Sunday, July 3, 2011

News From The Epicenter

Today's news seems to be concentrated in and around the epicenter:

Rocket Attack Rattles Negev Residents

Terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza resumed rocket fire on the western Negev Sunday morning.

The IDF has not retaliated but, based on previous incidents, it will likely do so in the next 24 hours. Response to rocket attacks usually consists of bombing rocket factories and tunnels designed for terrorists to infiltrate into the Negev in order to kidnap or murder civilians and soldiers.

And, we see an important reminder:

...the primitive Kassam rockets have no guidance system, and their trajectory usually leaves Israeli residents in the Gaza Belt area in a situation of being unwilling players in “Russian Roulette.”

Gaza flotilla to set sail Monday despite numerous setbacks

The organizers of the Gaza-bound flotilla said Sunday that all operational ships will set sail on Monday, despite the numerous delays the flotilla activists had encountered in the past week.

The decision to depart on Monday was made following several days of deliberations on the subject, and the exact number of ships due to sail is still unknown.

Gazans admit said flotillas are unnecessary

Israel has maintained that the international aid flotillas that keep trying to break the Israeli maritime blockade and reach the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip are unnecessary, since no one is starving in the narrow coastal strip.

Now local Gazans are saying the same thing.

In a series of conversations with Gaza businessmen, Israel's Ynet news portal revealed that the Palestinians living there are unimpressed with the latest aid flotilla, the first ship of which set sail from Greece on Friday.

Palestinian efforts for sovereignty not limited to the UN

The Palestinian plan for achieving statehood this September is not limited to a vote recognizing a state in the United Nations General Assembly. While several overseas trips in the past month by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman have been focused on enlisting countries to vote against the expected UN resolution, Palestinians officials are discussing other measures to increase the PA’s sovereignty – either alongside the UN bid or in the case of its failure.

Another move being discussed as part of the larger Palestinian plan to move toward sovereignty in the absence of a negotiated two-state solution is one rooted in international law. PA President Mahmoud Abbas has discussed the possibility of turning to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for an advisory opinion on the bid for statehood.

Adam Yoffie, a recent graduate of Yale Law School, writing in the Yale Journal of International Law, wrote that after decades of being failed by the UN, “Palestinians are adopting a broader view of international law that is not restricted to the United Nations.”

The emergence of international legal bodies such as the ICJ and the International Criminal Court offers new opportunities to use international law to advance the prospect of statehood.

While neither a General Assembly resolution nor an advisory opinion by the ICJ would infer de facto statehood or sovereignty on the PA, he argued, it “would serve as another crucial, falling domino in the greater push toward statehood.”

Syria Fails to Deflect Criticism Onto 'Israeli Occupation'

Syria attempted to shift international focus from President Bashar Al Assad's brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters in his country by raising Israel's 'occupation' of the Golan Heights.

"The real role of the Security Council is to end the illegal occupation of Israel and the Golan," Syrian ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari argued

The discussion veered to Assad's domestic woes after Ron Prosor, Israel's new ambassador to the UN, accused Syria of sending protesters to the border to provoke Israel and violate its territory.

France's permanent representative to the UN, Gerard Aruad, also took aim at Syria and steamrollered over Jaafari's objections calling them 'hypoctitical' before going on to lambaste Assad's brutal police crackdown at great length.

"The council can not accept the hypocrisy of Syria exploiting the Palestinians to divert international criticism from Syria's internal problems. This attempt to divert international attention will not distract us from the repressive measure's Assad's regime has taken against its citizens," said Araud.

Interestingly, Syria's plan was observed by others as well.

Britain's ambassador also expressed concern over the violence employed by the regime and the riots at the Israeli-Syrian border. Germany's ambassador joined Britain its its concerns about the incidents at the border.

"The protesters were not able to get to the border without the consent of the Syrian regime, and leaders keep sending people to the border of Israel. They encouraged protesters to reach the border of Israel," Dr. Peter Wittig, Germany's permanent representative to the United Nations said.

"Syria was trying to trigger a flare-up at the border to divert attention from its internal problems. It was behind these provocations" Wittig added bluntly.

America bows before Muslim Brotherhood's rising power

The Obama Administration on Wednesday signaled that it will reestablish official ties with Egypt's rising Islamist power, the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood, while not actively involved in terrorism at present, has a very violent past and continues to support allied terror groups across the region. The Brotherhood also has a stated long-term goal of establishing an Islamic caliphate, first in Egypt, then stretching across the Middle East, and finally encompassing the whole world.

But first, the Muslim Brotherhood wants to see Egypt return to a state of war with Israel, an entity that it sees as a blight on the Muslim Middle East.

There is concern in Israel that if Washington can succumb to pressure to accept the Muslim Brotherhood, it may eventually open its arms to Hamas and Hizballah, too. After all, both of those groups also wield considerable political clout in their respective societies.

Iran: UN sanctions can't slow missile advancements

Iran's defense minister says the country's missile development shows that UN sanctions are ineffective and won't hinder defense programs.

Gen. Ahmad Vahidi says Iran's missile program is "indigenous" and has no reliance on foreign countries.

Iran on Monday unveiled underground silos that can carry missiles capable of hitting Israel and U.S. bases.

State TV broadcast footage of deep underground silos, claiming that medium- and long-range missiles stored in them are ready to launch in case of an attack on Iran. The silos are widely viewed as a strategic asset for Iran in the event of a U.S. or Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities.


Expected Imminently said...

CAUTION – to Post-Tribulationist AND Pre-Wrath brothers and sisters in Christ.

I have evidence to warn – very strongly – that Pre-wrath British author Neville ?, pen name ‘Dusty Peterson’, has devised a master plan to escape the tribulation by buying a house on the Island of Gozo, off Malta, and hiding out there with the chosen few, consisting of himself and anyone stupid enough to sign a cheque to him.

He told a single lady that in return for her parent’s assets, he will help her elderly parents to escape when the Tribulation hits. He has been pressuring a married couple to sell their home and business to help fund the ‘escape’; also an elderly man in Wales.

He has defrauded (mainly women) of their assets and inheritances to the tune of many, many thousands of £’s; not only from the U.K., but also other countries. (To date, two sums of £50,000 and £35,000 are known about and there are other unnamed people).

This has been going on for two, plus years now, and ‘Dusty Peterson’ has chosen to ignore requests for refunds and lie through his teeth with denials. His victims are being advised by Elders to go to the Serious Fraud Office, for their own sakes as well as to stop him from ripping off any more who are fearful of going through the coming Tribulation.

As yet, the victims have not taken legal action against this ‘christian brother’, presumably because of the Scripture that says don’t take a believer to court? To make matters much worse, this villain is spiritualising Scriptures to frighten, convince and deceive folk into backing his ESCAPE campaign.

All we can do is warn as many as we can, and as Posties and Prats like to keep a wary eye on this Pretrib blog, the warning will be going to a far wider audience until it is made public when the law nabs him and the Media broadcasts the case. (More shame heaped onto the church).

In my personal contact with this idiot via Bob Mitchells Shofar Postie blog (his ‘good’ friend) he was a mealy mouthed bully fully adept at Scripture twisting and context violation via Covenant Theology’s Allegory and ‘Progressive Dispensationalism’.

I can assure you I gave him several well aimed shots across his bows from The Canon. Until recently, I had always felt guilty for being so strong in contending with him for the Truth. NOW I know that my discernment of this deceiving, cheating toerag was correct.

If the name ‘DUSTY PETERSON (Neville ?) is familiar, he wrote a critique with co author Elizabeth ? about ‘ALPHA’. Having the cheek to point the finger at the heresies of others, when he is just as bad.

Perilous times have arrived!

Paula said...

I had the displeasure of meeting Dusty Peterson (if it's the same person) in a message board and was promptly banned for disagreeing with him on the Bible versions debate (he is KJVO). I then wrote my rebuttal in my blog starting here. One angry and controlling man.

Paula said...

PS: I just realized that the first commenter on my article used the name "Nev"!

Scott said...

Thanks for that heads up - I had never heard of him, but will be on the look-out. False teachings, falst teachers, false prophets --- all in this age. We shouldn't be too surprised.

Dylan said...

He's going to be surprised when he realizes (if he truly is a born again Christian) that he didn't actually need to invest in escaping the tribulation.

Anonymous said...

Oh hello and how I have missed hearing from you E.I.! I called and threw some bible verses at a prosperity preacher just this morning. How he too is bilking and milking the sheep for his own gain! All I can do is pray for the hs to convict him of his greed. How can a man who made millions of dollars last year swindling vunerable elderly widows and the such live with himself and hide behind the living word of God? Oh how I love my Lord and Savior! How can they use his word for this purpose?
Well my friends, the day is coming very very soon, where these men will stand in front of the LIVING GOD and be forced to explain their actions. As teachers they will be held to a higher standard and I can see the fire flashing from Jesus' eyes right now as I recall the incident with the money changers in the temple. It was the only time I can recall of Jesus being really angry here on earth so imagine what is waiting up ahead for them!
Keep up the good work with the GOOD WORD sister!
Maybe their punishment will be to live through the entire tribulation!
Be of good cheer! ally

hartdawg said...

My thought too dylan. And Paula if he is K.J.V.only the he should definitely be a pre trib. That version support pre trip more than any other does. and E.S.V. supports reformed calvinist covanant theology.

hartdawg said...

Hey scott... I was gonna post something different but after reading all these comments it has occurred to me that perhaps on thenext "slow" day you should address for false teachings and teachers which by the way is the number 1 sign. did you know that all the last day signs false teaching and teachers are more than anything else? You should address The prosperity gospel, amillinealism, post trib and seeker sensitive gospels. oh I almost forgot replacement theology.

James said...

Expected Imminently:

Can you tell me more about Dusty Petersen. I'v enever heard of this guy but want to be sure I can warn people if what you say is true. Thanks for the heads up on him.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Scott please do! YAY! ally

Scott said...

Not a bad idea at all...I have a big section of a presentation on that and I need to go find it (I have thousands of "slides" from various presentations and really need to clean them up but I haven't had time....I should be able to find these and 'dust them off' :)

DrNofog said...

Hey, why dint we think of that 1st?!? - After all, if posties are gullible enuff to believe they gotta go thru the Trib, then WE should be sellin'em an island hide-out from the AC!!

I gotta find me a remote island. What a way to supplement my... er, our income!

Of course, all proceeds will go towards the work of getting the Truth out to the rest of the world...

Let's see ...we'll need a dummy corporation soz they won't know we're using their money agin' em...

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone!

Just having fun with the family on this long holiday weekend. Oh....if you could do a teaching on that I would be so glad. I was sad to hear about another teacher who has fallen in the month of June alone. It breaks my heart because to the left then to the right it's all starting to shake out. I think it needs to happen but so disheartening. Let us all pray that they find the error of their ways and repent. Ally, your so right... I would not want to stand before God with that on my head. Paula, thank you so much for the info on this cruel person too! Have a great 4th all. Hopefully, God willing we can be together this time next year.

God Bless!!!


Dylan said...

If we have to go through the tribulation (which I believe we won't) the I'd want to spend my time OPPOSING the Antichrist, not RUNNING from him.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Ally
Thank you for your welcome. My stay may be short and sweet as my PC kept crashing. Its being good at the mo, and taking its medicine, so hopefully it will be better soon?

I have had a specific answer to the prayers of support said here. More later on – maybe? :)

Hello Paula

Ace article on interpretation! :)

Bayith Ministries; ‘Better than Rubies’ is the name of D.P. site wherein ensconced is the ‘Bible Version Debate’.


:D Nice one!


Expected Imminently said...

Hello James
The only other ‘Dusty Peterson’ I know of is a heavy metal horror artist, and it isn’t him as he is up-front with his deception.

Not had the dubious pleasure to meet ‘Neville’ personally, just a great deal of blogging against his allegorical interpretations of Scripture. (Which fits neatly with Paula’s encounter) Spiritualising Scripture is the net he snares his victims with.

If anyone is asked for money to fund a mission to escape the Tribulation by anybody – tell them to say ‘No’.

This is what happens when we get our Doctrine in a twist. Deceptions are bound to follow. BUT – said the goat – do you have any evidence???


I can now add the following:

An approach was made to a widow in the Moriel Australia office concerning a plan to purchase a refuge property on a remote island for some kind of eschatological escape haven stating that others known to Moriel may be interested. We are not. Fortunately the woman he contacted who is with our administrative team ignored his suggestion out of hand as crazy. Others outside of Moriel however, it seems did not.

The doctrinal position of Moriel regarding end time refuge is found on our recorded teaching tape and transcription Ëgypt , Babylon, or the Palm of God' We do not subscribe to extra biblical scaremongering notions combining eschatology with ideas borrowed from the survivalist

The individual making this representation to us and to others is Dusty Peterson, also known as Neville, who has co-authored a series of works dedicated to discernment issue such as Alpha Courses and the Toronto deception of some years ago that have what is in fact excellent
content. This literature was circulated and recommended by Moriel internationally but has since been removed from our catalogue and website.We can no longer endorse the ministry of Mr. Peterson and we do not sanction his activities in this aforementioned regard.

The documentation, penned by himself, reveals that in the UK he appoached a Christian business couple to 'mortgage up' and invest in his scheme in a small island off the coast of Malta. He pressed a vulnerable Christian spinster to mandate the assetts of her unsaved elderly parents to him for his scheme after borrowing a signficant, and as yet unrepaid, amount of money from her. To our shock he manipulatively twisted scriptural passages about Abigail and Queen
Esther to justify his actions in a manner that most would consider extortionate.

We regard Mr. Peterson's survivalist eschatology as theologically and doctrinally bogus. Whether he actually subscribes to this cultic lunacy or is merely using it as a vehicle to approach targets for money we are not certain. However we view his financial antics as unethical and predatory.

We do not however believe his co-authoress Elizabeth Mac Donald was intentionally party to anything unscrupulous.

Moriel objects to any approach or representation of a financial nature being made to anyone who became familiar with Mr. Peterson's ministry through the previous endorsement of Moriel. Our sanction of his ministry is removed and material authored by him will no longer be
available through the ministry of Moriel.

We regret this painful affair tremendously. It is personally very disappointing and a blotch on the integrity of ministries who are discernment aware if it is not addressed.

Moriel advises our readers that we do not and can not entertain the financial, doctrinal, or survivalist actions of Dusty Peterson and we in no way can lend any further credence to him or to his ministry.

Sincerely In Christ,

Jacob Prasch
Director - Moriel Ministries

Paula said...

@Hartdawg: Yes, it's unusual for a KJVO to not be pre-trib, but then I don't fit neatly into any boxes either. ;-)

@GG: You're very welcome.

@Sue: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue~

Thank you VERY much about this person :) I wondered was this the same person you had battled with a few months ago? I know it can be so tiresome but God Bless you and the fortitude to set the truth straight. I am sure some days it has to be so draining on the soul. Hang in there and please keep me posted. It makes you see just how close or far apart someone is from the Lord during times like this.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott~

I wondered did you have a chance to read this article? I saw this a little bit ago while catching up on some emails. Now OB seems to care what the people or Israel may think? Just wanted to pass this on in case you didn't see this.

Have a good evening.


Dylan said...

GG, I just read that article. Nowhere does it say that Obama supports the Jewish people. It just said that obama was worried about losing the votes of the Jewish community. It's sad that Obama would lie about such a vital issue because he's afraid to lose presidency.

Scott said...

Yep - its all about getting votes IMO

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's amazing to me when he wants something then he is willing to soften his stance on the issue. Why couldn't he consider the best interest of Israel as a whole instead of cherry picking the process now :). I keep thinking of that whole high 5'in thing with Mrs. O when he won. Like it all was just a big game. I pictured everyone just running around saying they can't believe it worked. I hoped there would have been greater changes but nothing but more destruction. :(


Anonymous said...

E.I.-tell me about your answered prayer! I love a good testimony along with a great cuppa ;) ally

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Ally

The Lord has 'moved', but until 'it' is out in the open by those concerned, it's best I keep quiet for now. Lets just say I have played my part, now it is in the hands of those who can deal with it properly.

It is a separate issue to the warning I gave above, and it leaves me glad - but sad. I will share *IF* I can, but be assured and encouraged that The Lord has answered the prayers from a few weeks ago when I needed 'lifting'.

God bless you all.