Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Europe starts process of recognizing "Palestine"

This article was published in Israel Today:

Europe starts process of recognizing Palestine

Ireland on Tuesday decided to upgrade the status of the Palestinian Authority diplomatic delegation in Dublin, starting what many in Israel fear will be a domino effect leading to the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian Arab state.

...the move does mean that the head of the PA delegation will now be referred to as “ambassador” and will present credentials to the Irish president just like a real ambassador. So while Ireland is playing a game of semantics, the reality “on the ground” is that the Palestinian Authority will be represented as an independent national entity in Europe.

Israeli officials were furious.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon warned that these de facto recognitions of a Palestinian state were putting bilateral peace further out of reach, and were actually advancing another onset of violence.

“Unilateral steps are creating a bubble of expectation for the Palestinians. We can see an obvious connection to the recent spate of recognition and a hardening of the Palestinian position,” said Ayalon. “We all know that bubbles eventually burst and it is negligent to contribute to this unsustainable policy.”

Ayalon was referring to the new trend in Latin America to recognize a Palestinian state in all of Judea and Samaria. Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Peru all have done so over the past few months.

As mentioned before, it is amazing to see this process continue. Only months ago, what appeared as a bizarre rumor has now become fact. More and more countries are "recognizing" the unilateral formation of a "PA State", and ultimately this will end up at the UN Security Council, and that is when this process will become very interesting.


DrNofog said...


Vacaville roof collapse comes in the wake of the "State of the Union Address"

Slightly off topic, but hey, connect the drop... er, dots!

Anonymous said...

“Gheriafi learned from reliable European Intelligence sources in Brussels that at least two well-equipped Western military fleets were urgently ordered to move from the Arabian Gulf to positions close to both Syria and Lebanon in the Mediterranean Sea.

They carried strict instructions to fully monitor and watch the unfolding events in Lebanon, especially in case Hizbullah, backed by Syria and Iran, succeeds in taking over the new Lebanese government.

The intelligence sources did not unveil the identity of the Western fleets but confirmed that they comprise two nuclear aircraft carriers with 210 jet fighter planes on board, and more than 30 ships carrying about 5,800 marines armed with the latest technologies.”

Fwiw, wonder if the recent military alliance between France and the U.K. is responsible for the preceding.

(Thanks to an FP poster for the link.)