Saturday, July 30, 2011

In 'Other' News

While most of today's news centered on the U.S. and the economic collapse which is imminent (see post below), there were a few other interesting stories from around the world:

Gas pipeline to Israel attacked again

Egyptian security officials say a militant Islamist group has blown up a terminal along the Egyptian natural gas pipeline to Israel in the northern Sinai Peninsula.

Officials say Saturday's attack on the terminal in al-Shulaq destroyed the last terminal before the line enters the sea on its way to Israel.

It is the third attack on the pipeline this month and the fifth since the 18-day uprising toppled President Hosni Mubarak in February.

Spain calls for early elections as market confidence erodes

Just hours earlier, Moody's credit ratings agency warned that it may downgrade Spain's government bonds by one notch to Aa3 because of the conditions attached to last week's deal on a second Greek bailout, which involves the private sector.

Even though eurozone leaders have been going to great lengths to reassure markets that making banks take a 'voluntary' cut in their gains on Greek bonds is a one-off and will not be replicated, Moody's said this set a "precedent" for other countries with high debt, such as Spain.

Spain is one of the last outposts of a Social-Democratic government in Europe, with the centre-right having swept into power in most EU countries except for Austria, Greece and Cyprus.

Hundreds of Al Qaeda gunmen kill at least 7 in rampage through Sinai town

In a Taliban-style raid, at least 150 masked, uniformed al Qaeda gunmen rode into the Sinai capital of El Arish on pickups and motorcycles Friday, July 29, shooting up the desert town with heavy machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and automatic rifles. Before they rode out six hours later, at least seven people were killed, and upward of 30 injured.

Egyptian police and troops pulled back to their fortified station as terrified citizens of this desert town of 150,000 inhabitants fled the rampage. At least two of the dead were Egyptian civilians, a man of 70 and a 13-year old boy shot while take a cell phone picture.

Until July 29, al Qaeda in Sinai was believed to be no more than a handful of cells mostly working with local Bedouin dope and arms smuggling rings. None suspected them of acquiring quasi-military competence.

This evaluation will have to be urgently revised now that the Egyptian authorities have lost their grip on Sinai. The lawlessness reigning today in this strategic territory, which abuts on Israel, the Red Sea and Suez Canal, is cause for Israeli and US alarm.


James said...

I'm having a Holy Spirit induced feeling that a significant event will happen in the next 7 days. I don't think it has anything to do with the debt ceiling vote here in the U.S. but it could be possibly an indirect result of the U.S. having one focus right now on the debt ceiling.

I think we have to look through the enemy's eyes for a second. If you were going to strike a target you need the world focused on a single issue.

I'm always amazed at what happens in the world when America has a heated debate going on. We always see a rise in terrorist activity because they like to operate under the radar. It's just like being mugged. The element of surprise determines the mugger's success.

Take a look at Scott's ten last blogs here in July. Just reading the titles backs this up.

Is anyone else feeling something like this? If so could you share it. It may be the Holy Spirit working through all of us to help bring awareness to something that's just more than a feeling.

God bless you!


Janice said...

Hi James, it is so strange reading your post - it was just this morning whilst making a cup of tea, that I suddenly had this incredible feeling wash over me that 'something' was about to unfold - like a 'buckle up your seatbelt' warning is perhaps the best way to describe it. It was so strong that I stopped what I was doing and just went into the sitting room to spend time with the Lord. Things are heating up and the U.S debt crisis would be the perfect cover. We need to be in our beloved Yeshua's company like never before praying for the lost, that their eyes and ears would be opened. Oh please precious precious Father hear our prayers for all those that are lost.

Thank you for sharing that james , and bless you again Scott for these wonderful updates.

S. Africa

Scott said...

Janice and James
To a certain degree, I have those feelings pretty much continuously - but I have had the feeling that the fall in general (not just Sept) may be very significant. So maybe we're feeling the same thing. Not so much the next __ days, but just more of a sense of the coming months in the fall, leading into winter. Who knows - we shall see soon enough !

Caver said...

Guys, this is so surreal. My feelings mirror the three of you. Some things, I won't be specific, I have had the strongest "feelings" are going to start breaking in late August and continuing into and through September. Like Scott, I have the same sensation that things will be very different, but continuing into the late summer/early fall.

Really, we have been shocked at the rate of change from month to month the last year.....and my "gut" is that we're just getting ready for the main events.

And yes, I concur that the Holy Spirit is heavily involved.

Caver said...

Oopsie, I said "continuing into the late summer/early fall." I meant mid to late fall to early winter. Sorry bout that.

It is an eerie feeling.

hartdawg said...

to everyone my response would be " really?" I get a horrible feeling that's the rapture could be way in the distant future in like 15 years. and that I should quit looking at all these prophecy sites and quit getting my hopes up. I know we covered this ground before but what if there is steel 30 years left? that's a horrible sick feeling I get. it's very discouraging

Anonymous said...

Dear Hartdawg:
I am very surprised with your post. I have read many of your posts. From what I have read, I would've thought that you thought the Lord's return was imminent. What has got you down? Gary

hartdawg said...

a lot of things. namely Satan getting me discouraged I guess. lotta stuff going on at work I work in an environment where you constantly have to watch your back and are always worried about your job, financial problems, moms health.....mostly everyday life I guess. that and hearing people constantly say "oh it could be a 100yrs still" it gets exhaustion hoping for an event that "might" happen soon

a said...

I can't tell you when the rapture will be. But I can tell you its on the way. Yes, he might tarry. That is true.
I know that in the physical realm, it can't be much longer. How do I know? Because Jesus told us what to watch for and boy oh boy...look at the increases in EVERYTHING!
Until Israel became a nation, there was no hope of the rapture in someones lifetime. Now, wow!
Even the unsaved are seeing and feeling it coming on! It seems the Christians are the slow ones on the uptake with this. Where are the signs of his coming, they say.
Yes, reality and the devil can wear you thin. I know, it is hard sometimes. But we are to love and support each other! And we do!
Every one can feel the spiritual part (see above) so let me fill you in on the other part. Volcanos that have been sleeping for 10,000 years are waking up. Super strong earthquakes 6 and above every day! Weather manipulation. Approaching famine, bio engineered diseases etc. If he doesn't come soon, the earth is going to shake itself apart! And I'm not even getting to the really interesting stuff. There is a light show planned for us that will make pink floyd look like preschooler did it.
Don't lose faith! This is the time to walk in it! Soon we will be dancing at a wedding :)
Yes, it may be a little while yet. It might be before i finish typing, only the Father knows. Don't fret!

Paula said...

I think there's a good reason Jesus told one of the churches in Revelation to "just hold on". These are the times for a faith anchored to bedrock.

Anonymous said...


















AND THE AC .....


Anonymous said...

IN DC.....SO FAR ........


James said...


You are having a tough time. I am and have been right where you are. Saying this in the most loving way my friend, you have let the enemy take your focus off of Christ and brought it back to what's happening with you. Remember it's not about us and what is directly affecting us it's who we are in Christ that sets us apart from those in the world focused on themselves.

So many times you have witnessed to us here on this blog and we all love and care for you deeply my friend. There is a saying that I dearly love "What's done is done". The meaning of this saying goes very deep. When Christ looks at us while we are in him there is no reflection on who we were but on who we are to become in Him. The gretaest gift we were given was that of free will. God loves us so much that He is willing to lose us rather than force us to come to Him. It's a love that most of us can't comprehend but it's based in the purest form. What ever has happened prior to this minute right now doesn't matter. Happiness in faith is a choice. From this minute on know and say in your heart "Jesus I am keeping my eyes focused on You". I promise everything else will take care of itself. Oh and one more thing...I know a lot of Christians including me who are stressed financially in this economy. I believe God is drawing us close to Him in this and while it feels awful it's actually a blessing. I see it as a sign of the times. Thank God for your situation and be diligent with your eyes on Christ. I would like to say a prayer for you and if everyone will join in saying this prayer that would be great!

Dear Father,

We come humbly before you today acknowledging you as the only true wonderful God. Who in Your mightiness carved the heavens and the universe. Your word tells us that all we have is to ask in faith and the door will be open to us. We humbly and respectfully ask that you open the door for our dear brother in you Hartdawg.

Father we pray that in opening the door for him that You will comfort him and ease his mind every second of every day. We pray that you let him see supernaturally Your plan for him. We pray that the Holy Spirit bathes him and secures him financially. Father let everything he attempts to do in you succeed beyond his wildest dreams. Let everyone who encounters him see You in his eyes. Let him acknowledge that what is done is done and from here you have him completely in your loving arms.

May all those that depend on him rally around him to show their love as you continually show us Your love. Your are everything to us Lord. We thank you in advance for honoring this request for our dear brother Hartdawg! Amen

Bless you brother!!!

Scott said...

Look, this is relatively simple.

Jesus said it would be a generation and a generation is clearly the lifespan of the 'generation' in context, and for us, its around 110 years +/-.

According to Fruchtenbaum (and I ahree 100%), the generation clearly started in the WWI era, when the "beginning of birth pains" signs all appeared at once, all in a 3-4 year cluster.

- The first World War (Nation against Nation, Kingdom against Kingdom)
- Quakes exploded in unprecidented numbers (at that time)
- Unprecidented pestilence (see how many just the spanish flu killed)
- Unprecidented famine

All of the signs that Jesus identified literally exploded on the scene during the WWI era. Then WWII and then Israel was formed as a nation ("after the first birth pains")

Its not a "feeling" that is required - it is tangible "data" that Jesus gave us, and it ic clear from review of these "data" that we're at the very end of the generation.

Guesswork isn;t required - its all laid out for us.

GG said...

Hi Hart~

I am sorry that the pressures of the evil one seem to be pressing down on all sides. I have prayed James' wonderful prayer for you. I pray that this pressure will be released and a sweet calming peace will sweep over you today and each day as we wait. A blessing must be coming, usally this is the point where the evil one wants us to give us so we don't see what is on the other side. Something wonderful is there, press down, hold on and know we love you and are thinking of you today.

God Bless!!


GG said...


I know you can tell how grateful we are for the site and all you do. I just want you to know I don't take that for granted. To get up every day and provide us with this wordly news in such a systematic approach for our soul is wonderful. Thank your wife and family for sharing a part of yourself with us. I am sure this can be time consuming by far!

God Bless!!


Mrs. C said...

Dear Brother Hartdawg, :) Big Hug!
Oh my goodness Brother, please don’t be discouraged! You know where that spirit of discouragement is coming from, right? Rebuke that spirit, in Jesus Mighty Name! I am telling you with everything that God created me to be, that there is ABSOLUTELY no way that there is still 15-30 years before the Lord comes for us. No way at all is it that long. We have all been through the “getting your hopes up” Prophecy rollercoaster. Believe me, Ive gone through it many a times over decades! He has taught me to not jump on the bandwagon, but to turn to Him, His Word! What does He say? Praying for His help, His discernment is essential! Also, Praying for conviction-correction is tough, but it is imperative so that He keeps us on His path. Forget what the latest, greatest video or book says!, His Word is our True source. I have said this before, I cant believe we are still here, but we are. After many, many years of studying His Word, HIS WORD, not mine, but HIS WORD tells us how very close we are! Ok, the enemy will say that you could just dismiss my comments, or anyone else’s for that matter, but from Gods Perspective, and most importantly His Purpose, we are indeed very close. What is different this time? Obummer. I am not saying this in a political context, but rather the person of obummer. God allowed him to be elected at this particular time, coinciding with everything else that is coming together. Why is this important? Other than the fact that obummer is a sure preview of the ac to come, he has turned his back-which means this nations back, on Israel. That is one of the essential keys for whats to come, EXACTLY how God said it would happen. This time Brother, this time it appears very different! In the past, there was always wiggle room, so as to speak, for God to put the breaks on a situation. He still can, but it appears that instead of putting on the breaks, He is not. We will see. He is for example absolutely solidifying the hatred in the nations surrounding Israel. Previously, some of these nations were a little moderate, and now they are not! He has allowed their hearts to be hardened with pure hatred towards His People, just as He did with Pharaoh thousands of years before. There appears to be no turning back this time…Isaiah 17 is up next, and when that happens Brother, it will be shockingly swift! Why is Isaiah 17 so important? It is the beginning of God bringing His people to their knees, to repent, His focus turning away from the Church, and back to His People. The Ezekiel 38-39 war/invasion will quickly follow, and again Brother, looking to Gods Purpose and Perspective, by the end of this war, we the Church will be gone! He will once again have restored His Covenant with His People. It is so beautiful to read! Take good heart Brother, and LOOK UP! For our redemption draweth ney!
God Bless & keep you close Brother! :) BIG HUG!

Mrs. C said...

AMEN AND AMEN JAMES! Thank you Brother for that wonderful Prayer for Hartdawg!
God Bless!

Jec said...

I've only began reading the first 3 posts of this new blog and what I am feeling is things just might escalate so quickly and so fast, it might be harder and harder to paint a daily picture of what's going on. I feel we need to be on our spiritual tippy toes as we gather info and relate it to the lost with those around us.

Ally said...

Thank you Jesus for the real Christians here and elsewhere, who show your love to one another. in the name of Jesus. amen

hartdawg said...

I spose its totally normal for the pressures and disappointment of life to cause one to think "he'll never come back" especially when you see the signs drag on. from a practical standpoint I dont see how we can have but 2yrs left. I think if we're honest with ourselves we all questioned these things

Mrs. C said...

As Paul said, we have to fight the good fight, finish the race! Its tough sometimes, that’s for sure! Hartdawg, believe me, you are not alone! I know this doesn’t help much, when your in it, but sometimes realizing that other Brothers and Sisters are going through “stuff” sometimes helps.:) The attacks from the dark one are definitely on the rise, and that’s because he knows his time is SHORT! I have never seen anything like it! Know this Brother, you, we are all doing something right, or he wouldn’t be bugging us so much! He doesn’t both those he has already in his camp!
This weekend, Mr. C and I are celebrating our second, yes second, Wedding Anniversary! Praise God! Just to share with you, we reflect and feel like we’ve been married for 40years! God was our Match Maker, no question about it, absolutely, Truly, the way He arranged it, and much, much more! Because of such an immense Blessing to us both from Him, we have gone through incredible, tough, attacks, all from outside, sometimes inside, completely unforeseen sources. I mean, WOW, unbelievable! Whew! And it continues! What does this do? It causes us to seek HIM , RUN to HIM, even more! He never promised us that it would be easy here on this Earth,but He did Promise He would be with us, never ever forsake us!Remember, He has confidence in each one of us to allow us to be born into these Last Days! How do we have His Peace in these days? God told us how, through His Word. :) His Servant Paul tells us
Philippians 4:4-8
4.Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.
5.Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.
6.Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
7.And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
8.Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

God Bless!

Mrs. C said...

Yes Jec, :)
You are exactly right :) Not if, but when the final fuse is lit, things will escalate very, very quickly. Again, we have to know His Word, immerse ourselves in His Word! Should the Lord tarry, we had better be prepared to Witness like never before! Not only to the lost, but to mislead "Christians" also!
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, reading these posts, all I can say is don't be discouraged. He will come back. The time is unknown, but things are picking up and I believe it'll be soon.

Anonymous said...

When I was little, I had these nightmares that had a girl and she'd always act nice until she got close, then shed become evil and attack me. Ive never seen this person in real life, but just last night I had a dream and that girl was back. I know it was her. Needless to say the dream was filled with lies and half truths, but it kinda freaked me out that she was back. Like I've said, I've never seen her in real life, just in my dreams. It's very weird to me.

Scott said...

Thanks GG :) Its my pleasure.

And I forgot to add something that Mrs C did add - discouragement and the sense that Jesus won't come back soon is clearly coming from the "other side".

Don't forget - the apostle Paul said that this news should come with HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT - not DIScouragement.

We're in the last few years of "this generation" - that is clear as a bell.

I think it SEEMS longer for prophecy watchers, because we are continually on the watch - and for that reason alone - it seems loooong in coming.

But, IMO, that is one of the reasons that we are rewarded for our efforts - because it IS HARD to be a 'watcher'...Not only do we have to deal with scoffers - but watching is HARD, especially if you are impatient, as I am :)

Hart - hang in there. He's coming and He's coming soon.

And yes, we've all had those feelings from time to time, but when that happens, just take a step back and view the 'big picture", to put things in perspective.

Jec said...

Just a couple things I found on the net. 1) a good last days news letter and 2) a wnd article on Elenin

Scott said...

Thanks Jec - that article on ELE was pretty interesting.
I still have no idea what to think....

Dylan said...

Elenin... I don't know what to think about it either. All the fearmongering sites seem delusional and all the "official" sites seem very secretive. Idk what to think, I guess we'll see when the time comes.

Jec said...

I've been thinking of the crazy stuff going on with current events as it pertains to Prophecy, and trying to convey these things with loved ones. I'm sure many of us have thought of this before, and that is, will there be a concrete sign soon that will help us share some of these truths from scripture? Will there soon be a sign or event, whether in the heavens above or on the earth some where that would literally scare the eebeejebees out of earthlings? Are earthquakes, floods, rumors of a Middle East war, and the threat of an economic collapse enough to shake people toward the Gospel? We don't know exactly what will happen as to the rest of this year, but if people don't wake up soon, they will be faced with a major life changing event such as the Rapture. But hopefully, we will see some events where we could pin point scripture and help to bring many to Christ. Any have some of the same thoughts, and do you think we will see a major concrete scripture pointing event?

James said...


The biggest one for me is Israel's founding in 1948 in one day.

The second is that out of 180 economy's worldwide Israel ranks number 18. The meaning here is that the fig tree is bearing fruit literally and figuratively. They provide 90% of the fruit for Europe.

Number three would have to be the oil and natural gas finds in Israel recently. They have looked for oil and natural gas since their founding and until last year nothing significant. With this, God is baiting Israel's enemies. When you combine just these three it's unprecedented. All of these three our backed up by scripture in great detail.

Four for me would have to be the absolute increase in knowledge backed up by scripture. In my father’s lifetime they went from Horse driven transportation to a man on the moon to a computer, which use to be as big as a room, to the size of a small cell phone. I hear that they now how have a computer data chip that can store 10 times the data which will reduce the computer size by half. With today's technology, and this is very important, the antichrist when he comes will be able to talk to the entire world. It's also needed for the two witnesses in the tribulation. This is just a fraction of the knowledge increase we have seen.

The next big ones are the fact that anti-Semitism is on the rise and that Israel is surrounded by enemies. Two of the most significant changes are that Turkey has now become an Islamic state and that Egypt with the upcoming elections will become much more aggressive towards Israel. We know that through Syria hamas has been able to stock pile over 20 times the weapons they possessed in the last war with Israel. For a detailed look at the threat they now pose for Israel go to this link

Again all backed up by scripture.

The next big thing we are looking for is Syria and what happens there with Assad. His time is growing very short especially since a group of officers, including a general, defected from the military joining the opposition this past week. Clearly speculating, I am looking for Assad to try and draw attention away from his government by striking Israel in some way. It could be covertly causing Israel to respond overtly hitting Damascus. We shall see.

The next is Christian persecution. Going back to Roman occupation, where it's estimated that over an eight year period between 100,000-150,000 people were murdered because they were Christians. As Scott pointed out on a previous blog, we see the 8 year total from the Roman occupation annually. When you think of that number it is absolutely staggering.

One sign that almost everyone misses is Russia's involvement in changing the balance of power in the Middle East region. They have built nuclear reactors in Pakistan, Iran, and Syria to name a few. They are building sea ports and military bases with the countries as well. This development alone gives them the footing, for the first time in history, to be able to launch a joint military operation in the region.

All of these signs are complete except for Syria which is being played out now. It's obvious that the Rapture could take place at anytime. In talking to people about this remind them that Christ called the people in His time 'Hypocrites' for not being able to read the signs of His coming. Nine times after he rose from the grave He commanded us to watch for His return as being imminent. I think it was probably a lot more than this because He stayed on Earth for 40 days after his resurrection.

Hope this helps. Anyone who wants to add to these please do so.

GG said...

Thank you Dear James for that overview. I will print that and keep that handy as others ask me.

The only marker that I can use to lead others to some key points right now is watching the wars in the ME and especially to watch Israel right now. The teachings here on the site are so wonderful so I link up this site as a source of reference as well. I knew not what to specifically watch for either until I met you all here :)

I understand many will be lost but I lovingly explain that we all must work on our salvation. We must seek and we shall find. In order to do so please check out these things we say against scripture and with the help of this site it truly helps to break down these daily questions and lingering thoughts.

Also,to never rely solely on the word of man. Check everything against the bible. If they have any questions as they start in their search to please ask me and I can always get with someone here or church to find the answer if I don't know it. I explain how we are like a mini family here. A wonderful source of shared wisdom. I believe this site is going to play a bigger role as the days get harder among many.

Oddly enough I have found the amount of scoffing has been reduced. Honestly up until this point no one has said this is a bunch of bologna :) If anything it has allowed me the chance to witness to them and give them a chance to become saved and after reading the site they are glad they are saved and going to be in a much better place very soon.

That is why I said earlier we may have others watching but not posting. I think many are seeking for truth but are taking baby steps :) You all are truly wonderful in your shared wisdom and I thank you for that :)

God Bless!!


Paula said...

Good list, James. I would add the "signs in the heavens" and the related willingness of many to believe in ETs. They have already swallowed a story about warring factions such as grays and reptilians (David Icke, primarily), so it would be easy for the AC to paint God as a bad alien who snatched up good people who mankind now needs to rescue.

We can also easily see the potential for "hearts failing due to the roaring and tossing of the sea" as theorized by a time when earth might wobble from the nearby passage of objects with strong magnetic fields.

James said...


Here's a site I visit that helps me witness. The link I am posting is titled "Why Don't You Understand". There is a scriptural reason for people to not understand what you are explaining to them.

WVBORN56 said...

I'm back from a wonderful spiritual weekend retreat. Thanks for the prayers GG and others. They were answered. God Bless! Our retreat was a little taste of Heaven.

We looked at Joshua's life. In chapter 5 we saw Joshua go to the tribes and tell them to "Get Ready". They had three days to pack up and begin to move into the "Promised Land" I think the Lord is now telling us to Get Ready as well. Time is short and we need to be about our Fathers business while there is still time.

It is amazing to see all the activity in just three missed days here! All I can say is Wow!

Hartdawg, hang in there brother. The Lord is indeed coming back very very soon. Hebrews 12:1-2 tell us to finish the race strong and to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It won't be much longer now.

GG said...

Thank you WV for that wonderful message of Joshua. I will take a look at that as a reminder. I simply can't wait for his glorious return :) Glad your all home safe and sound.


Dutch Treat said...

Hello everyone.

Scott said...


You're a little late to this party brother :)

But yea, I get notified even on comments to old posts like this :)