Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Neo-Communism Spreads as Media Fiddle

This article simply reveals what is really important as far as news around the world - yet such news are completely ignored as the U.S. focuses on insignificant matters:

The ongoing crisis in the South China Sea, Russia’s military expansion into the Arctic, the cyber war with China, and Russian/Chinese/Cuban espionage continually perpetrated against the United States are but a few of the dangerous issues rarely, if ever mentioned, by the Liberal/Conservative media combine.

The absence of coverage of other important issues is a serious threat to the survival of the United States.

Below we see just a few examples cited:

Take as an example the soon-to-be defunct space shuttle program. The end of this American scientific and technical triumph has attracted little attention so far from Liberal or Conservative media. This is the case, despite America becoming reliant upon Russia for space travel, and as mainland Communist China applies significant resources to developing its own manned spacecraft.

Little coverage, if any, is given to the joint effort by China and Russia to establish a lunar space station.

Any consideration of Russia and China must also include those respective nations’ aggressive actions against the U.S. and its allies – another topic dangerously under-reported by both Liberal and Conservative media.

While America was nearly transfixed with the Casey Anthony trial and verdict, American allies Taiwan and the Philippines were both being threatened by neighboring mainland Chinese Communist aggression in the South China Sea, yet the Liberal and Conservative media hardly mentioned this potentially explosive situation.

America must wake up from the numbing sameness of the Liberal/Conservative media monopoly. We must be alert to the world around us. If our nation is to survive, the debate over spending and who becomes U.S. President must also include consideration of the growing international threats around us.

Alarming NOAA Data, Rapid Pole Shift

The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center maintains a data set of annual magnetic north pole coordinates going back to the year 1590, derived from early measurements from ships logs to modern day techniques.

Noting that there has been lots of reporting of pole shift lately, to the point where the phenomenon is actually causing real-world issues such as temporary airport closures, a deeper investigation was in order.

After transferring 420 years of north pole position data from the NOAA Geo Data Center, configuring it to fit in an Excel spreadsheet, adding a complicated formula to determine exact distance between 2 sets of latitude-longitude coordinates, applying the formula to each data point in the series, and then finally plotting it all in a visual graph, it is alarming to discover the amount of magnetic pole shift – just over the past 10 to 20 years.

In other words, pole shifts are not unusual, but the speed with which this shift is being observed is highly unusual:

The following fact is even more astonishing…

During the past 10 years, the magnetic north pole has shifted nearly half of the total distance of the past 50 years! In other words, the pole shift has apparently sped up substantially.

The issue now is, since the pole shift has been at 400 year record high rates during the past 10 to 20 years, the cumulative effect is now beginning to cause real-world issues.

6 Ways Food is Being Used as a Weapon

Hungry people will do anything for food, which means that those who have control over food can use it as leverage. In 1974, Henry Kissinger suggested using food as a weapon to induce targeted population reduction in a previously classified 200-page report, National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. The primary tactic to be applied is that food aid would be withheld from developing nations until they submitted to birth control policies:

Today, however, it appears that the entire globe is receiving an arsenal of food bombs as there appears to be a multifaceted attack on people's access to food. In other words, what has been an admitted tactic for nearly 40 years of controlling food aid for regional population reduction has now grown more complex and expansive.

Because of massive corporate consolidation of agriculture, centrally coordinated global regulations, a devalued commodity-dollar and unrestrained commodity speculation, chemical and genetic modification, and real or manipulated food shortages; there is indeed a war being waged -- with food as the primary weapon. Understand, this is a not purely a war on food, but rather a war on the general population.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand these tactics in order to defend against them.

Also see:

Photo Essay: Arab Arson, IDF Helplessness

More Gigantic Earthcracks - in Valley of Mexico


Anonymous said...

This is just a repost from several threads ago, and wanted to say thanks again: Wow, you guys! Reading all the replies brought tears to my eyes. What a loving bunch and spirit filled you all are. I literally could write a book about this situation. I have wrote volumes to her in letters as my emotions ran high on a roller coaster at the time she found me. I was shocked when she found me the day after she turned 23. And now according to her, total blindness is creeping in.

When time permits, I think I will email James (above)with more details of it all and any updates instead of putting it here in this forum.

In the end, I am hoping she will come to Christ before the Rapture, and if not, then minutes afterward along with her entire family who I have ministered to for those first 3 years with truth. Thanks again and you will have to email James and ask for this update when it eventually comes in for those who want to follow along and when time permits in getting around to it. Thank you all for your prayers. -Jec

Anonymous said...

I know this is not a place for prayer request..but please help me. I have been reading this blog for several months now, and I sometimes leave comments. You are all so loving so kind.

I have been a Christian for a couple of years. I am a smoker, and I can't quit . I pray all the time that I would be able to stop. I know its not something that is pleasing at all to our Lord. This is his temple. I don't want to quench the HS. I want to quit so badly. I read where other people are born again and they just stop right then. Why didn't that happen to me..I am a new person, competely new other than the smoking.

If you guys could PLEASE pray for me to bwe able to stop now. To take that addiction away from me. Please. I am ashamed of this habit. I have been wanting to ask you all for your prayers on this for awhile now.

My name is Lynn. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, don't feel bad at all coming here to ask for prayer. We love to lift each other in a time of need. Remember, there is power in the Blood of Christ! Through Him, we can accomplish so much and is also a reminder for my own struggles. Ask Him, as you focus only on today, how to have victory with this habit by His power. And don't beat yourself up so bad as I dealt with this same issue too until I went cold turkey and quit. -Jec

GG said...

Hi Scott~

I wanted to post this link on news that is happening right now to those Christians being killed for their faith in other countries. If we can remember these families in our daily prayers that would be wonderful.

God Bless!!


DrNofog said...

Hi Lynn,
Welcome aboard and Jec expressed it very well for all of us.

Jec, your repost is from the "other" 'In The News' here, so you may have missed a little "Posting Helpful Hint" in the next thread here.

Lynn, this will save you a little time too for any of your future posts.

GG said...

Hi Lynn~

You bet. I will be praying for you to break free from this stronghold that this addiction to smoking has on you. What a wonderful thing to do on your part.

God Bless!!

Caver said...

Lynn, welcome to the family!

You bet there will be prayer from here.

:hugs from the Cavers

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys very much.

I want to be totaly free from such things..and I will be, I know I will, with God all things are possible.

Cold turkey is the way to go.


Scott said...

I'm so glad you felt comfortable coming here for prayers - there is SO much power in collective prayer and our prayers are with you most certainly. God luck with it.

Shannon said...

Hi Lynn,

I just want to add to the others encouragement to you by sharing what the Lord did for me.
I was in your position, Lynn, crying myself to sleep because of the poor testimony of Christ Jesus I was giving by continuing to smoke after telling many that He had saved me from my sins and that I now have eternal life!
Let me just say that every one of us who have been born of His Spirit have the same or different "vices" we use to feed the flesh. If it's not cigarettes, it will be food, or exercise with wrong motivation, etc....
One year after I was saved, I finally admitted to the Father that I could not stop this habit. I told him that since He had made it clear to me that my body now housed His Spirit, then He is the One who must give me new desires for what He would want for me. I prayed He would replace the desire for cigarettes with a desire to open the Word instead. Well, Lynn, He did just that! The next day I had no desire for cigarettes. In fact, it is now 12 years later and they smell "rotten"! He did this for me!
He can and will take it from you, Lynn. Lay it at the foot of the cross. Remember that He is the One transforming you into His likeness :) Philippians 1:6Otherwise, it becomes what "you are doing for Him". We know we cannot do anything of any value for Him.
I pray for you Lynn. Rest in Him.

In Christ,

Ally said...

Scott-if you get a chance watch all of Dutch's videos for the 26th. USGS finally made a statement but it was an outright lie. The plume in so. cal. has happened for 3 days now in a row. An international emergency site (link below) has issued a warning! But yet our authorities play dumb. maybe they really are dumb, who knows? Also avolcano in Idaho is waking up too. Anyway thats enough for now, eh?

Ally said...

Sorry forgot to add links-silly me!

Ally said...

Lynn, I raise you up to the Father right now and ask that all desire for tobacco products leave you immediately! satan take your hands off my sister right now in the name of Jesus and DON'T COME BACK! We thank you Jesus for ALL you have done! In your precious precious name. Amen

James said...

As I write this, I have tears in my eyes having just watched the movie Secretariat. Obviously this horse, if he can be called just a horse, as the movie said "had his race to run".

When I look at this story from a spiritual level it means so much more than winning and setting records. It means being who you are created to be and excepting nothing less and in doing that glorfying the author of creation.

He didn't make us to just fly around He made us to soar. He created us with the capacity, through Him, to attain all things like they were stones under our feet because living in the glory of God conquers all.

Looking at myself I wonder how many times I never completed the race, how many times I've given up when I possessed the ability to dig deeper than I've ever known and glorify God in that pursuit.

This horse, this creation of our awesome loving God, like us, did not give this horse a spirit of fear but rather let him run his race showing us a glimpse of Heaven when we will know completely and lovingly who we are in Him.

My heart is just bursting with love and gratitude for Him now and in knowing how much, in my limited way of understanding, how much He loves me.

When I became a father I knew then, in loving my children, how much God loves me but then as I mature and grow closer to him, that understanding doesn't level off it grows and grows deepening my longing to be with Him.

God comes to us so many times and a lot of those times it's when we least expect it. When you are in the spirit it's great how stories you've known all your life come back to you and have something to teach you all over again.

I know this moment is but a glimpse but to imagine spending eternity with Him realizing this love over and over is beyond words.

In your life bad things happen. God doesn't cause those things but and hear me on this, He will use them to Glorify His name and draw you closer than you have ever been.

My prayer for all of us here is that we realize this everyday and when we witness to people, let God reveal that glimpse of who He is to you, so that person can see God in your eyes. When we open up and let God reveal himself through us then the world is changed and satan is closer to being destroyed forever.

With all the things going on right now and all of us being here together let us say to God we understand. I visualize as we do that God's grace encompassing us in a warm comforting light that sets us on our way,His way forever.

God bless all of you and good night.

Waterer said...


I had that same response with Secretariat. WHne he comes around that last bend and the hymn He Taught me How.. to live.. Rejoicing everyday in every way O Happy Day!
It is wonderful.
I pray that our finishes will be strong and that we will have run our race with our eyes on Him.
I'm Praying for Lynn too.
Even the struggle you have had with this will be a testimony Lynn. Your motivation is different than that of one who is simply seeking freedom. You are seeking His glory.
Love in Him.

Ally said...

Sweet Dreams James! With Jesus rocking you to sleep in the safety of his arms. Soon we shall be in his presence! Maranatha!

Anonymous said...

Ally >>>>

Still no sign of the AC....I guess we STILL all have to be patient and
wait, and NOW I HEAR the SSA checks
may not come out this next week.


sad, really sad....

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Mrs. C said...

Hi Stephen :)
The SSA checks "not coming out" is an obummer scare tactic! SSA is mandated to distribute the checks, they are in a Trust Fund, and dont need Congressional approval to distribute funds. With the 1995 shutdown, the checks were distributed. New applicants may be effected, but thats only should there be "furloughs" as the SS employees are paid by Congress. However, a big difference from 1995, is that most SSA checks are electronically deposited, which doesnt require a whole lot of employees to do :)
God Bless!

GG said...

James :)

That sounds so beautiful. My daughter went to see the movie with my husband but I wasn't able to go. She loved it so much but now I can see why. You stated that so HS filled. That was just wonderful. I felt in your post I could just soar now. High above the problems of this world and see you all on the other side. One day my dear brothers and sisters. Auh one day--with this glory he shows especially in movies like this so we can share and get his message, is going to come to fruition. :)

God Bless!!

WVBORN56 said...

This news is depressing, Using food as a weapon and the media not reporting the real news. Just goes to show the days are evil just as in Noah's day. Can it be much longer? Perhaps Today!

Maybe all of our addicitions, sins and bad habits will shortly be a thing of the past. Oh what a wonderful day that will be! No more struggles, no more pain, no more tears when we see Him face to face. Oh glorious day...

Sorry for borrowing a few song lyrics there but they seemed very appropriate. lol

GG said...

Sing away dear WV :)

I hear ya!! Remember when I joked with you a few months back about the Country Road song? OK...when I saw you posting the other day, Delta Dawn popped into my head. Just the part of " Delta Dawn..what's that flower you have on"...etc. "Did I hear you say..he was a meeting you hear today, to take you to his mansion in the sky...(eye... :) JK

I was young when that came out, but since I have met you here pieces of my VA days keep coming back with lyrics. This seems to only happen with you.. Too funny.

God Bless!!

ally said...

It is so interesting to me, what a strong family we have here, bound together in love and spirit! How the Holy Spirit led each of us to this spot and bound us together in an unusual bond, very similar to the early Christians. There is an anointing here that is beautiful and very strong. God Bless!
Scott-have you heard from our mountain biking buddy lately? I have been missing his presence and wondering how his mom is doing. With all the weirdness going on in the world, the long absence of any of us concerns me greatly. Thank you!

Scott said...

Now that you mention it - I haven't heard from Geared up lately - maybe she is on a biking trip or something...Hope all is well with her. Maybe we'll hear back soon

James said...


Boy do I understand what you are going through. I quit when I was 20years old so it's been 25 years since my last cigarette. It was a very tough addiction to quit.

That being said it comes down to who you are in Christ and what that means to you. I know and believe you love the Lord with all your heart. Having said that, as a former smoker who respects those who still do it and understands how hard it is to quit,right now you are coveting that addiction so you have to say to yourself "Do I love smoking more than I love Christ? It's a brutally honest question to ask yourself. Once you decide, and I know you love Christ more, you have to committ to that.

Once you are on that road you won't be alone. The Holy Spirit will guide you through the process of revealing how much more you love Christ and once it sinks in you will confidently walk away from that addiction. Following Christ and putting Him first above earthly things is difficult sometimes. Nobody knows that better than Christ after all He lived in the flesh with us and knows intimately how the devil tempts us. Just keep asking yourself that question everytime the urge strikes. God bless you my dear.

Paula said...

Hey everyone,

I'm an admin in a message board where we just found out one of the members is keeping a 5 yr. old girl (step-granddaughter) locked in a room all day and only allowed out to eat or relieve herself. We've contacted the local children's services in her area and are doing everything we can to get the little girl out of there. Please pray for her quick rescue, and a new home where she will be loved and cared for. The woman keeping her openly hates children and this girl's parents, who are in prison for drug violations. The poor child doesn't know what it is to have loving parents. I think the girl's name is Rose.

Ellis said...

Ally, Scott: I've recently felt compelled to make a special point of praying for our youngest member, Dylan. Don't know his situation, if he's able to spend time in fellowship with other believers or not. That roaring lion out there is looking to pick us off one by one, and as one who is also physically isolated from fellow believers, I empathize with those who find their only opportunities online.

WVBORN56 said...

GG sorry about putting another song in your head. lol

My problem is sometimes I can't remember a tune and just make up my own words when the regular words become fuzzy. I can't even say it is because I am getting older because I have always done that.

Yes Ally it is a wonderful group here! I'll add my Amen.

Paula that is a terrible thing to hear. The poor child short of the Lord intervening....will be "messed up" for life. Keeping her in prayer.

GG said...

Hi There~

WV...I'll take the happy inspirational tunes daily :) It's funny how that works with you though. Who needs a radio these days - (ha ha)

Paula, I hope your Mom is getting stronger each day. I pray for a full recovery and am so glad things went so smoothly.

I will pray for this little girl, Rose. That is so heartbreaking. I am glad you found out about it and greatly through this intervention the binds that hold her will be gone in the sweet name of Jesus!!

Hart-it's nice to see you again. Did things turn out OK with your Mom? I pray things did not take a turn for the worst in her situation. Just know we are thinking of you.

GU2GO...that's right, where are U these days? I pray you are safely guarded where ever you are riding to or in whatever endeavors you have going on in your life.

Dylan~ The one that touches me the most, especially as a teen and in a place that is full of Agnostics. I had the privilege of meeting a few different people a few years back from around Canada. Quite the New Age movement taking place around there. One woman who we had the same sickness and shared such a close bond said she couldn't be friends with a Christian. She wanted me to make a choice as in her world God was a she. That was heartbreaking to say the least. I left in love after much witnessing.

Not saying that there are not Christians in Canada, but I do remember hearing how hard it was to witness up there. How hard it must be for you as a teen and living in these times to stand for the Lord. I will pray great things for you. I will pray God uses you to his fullest Glory while protecting you in your daily dealings with others. You speak so well on here, I am confident, though not easy, you will be a wonderful witnessing tool for the Lord.

Thinking of you all...God Bless!!!

Paula said...

Thanks for prayers for mom and Rose, everyone.

Mom is healing nicely and getting some help from my sisters there in town, and has a home care nurse coming in several days a week.

The latest I have on Rose is that local law enforcement has determined where this woman lives and will be paying her a visit ASAP.

Scott said...

Ellis - good idea - I'm with you on that

Paula said...

Well it turns out the woman was lying about everything. At least there really wasn't a little girl in danger. But the woman is clearly disturbed.

Ellis said...

Wow, Paula! I'm so relieved to hear there was no child being abused in this situation, but what a silly thing to lie about, eh? I'll bet she regrets her foolishness now that she's been visited by the authorities. Bizarre things happening in this world.

P.S. How is your mother doing?