Thursday, July 7, 2011

After "Palestinian Statehood" - Then What?

This is a very interesting article - an article that takes us to the Middle East in the aftermath of the creation of a "PA State" and what we can expect:

After The Palestinians Declare Statehood"

Pinhas Inbari's important essay, "What Are The Palestinians Planning After September?," appears on the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs website

(full essay here)

In a nutshell, Inbari's thesis is that "what the Palestinians really envisage after September is to exploit a UN endorsement of statehood to legitimize an escalation of the conflict."

We have seen this suggestion before. A return to the 1967 borders would give Israel's enemies a perfect platform for launching a full-scale attack. The geographic advantages to these borders are enormous.

Inbari states further that "after the Palestinians have the 1967 borders recognized so as to negate the results of the Six Day War, they intend to seek recognition of the 1947 partition lines."

Among other things Inbari points out that "the international community is tired of the unending Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the prospect of the United Nations "ending" it in September by recognizing Palestinian statehood is appealing to many."

The broad assumption is that the Palestinian state will endeavor to live in peace and coexistence with its neighbor Israel. But Inbari sees the whole situation differently.

This assumption is absurd to anyone who follows the Middle East closely - all one has to do is read the daily rhetoric coming from the terrorist groups.

"If one studies the details of what the Palestinians really envisage after September," he writes, "serious doubts arise. What they are actually planning is the opposite: to exploit a UN endorsement of statehood in order to legitimize an escalation of the conflict while destabilizing the entire Middle East during a critical period when the region is already agitate.

What does Inbari mean by "escalation of the conflict?"

"The Palestinians do not want to declare a state, but, rather, to leave the conflict open. After having the 1967 lines recognized so as to negate the results of the Six-Day War, they plan to seek recognition of the 1947 partition lines and thereby end the refugee problem - while attempting to inflict economic losses on Israel by suing it for "occupation damages," suing IDF officers on war crimes charges, causing civil war in Israel over settler evacuation, and creating strife between Israel and the United States to the extent of ending their historical special relationship, if possible

According to Inbari the Palestinians are also plotting to launch a Third Intifada:

"Although this Third Intifada that is planned for September appears to be a kind of "spontaneous Facebook event," careful tracking of the leaders of the initiative reveals that they are mostly Hamas activists. Other promoters of the endeavor are radical leftist activists in the West Bank.

The Fatah movement, which supposedly should dissent from this campaign as ostensible supporters of a compromise involving the 1967 lines, not only does not object to it but also is posting the link to the Third Intifada's Facebook page on some of its home pages, thereby expressing endorsement of the ominous contents.

"Thus, the Third Intifada is a joint project of all parties in the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the diaspora: Hamas, radical leftists, Fatah, and even the PA government in Ramallah."

Then we turn to the Israeli response, and one can see the next conflict in sight:

Just yesterday Foreign Minister Lieberman stated unequivocally that if the Palestinians insist on moving ahead with their unilateral scheme in the UN, Israel will respond with firm unilateral measures of its own.

These include voiding the Oslo Accords, terminating tax payments to the PA, annexing Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria. There are other tools at the country's disposal.

The bottom line is that bilateral negotiations are the only path to a permanent settlement of the conflict. The Palestinian UN statehood declaration is a declaration of war. Inbari's exceptional essay substantiates this.

This is a very interesting commentary and it makes perfect sense - especially when one realizes the true intent of the terrorists groups and the fact that all "Palestinian" groups continue to refuse to acknowledge that Israel has a right to exist.

Also see:

Ashton: Quartet meeting aim to set framework for talks

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on Wednesday said that the goal at a Quartet meeting in Washington scheduled for Monday will be "to try and adopt a statement that will help the Israelis and Palestinians to bridge the gap, and allow for a return to the negotiating table."

Ashton, during a speech to the European Parliament on 'North Africa and the Arab world', said that the EU was "united" on the need to get talks moving.

A round of secret meetings with US envoys aimed at getting the two parties back around the table has not yet achieved any breakthrough and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently reaffirmed that he planned to win Palestinians UN recognition this coming September.

Last month, the quartet voiced strong support for US President Barack Obama's vision of Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Lets not forget one important factor: God is positioning Israel to be in a situation in which their only means of survival will be to call upon God Himself.

We appear to be rapidly approaching that scenario.


WVBORN56 said...

Cott wrote, "Lets not forget one important factor: God is positioning Israel to be in a situation in which their only means of survival will be to call upon God Himself."

I know this is true Scott but it is hard non the less to see America betray the apple of God's eye!

WVBORN56 said...

ooops that should have read, Scott appologies...I need to slow down and proof read but some habits die hard.