers and sisters. Let's pray for a big harvest tomorrow. In Jesus name. Amen.

Thanks Cary, Dutch and others for your prayers for me too.


hartdawg said...

WVborn 56....I wish there was a "like" option for your comment :)

Anonymous said...

bottom line is this >>>>>>

12, 700 ON THE DOW !!!!

read that twice please.

I have said it alot already

ONCE THAT LEVEL gets taken out,
then bulls are in HUGE trouble.
I notice that the POWER BROKERS
are desperate as HELL to stop
a EURO crash with help from the
IMF......yeah, whatevers, I have
heard all that before...

ain't gonna work, I tell 'YA.


just watch next week on that 12, 700.....on the dow >>>>>>

IF that happens soon, then I agree
with Scott, that rapture could be very quick after that >>>>>>

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother WV, :)
Have Prayed for you Brother, and we will continue to Pray for you!
FWIW, I had one of those heart echocardiograms a lonnnggg time ago, and it was an interesting experience. All was good, and Praying all is good for you too!
God Bless You Brother!

mary said...

wow! excitement seems to be in the air. I agree with all of you, I sense we are going home soon.The jigsaw puzzle is nearing completion.
WV, will be praying for you.

Scott, thankyou for all you do to make this a place where we can all come and be encouraged in our fellowship with one another.

WVBORB56 said...

Thanks to all for your prayers. They are very much appreciated.

Ally said...

Wv make sure to keep us updated. Many prayers have gone to the Father for you!
Hartdawg-your Lucy icon is sooo representing my emotions right now!!!!
Thanks guys. Im getting really antsy. I love ya'll so much!

mary said...

Dear Ally, we all love you sooooo much too!enjoy your comments too.

Caver said...

WV, prayers from here too. He always finds a way for us. Ain't it great to be the kid of the Most High

Agree, its close. The believers that aren't clued in to the end days know "somethings" different.

Shucks, even the yet...feel it. They can't verbalize it normally, but they know it. Its a great opening to deliver "The Message".

Mrs C and I discuss it often...Obama is he difference...he's the world wide catalyst and least in our view.

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