Monday, January 31, 2011

Unrest in Egypt: Israel's worst nightmare?

Yes it is. Well, it is an ongoing nightmare actually - only now the nightmare has become worse. Much worse. We are seeing the evolution of radical Islam taking over several key regions in the Middle East - regions that we know will go to war with Israel. This article gives us the realities of what Israel is now facing:

Unrest in Egypt could lead to Israel's worst nightmare

For Israel, the popular uprising against the Mubarak regime raises the specter of its worst strategic nightmare: collapse of the peace treaty with Egypt, the cornerstone of its regional policy for the past three decades a worst case scenario, democratic or Islamic forces were to come to power denouncing Israel and repudiating the peace deal, that could herald the resurrection of a major military threat on Israel's southern border.

The largely American-equipped and American-trained Egyptian army — by far the most powerful military in the Arab world — numbers around 650,000 men, with 60 combat brigades, 3500 tanks and 600 fighter planes.

A hostile government in Cairo could also mean that Egypt would be aiding and abetting the radical Hamas regime in neighboring Gaza, rather than, as at present, helping to contain it.

Worse: If there is a domino effect that also leads to an anti-Israel regime change in Jordan, with its relatively large Islamic political presence, Israel could find itself facing an augmented military threat on its eastern border, too.

That could leave it even worse off than it was before 1977, facing a combined military challenge from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Palestinians -- with the added menace of a fundamentalist Iran that seeks to acquire nuclear weapons.

To conclude:

...instead of democracy in Egypt, there could well be a two-stage revolutionary process -- an initial quasi-democracy, overtaken within months by the emergence of an autocratic Islamic republic under the heel of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It would be similar to what happened when the United States supported pro-democracy forces against the Shah in Iran in the 1970s, only to see the emergence of the fundamentalist Ayatollahs. Moreover, in the event of an eventual Muslim Brotherhood victory, the big regional winner would be fundamentalist Iran.

However the events in Egypt play out, they will clearly have an impact on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The very notion of a threat to the peace with Egypt will almost certainly further reduce the Netanyahu government's readiness to take risks for peace.

In a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Jerusalem on Monday, Netanyahu re-emphasized the importance he attaches to the security element in any peace package -- "in case the peace unravels." As for the Palestinians, the Egyptian protests could trigger Palestinian demonstrations pressing for statehood -- without peace or mutual concessions.

Either way, the events in Egypt are not good news for those advocating Israeli-Arab peacemaking. They could push efforts to resolve the conflict back several decades.

One aspect of this upheaval in the Middle East is this: It will have prophetic significance. These events are too close to the approaching battles that we know are coming, and Egypt will probably be involved in the early part of this continuum. We are watching the evolution of events which will lead into the prophetic battles described in Psalm 83, Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39.

Its all coming together - and coming together at breathtaking speed. Jordan could be next as their turmoil is in the early stages.
And don't forget Lebanon, as that situation is also rapidly evolving.

Israel is indeed in the eye of the storm.


Justin Edwards said...

I'm following all of your posts, brother, and you're doing an excellent job with these updates. Israel is definitely in the eye of the storm, and we are sailing toward the midnight hour. Keep it up!!!

Scott said...

Many thanks - I really appreciate it.
They are in the eye of the storm aren't they? Just as the Bible told us. They are completely surrounded by their mortal enemies - the stage is set. And we are indeed sailing towards the midnight hour. Its comforting when our brothers and sisters can see it - it really is. Much strength comes from our little prophecy community (not just this blog, but the "greater community") .
Thanks again, and God Bless you brother

hartdawg said...

i made a comment just a few post back a few hours ago and i just logged on and i didnt find it....i thought it was removed for some reason. then i looked more closely and there was just more posts added today and it wasnt removed:) how can someone say "this is the way its always been"when there is so much prophetic activity that one can put 5 posts up in one day?...just a thought THESE ARE NOT NORMAL TIMES!

hartdawg said...

almost every day i hear the same lines "noone knows the day or the hr so we cant possibly know when its near" or "every generation thought their`s was the last".....

Anonymous said...

hartdawg, do NOT let the scoffers
and scorners get you down. I may
have been wrong about Dr. Masadeh,
but I REALLY BELIEVE the real
Antichrist is out there, probably
almost ready to take Masadeh's place in the UFM.....

this person will get gunned down,
but will saw
that one of the heads had a fatal
wound that was healed (REV 13).

I believe this person will be
a Muslim from an Arab country...
like Masadeh is.

I guess we just gotta wait for
the revealing time...

Stephen in Hawaii !!!!

Expected Imminently said...


I was thinking exactly the same – I followed you to Scott’s blog, and stayed because it was so encouraging. However it was very quiet at that time, but now the ‘traffic’ is really brisk. Everyone with an ‘eye and ear’ has lifted their heads with anticipation at events.

Those who mournfully lisp, ‘every generation thought it was them’, are almost bound to be Replacement Theology to some degree.

To me that can be the only real reason behind those remarks, they are blind to the Prophetic FACT of Israel and what that means for the Church ans the world.

Truly, these are not 'normal times'. Maranatha!

God bless you.

hartdawg said...

i spent about 15 minutes wondering if i said something offensive before i looked more closely at the post and realized several more were added:)

hartdawg said...

stephan....i think its more likely the wound is an actual sword. whether he dies and is resurrected or survives i aint sure. there is surmountable evidence on both sides.

hartdawg said...

sorry stephen i meant sword wound. wounded with a sword.

Expected Imminently said...

In the year dot! Prophecy buffs reckoned that the mortal wound was the Roman Empire which would re-emerge in the future as the Revived Roman Empire.

The 7 'heads' (they said) are the fallen past Empires with Rome as no.7 The 10 horns will be the one world government - (out of which will arise a/c.)

Just saying. :)

Chris said...

Mubarak has fallen..what prophetic revelations will we be able to subsadize with the unfolding of these events. Do you feel that this protest is masked by a principalic authority in an attempt to usher in a demonic agenda?