Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hal Lindsey's Latest Update

It's a good one. In this update he stresses the issue of faith and it is a very powerful message:


Ally said...

I had something really lift my spirit tonight so I thought I would share! I cant do a link on my phone but it is aloha bible prophecy april 29, 2012 with pastor j.d. Farag. WV-this one is for you and caver n cary and everybody else! Wooooohooooooooo Im feeling so much better. Encouraging word! Lovn you all! Maranatha!

DrNofog said...

Thanx so much for this diabetic info the other day, for not only just finding this, but actually making the decision, out of all the prophetic M.E. news, that this was newsworthy enough to post the link to Health blogger threatened with jail time for advocating Paleo diet that cured his diabetes!

In this increasingly, rapid-paced world of "[Dis]-Information Overload", what are the Chances, like the proverbial "Needle in a haystack" that you would, By happenstance, run across, out of all the "news" that is out there, ...this very-much-needed, diabetic info, and Fortunately for all of us who are dealing with it [esp. my wife], then "**Choose**", Out of the clear blue, to include it in your news-posts?!?

In contrast, for some strange "reason", I am increasingly finding more comfort in these Words:

"...chosen us in him before the foundation of the world..." [Ephesians 1:4]
"...was **foreordained** before the foundation of the world..." [1 Peter 1:20]
" the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God..." [Acts 2:23]
...especially when I ponder His **specific** Word "determinate" that He deliberately used --in relationship to "counsel and foreknowledge..."!! -- Wow!!

When I finally Happened onto this, "A Day late, and a Dollar short...", I immediately followed the Natural News link given therein: over to a wealth of diet / nutrition infomation!!

Hopefully we can still download some valuable information as much as possible, before he is completely shut down, since he has already had to shut down specific pages of his "diet menu" and other "stuff"!

Ann Marie said...

Dr NoFog,
Another great documentary that I found very informative is called forks over knives-- you can watch it instantly via Netflix and they also have a website. They show a man who was on $600 /month for diabetes/hypertension/cholesterol mess go to a plant based diet and within two weeks on no mess at all.
There are some great resources out there and hopefully your wife can benefit from them.

Ally said...

Hi Doc! Oh how I have missed you! Type 2 is almost always curable by diet and exercise! Its really a simple theory. Your body makes enough insulin for you up to a certain setpoint weight. If you become heavier than that weight, your body no longer can produce enough insulin for the larger you. There are certain chemicals and food adulterations that destroy or lower our ability to process sugars. (ie. High fructose corn syrup is a big one! Its nit allowed in the food supply in europe) and there are many more. The basic guideline I use is as much fresh and frozen veggies as possible! No white breads, no breads with anything you cant pronounce. Eat clean lean proteins and exercise everyday. Walking is fine. Eliminate processed foods as much as possible. Keep an eye on her blood sugar when you start because within the first week of eating healthy you will probably see a huge difference!
My mom was in 3 diabetic meds and within a few months she had 2 go off all meds.
Jus a side note here, when I was a practicing nurse, I noticed all the pharmaceutical companies that made the "cures" for cancer were the same companies that made the chemicals that cause cancer. Same thing with our food supply. Thats why Monsanto is trying to take over and gmo us to death literally! There newest thing is their gmo corn (if which 85% of our corn in the usa is monsantos gmo corn) roundup no lionger works with it so they are currently attempting to get our govt approval to use Agent Orange to spray on the fields.
Well, just remember to say grace over everything you eat! I always ask for him to bless it and turn it inti health and nourishment for our bodies.
Even though Jesus dud not specufically mention contanimated food as a sign for his coming, I take it as a sign personally. He made pure food and water for us and for our health. Its just another attack by the enemy. Oh imagine that!
How I love you all so very much! The spring is back in my step, baby, we are soooooo close! Hal Lindsey says everytime he gives an altar call, he wonders if that person saying yes is going to be the one that is the fullness of the gentiles and flips the switch for the ride home. I think I will pray for that for Hal. Thats a nice reward for a lifetime of service, don't you think?
MARANATHA! Pray for the fullness of the gentiles!