Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In the news:

More unusual earthquakes reported:

Earthquake hits northern England

An earthquake hit homes across the north of England on Monday night, weeks after a similar tremor in Cumbria.

Experts said the tremor was “fairly small” and that quakes of similar magnitude usually occur once every 12 to 18 months in Britain.
But the latest was the second to hit the North of England in two weeks, coming after an earthquake of local magnitude 3.5 in Coniston, Cumbria on the evening of December 21.

Indiana earthquake 'extremely rare and unprecedented'

An earthquake that took place before sunrise Thursday in north central Indiana is being evaluated as rare despite many well-known fault lines in the area.

An earthquake in Indiana? How does that happen?

The US Geological Survey reported a 3.8-magnitude earthquake, centered just east of Kokomo, Ind., about 57 miles north of Indianapolis. The earthquake occurred about 3 miles underground and could be felt as far south as Indianapolis, as far east as Dayton, Ohio and as far northwest as Elgin, Ill., about 40 miles outside Chicago.

Calling the earthquake “extremely rare and unprecedented,” John Steinmetz, director of the Indiana Geological Survey at Indiana University in Bloomington, said there have not been any earthquakes of similar magnitude in northern Indiana in 175 years.


Coming Pestilence?

Japan Is on High Alert as a Virus Infiltrates Bird-Heavy Regions

Japanese bird sanctuaries, poultry farms and zoos went on high alert last month after several species of migratory birds in different regions were found dead of what appeared to be H5N1 avian influenza.

The virus frightened flu specialists when it resurfaced in Hong Kong in 2003 and quickly spread throughout Asia and along bird migratory routes to Europe and Africa. It has not mutated to spread among humans, though it still kills them occasionally — Egypt reported its 38th death last month.

And that has been the ongoing fear - that this virus will mutate into a form which can spread among humans. Its another sigh worth watching in terms of this possibility of spreading to humans.

A growing threat:

No place for a Jew (or any infidel)

It would certainly be foolhardy at best, and physically dangerous at worst, for any Jew to go poking around a place in upstate New York known by its inhabitants as Islamberg.

While it is somewhat shocking to learn that such places, and so many of them, exist right in our national midst, I think it's even more shocking that hardly anyone -- including our own government -- is publicizing their existence, nor doing anything to clean them up.

The videos in the link provided above are worth watching.

And last, this article from Debka is interesting. Is Ahmadinejad losing his grip on power in Iran?

Widening cracks in Ahmadinejad's grip on power

There are growing indications that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is facing his second epic struggle to stay in power since the 2009 popular riots against his election - with his back to the wall. Even the secretive revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran has been unable to conceal the widening fissures in Iran's ruling elite.

Our Washington sources report that the White House is keenly watching the infighting and deepening splits in the clerical regime. Opinions vary as to the cause which triggered the crisis, ranging from opposition to the deep slashes Ahmadinejad ordered last month in subsidies for essential consumer goods, to dialectical differences and a straight power struggle. But they all agree that the Iranian president is fighting for his life in a struggle that is approaching a resolution.

This represents another development in the region that is worth watching closely. He may need a war in order to divert the nation's attention away from his failed internal policies and towards a common enemy (Israel). We'll see how this develops.


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GREAT article - thanks for providing that. "Great war" indeed....I still believe its possible that Gog-MaGog could be ignited as a result of this gas/oil find endangering Russia's bid for dominance in the region...Very interesting indeed.

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