Saturday, July 16, 2011

Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions

The story about increasing quakes and volcano eruptions that many have noticed recently, continues today.

6.0 quake hits Chile coast

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck late Friday off the Coast of Chile, the U.S. Geological service says.
The quake hit around 8:30 local time, 56 miles south-southwest of Valparaiso, the country's third-largest metropolitan area. No damage or injuries have been reported and no tsunami warning was issued.

5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Lake Baikal In Russia

Today’s 5.6 magnitude earthquake in the world’s oldest and deepest lake highlights a history of past geological upheaval that may be inching closer to another event. There is a volcanic fault rift under the lake that has produced an increasing number of earthquakes over the years. Here’s the background on the lake: The northern part of Lake Baikal is the shallowest, with a maximum depth of 890 metres.

Baikal and the mountains surrounding it came into existence due to fracturing and movement of the earth’s crust, resulting from tension inside the Earth itself.

In 1862, north of the Selenga’s delta, an area of land of about 200 square kilometres sank under water to a depth of 2 metres as the result of an earthquake whose magnitude, as A. Voznesensky stated, reached magnitude 11.

CLuster of small quakes jolts San Carlos

According to the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, the epicenter was two miles northwest of Redwood City and four miles southeast of San Mateo. The quake's depth was 1.7 miles.
Stephen Walter of the Geological Survey's Earthquake Science Center said three aftershocks followed Friday with a magnitude 1.4 at 1:38 a.m., magnitude 1.2 at about 2 a.m. and a magnitude 1.1 at 12:51 p.m.

Vanuatu Manaro Vui volcano at alert Level 1

The first listed active volcano in our weekly Active volcanoes list we published earlier today was Vanuatu’s Manaro Vui volcano (also called Ambae or Aoba). An extremely beautiful island (in fact a 3,900 meter high volcano), with on top a crater lake with an active crater as an island in the lake.

It is clear that the earthquakes that occur on the island are triggered by the volcano. The
Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) satellite images are showing that the Ambae volcano is
emitting volcanic gases (So2) to the atmosphere (see photos). Observations made on this
volcano in June 4th 2011 found out that this volcano is sometimes having small explosions in the Crater Lake accompanied by small ash emissions locally in the caldera.

Indonesians flee volcano eruption on Sulawesi

Mount Lokon, on Sulawesi, started erupting at around 2230 local time (1530 GMT) on Thursday, according to reports.

There were no immediate reports of casualties.

The last month has seen a significant rise in volcanic activity in the area, and the alert status was raised to the highest level just days ago.

"There is no mass panic because the community has already been warned of the situation and we are continuing to evacuate people," Kristianto added.

Earthquake Causes River To Disappear in Costa Rica

Following a series of moderate earthquakes that struck the country Tuesday, residents around the Guacalito River in Costa Rica discovered that the river had disappeared. reported that sometime after the earthquakes, villagers living near the river, which is located near Armenia de Upala, discovered that the river was dry.

An entire body of water disappears? Strange but true, and this isn't the first time this odd event has happened.

Earthquake Map


Dylam :) (drnofog you get the joke here) said...

Dutchsinse made a video about this yesterday. He said that the whole pacific plate is moving quick.

Anonymous said...

Nibiru Shadows Over Antarctica Landmass & Personnel Witness Brown Dwarf
check this out, long and boring but worth it. Your impression Scott? How I long to talk to you in person sometime but I feel it will only occur after the Rapture. Your sis in Christ-ally

Scott said...

Dylan - don't encourage DrNo - he'll only get worse :)

I think I saw that Video - I may go back and find it and post it -- and yes, he does think the whole plate is moving and made a compelling case for that.

Ally - I saw that...Not sure what to think..The three individuals who were pointing, and then the fourth individual who "showed up" looked to me like it could have been photoshopped, but I am no expert on that by any means...

I am more impressed by the footage of the second and third objects in the air which appear to be real. But again, I'm not an expert. Certainly is interesting though isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I know. In the next frame I looked for footprints LOL. It is all getting ready to happen though Scott, don't you think? I sure do!

Anonymous said...

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Caver said...

Ally, ya got a link to that there thingie ma bobbie?

Paula said...

Hey friends,

My mom has to have open heart surgery on Monday, for a quadruple bypass. She is 83 and the doctor says "it's touch and go". I have peace that she will be alright or we'll all "fly away" before then. Thanks for any prayers.

Caver said...

Paula, the Caver household is joining in prayer for her and her medical team. :)

Paula said...

Thank you, Caver household!

Dylan said...

I will too Paula

Paula said...

Thanks Dylan! :-)

May Jesus return before anybody has a chance to say "amen".

Alice said...

I will pray for your mother and her surgeons and nurses, as well, Paula!

Paula said...

Thanks Alice!

Anonymous said...

Paula-Heavenly Father, we lift Paula's mother up to you in prayer. We ask you for her complete healing, instantaneously, as you bore stripes for us all, and conquered both death and disease on the cross. If that be not your will, we ask for your hand to be on the surgeon and entire medical team and staff. We ask that you are Glorified and people's lives and hearts are changed through this experience with her mother. satan-I tie and bind you, that you may have NO influence or power throughout this whole situation and I send forth Angels of the Most High to watch over and guard Paula and her whole family. Please send the peace that passes all understanding to all family members and friends. Thank you for the gift of your precious blood! In Jesus name. Amen

Caver-just google or cut n paste that whole thingie and up it should pop, :) love-ally

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula-

I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. Please know I have prayed for you and your family. Ally's prayers speak so deeply that in addition to mine I give a loud Amen!!!

Please keep me posted on her surgery status and recovery. I will be thinking of you all daily.

Hang in there. God Bless!!!


Ellis said...

Praying for your mother and your family, Paula.

Paula said...

Thank you Ally, GG, and Ellis, and everyone else praying.

God has blessed us very much. A couple years ago one of my sisters was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer but today she is cancer-free, due to many prayers, because normally people don't survive that. We know God hears our prayers, and we are confident we won't lose mom.

After dad died 5 years ago, they told mom to save money and put her name also on the grave stone minus the end date of course. For a saying or message, she decided on "I'll Fly Away"... and I always believed she would!

My husband had a dream about six years ago, after his dad and young niece died, just about the time my dad did. He was told that his mom would die but that "that would be the last" or "that would be it". I have claimed that dream ever since and believe that's why my sister is still with us. We've had too much death already.

Scott said...

Paula - good luck with this, we'll certainly be praying from our end...

Paula said...

Thanks Scott!

Just found out they're doing the surgery within the hour, as they are unable to keep the heart working adequately with meds such as nitroglycerin. She is upbeat and positive, as always.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning-

I want to apologize to those new comers and new names to me that I haven't taken the opportunity to say Hi and welcome you in love to this site.

Ellis, Dylan, and Jill come to mind first. I know have seen your post but haven't met you in conversation :)

Then we have our newest posters from Indonesia and dear poster MS- how exciting and welcome!

I apologize if I have missed someone. The more Ican know in my family on this forum the greater my spirit is because of you all.

God Bless!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Paula~

Matthew 18:20 (ESV)

20For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them."

Please know at this hour we are all gathered here in prayer for your Mom's surgery that is about to take place. We will be praying for her! Hang in there, dear sister.

God Bless!!


Paula said...

Thanks GG, and I know God blesses those who pray for others.

Scott said...

GG - I love that verse :) Thanks for adding that - its a good reminder

Paula said...

Excellent news! The surgery went quicker than anyone expected and mom will be fine. All four arteries were very diseased and replaced, along with minor repair to a valve. She will be in ICU and can't have visitors till at least tomorrow. They also said she probably had a mild heart attack a few days ago and was about to have another. Thanks again for all your prayers and of course praise to God for yet another miracle!

James said...


That is wonderful news. God is awesome! Lifting your mother up right now.

Scott said...

SO GLAD to hear that Paula!

Ellis said...

Thanks for updating us, Paula. That is, indeed, good news. :)

Caver said...

Thank You Father for prayer answered.

Paula, I echo Ellis....thanks for the update and great news.

Dylan said...

Thanks for the update Paula! Glad to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! God is an awesome God:). I am very happy she is resting peacefully. It will be a bit of recovery but with all the love and support and Gods favor she will heal so nicely. This is my greatest prayer for her:). Let her know we are thinking of her here.

God Bless!!


Paula said...

Thanks again everyone! :-D