Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wars and Rumors of War

Today's news really makes that point:

Top CIA officer: Israel will probably attack Iran in Sept.

Robert Baer tells LA radio that strike on Tehran likely to happen before vote on Palestinian state, that PM wants US to be involved, and that "there is a warning order inside Pentagon to prepare for conflict with Iran."

Israel will probably attack Iran in September, Robert Baer, a veteran CIA officer who spent 21 years in the Middle East including in Lebanon and Syria, told a Los Angeles radio show on Tuesday.

While the CIA officer didn't reveal the sources behind his prediction, he referred to former Mossad chief Meir Dagan's warnings of an Israeli attack on Iran as "no bluff."

Baer told the KPFK Los Angeles show Background Briefing that previous comments made by Dagan that an Israeli attack on Iran could lead to a regional war "tell us with near certainty that Netanyahu is planning an attack, and in as much as I can guess when it's going to be, it's probably going to be in September before a vote on the Palestinian state."

The senior CIA officer predicted a scenario in which Israel would attack the Natanz nuclear facility as well as "a couple of others to degrade their capabilities."

Also see:

'Israel plans to strike Iran in September'

Baer didn't name sources for his prediction of an Israeli attack, but the few he did cite are all Israeli security figures who have publically warned that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was adamant to strike Iran, such as former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan.

"Our special forces are already looking at Iranian targets in Iraq and across the border (in Iran) which we would strike. What we're facing here is an escalation, rather than a planned out-and-out's a nightmare scenario. We don't have enough troops in the Middle East to fight a war like that. I think we are looking into the abyss," he said.

More rumors of war and war preparations:

'Syria increasing arms shipments to Hezbollah'

Damascus is increasing shipments of advanced missiles and other weapons to Hezbollah amid continuing unrest in Syria, The Times of London reported Friday quoting Western intelligence officials.

The missiles "are accurate to within tens of meters and bring all of Israel, Jordan and large parts of Turkey within Hezbollah's range," the officials were quoted by the newspaper as saying.

They also said that, "This is the first time that a terror organization has obtained a missile of this type," which is considered a "strategic weapon" that "has been held only by national armies."

Hizballah rides high in Lebanon, installs member as security chief

Very quietly, Hezbollah has been completing their takeover of Lebanon, and subsequent war preparations:

Hassan Nasrallah quietly completed the organization's takeover of Lebanon's security and intelligence agencies and took delivery of advanced ballistic missiles from Syria.

...the Lebanese cabinet will Monday, July 18, go through the motions of endorsing the key appointment dictated by Hizballah promoting Brig. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim's from Deputy Director of Lebanese Military Intelligence to General Security Director.

This a sensitive all-powerful post never before been held by a member of the Shiite community. It puts him – and Hizballah – in charge domestic surveillance, espionage, counterintelligence and all of Lebanon's clandestine branches.

DEBKAfile's Middle East sources note that this step opened the door for Hizballah to take a hand for the first time in making top military appointments.

Its oversight of domestic security will now spill over to the armed forces and military control of Lebanon's borders with Israel and Syria.

These developments show how far from reality were the self-congratulatory comments broadcast this week by Israeli generals and pundits and their view that the uprising threatening Syrian President Bashar Assad had weakened his ally Hizballah.

Just the reverse: Even with his back to the wall, the Syrian ruler has clearly assigned top priority to continuing to upgrade Hizballah's war arsenal.

Caroline Glick has an interesting perspective on current events in the Middle East:

Caution: Storm Approaching

After a discussion of the economic problems that plague Egypt, Greece and Syria, and the consequences of such, she gets to the bottom line - and we quickly see how more rumors of war appear:

Beyond that, with the rising double specter of Egyptian economic collapse and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power, Israel must prepare for the prospect of war with Egypt.

Recently it was reported that IDF Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz has opted to spread over several years Israel's military preparations for a return to hostilities with Egypt.

Gantz's decision reportedly owes to his desire to avoid provoking Egypt with a rapid expansion of the IDF's order of battle.

Gantz's caution is understandable. But it is unacceptable. Given the escalating threats emanating from Egypt - not the least of which is the expanding security vacuum in the Sinai -- Israel must prepare for war now.

So too, with the US's weak economy, Obama's Muslim Brotherhood friendly foreign policy, and Europe's history of responding to economic hardship with xenophobia, Israel's need to develop the means of militarily defending itself from a cascade of emerging threats becomes all the more apparent.

The economic storms may pass by Israel. But the political tempests they unleash will reach us. To emerge safely from what is coming, Israel needs to hunker down and prepare for the worst.

Also see:

All quiet on the northern front...for the moment

The situation along the Gaza border might be relatively quiet, but since the revolution in Egypt earlier this year, the tunnels under the Gaza-Egyptian border are bringing in similarly unprecedented amounts of explosives, missiles and other arms, according to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).

As the years pass, though, and the threat grows, there is also a constant challenge within the IDF to make sure it is preparing for the war of the future and not the war of the past.

“The next war will be completely different,” Maj.- Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, who finished his term as head of the Northern Command this week, would tell his staff. “Hezbollah will be better prepared, but so will we.”

...the IDF will have the ability to bomb hundreds and possibly even thousands of Hezbollah targets immediately at the beginning of a war.

On the other hand, this will most likely not be enough to stop the rocket and missile attacks against the North and Center, which will therefore require the immediate insertion of large numbers of ground forces into southern Lebanon.

One of the major questions that will most likely be determined during the war is whether the IDF should or will attack Syria.

...the Lebanese guerrilla group now maintains bases in Syria, where it stores some of its advanced and so-called strategic weaponry.

The possibility of bombing these bases will most definitely come up in the first days of a future war.

And lastly, another interesting article from the American Thinker:

The Worldview War

The conjunction of humanist and Islamic worldviews will threaten to destroy America from within throughout the 21st century. Indeed, there is a war of worldviews raging in America, with secular humanism and Islam as co-belligerents on one side and Judeo-Christian America on the other.

That represents an interesting premise: That somehow secular humanism and radical Islam share many of the same goals. Hmmm.... Food for thought.

The worldview war is spiritual in origin. The Bible states in Ephesians 6:12 that "our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Worldviews incorporate theology and therefore reflect spiritual beliefs.

We should never forget that passage in these last days.

Secular humanism increasingly supports the Islamists' position in the battle against the Judeo-Christian worldview. Secular humanists currently dominate the government, education, the media, and the legal institutions in the United States.

Indeed. And then we see this:

Why are humanists and Islamists united in their opposition to the Judeo-Christian worldview?

- Humanists and Islamists share the primary goal of removing Christianity from public life so that their worldview can gain power.

- They both seek government solutions to accomplish utopia on earth. The humanists desire a one-world government that perfects man on earth (via the United Nations, EU, etc.), while Islam seeks a one-world caliphate and a sharia legal system that perfects man on earth.

- Both use each other in attacking the Constitution. The Muslim uses humanist doctrine (separation of church and state) in attacking the Constitution through judges, etc. to open the door for Sharia, food regulation, sanctioned prayer, and state suppression of Christian expression. The humanist uses the Islamists to counter Christian "oppression" and attack the Constitution.

- Both use each other in a "termite strategy." Termites destroy a house slowly and then suddenly. By the time you see them, it may be too late.

This is a long article but a must read. Here are just a few tidbits worth mentioning:

Estimates of Christians persecuted worldwide have reached 200 million. Seventy-five percent of worldwide religious persecution is perpetrated against Christians, yet Christianity represents only approximately 30% of the world's population. According to Open Doors International, the top ten oppressors are Islamic or humanist countries.

More consequences from this "world view":

Detroit used to be an all-American city with the highest per capita income in the 1950s. However, the advance of unions (private and public), growing corruption of secular interests, and significant growth in the Arab-Islamic population have resulted in the collapse of a once-great city.

Great Britain is the best international example of humanist-Islamic cooperation. Great Britain was the leading empire in the 19th century, and the British pound was the world's reserve currency. But Great Britain is now a shadow of its former self. Will America follow the secular humanist model of Great Britain and experience a similar decline?

This last point is worth reflection and pondering in a very serious way:

There are evil, incompetent, and indifferent combatants in this worldview war. Evil combatants (radical Islamists and secular humanists) do bad things on purpose. Incompetent combatants (secular Christians) do bad things by accident.

Indifferent combatants (majority of Americans) don't care whether others do good or bad as long as their personal peace and prosperity is not disturbed.

The evil combatants use the incompetent and indifferent to accomplish their goals for society.

Judeo-Christian believers must educate themselves (and others) and engage the culture (schools, churches, synagogues, families, government, and communities) to reverse secular humanism and slow the progress of Islamic cultural and physical jihad in the U.S. We must focus our efforts on the incompetent and indifferent population within the U.S. if we are to defeat those who are evil combatants.



James said...

Scott: Great post here. Talk about "War and Rumors of War". This talkhas moved beyond rhetoric as you have so diligently pointed out and may very be beyond the planning stages. I believe now it's just a matter of God's timing. My feeling here is that it can blow at anytime. I think attacking Iran will be covert in it's beginning and I believe Mossad has people in place ready to carry this out now. Once the initial targets are taken down then a full scale overt war with Iran will happen. I also think while this is going on,and more importantly, that ground forces will have to enter Lebanon pushing Hezbollah back to Syria because of all the rockets that will be launched. Once this is completed then we see longer range missles being launched from Damascus where that city is laid to ruin by God never to be known again.

I would like to know how you and everyone on this blog sees the events unfolding. As we witness, we have to be able to discern this change from Wars and Rumors of Wars to having already been planed and ready to execute so we can prepare our brothers and sisters for what is soon to happen.

Thank you brother!

Scott said...

James, these are just my quick thoughts before I head out the door this morning!

I have always seen the Iranian-Israeli crisis as a situation that sets up Gog-MaGog - UNLESS - Iran decides to institute a 'proxy war' first by using Hezbollah and Hamas and Syria to initiate the prophecies of Isa 17 and Psa 83 (understanding that Psa 83 is a prayer not technically a prophecy, but I use it as shorthand)...

Having said that - seeing this Iranian-Israel crisis as more imminent than ever - makes me agree with previous thoughts (yes, I am agreeing with myself here - DrNo...:) :) --- That all coming events (Isa 17/Psa 83, Gog-MaGog etc) as happening in RAPID SUCCESSION.....In other words, I don't think there will be much delay at all once the initial dominoes begin to fall.

What these recent developments do for me - is to make me realize that these events are coming together like different things approaching a bottleneck - and as things approach a bottleneck, they move faster and come together. That is how things seem now.

The two key ideas being "fast" and "coming together"

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott:
You have no idea what your blog means to me. I look forward with anticipation every day for the next blog. My thinking is that the rapture will happen before the vote in the U.N., this way the U.S. will be out of the picture to support Israel?
p.s. The comments are always interesting!!!
Gary in Indonesia

Scott said...

Gary (Indonesia?) - Many thanks for the very kind words. I really appreciate it - I sometimes wonder if folks like yourself really know how much the encouragement means - it really means a lot.

The comments are great - I agree - we are all blessed by the collective effort and more importantly - the collective attitude of the various people who gather. I really and truly cannot wait to meet everyone soon!

I think you must be picking up on the month of September and all of the different things that are reaching a pinnacle in that month - I know Caver has mentioned it several times, and I too have taken notice. September is lining up to be a very significant month for many different reasons.

If we are raptured in that time frame I'll be very very happy :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott~

I signed up to receive these notices on earthquakes. I know you have been tracking some for today. Here is another one in Alaska. Looks like they had some small ones and then this one.

Things are truly a movin' and a shakin' as I can picture Dr. No sayin' :)

God Bless!!


Anonymous said...

It appears that SEP is shaping up
to be critical indeed. Scott, I
never told u this before BUT do you
know who Nate Krupp is ??

He used to be here in KONA on my island back in 1980. he has written
several books about the end.

In any case, he ONCE HAS THIS vision that in a future year, i am not sure which, that three things
will happen.

(1) Stock crash in AUG
(2) War in the middle east in SEP
(3) Chicago destroyed in OCT by fire.

I have been waiting 31 years now
for this; so far nothing....

I WONDER IF 2011 will be it ??


Remember what i told u about
Ray Mabus.....and WW III

If i am right about this, 2011
will see these prophecies all

But if I am wrong, we will have to


Stephen in Hawaii !!

Anonymous said...

correction to the above HAS should be HAD...

Stephen >>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,
I decided to finally say "hello" to my brothers and sisters "In Christ"
I have been reading the blog for some time now and want to thank you Scott and everyone else for what you are doing. I look forward each morning and evening to see what is happening next.I feel the love of Jesus here, it is like being part of a small group Bible study.I also can't wait to meet you all and I believe it is going to be real soon....I think Jesus is at the door with His hand on the knob to come and take His children home with Him.
Soon and very soon, we are going to see the KING !!!Praise God!
May God bless each and everyone of you and SEE YA AT THE HOUSE!! ms

Anonymous said...

Scott-coming here daily is the highlight of my day! Every Day! It makes me feel closer to heaven each day. I feel so much love and trust and Jesus here. ally

Scott said...

ms and ally - thanks so much! It is indeed a great community - and like a bible study (interesting thought that I hadn't had ms - but good point)...Theres nothing like a good bible study is there? In fact, whenever I'm in a bible study I get the sense that "this is 'real' church" :)

Just take a look at Rev 19 - and look at the massive celebration that we'll all be involved in - Its just a quick glimpse of heaven, but the way in which John describes the celebration is pretty impressive...

He was actually seeing all of us - in the (near) future!

What a glorious celebration it will be indeed - I can't wait either!

Anonymous said...

Yup-I can't wait to see John! When I'm bummed out, I always think, at least I'm not forced to work in a salt mine all day and have a rock for a bed ;) You know, in Patmos, there is still an indention in the rock where he laid his head each night?
I bet his new digs are much nicer, ya think? love, ally
PS. Gary in Indonesia-Welcome brother, we love you!

Mrs. C said...

Hi Brother James 
Yes indeed Brother, it is all of Gods Timing :) For the recent year, it appears that everything was lined up in the ME to ignite Isaiah 17 – Ezekiel 38. When all of this happens, the events will happen very quickly, like falling dominos. Watching intently, there appeared to be nothing left that had to happen before the fuse was lit.
But then God showed us the icing on the cake, so as to speak. Watching Him and what He was doing, it appeared to me we still had time. The nations surrounding Israel we know from Isaiah 17, will attack Israel, but some of these nations were still “moderate” towards Israel (if there is such a thing in the ME). But now He has taken it much further. He has now changed these nations to allow the people that have extreme hatred for Israel, to take over. He has sealed it, solidified it.
We all know that over the years, on the Prophecy rollercoaster, there have been many times when folks say “this could be it!”, and God put the brakes on so as to speak. This time, its different. While He still could put the brakes on, it doesn’t appear that there is any wiggle room to do that. It appears there is no going back this time. The difference this time for example, is obummber who clearly has great disdain, if not hatred, of Israel. We know that the U.S. will not help Israel , in fact no one will, when the multiple fronted war of Isaiah 17 begins. Obummers actions, and inactions, have set in motion, the fulfillment of that portion of the Prophecy of Isaiah. There are many other things that have occurred this time, that have not occurred before, and James you are absolutely right, God is completely doing things in His Timing.
As for Iran, Israel already has boots on the ground there for some time now, doing sabotage to slow things down for Iran. They did this with Commandos when they took out the Syrian reactor being built. They were inside Syria before their attack, and led the attack from inside Syria. But there reaches a point, when stalling for time with Iran, runs out. Bibi has said many, many times, that they know full well that Iran supplies Hamas, Hezbollah etc. Bibi has stated many times, that Iran is the “head of the snake”, that needs to be “cut off”. Whether its an Israeli attack, or a giant earthquake, we know from Gods Word, that something will indeed happen to Iran to diminish them in power. Ezekiel 38 immediately follows Isaiah 17, and in Ezekiel 38, God relegates Iran to just one of many Gog tagalongs. Iran is not a leader, they have no power. Israel knows , expects, and is prepared, that should they attack Iran, Hezbollah-Hamas will attack them. Iran created the game of chess, and they have their pieces in place.

Mrs. C said...

As for Lebanon, and Syria, Bibi has said many, many times, that Israel will hold “Damascus”, not “Syria”, but specifically “Damascus” responsible for any actions that Hezbollah takes against Israel. Damascus is headquarters for the psycho leaders of Hezbollah and Hamas. One chemical weapon launched on Israel by Hezbollah, and Damascus is toast. Most importantly, lets look at what God says about this in Isaiah 17. First, it is God narrating Isaiah 17, and we know He tells us first thing, that Damascus is gone. This He tells us is done by His People, not by Him. In fact Verses 1-3, He tells us are actions of His People, not Him. Damascus, Jordan, the West Bank are all taken down, and at least a portion of Jordan is restored to Israel. So God tells us, that in the beginning, Israel is doing all the fighting, and are successful to a point, but then in the flowing Verses, God tells us that something horrendous happens to Israel that causes immense suffering, and “desolation”. He also tells us why He allows His People to almost be wiped out. This is the beginning of God leading His People to repent, to turn to Him. It is only at the end of Isaiah 17, that God steps in. He “rebukes” the evil nations that “rush in” to attempt to finish off Israel. He will accomplish this “rebuke”, by means of natural events that are destructive to them, as He has always done with the enemies of Israel for thousands of years. Man made weapons give Him no credit, and He will not allow that to happen, He will cause the destruction Himself. I believe this “rebuke” will be His fulfillment of His Judgments to them in Ezekiel 25-32. The nations He Judges in Ezekiel 25-32 are Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon and Egypt, which none of these does He list in the Ezekiel 38 invasion/war. Lebanon, covered in water, never to be found again! Wow, that still amazes me! All of this will be the beginning Brothers & Sisters, of Him turning His attention back to His People, and away from us…His Church! When He fully reveals Himself to His People in the quickly following Ezekiel 38 war/invasion, and restores fully His Covenant with them, we the Church will be gone! As the Church and Israel are mutually exclusive to Him. (Romans 11:25 & Acts 15:13-18)
LOOK UP BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Our redemption drawth ny!

Mrs. C said...

My Brother Scott :)
Excellent analogy with the "bottleneck"! Faster and faster yes indeed it certainly will be fast!

God Bless You Brother, and I cant say it enough, you are an awesome Servant for Him! :)

DrNofog said...

Scott said... "...interesting premise: That somehow secular humanism and radical Islam share many of the same goals" ... "The worldview war is spiritual in origin ... Ephesians 6:12..."

"...share...same goals..."

Wow! Where to begin on this one...

"Death of a Nation"

John Stormer, who studied world Communism extensively and then wrote that classic "None Dare Call It Treason" in 1964, had a "spiritual epiphany" shortly thereafter and followed that best-seller with "Death of a Nation" 4yrs later.

Basically, Stormer began to "see" [**if I can rememer this cliche right..] -- that the **"whole is greater than the sum of all the parts"**, that there was something much larger, something unseen that was giving a commonality to all these various, clearly un-associated, un-linked, groups that, yet all, seemed to be striving towards a "One World government" and the destruction of US as a necessary step!

"...In John Stormer's book, The Death of a Nation, he brings out how Catholicism, Protestantism and Communism are today finding mutual ground:
"The fight against communism, J. Edgar Hoover has said,'... is economic, social, psychological, diplomatic and strategic - but above all IT IS SPIRITUAL.'
"America is losing the economic, social, diplomatic and strategic battles with communism because the traditional spiritual leaders of the nation - the churches and the clergy - are largely committed, knowingly or unknowingly, to the communist side..."

DrNofog said...

James, now pay close attention here, as I suddenly feel an irresistible urge to address yer recent sitchatation, that so many have already wonderfully contributed to ... previously ... in another post...:

Where, exactly does Ephesians 6:12 really fit in with the "modern" churches & clergy [the -"knowingly or unknowingly"]:

"...above all IT IS SPIRITUAL.'!!

Yes!! ... in its 'source' but not in its [physical] war, as Hoover noted above!

WHEN?!? Yes, WHEN was the last time, IF EVER, that any of you heard a rousing sermon on the 1st half of: " ye therefore wise as serpents..." [Matthew 10:16] [ie. knowing what the enemy is really up to, right here on Planet Earth]...

-- instead of the usual 2nd half, "harmless as doves", "spiritual warfare bouncing around in your mind", 'have good thots towards yer jerk neighbors', & "Yer Best Life Now" pablum?!?

What I ask most pew-warmers is:

If Satan really is the "original, and father of, murderers" as Jesus said, do you think he is just content with "messing with a Christian's mind", you know, 'tempting' you with the lusts and cares of the world, trying to sully your daily walk, since he can't touch your soul's salvation??

"Don't you think that, maybe...just maybe.., he might, just might... be trying to destroy all of mankind in "every, single" aspect of life, even into our 'chemically' adulterated foods, destroying our water, air, & anything else he can do to diminish and/or kill us -- EVEN genetically modified 'Plagues'... [Oh no! that's over the top...I'm a "conspiracy-nut case"]"!?!

Sometimes I do see a very dim bulb light up on that one.

Mrs. C said...

Dear Brother Gary, Welcome Brother! My goodness, from Indonesia? Know that Mr C & I hold you, and all our other Brother and Sisters around the world,up in great Prayer and covering with His Protection! Again welcome Brother!
God Bless You!

DrNofog said...


I also, have a very dear, dedicated Christian brother [deacon] who frequently likes to 'admonish' me that I should lay off "all that fearful, 'unproductive' conspiracy stuff" and jes come on over an' "do something constructive, be a volunteer & help out with all the set-up & take-down of all the equip at our church [we rent a school aud. for our services].

I had wondered for a number of yrs of why I was the way I was, ...why I had such a compelling fascination for "political history" and, on top of it all, the Bible & Prophecy.

I know now, after many yrs, that I can walk into any place, public or not, or situation "appointed" and can start up, pick up or participate in any conversation on any topic whatsoever, and then steer it, pointing to any relevant 'latest news', weather, politics or Prophetic verses, that gives me opportunity to confidently, and reassuringly say to them, without any fearfulness of the future, say: "Well, I read the last chapter, so I know how it ends...", to elicit more curiosity and more witness.

What I tell him and others is "That's not my ministry - of what God has called me, deeply instilled in me, and *HAS* actually "DESIGNED" me to do!"

I'm not an International 'Billy Graham'.

I'm just me! "That's my "calling", .. That's what I can do...

Mrs. C said...

DrNofog Brother, your writing is wonderful...thank you for a chuckle this morning...your points in your post are so very true!
God Bless You!

Mrs. C said...

GG Dear Sis, :)
This has nothing to do with the topic of this thread, so folks please forgive me. I just have to say GG, how awesome it is to see how amazingly He has grown you in your walk with Him over the years! It is just absolutely beautiful and such a Blessing, for Mr.C and I to witness!
God Bless You Sis! :) BIG HUG

Mrs. C said...

Ally Dear Sis,:)
Your analogy cracks me up LOL. I know what you mean, I think of Paul and all he went through, and it makes our "stuff" look like nothing! Yes, meeting John will we awesome, along with all the other OT and NT Saints! Wow, just imagine the conversations! Ya know, Im reminded of Zola Levitt who did his final programs, dying of cancer. In one of these final programs, he stopped and reflected how awesome it will be, how excited he was that he will be able to speak with all the OT and NT Saints! He choked up, and it brought tears of pure joy to his eyes. He had never, ever done that before. It was an amazing thought, that I had never really processed before. Wow, just Wow
God Bless You Sis :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. C~

Thank you so much for the kind words. It is truly him that is changing me daily. Don't get me wrong on some days my human side kicks in more than spiritual and sad to say I am not proud of that person :) On the plus side for any who have known me personally and they see this in these past few year are just scratching their heads. I laugh sometimes to think of my HS lead responses vs what old self would have said. I am very happy to be walking with the Lord. It's funny how much easier my life could have been if I had done this many, many years ago (ha ha).

You and Mr. C have a blessed day and I hope you can go out and do something fun today.

PS..All, Sometimes we choose to go to our church service on Saturday's vs Sunday's depending on what we have going. Last nights message was.....about couples home studies with....Andy Stanley teachings. I just laughed :) Then the messages last night were about Paul and his messages and I thought...Oh..No...Paul...(smack head here)... But as I walked through Ephesians, Galatians Philippians and Colossians in this short amount of time in church I could see how and why many love his teachings. Such a poured out spirit of love to us all. Much knowledge and wisdom in those letters. In it is nice to see it as a whole piece of the pie, so to speak.

On our drive there our Moody Bible station had Tim LeHaye on there as well and he was speaking of the many things happening that we have been speaking of here in this forum.

Before I forget, one other very amazing thing happened to our daughter last night. As service started she said "Momma, can you see that angel sitting on the corner of the big screen?" We couldn't see it. She kept asking and getting a little stressed because we couldn't see her. She described her as a girl angel, sitting on the left corner of the big screen with her legs hanging down with wings just smiling. I told her to be very proud that God has given many in these last days eyes to see and ears to hear and she is a chosen one tonight. She got in the car and drew the cutest picture of what she saw :)

Many amazing things happening in these last days!!!

The messages all seem to be very clear.

God Bless!!


Mrs. C said...

Thank you GG Bless your heart, we would love to do something "fun" but way too much "stuff" to take care of. So we do it with a happy heart :)
Mr. C and I just said "Wow - Wow - Wow!" to what happened with your daughter! Just amazing! We truly are living in the Last Days! :)

God Bless Sis :)

Mrs. C said...

Oh...and just had to share the above post I was talking about the Lord solidifying the hatred towards Israel and His people in the nations surrounding Israel. Right after I hit the send key, the Holy Spirit placed in my thoughts, this..."He is hardening there hearts, just as He did with Pharaoh"...Wow...just Wow...we are witnessing God at work as He did thousands of years ago...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. C~

I know not a thing about this teaching of Gog and Magog. It has been very enlightening to learn from you, Mr. C, Dr. No and Scott on this one. (sorry if I have missed anyone else who has been teaching this-my apologies) I wondered in your post above were it talks about Lebanon...

"He will accomplish this “rebuke”, by means of natural events that are destructive to them, as He has always done with the enemies of Israel for thousands of years. Man made weapons give Him no credit, and He will not allow that to happen, He will cause the destruction Himself. I believe this “rebuke” will be His fulfillment of His Judgments to them in Ezekiel 25-32. The nations He Judges in Ezekiel 25-32 are Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon and Egypt, which none of these does He list in the Ezekiel 38 invasion/war. Lebanon, covered in water, never to be found again! Wow, that still amazes me! All of this will be the beginning Brothers & Sisters, of Him turning His attention back to His People, and away from us…His Church! "

Is this a time where we will see this happen first prior to our lovely departure? That is just simply fascinating to think that. Can you add clarity for me. I know all things are in his mighty hands and he can do all things, after all he is the Supreme Ruler. I appreciate the help on this.



James said...

Scott Mrs C. and Dr No:

thank you for all of your words today. I agree with everything all of you said.

Mrs C. when I said God lays that city to ruin I meant he has allowed this to happen. You are absolutely right about Damascus and Israel/man being responsible for that. I don't believe Iran and dealing with hezbollah will be different timing. I belive they have to be hit at the same time in the beginning due to the close proximity to the west bank, gaza and lebanon. I think it ramps up quickly. I still believe Assad has something to do with the trigger.

Now I have a question for you. Given the fact that Israel has won the past conflict in a very little amount of time, how long do you think, from Iran to the desolation of Damascus,are each event from each other? Does God's word tell us or refer to a timeline? I have to think that it is very quick due to the little amount of time that it has taken previously for Israel to take control. I keep thinking of Christ's words, "Behold I come quickly"!

Scott said...

I believe these pending events will occur in very rapid succession - as it seems to me that one 'event' leads to the next. I don't see much time elapsing at all - a matter of weeks between all of these critical events.

Anonymous said...

Doc-and I thought I was the only oddball! LOL! There is a bit of the warrior in us brother was David.
I really wish I could find a good church in my town. But God led me here instead and its the best church ever!
Always know I love you, pray for you, and believe in you! You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the support and learning! ally

Scott said...

GG - I just saw your question for the first time. Don't know if you'll get back to this thread or not --- but I believe there is a reasonable chance (50/50?) that we'll see the first war - ending in Isa 17 - before the Gathering Up. I'd prefer to be gone by then, but if we are here it will be an e-p-i-c witnessing opportunity :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott~

Does the part about Lebanon fit the first part or second? We have so much moving and dropping and disappearing around us lately, I wasn't sure if we would see that. :) Wasn't there another river lately that just disappered? I wasn't sure if I heard that on your site or Dutch's...Unexplained curiosity I guess.

Thanks so much!