Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Iran's Growing Influence in the Middle East

Iran is attempting to gain complete control in the Middle East and so far they have been highly successful. This development is quite ominous for Israel, as we all know Iran's stated objectives for the destruction of Israel:

Iran's Tentacles Spread from Syria to Sudan: Intelligence Chief

Iran is spreading its tentacles and is directly helping Syrian President Bashar Assad, aiding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and assisting Sudan, IDF Intelligence Major-General Aviv Kochavi told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Tuesday.

The Islamic Republic is “infiltrating and aiding organizations and governments” in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen and Sudan, as well as Gaza, Kochavi stated.

He also said that Iran is directly trying to influence Egyptian politics through the Muslim Brotherhood, which spawned the Hamas terrorist organization.

The Knesset committee also heard that Iran was involved in the border infiltrations from Syria into the Golan Heights last month.

'Iran infiltrating Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt'

Military Intelligence chief Major-General Aviv Kochavi said Tuesday Iranian influence was growing in Middle Eastern countries experiencing unrest or upheaval – such as Egypt and Syria.

"Iran and Hezbollah's motivation to assist (Syria) stems from its profound fear of the repercussions and mainly of losing the partnership with Syria and possible leakage (into the Islamic Republic)."

The MI chief noted that Iran also played a direct role in events on Israel's border. "Iran acted directly in Lebanon in organizing 'Nakba Day' and 'Naksa Day'. It is working to make sure these acts of protest will continue."

Israel's MT chief: Iran and Hezbollah actively helping Syria squash demonstrations

Iran and Hezbollah are actively assisting Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime in cracking down on anti-government demonstration, Military Intelligence Chief Major General Aviv Kochavi said on Tuesday.

The Islamic republic and the Lebanon-based militant group have been transferring to Syria information, technical assistance and equipment to disperse demonstrators, said Kochavi.

"The great motivation Iran and Hezbollah have to assist [Syria] comes from their deep worry regarding the implications these events might have, particularly losing control of their cooperation with the Syrians and having such events slide onto their own territories," said the MI chief.

Also see:

Quartet to Meet Next Week on PA Statehood Bid

The meeting of the Quartet of peacekeeping nations – the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations – is set for July 11.

The PA plans to declare the boundaries of its country along the 1949 Armistice lines, and will claim all lands restored to Israel in the 1967 Six Day War, including territories in Judea and Samaria, as well as nearly half of Israel's capital, Jerusalem. Within the areas of Jerusalem claimed by the PA are located the holiest sites in Judaism – the Western Wall and the adjoining Temple Mount, upon which is presently built the Al Aqsa Mosque.

The PA sent a list of four preconditions to the Quartet of peacekeeping nations (the U.S., Russia, the EU and the U.N.) last month, insisting that it would not agree to renew negotiations unless Israel and the European Union agreed to meet every one of its demands.

And this:

Abbas Dictates Terms to Quartet

Abbas advisor Nimer Hammad told reporters the PA will abandon its plan to ask the UN in September to recognize a PA based on pre-1967-lines if Quartet members – the US, EU, UN and Russia – recognize the two-state principle as the basis for a settlement, and call on Israel to withdraw from all territories captured in 1967, including east Jerusalem.

Hammad also said the Quartet should also call for a full cessation of construction in Jewish settlements and set a clear timetable for Israeli-PA peace talks.

The PA's bombastic posturing comes as Abbas' unilateral bid outside the framework of the Oslo Accords to have a state imposed by the international community finds itself losing momentum.

“The Palestinian Authority is determined to proceed with its plan to go to the UN Security Council if Israel continues to deny the rights of the Palestinians and international legitimacy,” Hammad said.


WVBORN56 said...

Perhaps Today? Come Lord Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys would, if you had the time, come along on a missions trip. I have one in particular that I have my mind set on


You don't have to, but I think itd be a good opportunity for the people on this site to meet eachother and to spread God's word in Israel.

Dylan said...

Anon, Ive been looking at that same missions trip. I agree that it would be a good opportunity to meet eachother and to spread the gospel. Now to convince my parents to let me go...

Anonymous said...

Well, if Israel is being forced to the 1949 lines...God is going to be fighting mad! The Bible says so.
WV-I am so weary physically emotionally and mentally, but spiritually I am hanging in there brother! :) It won't be long now. He is on his way! So stand strong my brother and delight in the things of the Lord! ally

Anonymous said...

I would love to do the mission trip but $3000. might as well be 3 million for me. I'm hoping we will be gone by then. lol. I can't imagine what it will be like on earth by dec. I read something yesterday that called earth "a demon infested rock" and frankly I can definately see where they are coming from with that analogy. Just trying to spread the love of Jesus til the shofar blows! Be of good courage. He is surely coming very soon! ally

Mike said...

I think it's a bit imposible to apply AGENDA 21 (The Coming World Government) in the Middle East (within the Muslim Brotherhood). How they gonna do that? What do you think Scott? Thanks for your answer...

WVBORN56 said...

I agree Ally in that I doubt we are still here by December. I would love however to visit Israel. I'm thinking this particular trip would be better for folks who have been before since the touring will be very limited and the missions part more a part of this trip. I do appreciate anon's idea and think it would be really cool to have a group from here go together on such an adventure of like minded people.

Scott said...

I believe Agenda 21, like most of the new laws that we are seeing instituted in America (Obamacare to name one) will be used punitively where "needed" only, such as the US and industrialized nations. IOW, it will be used where nations are necessarily "brought down" and not used in "favorable" areas of the world. This trend is coming more and more - the trend of creating harmful laws and then granting "waivers" to those (nations, states, businesses etc) who favor the regime. This is how communism worked for years and years, and now we are starting to see this applied in the US and globally.

Thats how I see it anyway,

Anonymous said...

Well, I am still waiting for the
AC to show up re 2 THESS 2...

Im not trying to POP the expectation bubble here of the rapture, BUT I
am still waiting for that AC to
show up......not yet.....

I guess we will all NEED to be patient and wait....

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to Israel. (sigh) They only way I could possibly go right now would be if God made it happen. But it doesn't bother me too much because I will be living in the New Jerusalem for a very long time. LOL!
Stephen-I know you expect to see the anti-christ before we are outta here, and most of the people here are looking up for Jesus and listening for the shout! I am waiting for Jesus too! However I do believe that if anybody figures out who the a.c. is before the rapture, it will surely be you! You are very earnest in your desire to know who it is. Have you gone and listened to the rapture audio yet at the top right of this blog? Its in 2 parts and I think you would find it very interesting indeed!
I can't wait to meet all of you! I am incredibly excited to think of it! Remember Tree of Life, fountain meeting spot if we cant get together here on earth!
Mike-most of the Arab nations are so miserably poor that anything is a step up for them. (Saudi Arabia and a few others like Bahrain are the exceptions but even there most of the populace is poor) The only thing most of the middle east nations have is oil and I'm sure there will be some fighting over that before it is all over with. ally

Anonymous said...

dear Ally >>>>

I must stay with what I believe.

every AM I am on line doing my homework about the AC...

I am VERY DILIGENT about that.

Mr. Amrani could be the one...

I am NOT sure....

odds are HIGH it is him or

Quartet meeting on 11 JULY...I want to see what comes out of that.

Mr. Amrani has 6 people working
under him at the UFM, ie, just
like Masadeh did.

the beast with 7 heads.

i want to see if Mr. Amrani or
Sarkosy OR WHOEVER it is gets
shot down and recovers...

at an ER somewhere....
that will be the sign....

this person NEEDS to be on the
other side for a short time to
accept the devil's throne, ect.

think about it...

no wonder Scripture talks about
the beast who had a FATAL wound
and yet survived...

and then the whole world marveled
at this. Remember when that
senator in NM got shot in the
head, and she recovered ??

Same deal.....but fast....

Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

John said...

I'm Just thankful for the One who died in our place on the cross and rose again....where death was swallowed up in victory....I'm a prophecy watcher too, but want my main focus to be on The King above all kings....I long for His return but I also long to grow closer to Him untill then....G'night!!!

Dylan said...

Agreed John.

Expected Imminently said...

Stephen said “Mr. Amrani has 6 people working
under him at the UFM, ie, just
like Masadeh did.

the beast with 7 heads.

i want to see if Mr. Amrani or
Sarkosy OR WHOEVER it is gets
shot down and RECOVERS...”

Stephen, you are removing Scripture from its context!

The revealing of the a/c is when Jesus opens to 1st Seal and the 7 year Trib begins with six more seals left to be opened, followed by the 7 Trumpet judgments.

The Beast with seven heads and ten horns is the ‘RECOVERED’ a/c, now possessed by Satan who comes out of the abyss at the 5th/6th Trumpet, the two ‘WOES’. He is followed by the False Prophet who sets up the AoD.

The timing for this is the MID point of the seven years. It is timed to be at the end of the first 3 ½ years. (The MIDST of the week). The following 7th Trumpet begins the 7 bowl judgments for the last 42months (3 ½ years) of the Seven.

If you are also looking for the seven headed beast before the Rapture, then you are Mid-Trib, not PRE. You are spiritualising the text to fit your theory.

Sorry no time for more.