Thursday, July 21, 2011

Headlines for the Day

How Iran Is Helping Assad Suppress Syria's "Arab Spring"

Iran has been backing Damascus since the beginning of the Syrian civil uprising, some four months ago. Tehran has provided security and propaganda assistance, accusing the US and the West of attempting to overthrow the Assad regime under the guise of a false ‘Arab Spring’, according to IDF Lt. Col (ret.) Michael Segall, an expert on strategic issues with a focus on Iran and terrorism and a senior analyst at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

In a position paper written for the center, he described how Iran is taking advantage of the ‘Arab Spring’, or the ‘Islamic awakening’ to disseminate the Islamic revolution ideologies of Ayatollah Khomeini to the Arab world in upheaval.

Iran: Ahmadinejad threatens to send US, Israel 'to the morgue'

"Resistance will continue until Iran sends its enemies to the morgue," he said on his website, making a reference to the US and Israel who he said are "on the verge of collapse and gasping for their last breathes."

Iran: America Too Depleted to Attack Even if We Make the Bomb

The Obama administration has criticized the Iranian regime and its policies while the United States and other countries have put tough sanctions on Iran. The question remains, however, how the Iranian rulers perceive the situation. In their speeches and writings, they argue that America is weak and crumbling. This is, in part, propaganda, but to a considerable degree it is also clear that they believe this to be true. An example of this is an article that has just appeared on Gerdab, a website run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, which concludes that America is so tired from being involved in so many wars that even if Iran makes an atomic bomb it will not attack Iran, nor will it allow Israel to take such action.

New Terror Report Warns of Insider Threat to Utilities

Sabotage by an insider at a major utility facility, including a chemical or oil refinery, could provide al Qaeda with its best opportunity for the kind of massive Sept. 11 anniversary attack Osama bin Laden was planning, according to U.S. officials.

A new intelligence report from the Department of Homeland Security issued Tuesday, titled Insider Threat to Utilities, warns "violent extremists have, in fact, obtained insider positions," and that "outsiders have attempted to solicit utility-sector employees" for damaging physical and cyber attacks.

Taiwan, China Vie To Develop EMP Weapons

A local daily reported Wednesday that both Taiwan and China are developing state-of-the-art electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons to ensure supremacy in that area in the event of a war across the Taiwan Strait.

Liberals Launch Christian Witch Trials

Break out the pitchforks and light the torches! The leftist media is in the midst of launching a modern day version of the Salem Witch Trials. Except this time the target isn't those who blaspheme against the Christian religion, but rather those who practice it. The inquisition began almost two weeks ago when Diane Sawyer and her ABC World News Tonight team christened a very provocative and alarming "investigation" into the beliefs of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann.

ACLU seeks records on Perry prayer event


Anonymous said...

A heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone for your warm messages of welcome, it was so appreciated, and Diane I too am sorry to hear about your loss - Praise the Lord that we can in our sorrow, still know that our beloved Father is in control and that His timing is perfect and very very soon we will see and understand it all.
Having been away for a few days, couldn't wait to get back to catch up on all the 'news' and comments -thank you Scott for all your time you put into this - it is the BEST little 'internet community' around.

S. Africa

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janice. God indeed is our loving Father.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen-Have you seen or heard anything about the harbor patrols not being allowed to have their weapons and a huge increase in military flights and movements there in your neck of the woods? Apparently been going on for about 2 weeks now. Just trying to confirm or deny this info and since you live there-hoping you might know? Thanks ally
Sorry off topic but I'm trying to help a friend out. Thanks everyone!

Dylan said...

Up here in alberta weve had more military-looking helicopters and such flying overhead.

audrey said...

Dylan, I saw military copters flying overhead in AZ yesterday and told my daughter that I never see those. Interesting you are seeing them too.

DrNofog said...

Hey all, [that's "all", not ally, ally!] ;-D

Here's a Happy 60th to Israel that I ran across:
Israel Defying the Odds

Anonymous said...
just a little chem trail info worth sharing. well researched vs just speculative

DrNofog said...

EI, regarding "you had turned blue", I must say that I was disappointed! I thot you was paying me a compliment...

However, I do know a classic set-up fer a punchline when I see one!

Scott said...

Janice -
Glad to have you back!

I can recall when we were gone for a few days; I felt like it was a year! So much happens so fast these days.

It is interesting to have a long term perspective - I can recall a couple of decades ago, you could go weeks on end with very little in the way of prophetic related news. Now its measured on an hourly basis...When I am away from the computer for a whole day - I feel like I am waaaay behind on the news...

Dylan said...

EU develops plan to guard the euro

WVBORN56 said...

Praise/prayer request baby girl 22 was recently promoted to head teller at her bank and was in charge today when her manager was away. She has done that a couple of times and does fine but today when she was in the back office a gun showed up with a gun and robbed them! She said he had a very big gun!! It is a small bank office in a grocery store of only 4-5 young women. They are all fine but very shaken. Thank you Jesus for your hand of protection!! We live in a fairly low crime state with a good economy... just showing again the days are indeed evil. Her bank had not experienced a robbery in over 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Oh..WV you bet. I am so sorry to hear that and praise be to God for the protection on your baby girl. Young or old they will always be our babies. Let her know we are praying for her continued saftey as she continues on with her work.

God Bless!!


Dylan said...

I'll definitely be praying for her.

Scott said...

Wow - I can't believe that! So sorry - I can't imagine how traumatizing that would be. I hope she's doing ok; we'll pray her well being after enduring something like this

DrNofog said...

Dylan, you had some "funny stuff" at the end of the link that sent it to 404-lala-land.

Try this:

WVBORN56 said...

Thanks guys for the prayers. We took her out with friends to dinner tonight and she is still nervous but I think she is doing very well considering the shock of such an event. Pray also for Debbie the teller who actually experienced the hold-up.

Scott said...

So what do you think the ramifications of that article - more centralized power within the EU - at least financially?

Scott said...
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Dylan said...

Like you've said many times Scott, eventual loss of sovereignty. Also, can we all pray for everyone in eastern Africa who are affected by the drought?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan-

I sure will :). They are suffering so much these days. Thanks for the prompting. Hope all is well with you there.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...















STEPHEN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

DrNofog said...

Stephen, -->...noticed you skipped our questions again...
GG's too...

Caver said...

WV, prayers and praise from down here be sure. So thankful everyone is safe.

Anonymous said...

ok, i went to the link.....I am here to say I FACE REALITY....


I AM not trying to SCARE any one...



What some people on this blog do
NOT seem to understand is that
DEBT must be liquidated....

and it will be....

sadly, it will be in PANIC...

that is how humans react on the
way down, in panic, I have NO
control over that >>>>>

GG and Dr. Fog, please go to for a complete

Stephen !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott and gang! First time poster but have been reading all along for over 2 years now. I love coming here and learning and staying updated with current events and Bible Prophecy, (Scott is by far the very best out there) I'm proud to be part of a body of gang members who's leader is Christ the Lord, the King of Kings! I'm so glad the battle has already been won at the cross.

WV-my first impression was it might have been an inside job. Maybe I have watched too many movies but how convenient it was to put in a 'nubie' while the manager stepped out? So glad that God had his hand of protection upon your daughter and the rest of the crew at that bank.

Seriously now, the thing that really got me to post today is the information on this video about Elenin:

There no way I could have posted this on the RR bulletin board as it would have wound up in the tin hat section in minutes. Would love your thoughts on this. It absolutely made my heart jump with excitement! It runs along the same lines as the "The Star of Bethlehem" if any of you have watched that movie. Except it was done by someone else that I have not heard of. Thanks for watching and hope to hear back.

WVBORN56 said...

Jec, your right about RR shuting these types of discussions down. That is why I enjoy it here so much. I respect their reasoning/position but it is very limiting and much good information is missed. I have tried to make the point that CNN, NY Times are no more valid trustworthy than say DEBKAfile or worldnetdaily for example. You just have to pray and trust the HS to guide us into what is truth and what is half truth or even outright deception and lies. Scott does a great job here of finding nuggets of "gold" for our consideration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen~

“Where is your treasure?” He says in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” There are a lot of things vying for your heart, as this is the control center for life.

I hope today finds you doing well on the island. Please take a few minutes and try to understand my heart on this topic. If you glean nothing from this, than at best this can be used for is towards those who may not knowingly follow your financial advice.

The thing is I am choosing not to chase fear, which is the big difference here. I appreciated it a few months ago when I thought it was just a wise alert on your part as a Christian brother to his sisters and brothers in Christ but I thought it would have some sound backing, I have yet to see that. I have been on here for months and it has been the same statement, honestly up until this point nothing has happened. Not saying it will not, please understand that, I believe you, I see what your intent is but again I ask why? Why is it so important for you to speak us daily with a panic style warning, BOLD words stressing the urgency, and honestly tampering on a fine line of being a financial advisor unless, (A) You are one or (B) you’re a stock broker of some kind and this dropping of one’s life savings can only benefit you or someone you know or (C) you are just searching right now to connect the dots in this crazy messed up world. There is a reason somewhere. What is the purpose I keep asking?

I really want to believe that there is a greater intent than you planting these seeds of fear daily than possibly, and I say possibly having another motive. I have tried to speak to you in scripture. I have asked you many, many questions, I have tried to understand and still no responses other than panic or telling us and that’s it. I have to admit when I saw your statement from Lindsey Lohan, I thought, “What does God say, Dear Stephen, not Lindsey?”

How can we be here for the same purpose when your situations keep running counter to God’s word? If it is not talk with stocks and panic and fear mongering as I call it, then it’s talk about the anti-Christ and searching high and low for him. I am worried about you; seriously worried. I am not in any way shape or form trying to be mean. I truly mean that and as I type this God knows my heart. I guess it’s one thing maybe to be young in a walk with Christ and not know what to say, I am not sure if that is it; but posting daily financial advice to families who trust in the Lord for their needs during these very hard last days to just DUMP (my word) it all without any sound doctrine seems very self serving to me. Do you want that outcome on your hands?

I guess that is the part I am hoping you will see. You go to sleep at night and you have no idea how someone new following you can trust you to the T because you were around your brothers and sisters in Christ and your thinking sounded – sound -but it isn’t.

These things are going to happen. We must keep utilizing these last days to seek and follow and certainly help the Lord. We are to help our brothers and sisters and many to try to know Jesus before he returns not create bigger stumbling blocks in their lives. Not add a burden of stress but to offer great understanding during these times.

Anonymous said...


That is what this forum is to me. Your piece of financial wisdom so to speak is only one cornerstone of the overall scheme that is taking place. There are MANY corruptible seeds in the overall banking system here and worldwide; MANY corruptible styles, truly, truly, much greed. Money is the root of all evil when used in this manner. It can be good if used for solely for good. It comes down to the heart of the matter. In this financial make-up we still have all those other avenues that ultimately feed into this bottleneck that someone once described on here.

For example I heard the other day that the foreclosure rate is going to plummet more due to the paper the government is still sitting on and have not dumped…Why?? Waiting to see the right price before it goes traveling down to Wall Street for sale on the secondary market. From there where do all these avenues tie into, including Bankers, Financial Advisors, Stock Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Bankers, Real-Estate Attorneys gone bad in so called trust deals under false names…..the STOCK MARKET- for the purpose of having their hands out for a piece of the Americans hard earned dollar to line their pockets. False reporting, false deals that sound good to the consumer, mis-leading statements to push them into deals that are not for them and more…Forgive me for not wanting to feed another avenue that offers no sound reasoning at this time other than the continued blanket statements made daily on this topic by you.

The very advice you give could be the thing that some poor, innocent, a not so wise, knowledgeable person on this forum does to adversely affect their household because Stephen told me to. That is a huge burden on both parts. We have so many people watching us daily even with key word searches that bring them to this group. We need to lean on God’s understanding and not the worldly understanding. This isn’t a one time, genie in a lamp type of relationship with Christ. This is a lifestyle change. Though I love you Stephen, I truly do and want to see greater things for you, but today’s post is more for those who read your stock watch alerts. I hope they do their due diligence before just leaping out on your word instead of God’s word.

Remember this…
From the Sermon on the Mount is the question of “where my heart is”. Has your heart been challenged to really think through this question and to evaluate if our heart is seeking after self or after a real, vibrant relationship with God?

There are too many mirrors as I believe Paula mentioned yesterday. We all are struggling with fears, temptations, and desiring the things of the world for man’s praise instead of glorifying God.

In this passage, Jesus directly addresses the heart by asking the question, “Where is your treasure?” He says in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” There are a lot of things vying for your heart, as this is the control center for life.
“The Scripture teaches that the heart is the control center for life. A person’s life is a reflection of his heart. Proverbs 4:23 states it like this: ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the well spring of life.’ The word picture here is graphic. The heart is a well from which all the issues of life gush forth.”195

Again, please understand though I may be leaning on sound conviction to keep my promise to the Lord and not let the things of this world corrupt my thinking, I do say all this in love. If there is nothing else that you take from this dear Stephen, please see and know this is coming from a loving, yet firm place in my heart about this topic. I don’t want to have to stand before God and explain why I continued to let this go unaddressed and caused some other brother or sister to stumble due to the actions of another brother.

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, correction on the use of the word plummet on the foreclosure statement. They will be (selling off) dropping the bad paper to the secondary market soon, thus creating a higher foreclosure rate among Americans.


WVBORN56 said...

Good thoughts GG...I guess i just take the "advice" Stephen gives with a grain of salt. My investments have never been in the stock market any way but in tangible property. I listen to God and the HS and not the wisdom of man. I doubt anybody on this forum is taking the advice of an anonymous poster. I enjoy his posts but it does not cause me fear or any inclination to act on his info.

In addition I have been convinced right or wrong...the rapture will occur before the crash that comes to America because it comes as in the Days of Noah when they were eating and drinking and giving in marriage. So in other words it was business as usual. When America crashes so will the world and that puts us into the tribulation period and Revelation 6 with the rider on the white horse.

Even if we do for some reason I don't foresee...I have a garden, I have property paid for and I have guns to hunt with and I have a spring at my cabin...but more importantly I sevre the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Welcome JEC-Thanks for posting. I agree with the literal fullfillment of that verse! But the narrarater and I don't agree with what is up ahead. How you can see something that clearly be directly fullfilled and NOT believe in the rest of it? I expect to see vs. 7 & 8 fullfilled in the exact same manner! So my take is....tada....expect some really weird outerspace action complete with satan and his crew. Remember guys, stayed prayed up,remember your authority and watch the sparks fly! (yeah yeah, I was taught all that already happened, but you have to look at the Word of God, not the teachings of man) Remember guys, Daniel had to seal it up because the only people who would be able to understand it were the people alive during that time!
Thank you JEC once again! Thoughts anyone? Waiting for you Caver! love, ally

Anonymous said...

About Stephen...I believe Stephen has nothing but love and concern for us! And we love him back! :)
He has several things he is fixated on in his search for the Truth. And that is his journey. Who am I to judge his headspace? He obviously loves Jesus. We really might figure out who the a.c. is if we look hard enough. Most of us aren't looking for him, but I'm a curious girl so if Stephen finds him...Good for Stephen! Just another sign we are getting closer to seeing Jesus. Plus then Stephen can relax and start looking for something else! Maybe the h.s laid that job of searching for the a.c. for the body of Christ on Stephen's heart. And the euro might crash indeed! I don't expect the euro to be the a.c.'s one world money.
However Stephen, the gold and silver deal, I do think you are wrong on that at least currently. The Bible does say people will throw their gold and silver in the street cuz it is worthless. But that is still a little way down the road.
AS for the mid trib thing-I figure we can talk about that on the way up! LOL!
I would not want anyone to have financial ruin because of Stephen's prediction either! But Stephen is Stephen, and thats just how he is!
But the best part of this all is how much we love one another! All of us here, sharing our thoughts and the Word. Trying so hard to protect one another from error and lifting each other up! Thank you Jesus for real love! ally

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally & WV~

Please know, first and foremost I do believe Stephen to be a good person, maybe while on his journey a bit on a different course and I pray he will continue to seek first the Kingdom of God... :)

As Christians we must hold firm to the teachings of Christ. Not saying we won't go off course, because we all are human. No one is perfect. As one is convicted about many things lately from the HS, I can say, sadly I can not waiver in my conviction on this. The message may be greater than Stephen or his intent. I don’t want anything but the goodness of Christ love to show through, even in my postings.

There are many different types of people out there watching forums but not posting with let's say... (Just observing, but not talking about-Stephen here ) that may opposite intentions, similar to those of a thief or swindler in these last days. We have many disasters upon us right now. We have many who seek to take advantage of the weak during these disasters. Financially, they are all inter-woven. Remember, as I know from seeing your postings and the love you have for Christ, God thinks BIG!!! We don’t see it all, he does. :)

I wouldn't want anyone new or old to their walk with Christ to think that this is an acceptable thinking on my part. We are to learn to discern and correct in love. I may be wrong and I pray the HS will convict me otherwise, but we are to be examples to the best of our abilities. Having many come from the financial arenas here in our home, having many around me who have licenses for such daily dealings and who have a fiduciary responsibility holding such licenses; are not to cause a detriment to anyone individual in these daily financial transactions or they will be held accountable - legally, this was important to stand for the call. Not to encourage a predatory behavior of any sort. How much more is God word over this legal word?

Again, Yes, I know there are those who don’t play by the rules, but that is not a license to do so, especially in finance. That is why I wasn't sure where Stephen mind is coming from. Since it has been daily, like a broker for months, while meaning something totally innocent, he could be creating something bigger for himself without knowingly or otherwise making financial recommendations that can affect someone’s household or otherwise.

Someone who doesn’t know better and may be new in their walk with Christ, again just monitoring the site, not posting (though I don’t know of this) may be prone to trust a “Christian” while trying to do the right thing. They should be relying on God and through work of the HS these things will be revealed in the manner that is acceptable, pure and true to the word of God.

We have to lead by example in these last days. I hope this helps and for future reference I am not condoning this.

Have a blessed day all!!


Caver said...

Hi Ally, I saw you were waiting on me. Not sure what to many thoughts running around up there. Shared a few in private email yesterday but kind of hesitant on putting them up here......everybody sees it, not just those off milk and with discernment.

As for that particular message....I think Mrs. C might be commenting shortly and if you think for one single solitary moment I am going to stick my toes in the way of that path......Ain't gonna happen!

I'm gonna back up, shut up, and get rehearsed up....Yes Dear!

Mrs. C said...

JEC - WELCOME! My goodness, its wonderful to see you again :)
Ok, as for the video...I know how excited you are about it...but I have to be truthful.:)
First, and most importantly, lets see what Gods Word says about this :)
•The first error is, that this person in the video is referring to Revelation which is the Trib. We know the Trib. is seven years long, and there is not seven years between now, and Sept-Oct. and the Trib has not begun yet. There are some other major events that have to occur before the start of the Trib. We are very, very close, but it is ALL in Gods Timing for these events to have the final fuse lit before the dominos fall. And when they fall, it will be incredibly fast.
•This person narrating this video, or producing it, is mixing Christianity with astrology, and Greek mythology.
Example, his reference to the “dragon” being a Greek god that wants to “devourer” is way, way off. The “dragon is satan waiting to devour.The “Woman” is Israel, not “virgo”. The “twelve stars” are the tribes of Israel for example. Revelation 12:1
1 Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars.The “Woman” gives birth to our Lord and Savior Jesus
Revelation 12:5
5 She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne.
Verse 6, is the Remnant Jews fleeing to the place God has prepared for them at the mid Trib, when the ac – dragon is chasing them. God protects them for 3 ½ years, the final years of the Trib, the Great Trib as Jesus referred to it as. This is also repeated again, in the following Verses.
6 Then the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there one thousand two hundred and sixty days.
Revelation 12, has nothing to do with “virgo” or Elenin comet/brown star. Revelation 12 is all about Israel, His People, the Jewish people, Jesus being born through them. It is Gods brief description of His Peoples past and future, and the Believing Jews of the Trib.
I say this in His Love JEC, but this person is grossly in great error in many ways :(

Ally Dear Sis, :) Revelation 12:7-8 already has happened : it is God telling us of how satan was cast out of Heaven. The next Verse 9, tells us this
9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Mr. C-you are a wise man!
Mrs. C-oh boy we have a big can of worms here! I have the utmost respect for you and your knowledge of scripture! You can run circles around me any and every day of the week!
And yes I was taught probably pretty close to the same way that you were concerning those verses! So with that in mind, please pause for just a moment as we (and everyone else here) really take a new look at those few verses. Please induldge me in this. I look forward to your reply and commentary. But before you answer, really re-examine these verses.
First lets go to Rev. 12:1 It begins by stating A great sign appeared in heaven. Pretty clear cut to me. There was a sign in heaven. Can you interpret that in any other way?
Next it says: a woman clothed with the sun. ok it can't be a physical human woman wearing the sun, can it? does it mean a woman on earth with a shiny bright outfit? well, the Bible says it is in heaven. So does that mean it is a real woman who lives there in a glorified body? I don't know, but I have learned the hard way that if the Bible plainly states something, that what it usually means. Next part:she has the moon under her feet and a garland of stars on her head. Ok now I am even more convinced she has to be in the heavens (sky) as opposed to being in the heaven house of God kind of place. So what in the sky could that be? Why virgo-the virgin maybe? If not, what else could it be? that is the name of a constellation which has existed
since God set the stars in the heavens. Now here is where it gets weird. Usually Virgo does not have the sun on her upper body nor the moon beneath her feet. But somehow she just happens to have this occuring right as everything else is falling into place and we are being told by Jesus to "Look up". And on a Jewish Holy Day also. Now I don't have any kind of answer or big preachy thing etc. I'm asking you guys to help me sort this out! This is not some kind of allegory is it? Later on in revelations, it talks about a woman, a whore, of Babylon. She isn't a "real" woman either, is she?
Now lets look at the vs.3 for a second. Another sign appeared in the heaven. uh oh. this is this fiery red dragon with 7 heads with crowns, and 10 horns.
vs 5 is about Jesus
vs 6 the woman flees to the wilderness where God hides her for part of the trib
vs 7 war in heaven with the dragon
vs 8 dragon loses
vs 9 cast to earth
vs 10 very important because of what it says-Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,"Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ has come, for the accuser of our brethern, who accused them before our God both day and night, has been cast down".
Doesn't satan still accuse us right now before God? Jesus is our counselor right? Satan walks to and fro throughout the earth and then tattles on us to our Father. And then Jesus pretty much stands up for us and is like, sorry devil but they are clean through my blood.
vs 11-we overcome by the blood of the Lamb, word of our testimony, loving Jesus more than our lives.
vs 12-this verse tells everyone in heaven to rejoice because they are with God and then tells us "Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea" Why? Because Satan has been cast down.
vs 13-17 still in the future. So what's up? Things still to come. I get the Jewish nation part but how can the Jewish nation have the sun as clothing, moon at her feet. the 12 tribes/stars ok. Really look at this with new eyes. I'm not saying you are wrong at all. (but the video narrarator was wrong on tons)Thoughts? ally

Anonymous said...

I once saw this very old man astrophysist who explained we see time in a line...yesterday, today tommorrow. but God sits in the middle of a wheel and he can see all time, all the time! That maybe explains some of it?

Anonymous said...

Wait, halt Mrs. C- I read this book a while back, far too complicated for me, couldn't remember the name so I googled Jesus, stars etc and guess what? That old Holy Spirit is up to it again because there is currently a whole article precisely about this and that book "Gospel in the Stars" on another site. here is the link. obviously i haven't read the article yet but I trust the site so here is the cut and paste linkie thing
loving you all! ally
and please make sure Mr. C gets supper first.

Caver said...

As Caver walks right on past....whistling and pretending he doesn't see anything as he volunteers to do the dishes tonight Yes Dear, that was an excellent way to cook the ribs...and corn on the cob was the perfect compliment to it.....whistle, whistle, whistle...speed up the walking...whistle.....

Scott said...

Man, I go out for a whole day and look at what I have missed!

Thanks for the comments JEC - I want to take a look at that video - thanks for posting it --As WV says, we really prefer to cast a wide net as far as news and interesting information - I think we're all appropriately discerning and I'd FAR rather have a wide net, which may include some mis-information or whatever rather than be highly limiting and take a chance on missing important news by having a narrow scope.

The comments are always good and I'm still learning too.

Thanks for the comments !

Mrs. C said...

Evening Sister Ally :) Oh my goodness…lots of questions….lots of questions .lol Thank you for the kindest words, but we all learn His Word together :) Ok, lets “really take a look” at these Verses and see what His Word says.
Revelation 12:1 “It begins by stating a great sign appeared in heaven” We have the KJV, referring to a “great wonder in Heaven”, and the NKJV referring to a “great sign appeared in Heaven”. So we have the difference of whether it is a “sign” or “wonder”, either way God does not say that it is something the whole world will see, or He would say that, but rather it is John continuing to describe what he sees. John saw a “door open” in Heaven for example.

Revelation 12:1 KJV
1And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
Revelation 12:1 (NKJV)
1 Now a great sign appeared in heaven:

Revelation 12:2 The “woman” is in “Heaven” just as he says this vision is that he sees. This has nothing to do with a constellation, or astrology , but everything to do with Israel.
Revelation 12:2
1And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

It as a reference to Israel in the past, not the future. Genisis 37:9 The sun refers to Jacob, the moon Rachel, Jacob's wife and the 12 stars the sons of Jacob and the 12 tribes of Israel (Jacob). The “sun”, “moon”, and “eleven stars” all bowed to Joseph. Jacob God renamed Israel. that the biblical symbolism of Genesis 37:9-11 demands that it refer to Israel.
Genesis 37:9
9And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it his brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me.
Revelation 12:3 Is satan, and Vs. 9 tells us that.
Revelation 12:4 -5 The past conflict between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent (Gen. 3:15) is rehearsed in verses 4 and 5. A third of the stars having been swept away by the dragon's tail tells us that a third of the angels fell and followed Satan in his original revolt. The male child of verse 5 is Jesus the Messiah who is the seed of the woman and the one that the dragon is really at war with.
Revelation 12:6 The Remnant Jewish Believers flee to the wilderness, most likely Petra, where God takes care of them for the final 3 ½ years of the Trib.
Revelation 12:7-12 The historic conflict between Christ and Satan reaches a climax in heaven where Satan and his demons are cast out of heaven to the earth at the midpoint of the seven-year tribulation period (Rev. 12:7-12). Satan's defeat is first accomplished in heaven by Michael and his angels in preparation for the final defeat of the dragon on earth three and a half years later at the second coming (Rev. 20:1-3).

Mrs. C said...


Revelation 13-17 Is the future for the Jewish Believers in Israel. God will protect the remnant supernaturally as noted by the phrase "two wings of the great eagle." This is a figure of speech used in the Exodus (Ex. 19:4; Deut. 32:10-11) to speak of God's divine intervention as the Jews leave Jerusalem and the surrounding areas and are protected in Petra. satan launches an effort to track down the Jewish people, but God's protection overcomes his efforts. "And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood" (Rev. 12:15). In context it appears that satan's pouring out water like a river from his mouth after the woman is a could be metaphor for military pursuit. He sends out his armies to search for the Jewish people who are in hiding. The intent of his pursuit is to destroy the Jews as stated in the figure of speech "so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood."
In spite of satan's great efforts God hides and protects his people. "And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth" (Rev. 12:16). God uses the rugged and mountainous terrain of the wilderness to counteract satan's efforts at destroying the Jewish Remnant. Satan gives up his search and in his anger goes after other Jewish believers, which could likely the 144,000 Jewish witnesses (Rev. 7:1-8; 14:1-3) who are scattered across the world.
His Word tells us, that it is His People, the Apple of His Eye, the Jewish Remnant, that “keep the Commandments” and also have the Testimony of Jesus.
Revelation 12
. 17And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

God Bless You Sis!:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs. C! If you get a chance, check out that link I posted. very interesting. Love, your sis-ally

Scott said...

Thats a nice summary of Rev 12 - which is really an interesting and 'unusual' chapter as compared to the rest of Rev. Thanks a ton for that Mrs C., I agree with tha as well, but the video was interesting (in terms of the various alignments of the 'comet' relative to the night sky. But I don't see the parallels to Rev 12 in ELE either FWIW.

Mrs. C said...

Top Of the Morning To You Sister Ally! :)
Yes Sis, I had already checked out the link you had posted :) Please forgive me, and I say this truly humbly, but I had done that study in years gone by. :)
It is fascinating, and also gets me a little riled up at the perversion of Gods beautiful story there in the Heavens for us to see, became so perverted by satan with the “zodiac” nonsense. In addition to the constellations, it is amazing to know that the Word of God did reveal certain scientific facts about the earth before mankind was even aware of it. For example for centuries it was a common belief that the Earth was flat, and Gods Word clearly revealed that it was spherical, in the OT and NT.
The OT writers new the Earth was round, way before mankind figured it out.
Isaiah 40:22
22.It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:
Revelation 7:1
1.And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

God also tells us in His Word, long before it was known to man, that the Earth is indeed suspended in space. In addition, Job tells us that he knows of the “North” as direction. How could Job know the Earth was suspended in space? He had never seen the Earth from space, or known that there is a North, South, East, West for example. The answer is God, who gave Job this knowledge. :)
Job 26:7
7. He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.
Our Heavenly Father truly is awesome, and the more we learn of Him, His Son…the more we are reminded we Truly are His children in every sence…
God Bless You Sis! :)

Mrs. C said...

Annnd…Top of the Morning to You also Brother Scott! :)
Thank you for your kind words, but as always, it is His Holy Spirit, not me :) Yes indeed, it is an “unusual” chapter as compared to the rest of Revelation. For me in my simple way, see it as God saying “ok, intermission time, let Me give you the very brief story of My People, past and future”. The fact that ELE is showing up with all these other Prophecies happening, Im sure is not a coincidence, as there are no coincidences with God. ELE could be a “sign”, or it could (IF it effects the Earth) be involved with the wars to come. Trust God, and we will know :) One thing for sure, there is not a correlation with Revelation 12 as the video suggests. Rosh Hashanah at the end of Sept, again I feel I have to say, we have no idea that it truly is Rosh Hashanah, as the Jewish Calendar has been messed with so much over the centuries by Rabbis. But one thing for absolute positive, is that Jesus with out question, will fulfill the Rosh Hashanah Feast! Thank You Jesus! :)
God Bless You! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for all the inputs in the recent comments. Very interesting for sure to follow along with the type of discussions an article or link can create and others understanding and knowledge as it's brought to the table. The visual aspects of the video were very interesting as the time frame of the end of September approaches.

Don't know if anyone has posted this, but for what it's worth, Jerry's "Golden Report" is out:


Scott said...

I've been checking on a new report by JG, but there weren't any lately - thanks so much for finding this one - I love to read his reports

Scott said...

JEC - I can already see this is a good one. Might have to post this - thanks again

DrNofog said...

The Flat Earth Myth Again

Anonymous said...

Read about a possible EMP scenario in light of China plans to create EMP weapons for use against US carriers.

Iran, EMP & The First US Dollar War