Monday, July 25, 2011

Earthquakes Increasing Around The World

There have been a lot of quakes lately - without posting all of the various articles, just take a look at the map:


Just in the last couple of days we have seen both an increase and a lot of diversity in location:

5.3 Chile
4.5 Chile
5.0 Chile
5.4 Peru
4.8 Italy
4.9 Turkey
5.3 Tonga Islands
4.6 Tonga Islands
6.2 Papua New Guinea
4.9 Papua New Guinea
5.9 Philippine Islands
6.4 Japan
6.2 Japan
5.1 Japan
5.0 China
5.0 Pakistan
4.9 Peru
5.1 Indonesia
4.8 Indonesia
4.8 Solomon Islands

It has been a while since we have seen so many significant quakes in such a brief period, and that alone makes it worth watching closely.


ally said...

Scott-so many more big ones just since you posted last! The volcano action is getting heavy! Do you remember some old movie where the guy is riding the bomb down and he is shouting woo hoo? I sorta feel that way nowadays.

Scott said...

I agree. I could make quakes a central story on almost any day lately. There really has been an increase