Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Security Council to Discuss 'Palestine' This Month

That is the title of a new article just out which reveals that the UN Security Council is actually discussing the possibility of "Palestine" becoming an independent nation. This development is both unexpected and sudden.

Security Council to Discuss 'Palestine'

The UN Security Council plans to discuss this month the possibility of Palestine becoming a United Nations member state, Reuters reported.

The report noted that an “open debate” on the Middle East has been scheduled for July 26, according to a provisional calendar for the Security Council for July.

Reuters quoted German Ambassador Peter Wittig, UN Security Council president, as having said: “I think (that) will be an occasion to explore the various options that might exist on the Palestinian side.” His comment came in response to a question about when the issue would be debated.

The report comes as the Quartet of peacekeeping nations – the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations – is set to meet on July 11. The Quartet will discuss during the meeting the planned bid by the Palestinian Authority to obtain recognition at the United Nations as a new independent country.

According to Reuters, Wittig pointed to the Quartet meeting as a possible indicator on the situation of the Palestinian state.

The PA plans to claim all lands restored to Israel in the 1967 Six Day War, including territories in Judea and Samaria, as well as nearly half of Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

This is an interesting development. We already knew that the General Assembly may take up this issue in September, but the Security Council would be far more potent in any formal declaration of a nation of "Palestine". It will also be interesting to see how the U.S. approaches this meeting.

So first we have the Quartet meeting scheduled for July 11, and then two weeks later the Security Council meets on the same issue.

Things are already picking up momentum as we head towards September and we'll be following these UN meetings very closely.


Anonymous said...

Scott- The most amazing thing to me is no matter how on top of it all that we are...the twists and turns are constantly taking us by surprise! I feel like I am driving a european sports car at a high rate of speed on a curvy mountain road at night1 What lays behind the next corner?
2 quick things. Did you see the sandstorm roll up on Phoneix, Az tonight? Pretty intense. Also remember the elenin alignment is on the 7th so lets see what kind of earthquake action happens, or maybe doesn't happen. God Bless You All! ally

hartdawg said...

Scott... I am afraid I have to respectfully disagree. I don't find it unexpected (at least not totally) are "sudden". To the world it maybe sudden but my suspicion is that there have been behind the scenes moves 4 months or maybe years. I could be the wrong though.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ally >>>

I need to correct your timing.

It is the 27th of Sep 2011 on the
Elenin alignment......and then 16/17 OCT, and a few dates after

Stephen !!!!

WVBORN56 said...

Scott it is interesting looking at the Sept 27 date for the comet that may cause earth quakes. I see that Rosh Hashanah begins on Sept 28. I believe that is the Jewish holiday that is refered to as "know one knows the day or time" the groom will come? Interesting!

Scott said...

Yea, WV - Sept seems to have a bunch of interesting dates, that one included....Don't forget the other dates too, in both Oct and Nov

Ally, a friend of mine was just telling me about that sand storm - I hadn't heard about it before...Sounds like the pics are amazing.

gearedup2go said...

I came across this Facebook page and while I disagree with the author's opinion on Mark 13:32, I found the
ELE comet /September dates relative to the Jewish feasts fascinating!


Caver said...

WV, correct me if I'm wrong but that is the date we don't know the hour or minute. In fact, I don't think we know the day.....what we do know is today's Jewish calendar is off.....we don't know exactly when RH is even supposed to be.

As for the post, the world's leaders just can't keep their nose out of Israel and Jerusalem's business can they. Scripture says it will be a burdensome stone and time after time the PTB get embarrassed and their nose skint and blooded. In short, they get made fools of. Yet they keep stepping up to the plate to take another swing.

Oh well, they do come up with some interesting and entertaining reasons/explanations and excuses.

Anonymous said...

Geared-thanks for sharing! I agree a lot with that link! YAY! ally

Anonymous said...


Thank you for that link. I really enjoyed seeing it. I actually saved it so I can really digest it in depth. It really was a nice to see it from that perspective. Nice breakdown.

Have a great day!