Saturday, July 9, 2011

Soros back in the news:

If you follow George Soros and his various maneuverings around the world, it is truly amazing the vast influence he has - all in a negative way if you are an American or any freedom loving person.

Soros Moves to Control American Food and Grain Production...Created price Increases and Shortages?

Financier and progressive activist George Soros is formulating a move to control food and grain production by purchasing grain elevators in late March in several parts of the United States through his Soros Managment Fund’s backed Gavilon Grain. With purchases made in March, Gavilon Grain will become the third largest grain company behind Cargill, and Archer-Daniels Midland.

Wow...This one actually leaves me speechless, and I am used to seeing these kinds of "power grabs" by Mr Soros, but this one reaches into the rhelm of surrealism.

With strong ties to the Obama administration, Soros now has both the economic, and political clout to begin consolidation of purchasing and shipping domestic agriculture around the world.

U.S. grain firm Gavilon Grain said on Thursday it will buy Union Elevator and Warehouse’s 16 grain elevators in the Pacific Northwest , the company’s second big purchase of U.S. grain facilities in the last six months.

When food brokers consolidate into just a few large companies controlling the majority of a market, then prices can be set not by supply and demand, but by corporate decisions and manipulation of supply

Once again, we see that word "manipulation" in association with Mr Soros...Usually it is financial manipulation, but now it involves food distribution and pricing. Wow again.

With George Soros’s making this move in backing Gavilon Grain’s purchases to control food and grain distribution in the United States, and becoming the third largest grain company in the country, it will lead to the same results that we see in the energy markets as oil is controlled by a small group of corporations, and the price can be dictated by an artificial control over its supply.

This is yet another fascinating and ominous development as we see Mr Soros' continued efforts to control the world.

In other news:

Obama plan: 'Spike' energy costs, kill 1.4 million jobs

Before the next article, lets also recall that Mr Soros was behind Obama's run to the presidency:

Even before he was elected president, Barack Obama warned he would "bankrupt" the coal industry if necessary and purposefully spike Americans' utility bills in order to force the nation into using less and cleaner forms of energy.

Now, industry partners warn, the White House is making good on that promise by issuing a new rule that will raise some Midwesterners' electricity bills over 23 percent by 2016 and cost an estimated 1.44 million jobs by 2020

Earlier this week, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized its new Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, which requires coal companies to dramatically cut sulfur dioxide and nitrogen emissions – which the EPA says travel across state lines and contribute to ozone pollution – by 2014.

The study details a dramatic leap in the number of coal plants that would need to be retired almost immediately to meet the EPA regulations, a consequent surge in natural gas prices to meet electricity demand, a loss of jobs at four times the pace of new energy job creation and a region-by-region projection of electricity costs through the year 2025.

And it is all being done for mythical global warming, which doesn't exist.

Also see:

The New World Order: Why The Entire Economy Is About To Change

And this

Liberalism: Out of a Job

The next article makes one want to go back and re-read Ezekiel 38-39, where it seems clear that God has placed Gog into his unique position at that particular time in history. Perhaps the author of this article is on to something here after all:

Vladimir Putin 'sent to Russia by God'

"To be honest, I think of Putin as a person who was sent to Russia by fate and the Almighty at a difficult hour," Vladislav Surkov, the first deputy administration chief, said on Chechen television, according to the Interfax news agency.

But Mr Putin has remained the country's most popular politician and has been forced to deal with at times peculiar signs of appreciations from his fans and political supporters.

Mr Putin has been made the hero of pop songs and brands of vodka and even a Moscow nightclub party.

'Air flotilla' activists clash with IDF in West Bank

Pro-Palestinian activists that managed to pass border control at Ben-Gurion Airport as part of the "air flotilla" arrived in the West Bank on Saturday and clashed with security forces in Nabi Saleh.

The incident began when a group of settlers, accompanied by security forces, went to a local spring in the area. Over 150 protesters, including those that took part in the "air flotilla," gathered at the scene. IDF soldiers reacted by firing tear gas in an attempt to disperse the protesters.

How about some good news today?

U.S. Congress Opposes PA Statehood Bid

The US House of Representatives voted 407-6 to pass a non-binding resolution backing the suspension of funds to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority should it pursue its bid for a unilateral declaration of statehood by the United Nations in September.

The resolution comes a week after the US Senate unanimously approved a similar resolution.

The House resolution also calls for the Obama administration to consider suspending aid the the PA in light of its unity deal with Hamas terror organization. The resolution is non-binding because, constitutionally, foreign policy is the purview of the President of the United States.

It may be non-binding, but at least the group (Congress) who represents "the people" have made their voices clear.

"We stand by Israel as our most valued ally. It is time for the Palestinian Authority to accept a peaceful solution to this conflict," said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va.

The administration has said the PA push for a UN vote on its statehood this fall has not helped the peace process, a point echoed by lawmakers. The US has signaled to the PA it will exercise its security council veto at the UN should the matter be brought to a vote.

"What, exactly, would UN General Assembly recognition of a Palestinian state do for the Palestinians? Absolutely nothing," said Rep. Howard Berman of California, the top Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee. "It would be seen by Israel and many others as an act of bad faith, creating yet another obstacle to successful talks."

Amen. This is welcome news in the midst of our world, as we know it, today.


hartdawg said...

When I begin reading about mr soros and his ties to the obama administration I begin thinking how the democrats are all involved in creating food and jop shortages thus manipulating and controlling the people but the fact is this, it is both democrats and republicans. I personally think it is very possible maybe even likely that's soros is already financing the campaign of the anti christ and already knows him personally.

Scott said...

I have always had that feeling as well. Not saying that Soros would be thinking that the individual is the AC (I doubt Mr Soros believes in anything in the Bible, at least based upon what he says and does).

We're in some interesting times right now, that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hartdawg-I love you so much. I'm glad you are "seeing" what is really going on. BOTH of our parties are pure evil once you get close to the top. Some representatives are just mislead but most are knowingly in this deal all the way. I notice Eric Cantor's comment. He is a weasel to the 9th degree, a member of CFR which means he is "in on it all" but as a JEW with lots of Jewish funding, he does not want to lose his support. Standing up for Israel is the ONLY decent thing he has done for our district EVER! Trust me, he is a millionaire several times over and will be able to flee immediately while all the poor Jews here will recieve the brunt end of all the bad decisions Mr. Cantor made.
Did you know, according to the us gov't terrorist list, any person who supports any 3rd party candidate, or who is ex-military, or who is against abortion, or loves Jesus, is considered a terrorist suspect and is being monitored currently? The police at all levels are being encouraged to pull, seach and harrass any person who has any type of pro america sticker on their vehicle.
I know I always get so riled up about it. I have asked for God's help and forgiveness with my anger. I just hate seeing the evilness that abounds. The republican, democrat thing is a giant scam! It is meant to create division and pain and ruin our country :( Remember how God destroyed the tower of Babel? By confusion and language. Well, that is what satan is doing to our nation. All of this has been planned for so very very long!
I pray for sore os. I wish the Lord would take him but his evil job is not finished yet. All pieces must be in place for the rise of the a.c. We are really helpless except for prayer and repentance right now. We as a nation are going to get a butt whipping very shortly, how bad of a spanking depends on our kneeling and returning to the Lord and his ways. I hope he allows enough of a wake up call for those who are blinded, so they may have a chance before the rapture.
I can say, at the least, not a day goes by now that something exciting and /or interesting occurs. My heart aches with sorrow for all the hurting people out there! But my eyes are on Christ and looking up and trying to keep renewing my mind.
Some days it is hard to believe the rapture is really going to happen. But I KNOW IT IS AND IT WILL BE INCREDIBLE SOON! Astonishingly soon! While living and possessing the land as we are supposed to be is time to start wrapping up loose ends or they will just be left dangling.
Remember, one day, there will be a trial for Mr. Sore os and guess who sits on that jury? Yep, all the saints!
Once again, my apologies for long windedness and angriness against the evil ones.
Be blessed saints! Glory to The MOst High! Amen. ally

All Glory to God! Amen. ally

Anonymous said...

Scott-I believe 100% the Mr. Sore os knows exactly what he is doing! And who he is working for! He worships money and Satan and himself. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the financier of the a.c. You know a.c. is not just in the background right now. He is ready to step out in all his finest, probably this year say sept. maybe?
All signs point to SOON! I'm sure he was most likely at build a burger this year.
Thoughts? ally

Anonymous said...

Dear Ally >>>>

No sign of AC yet...

sorry to pop your balloon, I guess
we will have to be PATIENT, right ??

I check every AM, nothing yet....

I will post or Scott will as soon
as he is revealed I am sure.

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

The DOLLAR is getting ready to
launch. Just read that Greek banks
are losing 2 Billion plus a week.

Bank run there has started...

but will get FAST soon.

Stephen >>>>>>>

hartdawg said...

Ally I agree with MOST of your statement Except for AC I have to agree with stephen. No sign of him yet But it's getting close. On a different note I don't think Putin is "Gog " the title" prince" in both ezekiel and daniel often refer to a territorial demon. I think gog Is a principality over the regions of russia. Putin i believe is heavily influenced and will be the 1 to attack

Paula said...

I still don't look for AC but for C... :-D

hartdawg said...

...Well said paula

WVBORN56 said...

It is my understanding and belief the church will not be here for the revealing of the AC. I agree with Paula that looking for Jesus is better but I also agree with Ally since our departure is most likely very soon the AC is also most likely on the scene and very well may have been at the recent Bildererg gathering but obviously not known as the AC. The powers that be have orchestrated so much of this move toward a global governance I doubt they have left to chance the man who they hope to lead the OWG. It has been highly planned so when it does take place I doubt Soros says, "Oh drat, our brilliant plan came together like a dream but who the heck is going to lead it" Okay, I'm not a polished writer but hopefully you get my drift.

Another thought just occured to me if Obama is just a "puppet" do you think TPTB think the AC will start out that way and then defect? Maybe this is way he receives a head wound. Maybe TPTB try to assasinate him for refusing to just be a puppet?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

never thought about it like that. very interesting premise! Prophecy fullfilment has taken some very interesting turns lately. That is for

Anonymous said...

Family of believers-fasten your seatbelts, keep arms and head inside the ride at all times....the next contraction begins! Numerous earthquakes across the ring of fire including 7 in Japan. And most ominous of all...two negative magnitude quakes, both at HARP (spelled wrong of course) locations. One was a 0.0 and the other a -0.3 .No one has ever seen or recorded this before and they were centered abnormally deep in the earth. No one knows what this means either since it has never happened before. From the global incident earthquake map and listing.
dutchsinse has done a video about it. i am wondering if "they" will remove the information or how "they" will explain it. ally

Scott said...

Can you give us the link(s) to this stuff?


Paula said...


He doesn't know, except that (1)negative quakes are impossible and (2) the other "antiquake" of 0.0 happened next to a HAARP facility. Perhaps they've found a way to stop the earthquakes they start?

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone~

Something has been pressing upon my heart lately with regard to these false prophets and teachers. One question I have is how do we know, truly know who is a good apple or not? The answer is we don't but we should be seeking for the right answers and do our due diligence to find out.

The other area of concern has been with regard to which organizations are truly sound to be giving to? Both are very tough. I am going to provide a couple of links for each topic. I don't know all the people or the organizations listed but it seems with these two sites they have done a great job narrowing it down so we can try to stay on the right path. I am sure it's their own opinions but I have noticed on the prophecy list they have offered for anyone to send them their feedback if they have listed wrong.

As we approach these last days our minds and our financial security needs to be handled like good stewards. I hope you find these helpful. It has helped me to stay up on the changes coming at us so fast these days.

God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott-I know Doc No Fog has tried to teach me to link but really (being old and no to tech savvy) cut and paste is the best i can do currently. lol. It looks like Paula has posted a link for dutch sinse. I view him as a freedom of information, look what is going on in the world kind of guy. I did hear him say the other day (he used the word God, but didn't say Jesus so I'm not sure if he is Christian) that the PTB have been giving him so much grief lately...he is no longer holding back anything. He says he has no job, family etc and has nothing to lose anymore. The only thing he has fear of is God, and God has already showed him when he would die so he walks with no fear. Make of it what you will. I have found his info to be reliable and I doublecheck his info as much as possible. He does have close friends who are believers though and one of them has had several attempts made on his life. I really pray for these brave men, both for safety and boldness!
There is a great place called that I go to also. It has different maps you can click on. One is earthquakes, one is disease outbreaks etc. It is very interesting.
GG-you know, I have never cared about money nor do I have any. (I literally don't even have one penny to my name.) lol. It is just a tool. My needs are met by the Father, not a piece of paper. However, I really woul like money right now so I can bless ministries that are truly doing God's work! It is very important right now, maybe more important than any other time ever, to spread the Gospel with fervor and so much love! Your sis in Christ Jesus-ally

Paula said...

Jack Kelley is starting a series, worth reading: link. Opinion, Scott?

Scott said...

I like Jack Kelly - thanks for that link!

Anonymous said...

Paula-great link! esp. for my espescopalian sp? friends who have been taught that the last book in the Bible has already occured back in Roman days! Say what? Just read the thing, will ya? lol. I have a harder time explaining stuff to Christians than I do to non believers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally-

I think God is very proud of the amount of trust and faith you put into him daily to meet your needs. That example is an awesome witnessing tool for many. We all go through different seasons of life. Some are more bountiful than others. I am a disabled woman and it was only through these past few years we had a little extra to give. God knows our heart. I can remember long ago I only had 100.00 to my name. I gave 10.00 to 10 charities. God blessed us financially in his time. Not that we are rich but he always test us to see if we are rich in spirit. So I believe in his due season he will bless you with a blessing to be a blessing. Right now I just want to make sure as we attempt to let it flow through us for his mighty purpose that we don't put it into the wrong hands of those who may be operating out of self serving purposes instead of God's wonderful plan that he designed to specifically help those in needs. That was the reason I wanted to check out some of these teachers and charities lately. I worry that I may be not properly doing my part too:). Keep up the good work. It's not just about money. Acts of service and acts of love are a form of payment in the overall plan that God has. You are rich in spirit my dear sister in Christ- don't change a thing until he shows you the next assignment. It's all about seasons of life :)

God Bless!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Paula-

Thank you for that link. I liked that wonderful way he put it. I have to admit stepping out is scary for me but we should be studying right? I will keep going back there to learn more. Thanks again :)

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

GG-Thank you so much for sharing. Yes. it is his way not mine! What a mighty God we serve. Love you, ally