Sunday, January 16, 2011

Technology and Last Days Prophecy

Jan Markell has written an excellent commentary on the role of technology in these last days:

When Technology Turns Against Us

We all know we are heading into a full-blown surveillance society. The U.K. probably heads the world in this effort, but the U.S. is nipping at its heels.

Newsmax online is reporting the fact that Obama is eyeing the Internet to ID all Americans. This was preceded by the Net Neutrality Act which was the first phase of the government monitoring the Internet. White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt says, "This is the perfect spot in the U.S. government to centralize efforts toward creating an 'identity ecosystem' for the Internet." Privacy groups are alerting that this is an absolute infringement on Americans' rights. The Department of Homeland Security will also help implement this.

This development isn't receiving nearly enough attention. Unfortunately, there is more to this developing story:

The Obama administration has back-up support from a U.N. office in Geneva where officials from 18 countries voted to staff a working group on the future of something called Internet Governance Forum.

Since it's the U.N., there is already reason to be concerned. The plan was supported by China and, not without surprise, Iran. So, it has global impact, not just Obama impact.

The most disconcerting aspect of these developments, however, is found below:

Enter Antichrist. Is he waiting in the wings? Perhaps. Technology will drive the final generation. In a sense, it already is. Everything in Revelation 13 depends on technology: The electronic money system, electronic control of the media, electronic control of commerce and even electronic control of the one-world religion. When "Mr. Fix-it" enters the scene, the technology infrastructure must be in place. His empire is limited -- seven years.

The developments in technology represent what we have been labeling as "paving the road" to the Tribulation - just as all signs we observe reveal this fact.

Whether it's net neutrality, an effort to use the Internet to ID all Americans, Facebook, Twitter, or an all-new scheme to come down the pike to use the magic of modern-day technology to limit freedoms, stay on guard. We may not be able to stem the tide of intrusiveness and even an ID effort.

But the end-time technological infrastructure is being put in place as I write this. It could take weeks or it could take years for complete implementation. This is a reminder to stay tuned and to spot the efforts as they are introduced by snoopy governments and the U.N.

A link is referenced below which is worth visiting:

To better understand this, visit our Web category of The New World Order found here. This is not strange conspiracy talk. This is reality. There are forces trying to monitor and regulate everything, leaving world citizens with little privacy. Suggesting there is a "shadow government" is no longer a "fringe" issue.

Referenced link:New World Order

A sample of material from this link:


It says in Revelation 13 that there will some day be a one-world system; a one-world government. Some have termed this “the new world order”. Another term heard frequently that means the same thing is “globalism”. Various organizations are playing into this. The leading ones include the United Nations, the European Union, and NATO, but more minor players would be world trade organizations like the “North American Free Trade Association” (NAFTA). The Antichrist will be the chief globalist and will head up this one-world system during the Tribulation. The stage is being set.

Here is a sample of the articles posted from this site:

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Our privacy is vanishing. Anybody care?

We're in a "Brave New World" indeed. A world that the antichrist will most certainly use to his advantage.


Jill said...

Scott, I have been struggling all day with this tech info you posted, I do believe that this is the tool for control globally. We are facebooking right into the plan. BUT there are some things the tech has done: 1) speed the gospel reaching so many and pull believers together like never before,,, untold millions tuning in online for church services,following prophecy news and teaching... it is mind boggling. 2) it has also sped the depths of evil into minds (porn,violence), given a platform for the most mocking, blasphemous things I never thought I would see,, I am convinced it is meant to position the world for absolute depravity and thus judgement..... no wonder the word for the times is Repent. I read Hosea 4 today and I think we are there.

Scott said...

Good points. Its like most things - it can be used for Good or for Evil. And you are right - when the situation on the death of birds and fish peaked, readership on this blog exploded for about a week, and I prayed that people could come to Christ, or perhaps listen to the audio sermons which are available.

If we are here to witness Gog-MaGog or some of the other huge prophetic developments, it will represent an enormous witnessing opportunity.

God Bless, and thanks for the comments


Anonymous said...

This makes me afraid to use the internet. Is this something we should learn to live without? We did once upon a time. What are your thoughts Scott.


Scott said...

I Do have friends who refuse to use the internet. For that reason. But I;'ll take whatever 'they' can dish out in the name of Christ, I;ll get my rewards in heaven, so what happens here on this planet doesn't matter a whole lot

Scott said...

I Do have friends who refuse to use the internet. For that reason. But I;'ll take whatever 'they' can dish out in the name of Christ, I;ll get my rewards in heaven, so what happens here on this planet doesn't matter a whole lot