Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In the news:

There are several interesting news briefs today which involve the new Roman Empire of our age. The first article is interesting, and represents a story that doesn't receive nearly enough attention among prophecy watchers or the rest of the world.

Cablegate: Europe's "stupid' satellite plan driven by French interests

The content of this article isn't very interesting, but it underscores the fact that the EU is progressing with their version of "GPS" - with plans to launch over 30 satellites (even though this article just references 14 satellites) - satellites which will have the capability to track citizens, and maintain medical and financial records for its citizens. Technology that if placed in the wrong hands....well, you can connect these dots:

Intended to challenge the dominance of the US-built Global Positioning System (GPS) set up by the Pentagon in the 1980s, Galileo has already attracted widespread controversy due to massive budgetary overspends

"Since this time, he said France has aggressively corralled EU support to invest in Galileo development - something Smutny said France wants to ensure their missile guidance systems are free of any GPS reliance. Smutny added, the irony for German investment in Galileo is that some of France's nuclear missiles are aimed at Berlin," it continued.

In this news piece, what is seemingly insignificant and "minor" in the overall scheme of things, is hugely symbolic and reveals the current path of the EU:

EU Calendar Omits Christian Holidays

The European Union has published a school calendar that omits Christian holidays, like Christmas and Easter, while noting significant Jewish and Muslim celebrations.

The Catholic News Agency reports that former French politician and government minister Christine Boutin noted the omission of Christian holidays in a Jan. 11 blog post, saying the calendar slights "the religion practiced or recognized as forming the cultural assembly of our 'old' continent."

She wrote that Christianity has "fallen into the limbo of collective ignorance."

The title of the next article is interesting:

Van Rompy: Europe is "Fatherland of Peace"

Anytime I see "Fatherland" used as a reference to the new Roman Empire, I reflexly squirm. Plus, anytime I see an EU leader forced to declare that the EU shouldn't be viewed as a new "Moscow" I also squirm.

EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy has issued a robust defence of the European Union in the face of growing "suspicion and fear", arguing that the bloc must not be seen as a new "Moscow", but instead, the "Fatherland of peace."

"Sometimes, in the heat of the debate, the image of 'Brussels' is linked to the role of 'Moscow' in the Cold War. One should not accept this comparison," he declared in a speech to students at the University of Warsaw.

The president has in recent months made a series of public speeches strongly defending the idea of the European project against all critics, whether markets or sceptical citizens.

In Poland, again acknowledging the growth of euroscepticism, he returned to the theme, noting that "suspicion and fear" are growing in new member states as well.

"Suspicion and fear" seems warranted in the current environment of the EU. European citizens helplessly watched as their countries entered into the EU - without any popular votes cast ("Lisbon Treaty") and now they have watched their national sovereignty disappear as the EU has gained more and more central power.

Of course, we knew this had to happen. The world is being prepared - the road is being paved with what is coming. The Tribulation and the leader of that age - the antichrist. And this era is approaching ever so rapidly.


Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott

Last year we were notified by the NHS of changes being made to the way our health records are stored, called a 'Summary Care Record' a ‘secure, confidential, electronic system that can only be seen by authorised NHS staff’. Whatever surgery we go to, anywhere --- a doctor has immediate access to this information. I suppose they would need a satellite to beam my info if I went to Timbuktu?

We had the chance to opt out; I don’t like it, but it would only be a short time before it was made compulsory, so I didn’t contest. That was six months ago, no doubt my health records are now available to all and sundry (silly me, they’re secure!)

Hey, come to think of it Scott, I need new script. ;)

Expected Imminently said...


I see you have looked in today, have you see my response to your request about Postie on 14th Jan?

Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Scott check this out please...
and tell me what u think ok ??


Stephen !!

Anonymous said...

Scott, another one for you !!

Stephen >>>>>> in Hawaii

Scott said...

The article from the JPost isn't the least bit surprising and this is only one of a number of similar "decisions" that have been reached in the UK......As far as Jordan and Russia - I must say, I didn't see that coming and not sure of the ramifications, only that they are inching closer and closer to Israel by the day. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Scott, remember I told u about the
implications of a crashing New York
stock market. I had a look at the
long term charts on AAPL and IBM...
they are VERY blown out and ready
to crack....especially AAPL.

Also, that president in Iran is
threatening to CUT THE HAND of
any one who interferes in Lebanon.

I saw that in the J post....

I am watching Dr. Masadeh very

Stephen >>>>