Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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There are several updates from previous stories in addition to a few new ones:

Lieberman: Unilateral steps require unilateral responses

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday warned the Palestinian Authority against its planned UN statehood bid, saying "unilateral steps will require unilateral responses."

Lieberman said at a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that their were "a variety of possible responses that the Foreign Ministry is prepared to present to decision-makers," but he failed to say specifically what unilateral moves Israel was planning in response to the PA statehood bid.

Below we see yet another "peace summit" scheduled for September:

U.S.-French plan Israeli-Palestinian Paris peace summit Sept. 2

The Obama and Sarkozy administrations are working together on a plan to convene an Israel-Palestinian peace summit in Paris on Sept. 2 shortly after the Libyan war is brought to a close, DEBKAfile's Washington and Paris exclusive sources disclose.

If they can pull it off, Presidents Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy will join Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at a summit in the French capital to announce the restart of Israel-Palestinian peace talks, thereby calling off the unilateral Palestinian request for UN recognition of an independent state.

To clear the way for the Paris summit, Ross recently put before Netanyahu Obama's revised formula for the starting-point of negotiations with the Palestinians: Israel would accept the 1967 borders with territorial swaps in exchange for Palestinian recognition of Israel as the national state of the Jewish people. Just this week, the Israeli prime minister said that if the Palestinians recognized Israel as the Jewish homeland, the other outstanding issues could be easily and quickly resolved.

Analysis: Iran's nuclear steps deepen Western suspicions

Expanding uranium enrichment, a new atomic energy chief said to have military expertise, missile tests -- Western analysts see fresh signs that Iran may be seeking to develop the means to build nuclear warheads.

"Although developments elsewhere in the Middle East have dominated media attention, Iran has been working hard in several ways to advance a nuclear weapons capability," London-based proliferation expert Mark Fitzpatrick said.

During a military exercise last week, Iran test-fired 14 missiles on one day alone, including some it says are capable of hitting its arch foe Israel and US bases in the Middle East.

The IAEA, the Vienna-based UN nuclear watchdog, is also voicing growing concern about possible military links to Iran's nuclear activities and Western diplomats expect it to firm up its suspicions in reports due later this year.

Iran's nuclear program helped by China, Russia

The foundation of Iran’s nuclear program can be traced to extensive Chinese and Russian cooperation in the 1990s, according to a former U.S. intelligence official who specialized on Tehran’s program.

“Russian and Chinese cooperation in the 1990s with Iran created the foundation of the Iranian nuclear program today,” said Susan Voss, a former nuclear engineering analyst with Los Alamos National Laboratory who has worked closely with the U.S. intelligence community.

In the case of Russia, many of Iran’s engineers were trained at Russian nuclear labs in the 1990s as well, she said.

An element of Russian cooperation with Iran was disclosed first in 2009 by the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) when the private group wrote a technical paper describing how the Iranian Arak facility contained an element of its structure that appeared to be a copy of the Soviet-era fuel rod system used in a heavy water reactor to make plutonium.

It looks like Portugal will be the next Greece:

Portugal's credit rating slashed

Portugal’s credit rating has been slashed by four levels to the bottom investment grade known as junk territory.

The move by Moody’s Investors Service, one of the three big ratings agencies was made among heightened concerns Lisbon will not be able to achieve its goals of reducing deficit and stabilising its debt.

Portugal’s new centre right Prime Minister, Jose Passos Cuelho has pushed through a package of austerity measures including a new one off tax to meet the financial assistance agreement with the EU and International Monetary Fund.

This news bit below comes during a time that Agenda 21 is being discussed. Will this "discussion" be used to push Agenda 21, now that the UN is identifying that we are reaching the brink of a "Planetary Catastrophe"?

Un Warns of "A Major Planetary Catastrophe"

Humanity is close to breaching the sustainability of Earth, and needs a technological revolution greater – and faster – than the industrial revolution to avoid “a major planetary catastrophe,” according to a new United Nations report. The world is facing exploding population, an energy crisis, global climate change, increasingly destructive natural disasters and increasing starvation.

Major investments will be needed worldwide in the developing and scaling up of clean energy technologies, sustainable farming and forestry techniques, climate-proofing of infrastructure, and in technologies reducing non-biological degradable waste production, according to The World Economic and Social Survey 2011: The Great Green Technological Transformation, published today by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).

There is much more to this article, but it serves as a basis to implement Agenda 21. Speaking of which, Gulag Bound has a highly pertinent commentary on this UN Agenda:

Agenda 21 - Ending Liberty in America

The picture above represents the kind of structure we’ll soon be herded into – you, me, our families – everyone in America. Well… everyone except the powerful politicians and elites who are working to corral us into these government housing tenements. The streets will be replaced with trains and the cars will be gone.

And don't think it can't happen. As communism started taking country by country back in the middle of the last century, this is exactly what happened - and it can happen again.

Unbelievable you say? You think it’ll never happen? The planning is going on right now in your community and in every region throughout the United States. This is Agenda 21. This is what they mean by Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives), etc. It’s already embedded into the general plan of every community. The transformation will be complete within 25 years and it’s funded with our tax dollars and funds from George Soros and Van Jones’ radical left organizations like OSI, the Tides Foundation, Apollo Alliance and Green For All.

And this:

Agenda 21 is not a Republican or Democrat issue; it is a Progressive Marxist globalist plan from the UN that’s supported by the global elites

You might be thinking Agenda 21 is too complex and there’s no way it’ll be fully implemented. Not so. It’s already being implemented and my goal is to provide information which shows some of the ways they’re getting us there. To describe how this works, it is presented below in the form of seven questions and answers.

Read the rest of the article - these questions and answers are worthwhile.

Our Politicians Are Selling Off Pieces Of America To Foreign Investors

All over the United States, politicians are selling off key pieces of infrastructure to foreign investors and big Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs are helping them do it.

Amazingly, many politicians continue to insist that selling off pieces of infrastructure that have already been fully paid for by taxpayers is a wonderful thing. In fact, there are actually some politicians that have the gall to call it a "conservative" thing to do.

The sovereign wealth funds of nations such as Saudi Arabia, China, Kuwait, Libya, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates are eagerly investing in highways, ports, toll roads and even parking meters all across America.

Sadly, much of our own infrastructure is not even built in this country anymore.

For example, a 2,050 foot bridge that is going to connect San Francisco and Oakland is actually being built in China and is being shipped over to the U.S. piece by piece.

Massive corporations that are either fully or partially owned by the Chinese government are deeply integrating themselves into the U.S. economy.

The United States is drowning in debt from coast to coast and pieces of the country are literally being auctioned off. The looting and the "privatization" are only going to intensify as our state and local government debt problems get even worse.


WVBORN56 said...

"Michele Bachmann is the only candidate who stated that she will stop Agenda 21"

This is the one thing I gleaned from the article Scott that I thought was very important. We need to know which candidates we can trust.

In hind sight it is pretty obvious George Bush was "one of them". While he is a far cry better than Obama he for all intents and purposes sold us down the river.

Anonymous said...


I have an odd question for you. Is there some way I can send you a couple of amazing photos that I took while 'looking up'? I have always loved God's wondrous beauty in the sky. When I see a beautiful skyline or something amazing he puts into the clouds I love to snap those moments and put in a reflections book I have.

One I have is what I call Fist of Fury which looks like fist made in the sky with an orange hue. The other is what I call the lighter side of God and it looks like such a playful animal in the sky. I just thought I would see if this is something that can be shared. If not, I understand just thought I would ask.

Have a blessed day!


Alice said...

Ooooo....I want to see them, too, GG!!!

Anonymous said...

I figured since things are so hard right now it may be good to see some of his beauty in the midst of this worldy non-sense. We get the most amazing storms here in these past 2-3 years. Either the sky is very ominous or soooo beautiful almost like we have mountains behind us and we live in the midwest :) I just didn't want Scott to get hit with unwanted spam or garbage from not so nice visitors.


Scott said...

You should definitely link them here!!
Do you want to link them in the comments section or something else?
Would love to see them!

Scott said...

WV- I agree with everything you are saying

Anonymous said...

would love to see pictures GG!
WV-I am neither democrat nor republican. I warned people (mostly right wing conservative Christians, the ones who had the money, prestige and power to actually slow down or stop this train) about George Bush senior and his illumi nateee plans for the disintigration of this nation. I started noticing weirdness with the republicans around Ronald Reagan time when Nancy wouldn't let Ronnie have any kind of major meeting without consulting her astrologers first.
I am always utterly astonished at the ease in which "Christians" are so easily duped by the media or a few well written speeches. I especially couldn't understand why they would not even search for the truth, and swallow the bait, hook, line and sinker! Baffled me then and baffles me now! (Maybe this unwillingness to pay attention is why so many of the elect will be deceived by satan's lie) We even have the Holy Spirit to help us discern!
If you notice how many liberty loving new agers have it figured out, how can we as a whole be so blinded?
So guys, we need to be spreading the Word to the world of the love of our precious Savior and spreading the truth of what is going on in the earth right now to believers and unbelievers. And praying very much.
I doubt (and boy do I hope I am right about this) that we will be here for the next election. And I doubt there will be an election for those who are still here. We will be under marshall's rule of law by then.
Thank you Scott for spreading the TRUTH!
And thanks to each and everyone here who is diligently seeking the Lord and his TRUTH! That is why we are all watching while every one else is napping. Be of good courage and filled with the Love of the Lord! I believe the hour is incredibly late and is almost upon us! ally

Anonymous said...

How would I do that? I have them saved as a jpeg. Can you guide me and I would be happy to upload them here. Thanks for allowing the sharing of them :)


Anonymous said...

"right wing conservative Christians, the ones who had the money, prestige and power"

Left wing liberal Christians don't have money, prestige and power, and don't need warned?


Anonymous said...

No they didn't need to be warned because they weren't going to vote for GB anyway. I don't know what you mean by "wow"?? What would be the point of warning left wing liberals about GB?

Anonymous said...

Because GB wasn't the whole government and BO is exactly the same, maybe worse. Why weren't democrats warned not to vote for BO? The parties are both the same and it doesn't matter who's in the white house. All the congress and senate are rich and corrupt with maybe a handfull of exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anons~

Please don't let this topic harden your hearts. Politics is one of those areas of preference. Our focus should be on the common good of man and loving them just like Jesus would right? I know it can be hard because to the left or the right it hasn't proven to be anything but human error. We made those choices whichever way we went and in the end it wasn't God running the overall plan of the nation.

Please don't let the devil steal your joy. We are all we have left and let's look at where we are today and help those that we can all in the spirit of love. I believe he is trying some patients and we don't need to feed him. I hope this helps. That rascal likes to provoke issues at any cost.

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

whoops that is patience. :)


gearedup2go said...

GG, I would recommend to set up an online photo album and when you have your pictures online, you can paste a link here for us if you want viewers to see your skyscapes. Scott will probably have other recommendations as well. : )

WV, I am still ticked at W for signing the bill into law that would effectively end the use of the incandescent lightbulb in 2011. It frosts my flowers to think I have to consider using a mercury laden, vapor releasing, screwy looking, Chinese made, GE light bulb. I would rather use a flashlight before I bring one of those things into my house. To me it's the same as inviting a greenie into my house. Gah!

Remember when many of the military bases across the US were shut down during the 90's? Turns out that one of the bases near me will be used as G housing. Yep, fine accommodations for the rural folk. We'll have our brown jumpsuits, postage stamp yards for the kids to play in, and a secure, gated entry to flash our RFID's for when we want to venture out to the commissary to pick up limited supplies of MRE's that lack salt, sugar, and fat. Oh, and ABC has prepared us for this eventuality through their hit show, LOST. Yesiree, we'll have our choice of living in a hatch or in compact, er, condensed urban development quarters. See ya'll at the train depot.

Scott said...

Gearedup - I believe that things are headed in that direction, but I also believe we'll escape that phase. I believe once that type of living situation is set-up, it will be world wide, and by definition, no longer in the "days of Noah" - therefore I believe we are gathered up prior to that happening on a mass scale.

Anonymous said...

Thanks GUP2GO :)

I have to run out for a bit and will upload those to that site and post back here. Thanks for the help!


gearedup2go said...

Scott, I'm packing a deck of cards and a harmonica just in case we're not. Bring your Kool-Aid drink boxes and we'll have us a grand ol' time. : P

Scott said...

I'M IN! :)

Anonymous said...

Here we go...I just added them into a shutterfly account I had. I hope this works. We moved here 3-years ago and sadly the builds have stopped so we are out in the open spaces with much to see. I feel like God speaks well to us on many days. Hope you enjoy. Thanks again for allowing the sharing.

God Bless!!


Alice said...

GG, thanks! It worked! Awesome pics! The wall cloud pics are amazing! And that picture that makes the homes look as if they are in a valley with mountains on both sides--very cool!

Thank you for sharing!

Waiting for those clouds to open up, followed by the sound of a trumpet and a shout!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh...I am with you on that one! :) With these storms it feels as a hard rumbling from above and with the beautiful skies it always reminds me of his precious love and his creative nature. Have a great day all!


gearedup2go said...

GG, I really enjoyed the picture show of the clouds. I love the drama that the roll clouds bring when a front is moving in. It's nice that you have such an open sky to watch God's beautiful work in the heavens. : )

Anonymous said...

What awesome pictures! Thank you!
I never mean to start trouble here. I do get rather sad about our political system currently. I just feel it is so important for ALL of us to wake up and see what is going on. They are using the 2 parties to keep us divided. This allows them to get away with murder in Washington, D.C. Once upon a time they used race to do this. Hmmf.
And yet, by the anger and quickness of responses to this issue...I can tell I hit a real nerve! Why is that? Step back from what you believe politically and look at it from a realistic and Christian viewpoint. We dont have to be blind! There is so much information out there, some glaringly obvious yet we refuse to see it. It is not just the media's fault. It is our fault for not caring enough to choose to be educated.
Scott works very hard every day to bring us this info! But it was available to him and it is available to us also.
The worse part for me personally is that these scumbags dont even try to hide most of what they are doing. So ros, Rock a fella, Bushie etc. come straight out and tell you, if you just read a little between the lines. If there is one thing that we should have learned from Obummer..just because you say you are a Christian, doesn't mean you are one!
So Bush Sr, who actually used nwo in a few of his speeches telling us he was taking us there, also is the same guy who refused to have the USA officially attend the KYOTO UN conference on global warning. All while he sat off the coast of Japan on Prince Phillips Yacht signing America away by signing the Agenda 21 paperwork.
I don't watch Alex Jones, Glenn Beck etc regularily but I do constantly search for what God told us would take place. Even if it seems impossible, if God says it,it WILL happen!
See it is so very important to me that we all make it in the Rapture. I don't want one person who loves Jesus to miss it and I feel pretty certain some will (another hornet's nest right there). We must try so hard to see it from Jesus' standpoint not ours! Part of that is standing so firm on the word and the other part is letting go of our preconceived notions that keep the world clinging to us. I am not missing Heaven because I have a certain political party as an IDOL! There, I said it and truly I am sorry if I offended anyone. I wish I could sound more lovey and not so darn judgemental. Be patient, God is definately not finished with me yet. I love ya'll so very much! Be seeing you very very soon. ally

Scott said...

Don;t worry about it (not sure how you would have offended anyone; I didn't see anything to that effect) - Also - I don't trust ANY of our so-called "leaders" omn government. That doesn't mean that they are all bad or all have bad intent - I just can't plave any faith in "man" right now. I'm looking up for the ONLY leader to arrive and show how it should be done :)

Scott said...

Those pics were incredible...#15-19 were downright surreal - wow. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks GU2GO and Scott. This house has been shaken at times and I am surprised it is still standing. Only once has the tornado siren went off and that was about 2 weeks ago. Shows how close they get and still no warning. No one can say I am not looking up :) I watch for Jesus return so much my neck hurts - (ha ha)


WVBORN56 said...

Such a nice family of believers gathered here! Thanks Scott for making it possible.

Ally you are such a blessing and encourament! keep sharing.

My neck is hurting too GG... sweet thought!

Scott said...

I agree...its not me but God who has put us together!