Thursday, July 21, 2011

Elenin Updates

You have to admit that the information circulating around the whole "Elenin" comet/brown dwarf issue is one of the most confusing and difficult to grasp scenarios we have seen in a long long time. Who knows what to believe. I assume we're all updated on Elenin and the potential ramifications - from a small comet which will have no effects on earth, to a large brown dwarf which could have an enormous impact on life as we know it.

We probably won't have definitive answers until sometime in late August - early September when it will be close enough to have undeniable facts/evidence of what it really is and what it will really do.

In the meanwhile, we're left with rumors and reports which may or may not be true.

Here are some of the latest reports that are in circulation (again, under the heading of "who knows what is true?").

NASA, White House, operatives pushing psyops meme around Comet Elenin

A subtle psyops – psychological warfare operation – intended to engender public fear and apprehension around Comets Elenin, Levy and Honda (all expected to pass near Earth in the Fall of 2011) may be part of a future false flag environmental war attack on specific human settlements and populations using the HAARP-Chemtrails tectonic and weather warfare system

Wow. Well, thats a new twist on this whole thing - one that I certainly hadn't considered previously.

Statements by NASA officials, the White House, and specific statements falsely attributed to operatives formerly associated with NASA such as Richard C. Hoagland infer or explicitly state that Comet Elenin’s near passage to Earth may create an “extinction level event (ELE)”.

This is worth posting and commenting on - because we can categorically rule this possibility out, as we know from biblical prophecy that there will be no "extinction level event" to hit the earth. One advantage to having prophecy knowledge.

The focus then shifts to a so-called "White House letter":

White House letter: Smoking gun that Elenin is a threat or Psyops promoter?

On Oct 15, 2010, the White House issued a letter highlighting the hazards of near earth objects including comets. One fair interpretation of the White House letter is that its timing may be part of the Comet Elenin psyops.

One source that is reporting on the White House promotion of the Comet Elenin psyops as though it were a genuine threat states,

One quick note: This "source" is from a blog site "UFO-Blogger", so take that with a grain of salt. However, it is important to see whats "out there" in circulation. Also see this source: White House Letter

"In latest development now we learns 10 page letter is already out on the web since October 2010, which proves that US NASA and the White House know about ELENIN and consider it “a real threat” (On October 11, 2011 Elenin will be only 0.246au away from Earth; that’s a quarter of the distance to the sun.) it`s possible even more dangerous against earth than we understand.

"The terminology used in this letter, along with several other facts that have emerged in the time since the letter was written, lead us to believe that our 'shadow' government and elements within NASA have long known that anticipated effects of the arrival of Comet Elenin would indeed be much greater than they are telling the public

In fact, we believe that the White House letter below may be the 'smoking gun' to help prove that the government indeed does know that the potential consequences facing planet Earth from this comet will be far more disastrous than what they are “officially” telling the public.

We can also see this:

Readers can watch a video interview in which Leonid Elenin, a 29-year-old Russian astronomer on the staff of the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC), comes out publicly on Russian TV to debunk the catastrophe psyops circulated by entities such as NASA, the White House. The video is embedded in article above and can be accessed at the URL below:

The referenced video is found here.

In this interview, among other facts, Mr. Elenin states that the photographic effects around Comet Elenin that have been interpreted by a number of analysts including Richard C. Hoagland and Dr. Michael Salla of the Exopolitics Institute as UFO spacecraft are in fact effects caused by photographic artifacts and not evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs following Comet Elenin, or evidence that Comet Elenin is a piloted UFO craft.

Mr. Elenin also states in the interview that a false Facebook account was opened under his name and that this account has been instrumental in promoting the Comet Elenin catastrophe psyops.

This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre has previously reported on the deep interpenetration of Facebook and the total information access program of the U.S. Department of Defence, raising questions as to whether the false Facebook identity may be part of a covert black budget strategy around Comet Elenin to create the conditions for a another false flag environmental war attack on the heels of the March 11, 2011 Fukushima tectonic warfare attack, triggered by the HAARP-chemtrails weapons system.

This entire premise - that the most ominous news around Elenin is part of an overall strategy involving "psyops" is an interesting twist which should be considered along with all of the other theories circulating. In conclusion to this long article we see this:

There appears to be a concerted effort by a command and control network within NASA, the White House, and amongst information operatives creating false statements by individuals like Richard C. Hoagland to create a fear-based psyops around Comet Elenin. Functionally, the psyops appears to be attempting to create a collective fear or “buy in” by some portion of humanity of coming comet-caused catastrophe. This fear or meme may be necessary to carry off a planned Fall 2011 false flag catastrophe incorporating the symbology of destructive comets, the Mayan calendar and an End of the World motif.

That is certainly some food for thought as we continue to observe this situation.

Also see:

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The Watchers

Predictably, in these last days, we see potentially huge events which could affect planet earth - but along with that are a vast array of confusing, conflicting and contradictory news stories making the truth almost impossible to find.

We will have our answers during the September-October-November time frame. But even with that - the question could become: "Did these large earthquakes and ______ (fill in the blanks here...Volcanos? Tsunamis?) occur because of Elenin or from man-made catastrophe (HAARP?) with malevolent intent?"

Who knows. If nothing else, this story will continue to grow as we approach those critical months.


Anonymous said...

I shake my head and say "wow".

I am so thankful for the truth, the way and the life that we have in Christ. No matter what, we can trust Him. He is our Savior, He is our Lord. What a wonderful gift God has given us. He comforts us, there is no fear, only hope that is assured to those who believe.

DrNofog said...

Aw shucks, Scott! You beat me to the punch on this!

After watching all the vids on HAARP stuff, and especially that vid on "them" threatening Japan with an earthquake, I had been pondering that very possibility for the past several days of using Elenin as cover for massive earthquakes, violent storms, and martial law even tho Elenin may not have sufficient mass to really do it...

Same thing with the "coincindental" timing of all the Euro/US paper money fear-mongering.

I think the Euro/US could weather thru it if it were not for the fact that the globalist media has to create a panic-level atmosphere prior to the Banksters pulling the plug [just like "they" did for the 1929 "crash"], in order for it to appear as a natural consequence of "too much debt", and thereby justifying the Draconian measure to follow.

And yes, without the Holy Spirit to guide us thru these murky, toxic waters we'd certainly be as clueless as the rest of the world in these deceptive times!

Anonymous said...

Hey anon-you got it right! Thank you Jesus for All you have given us! If the frail little human in me gets scared, I know I can look to you Lord-the author and finisher-and be filled with peace. For you have not given me a spirit of fear! You have given me the Power to overcome! Glory to the Father! Glory to the Lamb! Even the rocks cry out to you Lord! Every knee shall bow and tongue confess! Worthy is the Lamb! Worthy is the Lamb! Amen.
I believe if Elenin was a psyops, the govt would be putting out all kinds of info and "causing" a panic. I do know "they" worldwide know something huge is coming. pre or post rapture, the timing, I don't know what will happen when. the doomsday seed bank, the 5000 new bomb shelters in moscow, underground bunkers, the camps here in america etc seem to verify this. Hope we are out of here before it gets ugly but i am not counting on it!
Yes, I believe in a pretrib rapture. My granparents lived through two world wars and the great depression and walked with Jesus the whole time. I know not what lies in store ahead but I know my Saviour will be by my side. I would prefer living in the wilderness to living in a camp with fee's ma but God's will for me may be different than my will.
I have only heard one time clearly an actually voice from the Lord and it was many many years ago. I have shared this with very few people so you guys know I trust you. I'm sharing it with you now because I think it might be time.
I was driving my car, just praising up a storm, happy as can be, filled with the hs and thanking Jesus for dying for me when all of a sudden a voice, clear as a bell, said these exact words "Would you die for me?" And he didn't mean die to my desires or self or any of that kind of stuff. He meant straight up give my life in that martyr kind of way. I almost wrecked the car. And I told him "Let me get back to you on that. I don't want to make a promise to you that I can't keep" and I really thought about it too before I answered.
Years ago, I was very faithful to him. And the devil attacked me fiercely. I was able to withstand them all, and they were vicious attacks too until the attack came from within the body of CHRIST. I can't share that story yet, it is not time, but everything was removed from me but the Lord himself. I was hurt, so hurt that I left. I knew I had a calling but it wasn't time yet.
Remember how Moses had to leave Egypt for many years before God came and said it is time to go up to Egypt again. Thats how I felt. I told God I was outta there and when it was time, to please thunk me on the head and I would come back. So about a year and a half ago, he thunked me. Now I am no Moses! But the times we are living in are Moses times my friend, perilious times indeed. We must be ready, like the Israelites to stand firm, to believe with everything we have in us, and to move when he says move and know he will part the red sea. But we must be in step with him! So be expecting worldly conditions to be swinging wildly, like a demon possessed pendulum, because the battle is raging all around us! Such as the days of Noah and Moses! Such as the days now! The terra firma we stand on is no longer firm. The world as we know it, is no longer there. WE MUST WALK with one foot in the earth and the other foot in the SPIRIT in order to SEE what is going on. We can no longer look to earthly events as anything but an indicator of the current times we live in and we must not view any earthly thing as a protection or a security. All this must be found in Christ Jesus alone! In him alone! Amen ally

Anonymous said...

UH-OH Doc,
We must've been writing at the same time. I was going to say I don't know what got into me but straight up it was the Holy Ghost! There is our confirmation brother. I am standing on this word. Something is going on, I'm not sure what yet but being led by the Spirit is the place to be right now. I can see that clearly. Even without my bifocals.
Doc-was the hs on you like it was on me? Cuz I haven't felt something like that in my spirit for a VERY LONG TIME! I mean STRONGLY, overwhelmingly. Can still feel Jesus looking outta my eyeballs. Wish I could walk in it like this all the time! ally

Caver said...

Ally, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Will comment on the post later....but as for your shared story..... Just WOW!

Scott said...

I agree Caver - thanks for that Ally - I want to reread all of that before commenting.

DrNo - it hadn't occurred to me until I read the article - but it sure wouldn't surprise me.

James said...

While reading the comments here something hit me in a big way. This elenin thing is just that...a thing. I see now we're not to know the details or if it's real but to see it as only one more thing. Wars rumors of wars, wonders in the stars,earthquakes, falling away, etc...I feel the message is to place all these things in the back of our minds and allow Christ to have the front. With each passing awareness of something being added, something being increased I eagerly await that one more thing. SMILING FROM EAR TO EAR LORD BRING IT ON!!!

Anonymous said...

Count it all joy! Just another signpost on the way to our final destination! Woo Woo. All aboard!

Caver said...

James, I have to feel we're to pay attention but keep grounded in the Lord.

For whatever reason, He trusted us to be here during these most dramatic and difficult of times. We will have a job to do.

To me, He has given us the clarity to see things of a prophetic nature. There has to be a reason, even if it isn't clear yet just what it is yet. I suspect that clarity will be provided in due time.

Yes, by all means.....Trust in Him and have no fear in your heart. But keep our eyes open....remember serpents and doves......I just sense the evil, darkness, and deception (delusion) all over these days.

One day soon I suspect we're going to have a heck of a witnessing opportunity. We need our facts straight and to know the score when we do.

Well, at least in my most humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

So many times, it is our thoughts, feelings beliefs, observation on what we see fulfilling prophecy currently. This particular section of postings seems to be considerably annointed by the Holy Spirit

James said...


You are absolutley right. It's just that sometimes it's way to easy to get way too close to a subject and it's always good to back up a bit and approach from a differnt perspective.

My post was actually more for me because I tend sometimes to get a little overwhelmed when I am researching multiple current events.

I so cherish the belief that He trusts us.I relate to that in such a personal way. I've often reminded my wife of the trust others place in us and how that is a great honor. When you say "He trusts us to be here at this time" I feel moved beyond words to know that.

Thanks for having my back brother.

Anonymous said...

Like the solar storm of 2012. The 'elite' could use this to create a HAARP generated disaster. As for this comet. Like the Heaven's Gate Cult, I would hate to be responsible for people killing themselves and others because of my 'mis information'. If that is what it is. And it is all likely an 'elite' created distraction to keep us off the 'real' issues of a bad economy, default, depression, martial, etc. And many people are falling for it. "Divide and rule".

Paula said...

Current events are like being in a hall of mirrors. We don't know where the "real" images are, but we can be sure most of them are fakes. So yes, agree, it's the totality of it all that matters. Remembering that statement about deceiving even the elect if possible, I can't think of a better way to describe the current time. I also remember that one of the churches in Rev. was told to "just hang on". I find lately that I have to keep focused on the risen Lord and the written Word as the only reality I can trust, and let the reflections rage around me because they're not real.

Or something...

Scott said...

VERY good point Paula - re a hall of mirrors...Thats exactly what its like.

WVBORN56 said...

Nice/touching story ally. You have a gift for telling stories with very good writing skills.

Caver to your point on God trusting us and placing us here at this time in world history it is an honor to be trusted. I kind of feel special at times to see what is going on when so many in the church are what seems to be wearing blinders.

I was also recently challenged that we are like the man in the parable of the talents. God has given us each talents to use and invest in these last days. The challenge for me is to tell others about Christ and share the reality of living in the last days when I am tempted to "bury" my talent (understanding of the days in which we live/last days). I don't want to be guilty of not investing/using my talent (understanding of prophecy)

Scott obviously received 10 talents and is investing them wisely. I hope and pray I am taking my 1-2 talents and using it and not wasting it!

Scott said...

Hey, I WISH !
I might have 1/2 of a talent, if that!

James said...


You said " it's the totality of it all that matters".


You conveyed my point in a much better way than I did. The volume and the speed with which all these things are coming about is amazing.

The Holy Spirit has put a fire in all or our hearts to see and understand the totality of the signs. Understanding that, we then touch, feel,and taste the very rich, real and abiding truth that is the imminency of Christ's return getting us engaged in the Holy purpose for which we were created... to speak/witness and love people to Christ.

Thanks Paula!!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your postings! There is NOT a doubt in my mind that we are living in the "last" days! The signs are all pointing to HIS coming! Just any day now, HIS face I will see! Praise God, Praise God & Praise God!

I do NOT think the Elenin comet, planet or whatever it is, is a fake though! I honestly believe that it is causing these major earthquakes & other storms on earth! I also feel like they are going to "worsen" just like a woman who has labor pangs, as spoken of in the Scripture! They will become "stronger" & closer together!

We are definitely living in very exciting times! No need to worry, because Jesus has our backs covered! HE will always take excellent care of HIS own!

I think it is GREAT that God has chosen to use each of us to warn others of what is coming before HIS return!

I am praying for each of you! God Bless, Your Sister in Christ, Sunshine

Anonymous said...

I would not call an object that is 200,000km's in size a comet & I sure wouldn't brush off the threat as a "conspiracy theory". It amazes the human brain at the multitudes of ignorants that actually live on earth right now.