Sunday, July 10, 2011

In the news:

Major earthquake strikes off the northern coast of Japan

A major earthquake struck off Japan's northeastern coast Sunday, prompting tsunami advisories that were later canceled, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake struck at 10:57 a.m. at the epicenter, about 130 miles east of Sendai.
The earthquake was more than 20 miles deep and had a magnitude of 7.0, the USGS said.

The JMA measured the magnitude of the quake at 7.1.

Tremors from Sunday's quake were felt as far away as Tokyo.

Pro-Palestinian plan week of protests in W. Bank

Pro-Palestinian activists plan to hold protest events across the West Bank this week, starting in the Aida refugee camp north of Bethlehem on Sunday and ending in Jerusalem on Friday.

It’s the second phase of the “Welcome to Palestine” campaign, in which foreign activists flew to Ben-Gurion Airport on Friday from across Europe, in an event dubbed the “flightilla.”

Two Rocket Attacks South of Ashkelon; IDF Bombs Tunnel

Terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza attacked south of Ashkelon Saturday with two rockets, and the Air Force retaliated by bombing a terror tunnel.

No damage or injuries were reported in the missile attacks, and the IDF said the retaliatory bombing scored a direct hit on the tunnel. As in the past, the Defense Ministry did not explain why the terror tunnels, designed to help terrorists infiltrate and carry out kidnappings, are bombed only after missile strikes on Israelis.

The Hamas and allied terrorists have escalated attacks on Israel the past two weeks after a lull of more than two months.

Energy War? Lebanon Warns Israel 'Playing with Fire' Offshore

Lebanon has warned Israel it is “playing with fire” by staking out energy claims in the Mediterranean Sea, where Beirut says Israel’s discoveries are in its territory.

The Israeli Cabinet, heading off another dispute similar to the Sheba Farms land dispute at the northern border, approved a “marine economic zone proposal” Sunday after Lebanon presented maps to the United Nations, marking maritime borders that would include part of the giant Leviathan and Tamar fields. The United Nations previously has refused to take repsonsiblity for marking the maritime borders.

The Lebanese daily As-Safir, in an article under the headline “War of Oil: Another Phase of Israeli Offense,” reported that Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water Joubran Bassil said Israel “is playing with fire “by violating Lebanon’s maritime border and oil rights.”

Israeli firms discovered the gas fields, which also are believed to hold large commercially viable oil deposits, two years ago. Afterwards, Lebanon said the discoveries are in its territory, and it recently has announced that a Norwegian company will start a seismic research offshore.

Hizbullah, with its eyes on the rich reserves, previously has threatened that Israel is risking war by planning to “steal” its offshore energy reserves.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman charged that Lebanon is “under pressure from Hizbullah” and “is looking for friction.” He added that there are "very strong arguments under international law" that back Israel’s claims.

Netanyahu: Maritime borders proposed by Lebanon encroach upon Israel territory

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded on Sunday to a recent dispute on Israel’s maritime border with Lebanon, saying at a cabinet meeting that the lines delineated in a Lebanese proposal are significantly further south than those recognized by Israel and determined in previous deals.

“The lines declared by Lebanon contradict both the maritime border agreement signed by Israel and Cyprus, as well as the border agreement signed between Lebanon itself and Cyprus,” Netanyahu said at the meeting, adding that Israel is actively working to clarify the border based on international maritime law.

The cabinet meeting was convened days before Israel plans to submit coordinates to the United Nations its take on where its maritime economic border with Lebanon should be, as the two countries scramble for gas reserves estimated to be worth billions of dollars.

Israel has become even more concerned about the positioning of the border after learning recently that a Norwegian company has begun searching for gas in the area. The search is due to be completed within months, and the Lebanese government hopes to use the findings to license international energy companies to probe areas that could be in Israel's exclusive economic zone.

Israeli warplane strikes Gaza in response to rocket fire

An Israeli Air Force aircraft on early Sunday morning targeted an underground tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed.

An IDF spokesperson said it carried out the bombing in response to three military-use projectiles fired from Gaza at Israel on Saturday. They landed in southern Israel without causing damage or casualties.

"The IDF will not allow southern Israeli communities to live under constant threat of rocket fire, and will continue to respond with determination in any attempt to use terror against the citizens of Israel," the IDF spokesperson warned. "The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for any terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip."

This next story is being put up for one reason only. I personally believe that the whole UFO story, which seems to be increasing recently (movies, articles, books, etc.) is some kind of conditioning, and will ultimately be used for the antichrist's purposes, possibly in attempts to disprove the Holy Bible.

The reasons are obvious.

First, the story really began just a few months prior to 1948, with the so-called "Roswell Incident", and since then, the story has grown too big to ignore. Secondly, the story is just too inviting for the purposes of serving as an "explanation" on how humans got to earth and why there have been so many sightings over the past 60-70 years. Thirdly, I have always found it highly interesting that the so-called "alien abductions" and subsequent descriptions of "aliens" have been very consistent with historical accounts of demons.

Ultimately, I believe that the whole alien story will be part of the antichrist's plan for deception - how and why remains unknown, and this is total speculation on my part.

In this context, we take a look at the story below. Additionally, I post this under the heading of "this is what is 'out there' in the news". I don't believe this story is true, but I do believe it could be possibly used as an explanation for events to come:

Top US Space Expert Issues Catastrophic Warning On Comet Elenin

A grim warning was issued this past week by the former NASA consultant and noted US space expert Richard C. Hoagland that the newly discovered comet named Elenin, designated C/2010 X1, that is fast approaching our Sun is under “intelligent control” and heralds a warning to all humanity of a great Global catastrophe soon to come.

Let me stop right here and notify that many other scientists would dispute the quote that Richard Hoagland as a "US space expert". He is certainly controversial with his views and would probably not be considered as "mainstream".

Most interesting to note about Comet Elenin is its being trailed by 2 distinct rows comprised of 8 smaller circular shaped “objects” that Chinese scientists had previously stated were UFO’s belonging to an as yet unidentified “extraterrestrial civilization.”

Hoagland further asserts in his report that is “beyond coincidence” that Comet Elenin is scheduled make its closest approach to the Sun on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, 11 September 2011, and that on 11 November 2011 (11-11-11) its orbit will carry it into a “grand alignment” between itself, the Earth and other planets in our Solar System.

To the many still as yet unexplained anomalies surrounding Comet Elenin, and when coupled with Hoagland’s report, one would think it wise to pay close attention during the coming months to this most strange visitor to our Solar System.

The point of posting this article is simply to reveal what is being said in the media - and how events that are in the news can be twisted into various forms of deception. Such deception can also be used to promote and extend agendas right here on earth. It would be anticipated that the UFO story is going to become more and more a part of daily news. We're already seeing stories that the whole UFO "cover-up" is finally being unveiled for the world to see:

Is the UFO Cover-up Over?

UFO Cover-up:
Two-Page Summary of the Book Disclosure
Government & Military Witnesses Testify on Major UFO Cover-up

We can expect to see more and more of these types of stories as we approach the Tribulation and the rise of the antichrist.


Anonymous said...

I have always speculated that the whole aliens abduction story will be used to explain the sudden disappearance of millions after the rapture. Also, the Mormon religion teaches that we all came here from another planet and that you can eat your own planet to rule someday if you are are a good and faithful Mormon. in a one world religion this aspect of Mormonism could easily be incorporated.

Anonymous said...

I meant earn your own planet.....not eat...LOL.

Anonymous said...

delicious with catsup :)
gets weirder every day doesn't it?
On the good side...the very very dry and boring Baptist Church I regularily watch here in town on local t.v. actually said Jesus was coming soon. With feeling and expectation it was said. I almost fell outta my chair. Something is going on over there. I think it must the Holy Spirit! Now I really know he is coming soon! lol! Well Praises and Glory to you precious Jesus! ally

Dylan said...

There's been so many UFO stories in the last few weeks on Facebook and such. Yesterday I actually saw little specs of light just like on one of the "UFO videos" my friend posted on Facebook. I know aliens don't exist, but it made me laugh. "go away aliens, you can't have our oil!" haha. Some people. Makes me wonder about the sanity of the human race.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the Vatican is in front saying it is okay to beleive in extraterristail life and that the UN has a new branch called the office of Outer Space affairs.

Scott said...

And don't forget all of the movies that have come out in the last 10 years...Plus, if you scan channels on cable - I would say that there is at least one UFO related show every week...Usually a lot more than that. It looks a lot like conditioning to me. It is hard to imagine a Tribulation period (and the few years leading into the Tribulation) which ignores the UFO issue, for some reason.

Dylan said...

What about this "tyche" that the found past Pluto? Has anything significant been reported on it?

DrNofog said...

And the latest is Cowboys & Aliens ... Starring Daniel Craig [James Bond], Harrison Ford [Han Solo, Indiana Jones], Olivia Wilde, Keith Carradine!

I kin hardly wait for it, an' I'll grab my sleeping bag soz I kin B 1 of the 1st in line.

Anonymous said...

Comet Leonid Elenen. LEO-NID means strenghth of the lion in Hebrew. EL-ENIN El means Mighty God in Hebrew. ANAN means cloud in Hebrew. Acts 1:11

Anonymous said...

Could the comet be the groom's torch as He comes for His bride?

Dylan said...

Anonymous said...

last anon-I really don't know what to think about Elenin but I sure hope so! CUZ SOMETHING REALLY BIG IS GOING ON

Anonymous said...

I want to see what stocks do this week, and the dollar as well. If
stocks really start to crash here
globally, then there is trouble.

It's true, I am sure that AC will
use the UFO story to explain away
the rapture, BUT, we need to cross
that bridge when we get there.

still NO PERSON I can conclude is
the AC !!

As I said before, the key is the
murder attempt story, whereby
AC will be gunned down and brought
BACK in an ER somewhere. Iamgine
nations seeing THAT online...
they would be convinced that the
AC can save them all !!!!

I am still waiting

Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

John said...

I go to a rural Virginia conservative Baptist Church....I dont really wave the Baptist banner... I'm simply Thankful for the NewBirth By God's wonderful and Amazing grace! A fellow Deacon in our church who used to work for the FAA in charge of crash investigations has an interesting testimony of his professional carreer experiences with UFO's He's my neighbor and a biblical born again believer and has been on Larry King Live I was gonna say his name but will not without permission....nuffSaid!!! BlessYa Prophecy watchers!!! Maranatha!!!
yer bro, John

Anonymous said...

spelling....should be IMAGINE
in the last post...


Dylan said...

I always thought that the murder attempt on the AC would be during the tribulation.

WVBORN56 said...

Yes Dylan the head wound is during the trib...Stephen is pre wrath or Mid trib I believe. He bases it on a II Thessalonians verse which most of us here believe he misinterprets. We agree to disagree.

Dylan said...

Oh ok. I guess we really won't know 100% until the prophecies are fulfilled anyway

Anonymous said...

Does any one have ABSOLUTE PROOF
that the head wound will come during the middle ??

do you KNOW that 56 ?? for a fact ?? It could VERY WELL come
just before the tribulation begins.

I am NOT mid trib....i believe the
head wound COMES just before AC
takes over, and that is why the
whole world will be astonished at
the beast.....since AC will recover
from the murder attempt.

Dylan, you are right however.
We will NOT really now until it
to go with and no agreement....that
SOMETHING needs to happen to
convince Israel and the PA to
agree to anything, and that something COULD be a false resurrection in an ER of the AC.

think about THAT please 56...

Stephen !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen~

How are things in your part of the world today? I hope the weather is behaving over there for you. :)

I can't speak for 56 as you say. I know many including myself have tried to give you specific scriptures and breakdowns to explain our thought processes to this topic you mention. Here is another link for you to look at and see if by chance there is something you are missing OK? I say this only with love. Clearly is says that...

"For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains (the Holy Spirit) will do so UNTIL He is taken out of the way. And THEN the lawless one (Antichrist) will be revealed,
Whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. The coming of the lawless one (Antichrist) is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs (miracles), and lying wonders" (2 Thessalonians 2:7-9)

I would like to see what scriptures other than 2-Thessalonians 2:7-9 you are referring to. If you are trying to help us can you give us something more sound than just statements to lean on? I have provided much but I haven't seen that on your end. I am all for keeping an open mind but I am not going to studying the anti-Christ in depth to save a soul unless I am missing something here that refers to Gods word about this topic. By chance do you believe the restrainer to be removed is the Roman Empire instead of the Holy Spirit? Is that where this constant confusion is coming from?

I am just trying to understand your statements but I am losing you in the translations. Any help (nicely) would be appreciated.

Have a blessed day!!


PS..I promise if I was wrong all along you and I will have a nice stroll in heaven and I will stand and toast you personally at the wedding for trying to tell us but we didn't listen. I guess that's not so bad. We are all on the same team. We just have to keep our messages the same and that is based on God's word and the proper use of that word.

James said...


Nice to see you post on here and welcome. Are you new to the blog? My name is James and I live in Nashville. My dad was in the military and I practically grew up in Hampton, Va on Fort Monroe.

Can you give me a time range on when your friend was on Larry King and I will try to find that show on line.

Again thanks for posting. Scott our good friend and our dear brother in Christ is the glue that keeps all of us together here. He does an amazing job with this blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi John-yes UFO's are real! And yes, I have seen them on more than one occasion.
now exactly what they are is speculative. There is a Christian named Marzulli who has a lot of study on this specific thing. He thinks they are demonic, and I'm going to go with that for current time. For various reasons to numerous to state in space/time here. However seems like God has a flaming chariot wheel thingie too so I'm just staying prayerful about the whole situation.
As for the Baptists...I love them! And if I can find a Baptist Church where they will actually teach on Revealations, I would jump in with both feet. I can't find ANY DENOMINATION in my town that will even touch on the subject minimally.
Welcome John to this spot! ally

Anonymous said...

Oh Stephen-bet we can agree on this. the tribulation starts with the signing of the peace treaty! So, even if we don't see the signing (pretribbers) we still may know if we are even slightly paying attention to world news. Usually there is a big deal made before they actually sign anything. So I understand how you feel on that. So we might get to see him.
I am pretty much pretrib now. I did not used to be. I was a midtrib before just like you, based on the same verse actually. I studied lots more and came to a different conclusion but I still allow room for other viewpoints. I am really hoping that we go before the tribulation and I pray for that daily. I still allow a very slight chance of us not going then, probably just so I won't get too bummed out if we don't. Really Stephen, I think I would die of a broken heart if I am left behind. And I know I need to be very brave, because I think it is going to get ugly very quickly here on earth.
I'm still waiting to bake you a cake when the euro nosedives! ha ha. I'm just not sure how I will get it to Hawaii! ally

Scott said...

James - thanks for that

As far as the UFO sightings, I too believe that they are demonic and will play a huge role in future deceptions.

Ally - you won't be left behind. Trust me :)

The Church wasn't here for the first 483 years and it won't be here for the last 7...Don't forget (in addition to everything else) - When Daniel was receiving his instructions for the 490 years (Dan 9) he was told that these prophecies were for HIM and HIS PEOPLE (the Nation of Israel) - the Church wasn't in view at ALL for ANY of the 490 years.

we won;t be here.

Also, don't forget that the bride/bridegroom had a 7 day consummation period before re-appearing for the wedding feast. It wasn't 3.5 days, but 7. That is (as intended) a perfect parallel to the 7 year "consummation" period as we are in New Jerusalem with Jesus, awaiting the Wedding Feast, as seen in Rev 19.

It all fits perfectly :)

Anonymous said...

Scott-I hope I make it. I am not the best disciple sadly but I make up in love for what I lack in other areas! Besides, even though our relationship has been rocky, I have a feeling he remembers me spending hours praising him as a little child and holding church in our living room. My parents were always too drunk or hung over to ever take us to church :( Actually I hope he remembers that well because those were the happiest moments of my childhood and I hope he can share them with me again! Good old Jesus-always there for me no matter how awful things can be! I can't wait for a world where there is no sorrow. ally

Scott said...

I recommend reading "How Good Is Good Enough" by Andy Stanley. Its a terrific bok that addresses stuff just like this and it only takes an hour or so to read!

James said...


I will see if I can pick that book up this week. Thanks for suggesting.

James in Nashville

Anonymous said...

I love Andy Stanley's preaching! I will try to get a copy somehow :)