Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Men?

This article may mean absolutely nothing, but it is interesting that this story is not being widely discussed or reported.

Is there something going on that we should know about?

Snow Men

The scene: Near midnight, January. Wednesday

Times Square, NYC. One of the world's busiest crossways. A fresh blanket of heavy, wet, billowing snow across the most populous city in the U.S., the city's sixth major snowstorm in the still-young winter season. Even though we are muffled and layered, furred and gloved, booted and hatted, the wind whips compact particles of ice and stinging snow into our faces at a curt clip. The temperature is below freezing.

We pass in front of the AMC movie theatre on 42nd and 8th, hard by the glimmering, somber New York Times building, one block south, and across the street from the often hive-busy Port Authority. Even with the 19th century daguerrotype-look of tonight's diorama, this is a happening and vibrant part of the city. Not any kind of backwoods culvert.

This is where the story takes a turn:

We notice a knot of men dressed all in black. They are outfitted in full Kevlar regalia, their clothing tight to their fit forms, with black half face-masks covering their noses, chins and lips. They have full black, big machine guns, which are not resting by their sides in a relaxed stance. The weapons are held at the ready. The frogmen-like special forces eye everyone who passes. Look up, scan down, watch warily.

It's New York, in the middle of the arctic night, but this is, after all, Hollywood East-are they actors, hired to promote a new flick? We're pretty savvy, but the presence of these military in gear that spells Trouble stops us in our tracks.

"Are you guys real? Or...maybe actors? Are you promoting something?" I ask, my usual reticence and shy Ms. Demeanor not fretting during the usual doh-si-doh indulged in by citizens when faced with constabulary of any kind. Aren't most people discreetly guilty until relieved by business as usual restores itself?

One guy graciously speaks to me from behind his face-mask. "We're real." He holds the firearm at an angle, skywards, but not at rest. He does not stop panning the street with his eyes as we speak. His fingers lightly stroke the long black gun.

Here, the story becomes more interesting:

Why are you here?" I pursue, baffled. I am well aware that the Big Apple is in major debt in the multi-billions, and these men--who, I notice, are up and down the street -- do not come cheap. Actually, this is the first time I have seen such military troop-type men on the street since 2001.

"Uh, you know," says the tall military guy with a huge black rifle and the restless eyes. "Um, 9-11..."

I am taken aback. "Do you mean there was some kind of alert--you're here in response to some kind of...current intelligence?" I am not being charming. No need to worry about this woman. She's not wearing a mask, she's smiling, and she's being just, you know, charming as all get-out. She's in a long mink, and a funky hat, now entirely white.

He nods. Yep.

An alert?

The other Kevlar'ed men nearby also nod, watching me, my companion, and the street, as the snow swirls down and the wind buffets us all with flurries and flakes of ice and snon

It's not by accident these men in their serious gear are here, this late, this cold, in this area. With our mental calculators ever more sharply attuned to the grimace of imminent city bankruptcy, the reality of a threat this impending, this live, is a sudden concussive realization. They know something the mayor has not announced to the residents of the city. People can go about their usual business, unaware of the evident risk these men have been told about. I listen to two or three radio news shows all day, keep my BlackBerry

But the threat is right here. Men in black dotting our wide white streets. Men with no-BS weapons. Pretty much aiming at anything untoward.

Net-net takeaway: They wouldn't be here if there was nothing to worry about.

Hmmmm. Perhaps we will hear more about this "threat" in the near future. For now, we are left to ponder what we currently don't know and what may be on the horizon.


Anonymous said...

It seems alot is going on these days that we are not being told about. Signs of this beig america is or has slipped right thru our fingers! I guess that's the way they wanted it. for us to not notice it - until it is too late.

This story is amazing that we didn't or were not allowed to hear about it. We are hearing of things from other countries news stations or papers about our country. I feel like I'm in russia or somewhere.

It is soo obvious that our media is hiding things. WHAT IS GOING ON? Why are we being kept in the dark about news? We are suppose to have freedom of speech in this country. Are ALL the media being controlled now? It seems that way.

This is getting worrysome. It's time for our heavenly flight outta' here....LIKE RIGHT NOW! Please Precious Lord. Take us Home!!

DrNofog said...

Shakespeare was well aware of the age-old game plan even back then! In his play, his advice to King Henry IV: "Be it thy course to busy giddy minds With foreign quarrels..." [implied: "...and you can get away with a lot at home..."]

...and in today's breaking news...

"Those who fail to learn from history..."

Expected Imminently said...

Saying '9/11' surely means the ongoing alert about the terrorism threat by Islam. Pending danger of an active cell in that area.

Even my sleepy little city is on alert. I think we are still on red, may be down to amber?

There was the 2nd shoe bomber to-do about 1/2 a mile from the front of my home. There was the noxious sprayer wandering about poisoning the area to-do about 1/2 a mile from the rear of my home. Oh yes, and the raid on another nearby property - serious, little said, they just get on with it.
There is even the frequent attempts of direct intimidation we have to brush away.
We all know, say nothing,live our lives, and let the authorities get on with it.

The only thing I haven't seen, but I don't get out much, is a 'blatant' display of arms. Its all low key, but 'happening'. I don't know why there is this surprise? It's 'hush hush' because if they tell us what's going on, it gives the game away to the culprits.

There's a saying we have that Scott may have learned "Don't let the b------ get ya down'.

Praise The Lord and pass the ammunition. :)

Scott said...

I believe there is SO much that we are not informed about. No telling what all could be happening behind the scenes these days. Don't forget, lies and deception are the order of the day, in this age.

As the first poster said - Come now Lord! Take us home! ... Thats one of my many daily prayers!


Unknown said...

It is crazy that this was hidden, but I believe it. Original poster, I know this was posted today...but when did it happen? Last night? The media hides almost everything from us especially all things relating to The End Times in which we live. I found this site by mistake going to, which is a similar site. But, I am glad I found it.

Scott said...

I got the impression that the "event" took place the evening before the article came out

God's Juggernaut said...

Hello CHrist fans!
I remember one of my preminisions or visions I had, besides the twin towers, the buses being bombed in Israel and well among some things ( ya never can tell who is reading ) nevertheless I recall having a vision about the strap down or marshal law. ANd yes history WILL repeat itself Like the Nazi death camps those have been rebuilt and are ready to go nation wide. According to what I saw, the vision involved these soldiers in black armor from head to toe.

Unlike the police or military armore we're all familiar with.These guys were SERIOUSLY futuristic, and they were loading people into what seemed to be kitty cars ( some visions arent always EXACT in which we know some things to be, but through a translator or God himself they are translated).

Nevertheless these"kitty cars" are actualy train cars as in box cars. So yes that is still yet to happen but be on your toes. Because as soon as the anti-christ makes his appearance according to 2 thess 2:3 we're outta here. So be forewarned stay close fellow bros. And do all you can to stay on the straight and narrow .Pray that all grudges from family members, friends etc wont stop them from seeing the good works they may see in you and the Christ in you. be blessed.