Thursday, July 14, 2011

Israelis: The Next Intifada Will Be This Year

This comes from Israel Today and it is quite revealing in terms of what the people in the region believe:

The Next Intifada

A 52 percent majority of Israelis believes the next Palestinian intifada (terrorist uprising) will erupt in September, or shortly thereafter.

That catalyst for this new orgy of violence will be the unilateral Palestinian statehood bid at the UN.

Israelis polled by the Dahaf Institute said they believe the Palestinians will launch a fresh intifada regardless of the outcome of the UN bid, which is expected to be vetoed in the Security Council by the US, but pass as a non-binding resolution in the General Assembly.

In fact, the Palestinians are saying the same thing.

A poll conducted last month by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Opinion found that 76 percent of Palestinians feel the next step after winning a General Assembly vote on statehood will be to go to war against Israel.

While we're looking at Israel, this story was somehow missed by the MSM:

Gaza rocket hits house in southern Israel

Palestinian terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip fired three rockets and at least one mortar shells into southern Israel Tueday night and early Wednesday morning.

One of the rockets damaged a house in a small kibbutz in southern Israel, but failed to cause any injuries. The other rockets landed in open areas.

Israeli warplanes responded by bombing a tunnel in northern Gaza used to conceal and transport terrorist arms.

The overnight and early morning barrage follows a similar rocket attack launched from Gaza last weekend.

Some Israelis fear the Palestinians could begin ratcheting up the level of violence ahead of a Palestinian bid to unilaterally declare statehood at the UN in September.


James said...

Good morning everyone. James here in Nashville asking for advice. In my church I'm none as the'Prophecy Guy'. A name given by others, not me. I have one brother in particular, who gave me that title, that I am more than a little frustrated with. Now mind you, he is a good guy and definitely serves Christ but he sometimes crosses the line with what I think are judgmental words.

Let me explain. We have a new pastor at our church that is a breath of fresh air. Immediately you can see that the Holy Spirit is moving in him. I am very excited to see how he will impact our church.

Two weeks ago as we were leaving the church I intended to introduced myself to our new pastor and welcome him. Well, this brother I speak of, before I could say anything, interrupted me and jokingly introduced me as a part time member, as I have been out of town quite a bit for work, and as a person who is 'Deep in Eschatology'.

The tone of the introduction to our new pastor was almost like 'watch out for this guy, he's one of those prophecy nuts'. I responded by saying you are correct, eschatology has changed my life and has kept me closer to Christ than anything else I've ever been involved in. I went on to say that I watch because Paul's instructions on the imminency of Christ’s return were to help us to stay strong in Christ and to not get comfortable in our sin. There are so many scriptures that back this up including Christ's own words that command us to be watchful and observe the season.

My brother then tells me as we are walking by the pastor that I was too involved and that it was wrong. I was shocked that he felt that he could judge me like that. Rather than confront him in front of all the people there, I just said you are wrong and cut off the conversation.

Since this was said, it's been heavy on my heart for a couple of reasons. One is I feel, in his new found excitement for the Lord having rededicated his faith last year from a long absence, that as he encounters others he will push them away with comments like that and maybe cause someone, who is searching for Christ, to not ask for his help.

The other reason is I feel that there are a lot of people in our church who think like him. I've had to really push to teach this not only to our youth but the adults as well. When I say push I mean, the associate pastor would ask me to lead a class on another subject, and I held my ground on the importance of the value of this teaching and Christ's command to watch.

I am going to talk with him this Sunday and try to explain to him why I think this was inappropriate.

He is an intense guy who operates at a level of ten on the intensity scale. Have any of you had experience in reaching someone like this? Any advice you could give me would be great.



Alice said...

Hi John, I don't have any advice, just encouragement. You were outstanding in your response to this brother! Great job! If only all Christians understood how AMAZING prophecy is and that we ARE called to watch!!! If only...

And your story of having to push to teach some prophecy--fulfilled and yet-to-be fulfilled--is much like my husband's and mine. I guess we just need to keep pushing!

I will keep you in my prayers for further productive conversations with this brother, and that his eyes might be opened!

Anonymous said...

Hi James~

I am so sorry that you are struggling with this at this time in your life. I have to be gone today but I didn't want this to go un-noticed by me. I hope some of what I say can help.

The first thing that came to mind when I read this is Forgiveness towards this brother who is knowingly or not knowingly creating a stumbling block for you and quite possibly the church. There may be outside influences directing his thinking.

The next thing that comes to mind is what does the church membership mean to the church as a whole--on both sides I guess? The reason I ask is has their thinking or overall goals that lead you to that church changed? By chance has your heart changed and you seek to grow more than allowed? Where are they going as a whole? Does this offer you the ability to bring your fruits lovingly to the church to share? Since we are of one body of Christ this should be a mutual relationship based around God and his word. We should always be able to lovingly share just like Jesus did. I don’t think he tore people down to speak unless I don’t know :)

Next is the spirit of Christ. Is anyone operating in a critical spirit?(That one is a tough pill for us all :)Not saying your message was critical, quite the contrary. Is this person an attention seeker? Does he have his own agenda? Is the spirit of the evil one running through him to weaken the opportunities to minister correctly to others? He should not be operating in the mindset or the spirit to tear down others to lift himself up. That habit is based in selfishness. These are just a few that come to mind as I read this.

I have had to detach from some unhealthy relationships because you can love them but if they are not going in the same direction as God's will for our lives, you must seek the Lord first. He will usually bring them witnesses of a different kind at a different time. It is OK to detach in love and just keep moving forward and follow the Lords instruction.

As he approaches you remember you have a certain guideline set forth in your relationship with God. You are not going to risk backsliding to follow the human spirit but you shall always receive in love. We are made to falter. We should be seeking to be operating in the spiritual types of relationships, Christ like, God approved in all we do. I understand some days it's easier said than done. I guess what I am saying it's OK to take an emotional time out with someone and still be running parallel in their lives. Of course, none of these should take place until you have brought your situation back to the person who hurt you. If you cannot seek resolution about what you both deem is appropriate behavior in and out of the church, it is most certainly a good idea to bring it before your Pastor and the three of you sit down, pray about it and find some common ground. If by chance that hasn't changed the direction of his intent to embarrass, criticize, non-lift you up in spirit but try to destroy your spirit with locker room banter, then an emotional time out is OK.

I quickly found these two links that can give you some reference points and with help of the Holy Spirit, I am sure he will help you put all these together in a wonderful conversation with this brother when you’re ready to talk. One has guidelines to look at when starting a local church. Not that you’re going to do that, but I found it informative on some subjects that cause many to leave and seek another church. The other one is a link on a critical spirit and some scriptural references. Of course, match these up to your sound doctrines to be sure. I wish I had more time to sort through it in detail for you.

I will pray for you dear James. These are some very tough times right now. I believe the devil knows his days are numbered and he is using anyone or anything in his sight to tear down instead of promote the word of God.

God Bless!!


Caver said...

Hi James,
I haven't got a direct answer to your question of intensity but perhaps I have a little insight into the situation in general.

The Body of Christ is made of many parts as we are told in Scripture. Each of us is one or more of those parts and it takes the entire Body for the Church to function properly. One of those parts is a Pastor, one an usher, one a Sunday School Youth Teacher, and so on. Some are called to enter the missionary field. Prophecy is part of the church also since we were told to be a "Watchman". It also seems to be a "latter day" or "last days" calling. Some of us appear to have been given the "gift" of understanding it and I believe we're expected to do something with that gift I do suspect.

In fact, depending on how you count prophecy, between 24% and 33% of the Bible is prophecy. I think the Lord considered it important. In fact, look at the two times Jesus stated why the Hebrews were being blinded to him for a time future both as He was entering Jerusalem on the donkey and when teaching about the walls being torn down.....because they did not know the signs and time of His coming. That was prophecy. It IS important to the Lord......very, very important it seems to me.

Now, as the kicker remember what was said about the Watchman. If he sees the coming danger and warms the people the blood of those lost is on the hands of those that did not heed his warning. If, however, he sees the danger and says nothing, the the blood of those lost is on his hands.

I firmly believe that understanding prophecy is a "gift", I'm convinced of it. Its part of Scripture and part of the Church. We were in look and be watchful and spread the word of what we see.

Perhaps your "Brother" would describe to you his "gift" and how he's using it. You will know how you're using yours. Why are the two different? Why should his be used and yours ignored?

Scott said...

I have so many thoughts and past experiences with this, I might have to put up a couple of pages on this topic :)

First of all - I have this kind of thing all the time. I've gotten to where it really doesn't bother me anymore. But I do have several standard responses these days including these:

- I remind them that they may be unaware of the extreme importance that Jesus gave this topic - His last formal address to His apostles and the first thing He spoke about after His return (Luke 24).

- I also remind them that they be unaware that Jesus stated at least 9 separate times of the importance of watching the signs (throughout Olivet) -

- I then direct them to Luke 12, and how Jesus called the people of His day Hypocrites for not understanding the signs of His first coming.

So with that as a basis, I say that I feel it is under "Obedience to Jesus command" that I watch and I'd rather be wrong ( if watching and being incorrect about being in the last generation) vs being wrong (by not watching and we ARE in the season of His return)....My feeling is that Jesus would be happier with my watching for the signs of His return.


Scott said...

...Why is it SO important to Jesus?

Because it shows our Love for Him..Period...If you love Him and are consumed by Him, and the idea of His return then you SHOULD be excited and you SHOULD be watching with great anticipation. That's true love. Having an attitude of not caring - to me - doesn't reveal a great love.

I have made this analogy many times:

Suppose you were a war veteran and had been gone for years....And you could only make one call to your spouse regarding your return from war....

And in that call, you told him/her that you would be returning around Christmas season, but you didn't know what day. But somehow you knew it would be on an extremely cold day with icy precipitation. You also tell your spouse that it would mean the WORLD to you if he/she would JUST be at the airport - after all, its been years of absence..

SO you return home....You are all excited. Its a freezing icy day, just as you told your spouse. And you return to two scenarios:

1. You find your spouse not only at the airport but at the correct terminal, as close as possible, with great excitement and great joy. He/she immediately runs to you as you walk through the door.

2. You return and look around the airport and can't find your spouse. After searching, you give us and get a cab home...Getting home, you walk in the door and the spouse is watching TV, not even thinking about your return and when you walk in the door he/she gives you a casual wave and cays "hello"....

Which would you prefer?

Doesn't this make the point?

Anonymous said...

A very good point indeed! Great analogies on both parts.


Waterer said...

Dear James,
I am new at wading in here but I offer a couple of thoughts. You mentioned that this brother was newly enthusiastic and had just returned to the Lord after a long absence.

Sometimes the experiences people have had that pushed them away are seen as avoidance behaviours later. Maybe he feels fear instead of excitement and doesn't know why. Some folks have been alienated from an almost "other worldly" posture that we prophecy lovers exude. To us the signs and His coming seem as real as or even more real than the evening news. But I have noticed that where there is little knowledge there is strong avoidance.
Part of Daniels prophecy from Gabriel at the end of the book, is that these prophecies would be opened in the last days. Many have not awakened to this yet. I think it is hard to say that they do not love Jesus as much as we do. How could we possibly judge that and should we?

I would ask him for lunch. And ask him to tell you his testimony. Really listen. Bless him. Be as gracious as can be.
He is your brother.

Waterer said...

cHopefully, you can share your testimony with him too. I 'm not saying to avoid saying you felt offended by the timing and way he told you of his hesitations. But ask why your passion about this really seems to needle him?

One other harder thought is this. And I struggle with this one myself interms of watching what I emphasize.. Heresy is not just wrong doctrine. Heresy is an overemphasis of one truth over another.

Embrace this hardship as discipline from the Lord and grow with it. God will use the little bit that is for you in BIG ways. The discipline that is for this brother may be the log and yours the mite but pray for him to grow with the fear or uncomfortableness he feels about prophesy. The Lord really is getting his attention. You seem to be taking the heat of it. Rejoice..

Scott said...

Thats great advice Kathy - I really focused on this, though:

"where there is little knowledge there is strong avoidance"....

Very interesting and germane, and I agree. I just hadn't considered it quite like that, but it is so true.

Our job is to educate, but in an appropriate way - depending on each individual that we have these discussions.

Very good point.

Mrs. C said...

Morning James :)
Oh my goodness, some wonderful comments are here for you from our Brothers and Sisters. Forgive me but its been a really rough week for me, but I thought Id pop in and try to share :)
Its been my experience over the years, that "Christians", "Brothers and Sisters", can be more scary than a lost person. lol But seriously, a lost person you know where they are coming from. With a "Brother or Sister", because of the shared Faith, are unconditionally accepted without question or doubt. This is a very vulnerable position, and can lead to some deep hurt at times. :(
Your new Pastor sounds like a Blessing! and Im happy for you and all of your Congregation.:) To begin with, your Brother appears to me, that he is perhaps a little insecure. A little shaky perhaps, after the long absence. What he did honestly, was kinda rude, and it hurts Im sure. We have to turn to Him, Trust Him, He knows everything that happens. We have to Trust Him, and not ourselves, because we are vulnerable to the flesh. Paul knew this well, and struggled constantly with it. So we are in good company! Know this, that Jesus was standing right there with all of you, He knows what was said etc., He knows the Truth, so we turn to Him, His Word for the answer as to how to react-respond. As you have seen the Holy Spirit moving in your Pastor, I wouldn’t be concerned about him. The Holy Spirit will give him plenty of discernment about these kind of matters :)
This is the Lord growing you :) He allowed you to be confronted in front of other Brothers and Sisters, about what you really believe! and used your Brother to implement it :) Paul always said to count attacks as a Blessing! and he was right! Your doing something right, or your wouldn’t be attacked like that :) The Lord is fine tuning you, so as to speak :)
As for your Brothers comments to you, dont worry. Ill share with you, that I have gone through the ringer with those kinda comments for years. I used to take it personally, hurtfully,(flesh) until the Lord grew me through it.

Mrs. C said...

Believe me, Ive been in some pretty potentially ugly conversations with other "Brothers and Sisters" :( YIKE! What He taught me, is patience, great patience, and Trust in Him and His Word. His Word is True, and does not return void! He taught me, as Charles Stanly says, to be obedient and leave all the consequences to Him! In sharing and discussing Prophecy over the years, Ive had Brothers and Sisters say the typical "oh, doomsday Believer" to me. This tells me they have not read His Word carefully, as His Word doesn’t tell us its the "end of the world" at all! Once I even have had a Sister once say to me, that if the Rapture came "do you think it can wait until after my vacation in Hawaii" YIKE,AGAIN!
What all these comments, mocking etc. tells me, is that they are scared, not secure in their Faith, which all of us have experienced at one time or another. To these folks, I just smile and chuckle a bit. I then tell them that they themselves a fulfilling Prophecy.:)
and quote them :
2 Peter 3
3.Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,
4.And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.
It appears to me, that if other Brothers and Sisters at your church, you suspect, feel the same way about Prophecy as your friend, that perhaps the Lord has you their to teach them :) As some folks are frightened by Prophecy, others are not. The Lord has Blessed you with the gift of teaching-sharing His Prophetic Word. Expect to be attacked, and yes even by your Brothers and Sisters. Remembering that folks can be frightened, smiling, and sharing the pure Joy of knowing our Bride Groom is on his way, helps :) Believe like a child, as Jesus told us to. For me personally, I talk with, not at, our Father, our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and welcome Them! I speak with Them, Pray to Them, thank Them, welcome Them, together, in proper respect and order of course beginning with our Loving Father. He taught me that, as I need all of my Holy Family, especially in these Last Days! The Truth is James, they are right there with you, just as He Promised!
God Bless You & Strengthen You James!

Anonymous said...

Hi James~

Glory be to God for this site and all the wonderful people here who care about each other. This is why we should always have a humble spirit when sharing :)

On top of what has already been said the message I am seeing this morning clearly is true and correct. It's not about the hurt. (though it's very real and I trust you will find the right words to assure a nice hedge of protection with him in the future. He will know in love what your new limits are :) That is what I focused on yesterday in my thoughts.

Yes, Yes, Yes...It's about the teaching of the churches :) When I asked what the plan was for the church. The overall membership goals, I stated this not knowing your full involment at this time and still don't.

Kathy's post really opened that up for me. Could this be an opportunity to help start a new program to wake up the churches? Like the messages in Revelations? Do you have that relationship with them to do so? Could that be the segway to teaching them in the future about prophecy if they are open to that? Just some added thoughts. I am sure in prayer all your answers will come. I think you know we care about you and your spirit during this tough time. I think you are going to do great and expand into new territory and show the way :)

Revelation 2-3: Letters to the 7 Churches

Letter to the Church in Ephesus

Letter to the Church in Smyrna

Letter to the Church in Pergamos (Pergamum)

Letter to the Church in Thyatira

Revelation 3: Letter to the Church in Sardis

Letter to the Church in Philadelphia

Letter to the Church in Laodicea

The messages to follow the word of God instead of following the traditions of man.

Have a blessed day!!


James said...

Well where do I begin. First of all to everyone that replied, the amount of love and trust that it took for you to reach out to help me is absolutely one of my best experiences as a Christian.

I really feel close to all of you even though we've never met face to face. Closer than people I've known my whole life and people I call friends.

Christ is showing me, and all of you, from your responses, what He meant by putting him first. The blessings that flow down from this priority change me in every way. It's the most complete and everlasting love I have ever known. A love that inspires me to really draw close,not only to Him, but all of you. In a sense He is breaking me down and reshaping me, to see things through His eyes not mine that are under the curse and very much in the world.

A thought that just popped in to my head; this experience of seeing truly, from your responses, that are Holy Spirit driven, when Christ reigns for a thousand years and we and our world are reconciled to Him, that it will all be based correctly and appropriately through the eyes of Him and the Father. This lesson is to help me see this and to increase the focus, based on my new sight here today. God is great indeed!! I am so humbled by this experience, that words just aren't adequate enough to say how blessed I am to have this Christ led blog family in my life.

Alice thank you for your kind words and taking the time to respond. Bless you dear!!

GG you are a such a blessing to all of us here. The love in your response is just overwhelming. Bless you also my dear!!

Kathy for someone who is just wading in to the waters here what a huge splash you have created in my walk. God bless you my dear!!

Scott my dear, dear brother, friend and spiritual mentor. I am so blessed to call you my brother. Your love for Christ is one of the most inspiring things in my life. Your walk in love moves me beyond belief. Thank you for allowing me to be just a small part of whta you are doing here. Bless you brother!!

Caver what a brother you are. your message back to me was spot on and really helps me to move forward in Christ. Bless you brother!!

Mrs. C, just when I think you've added so much to my walk by your comments here, you go deeper in your response to me and help me grow closer to Christ. I can't wait to meet you and Mr. C either here or in the new Jerusalem. Bless you my dear!!

Scott said...

James - Thanks brother:) - the feeling is mutual, I can assure you:)

Caver said...

James, your words are too kind but much appreciated. I guess its what we each other.

Ya know, its kind of funny in a the Lord spreads it around. Seems to never fail.....we each have been given our "area" of "help" and whenever we gather we all seem to find times and ways that our blind spots are filled in by a Brother or Sister's "area" and we get to return the favor quickly thereafter. Its the Body of Christ, the Church, with each of us being a "member" and able to help in the way He has gifted us uniquely.

:hugs to ya Brother.

By the way, there's only one mountain range between us....yea, its a big-un, but still only one. I used to live/work in Nashville.....first job after college. :)

Mrs. C said...

Dear Brother James :) Big Hug :)
What can I say...its a privilege for all of us to study and learn His Word together. His Word is very much alive! Just as He is! To me, I read His Word as a child would.(have been through the intellectual "stuff" many years ago) and that leaves your heart open to Him, to the guidance of His Holy Spirit that He gave to us as a Helper, a Comforter, a great Gift! I read His Word, and its as if Im a child sitting on some cool grass… in the shade of a tree with sweet fragrances in the air, on a perfectly warm day. I am sitting at the feet of my and listening joyfully to every Word His says with great delight. After can never learn or hear enough about someone you love so much as Him who gave everything for us...

(P.S. Who knows James, we're your neighbor in NC...we all just might end up meeting before He comes for us! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi James~

Your message made me cry :) It was so touching and I thank you for that. I feel so close to all of you and when one suffers we all suffer. I feel like we are in this together. I pray your talk goes wonderfully. I am excited to see where this will take you in these last days.

God Bless!!