Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Soros Back In View

We continue to follow Mr Soros and his activities for the usual reasons:

And the above list is just a small sample. Now to today's news - the first article just serves as an introduction:

Newly recently released tax documents, examined and analyzed by Tina Trent, reveal how billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros expanded his U.S.-based empire by using funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also known as the Obama stimulus. Soros and Obama worked hand-in-glove through the stimulus, which has been called the largest single partisan wealth transfer in American history.

In 2010, tax records show that Soros, a convicted inside trader with extensive knowledge of the American financial system and government policies under Obama, deployed grantees from his Open Society Foundations to lobby for and acquire federal contracts for job training, green energy, and community redevelopment programs. By gaining control over those resources, Soros advanced his agenda for “green economics,” open borders, and increased government handouts. In short, he grew his empire, which includes much of the “progressive” movement in the U.S., as the federal government itself grew.

The article below is lengthy and gives every detail on this situation - the paragraphs below simply represent a tiny sample of the information contained in this thorough review:

This report analyzes George Soros’s grants to organizations in 2010. The records show massive coordination of non-profit networks in the states and nationally. Four powerful organizations and coalitions — The STAR Coalition, The Gamaliel Foundation, the Apollo Alliance, and Green for All — are given detailed scrutiny in this regard, with the involvement of Van Jones getting special mention. Jones is the former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” fired after information about his communist past surfaced through the work of anti-communist blogger Trevor Loudon and then-Fox News personality Glenn Beck. The lobbying power of such efforts ensured that stimulus funds flowed from taxpayers into union coffers and into the hands of other activists who had been instrumental in putting President Obama into office.

This report, “Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire,” includes an analysis of how Soros-funded organizations and networks operate, the strategies used to steer stimulus money to special interest lobbies, and an explanation of how taxpayers were forced to subsidize the “progressive” movement in the U.S. However, only Congress, with its investigative powers, can get to the bottom of how this money was spent and into whose coffers it ultimately ended up.

John Lott, an economist and co-author with Grover Norquist of the just released Debacle: Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future, writes that the Obama stimulus was “a massive partisan wealth transfer — the largest single transfer in American history.” In his book,Throw Them All Out, Peter Schweizer reveals that Soros helped craft the stimulus then invested in companies benefiting from it.

By the time hundreds of billions in federal Recovery Act dollars started flowing to the states, George Soros’s grantees were poised to take advantage of key provisions of the stimulus package. This is unsurprising, for Soros had already distributed grants to dozens of activist groups who lobbied for inclusion of those provisions. These organizations were then first in line for stimulus funds earmarked for “green jobs training,” “neighborhood stabilization” and other activist-driven projects.

For Soros, and the activist network he supports, the stimulus program represented a once-in-a-generation opportunity to play Robin Hood with other people’s money. The Obama administration earmarked $787 billion, and much of that was for precisely the types of activities Soros favors: jobs programs, green jobs programs, green jobs programs for felons, “food justice” activism, mortgage assistance that transferred private debts to taxpayers, “neighborhood stabilization” and “weatherization” schemes that enriched community organizers, billion-dollar loans to “sustainability” start-ups, federal subsidies for schools, and social service money-sinks like Head Start. Meanwhile, Soros found other ways to meddle in the stimulus. Many Open Society grantees received funds from Soros specifically earmarked to demand “equity” and racial diversity in the distribution of Recovery Act funds.

Of the organizations involved in the Soros effort, several are worth mentioning at this point. Green for All was founded by Van Jones, the communist “Green Jobs” czar forced to resign from the Obama Administration; the Apollo Alliance was advised by former Weather Underground terrorist Jeff Jones; the Center for Community Change; and the Transportation Equity Network, a project of the Gamaliel Foundation, which gave Barack Obama his start in community organizing and has connections to Marxist elements in the Catholic Church.

As Cliff Kincaid points out, “When the list of donors to the Van Jones Green for All organization is examined, one name stands out — the Open Society Institute of billionaire George Soros. The Green for All 2008 annual report is also notable for the pictures of the powerful people who associated with Jones. They include House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Al Gore.”


Anonymous said...

wow, scary stuff. I am so glad I belong to the Lord, or I would be scared.
I think Obama will get relected for a second term. I hope not, but I have a feeling he will, and if he does, I feel it is for the purpose of having a part in biblical prophesy.
Can you imagine 4 more additional years of the current President where we will be. Interesting stuff.

My thoughts anyway.

WVBORN56 said...

Kay you may be right but my feeling all along has been that Obama surely would not be re-elected unless the church has been raptured.

You are correct in that he fits perfectly into end time events like the OWG and OWE. He is clearly a globalist to the max. He is dismantling the America we all know/knew and loved at an amazingly rapid pace.

I still think there are enough good people who will defeat him if the saved people are still here. :)

My gut as I observe the signs tells me we may very well be gone. Things seem to be in place for the tribulation to start. If not he could certainly steal the election but my hope is he wins because the church is at the marriage super of the lamb!


BWest said...

Good morning all. I tend to agree with Kay. I have serious doubts about Romney being able to beat Obama in the general election (for that matter, I had serious doubts about all of the Republican primary candidates).

This may sound way off in conspiracy land, but with Romney as the presumed candidate and most of the Republican heavy weights sitting out, it almost seems like the Republicans aren't really trying to beat Obama. I hope I'm wrong, but a romney victory in November seems unlikely.

It's all in the Lord's hands anyway, so I'll trust the outcome, whatever it is, as being part of his plan.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with that too. I am so ready to just be with the Lord! I truly pray He comes quickly!


Helen said...

I will have to say I tend to agree with Kay about the election. I have heard many Christians say, "they will just sit this one out, because they cannot vote for a Mormon."

We all know that the Lord sets up governments and He takes them down, so whatever happens, He is in control!

What a blessing and comfort to know this.


Ally said...

WV-i love u so much :) and I so "hope" you are right! I really really do! None of us know exactly, not even the angels! Sorta lije knowing when Israel is going to strike Iran! thats a joke of course, for those who are ynable to detect my tongue n cheek!
I would like to believe also that electing someone other than him for President might change things. But as you know with me, I think if you are at that level, you are corrupted! O Vey! Smack hand on forehead! Poor Bibi, maybe he will wait til the election to do it, hoping to get a little backup.
I think our inly option is to pray. A lot! And a lot more!
I tried to imagine obummer on hishands n knees eating grass in the field, since he thinks he is way cooler than king neb but was startled by a "I got something way bigger than that planned for him" Holy Spirit moment. Uh oh! (say with scooby doo voice)
So all kidding around aside guys, I dont want anyone to lose their faith or turn away from the Father. Thats why Im always trying to leave that door open for things to happen in an unexoected way. I dont want to see people turn away if we arent outta here when people exactly expect.. I personally think stiff necked, hard headed, we are so cool, super sinful america just aint gonna get with rhe program til the cable and satellite goes down, their fridge is empty and the enemy isat rhe gate. And that just to get their attention. And he is willing none should perish so...Im expecting a big shake up prior to our exit. Id like for him to swoop down and get me before it starts to get ugly but Im not countung on it. Im definately counting in him to come get me rhough. :)
It is getting close peope, very close! I cant wait for my glorified body cuz this one is tired.

Anonymous said...

"they will just sit this one out, because they cannot vote for a Mormon."

and 'they' know that full well! divide and conquer the christian vote so who better than a Moron! imho

Up Up and away..........

Gary said...

Pope Malachy Prophecies:
Supposedly Pope Malachy envisioned the succession of the popes. And that after this current pope, will have one final pope. In the news recently it has been said that the pope is in ill health and that he may retire soon. I have always looked at this as a sign that the rapture may be near.
But then I thought, this pope will not die, but will be raptured when the event happens. All of the hierarchy of the Vatican that is made up of truly believing Christians will be gone.
Hence, the "false church." I dunno...just a thought. Gary

Anonymous said...

Ive heard that the "false church" might be a mixture of Catholic and Muslim or Islam mixed up. I would love to know Scott's thoughts on this. Those are two of the biggest "religions" making up a huge part of the population.

Ally said...

Gary-ooooo, hadnt lookedatit that way before. Excellent critical thinking! Everyvodys comments are awesometoday!
Jesus-we are waitibg and watching and lookung up! Hurry up please! I dont want to be here for the election.I wanna be home with you! Amen!
Remember guys, meeting at the Tree of Life! See you there!

Anonymous said...

well, hmmmm..I guess the Pope could be raptured. For some odd reason I never thought about that one!

Anonymous said...

Gary, that is very interesting. I too have never considered that.

Dutch Treat said...

I agree we may very well be gone before the election. If not it is a mistake to sit it out just because Romney is a Mormon. He is by far the lesser of the 2 evils. It would also be an affront to all the servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives to give us the right to vote. You'll never find the perfect candidate as Jesus Christ is not running for President; but then he doesn't have to. All he has to do is wait for a cue from the Father, say Ready or not, here I come; and the whole world will be powerless to stop Him.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the Catholic Church was a false religion. How can a Leader who thinks He is in place of God, leader of a false religion be raptured? I don't get that one at all.
But, only God knows the heart.

WVBORN56 said...

Amen Dutch! A mormon is better than a muslim...sad but true. Also a moderate is better than a communist.

The latest poll had Romney over Obama by 48-43% but that lead evapoates to a big loss if the church is gone.

I think the stage is set Ally and all the pieces seem to be in place for the tribulation to start. The only hold up is the fullness of the gentiles and God's mercy for the lost.

If God tarries I will be selfishly disappointed but will rejoice in the addition to the number included in the church. We don't want to leave anyone behind who desires to be saved. God has it all figured out and we can rest in his good and perfect will.

We just need to keep our eyes on Jesus and finish the race strong as we are encouraged in Hebrews 12:1-2. When we take our eyes off him and look at America swirling down the drain we become discouraged. So we need our eyes fixed on our blessed hope!

See you at the tree of life :)

Come Lord Jesus!

Ally said...

Well, the key to heaven is the belief Jesus is the son of God, died for the sins of the world, arose in the 3rd day, seated with the Father. I think you might be able to get by with just believing he died for you and accepting him into your heart. (i am no theologin, but thats my guess from reading the Word)
So as far as that takes us, Im pretty sure most Catholics believe that, includung the Pope. There ia an awful lot of wacky idolatry, poor doctrine, power struggle etc in the organization but as induviduals who believe at least the basic tenants of Jesus acceptance, that would qualify for rapture ready. Our perfection is through Christs blood not ourselves!
The Pope is the head of the churchsorta like a ceo position til Jesus returns. He is not a replacement of Jesus, just sorta trying to manage the estate til the owner returns. So yes, he could be raptured as long as he believes.
Brother Gary really put a new idea out there this morning and changed the whole perception of the game plan. Im gonna think and pray on that one for quite awhile!
Hope that helped. I am no authority on the RCC but thats a waaaay simplified version.

WVBORN56 said...

I'm sue there are many saved catholics...but here is the key..

"Ephesians 2: 8-9 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast."

The saving tennant of catholicism is faith plus works and as this verse clearly points out it is all all about the grace of Jesus. It is all about Him!

If our works can save us then Jesus went to the cross for nothing. And how much works are enough to save us?

Could the pope be saved? sure...Martin Luther was a catholic who figured it out. Maybe the Pope has to...but if so he apparently has remained quiet about it.

Thank you Jesus for paying my sin debt that I could never ever pay for on my own.

Dave Down Under said...

I've always believed the false church to be the individuals operating in the church as pastors, teachers, deacons etc but who aren't truly born again. They possess a lot of knowledge about the things of God and an academic relationship with the bible but through unrepentance and cowardice they agree with the world and try to conform, making themselves and their brand of Christianity, "world compliant".

I believe the false church to be scattered amongst all the denominations at present. But it will take the rapture or a world dictator (who will bring in persecution of Christians) to seperate the false from the true. Then we'll see one big mixing pot of ecumenical unbelief conforming to the belief of the day. And if the Lord tarries the true Christians will be hiding in caves singing the old hymns in praise and worship to God, waiting for the blessed hope of Jesus Christ.

Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...

I agree there are many catholics that exercise simple faith in Jesus with out knowing all the details of their religion but I don't think any of the Popes could possibly be saved. All the Popes take the same name of pontiff maximus just like all the roman emporers and it is the high priest of the roman mystery babylon religion that worships Baal. There are many books on the roman mystery babylon religion that say the same thing. Some one posted a link to yutube video a while back about all the common links between RCC and Islam and mystery babylon. Maybe some one can find it again. All the Popes falsely claim to be Christian and to speak in the place of God but they know they worship Baal-Lucifer. So I can't see how any of them could be saved unless they had a death bed conversion but I can't see that happening to some one who has spent their whole life being a high priest of Lucifer and a deceiver.

Gary said...

I should've said "may" not die (the pope). But it seems logical that if a bunch of born again Christian priests being raptured that it would make it much easier for the "false church" to come into power...just sayin.

WVBORN56 said...

Dave down under...I think your comments were H.S. inspired...well said brother.

Dave Down Under said...

Hi anon or Gary I think it is. I agree with you brother that the RCC is the old Roman Empire, "baptized" or "christianised". And the Pope is counted as "Vicor of Christ" or "Christ on earth". The arrogance in this institution of the the Papal authority is mind blowing and I reckon any man who submits to this office must be a sandwich short of a picnic if he thinks he can be Christ on earth.

I will say though it's possible that Godly men have ascended to the office from a calling of God, but at the end of the day they only preside over the catholic institution and have no real authority over Christ's actual church. So any authority displayed is really fluff and wind when it comes to the actual Kingdom if heaven.

Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...

I have friends who were Catholics who are now born again Christians. They will be the first to tell you that they never had a relationship with Jesus. They truly never even saw Him as their mediator since confessions are told to a priest and then the priest issues a "discipline" to atone for their sins...thereby voiding the the sacrafice of Jesus essentially. They also rever Mary almost as much as Jesus Himself. They also believe that you can be baptized as an infant into salvation into the church...they do not require a repentant heart or to be born again. It was not until these dear people sought Gods truth (although we know it was God seeking them) and truly trusted Jesus as their only Savior that they realized the emptiness of the religion they were in....Praise God that they are now in His family!

Mrs.C said...

Whew, what a relief, that others Salvation is what Jesus knows for sure, not us.:) Its a one on one relationship with Him, and will be so when we stand before Him. :)
Denominations are ridiculous, and mean nothing to our Lord and Savior! and only He Truly knows His Sheep, we dont. As Brother Dave says, the Church is pretty spread out among all denominations. For me personally, it doesn’t really matter who the false prophet, nor the ac are, we wont be here PRAISE GOD! Plus we are to be looking up! Most important of ALL, is what does His Word say, what does Jesus Himself say about this? He makes it very, very clear in Revelation 3. EVEN THE DEAD CHURCH of Sardis, Jesus makes it clear, there are those among them that are worthy to walk with Him, AND will be clothed in white! At the same time, He is clear the Blessing we as Watchers have! He will not surprise us as a thief!

Revelation 3:1-4

1.And unto the angel of the church in Sardis write; These things saith he that hath the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars; I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.
2.Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God.
3.Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.
4.Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy.

God Bless!

Dave Down Under said...

Praise God for their salvation anon.

Timely word Mrs C.

Anonymous said...

“For me personally, it doesn’t really matter who the false prophet, nor the ac are, we wont be here PRAISE GOD! Plus we are to be looking up! Most important of ALL, is what does His Word say”

Yes, PRAISE GOD! I do so agree that we are to have no worries about who the false prophet and ac is going to be. Its as you say, so we are to keep our eyes on Jesus with THE Truth of THE Faith (once delivered to the saints) with the WHOLE counsel of God like Paul did. He kept nothing back and even tho we won’t have to experience the false prophet, the ac and the trib, its still part of the whole counsel of God and this verse has been impressed on me .

1Peter 1:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and [be] ready always to [give] an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

The hope that is within us includes escaping the nasties of ac and the trib. If we get asked what is the rapture about and why the Church isn’t involved, we need ready an account of that. God will teach and bless us even thru the teaching about ac and the trib as its HIS Word as much as the rest.

2Timothy 2:16,17 All Scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. :)

Anonymous said...

mrs C,
just for sake of discussion
vs.3, If therefore thou shall not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour i will come upon thee.

Does this mean, If we watch, we will know the hour , and he will come no more as a thief.
therefore watch.

WVBORN56 said...

Anon, I just read a J Kelley article from Grace and Truth that basically said people who use "Jesus is coming back as a thief in the night" and "no man knows the day or hour" are usually folks who are often saying I don't want to think about it and really hoping it is some far off in the future event.

He also indicated both of these thoughts given by several biblical authors have this in the context of the second coming and not the rapture. That was a bit of a surprise to me.

He however did not answer the question you are asking Mrs. C. I am still inclined to believe we can know the season but not the day or hour of the rapture since it is a signless event but there is no doubt in my mind we are in the season and most likely the end of the season of waiting.


Anonymous said...

despite many signs, earthquakes, rumors of wars, blood moons, what event should be we watching that we can say that rapture is a week away or a day?
and if we are left behind what event should we be need to be aware of to truly says we are left behind?

Anonymous said...

There are no signs given for the rapture as it has always been an any moment event from the time of the Apostles. Paul said "then WE which are alive and remain" so Paul believed Jesus would come back in his life time.
Those left behind will be very aware that the Church has gone from the earth and they are still there with world wars breaking out after the covenant with Israel is confirmed for seven years by the ac. There will be lots and lots of signs for them to see then.

Anonymous said...

is this world war 3, what is this covenant with israel?

Dave Down Under said...

The 'to be AC' guy who will sign the peace treaty, Im guessing, will be a brilliant Diplomat who's on the verge of being asked to be world President. Everyone's gonna be fed up with the ME issue and other skirmishes around the planet, and this guy will have proven to be a brilliant negotiator/peace maker in all of these incidences. Israel will be on the back side of a major conflict and this conflict will be the catalyst for his elevation in his cozy new spot.

I'm guessing the 'covenant' he will sign will be primarily a ME peace treaty with a 'strings attached' period of seven years, probably with the intention to be revised at the end of the period.

The first 1260 day REV 11: 3-10 interval will, IMO, see the two witnesses stand in the temple and preach day in, day out against the evils of Satan and the man of sin. Everyone's gonna love this new guy because of his charm, charisma, and world class diplomacy, and get fed up with the witnesses. In the end the witnesses get killed because they allow it. Meanwhile Israel will be settling into its first 3.5 years of unprecedented peace, so much so they'll probably scale back their defense forces to 'skeleton staff' levels whilst they pump large amounts of finances into infrastructure rebuilding and other such capital works.

The second 1260 day interval will, IMO, see the AC turn on Israel and start his persecution of the Jews. The Jews will be so shocked at their betrayal and the level of violence displayed by the AC that they will be forced to flee into the desert and hide. This period of time will also see GOG and its ME/African alliances being dragged down by its jaw to add to the devestation of the land of Israel. I'm guessing AC will be faced by these various marauding countries challenging his dominance as world leader during this time because I get the impression the Bible doesn't say that the AC is in charge of the GOG invasion.

After Israel's devestation Jesus comes back to reign a millennium. I'm no expert WRT the above as you know. I'm just taking a guess, and by all means disagree with the above content.

Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...

isn't the two witness were killed after trumpet 6.surely its not the first 1260.
and if peace treaty , trumpet 5&6 seems to suggest wars.1/3 pop dies approx 2billion

Dave Down Under said...

Like I said, I'm not an expert but,

I'm guessing the two witnesses are in the first half of the trib because there's no way the Gentiles would be able to trample the temple with them standing there. Rev 11:4-6 is very certain of their power to "shut up the sky, their power over the waters to turn them into blood and to strike the earth with every plaque, as often as they desire". They have unprecedented power over nature and anyone who wants to harm them. Perhaps that's one of the main reasons for Israel's unprecedented peace during the first half of the 7years. The very presence of these powerful prophets of God creates a wall of protection around Israel from their ME enemies, allowing the nation to become known as 'unwalled'.

When the two witnesses are killed the power of God is also in effect removed from the land of Israel, making it easier for the AC to move in his spite and hatred and devestate the land of Israel. I believe the AC person will be actual an embodiment of satan. Perhaps the "beast coming out of the abyss" is Satan taking possession of the AC man and driving him to declare war on Israel at the start of the second 3.5 year period.There is no way way Satan would show himself embodied while the two witnesses are operating in Gods power. He hates God and and is scared stiff of the presence of God on this earth (although it appears Satan has no problem standing in Gods presence whilst in heaven, look at the start of Job. It may have something to do with, God in heaven is love, where as on earth here, God's Spirit is a warrior).

I haven't factored in the trumpets and bowls, I appologise, but the bible makes it clear, to me, that there are fourty two months of absolute devestation in Israel along with the Ezk 38 wars. To me the only time the Ezk wars could happen is during the 42 month devestation of Israel.

I'm sorry I can't be of much help anon but it's really interesting to throw ideas around. Scott and Mrs C and Caver are the elders here and they may have totally different ideas.

Hope your having a good day/night.


Dave Down Under said...

Just something else I noticed the other day whilst reading my Bible.

I know of a few denominations that believe that the Catholic church to be the seat of the AC power. It can't be. Why not I here you ask? Even though the catholic church ruled for a period of 1260 years from 538-1798 AD, which is very similar to what the scriptures describe, the Papacy had its power taken away at the END of the 1260 years. The scriptures clearly say in Revelations that the AC has his life taken away and RETURNED DURING the same period. In 1798 the catholic church lost its power by Napoleon's invasion and capture of the Pope. And to this day they have been waiting/longing to regain that dominance. But their dominance ended at the end of their 1260 year reign, we're as stated in scripture the AC has it taken and returned during the 1260 day period.

Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...

maybe the outer courts is reserved for gentiles, and thats the one they will trample, though i do not know how they are going to trample, dont know what this means.
Are you certain it is peace treaty, coz it will mean peace for a period of time, contrary to revelation events.
there is this conqueror, the locust then the 4 angels of euphrates which killed 1/3 men, it is just the opposite of peace.
maybe the papacy is the false prophet instead of the AC.

Anonymous said...

maybe the outer courts is reserved for gentiles, and thats the one they will trample, though i do not know how they are going to trample, dont know what this means.
Are you certain it is peace treaty, coz it will mean peace for a period of time, contrary to revelation events.
there is this conqueror, the locust then the 4 angels of euphrates which killed 1/3 men, it is just the opposite of peace.
maybe the papacy is the false prophet instead of the AC.

Dave Down Under said...

Hi anon,
Revelations chp12 & 13 are the central theme chapters of the book, I believe. They give a basic description of what is being discussed in this book of prophecy, Namely, the one world government and it's wonderful leader, AC and Israel.

The chapters before and after chp 12 & 13 goes into greater detail of what will happen during the 42 months of 12&13. For instance you see in chp 6 a progressive description of the AC deceptive nature to the second coming of Christ.

The other thing is that Revelations deals with two fronts; Israel and the world population in general. For example chp 13 in particular talks about the false prophet's dealings with the world population in enforcing the mark of the beast.

I hope the above info can help you understand what your trying to put together. If you keep in mind that Daniel deals primarily with israel's future with the AC. Revelations deals with Israel, AC and the population in general, God's dealings with humanity in using nature and demons to try and bring humanity to repentance.

As far as the peace treaty goes anon, remember Daniel 9:27 is dealing with Israel. If you look at my two previous posts I've suggested some possibilties which may help you link everything up in your mind.

The possibilty of a future pope being the false prophet is a definate maybe.