Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New World Order: Consequences

I've been surprised that more hasn't been written about the startling revelations issued by George Soros recently, where he declared that the collapse of the dollar was a planned event in the efforts towards a New World Order. The very fact that such declarations made by one of the world's richest and most influential persons is surprising and perhaps a sign of our times.

Below is a highly germane and interesting commentary on this emerging situation:

Economic Consequences Of The "New World Order"

A common misconception among less aware segments of the American populace is that the phrase “New World Order” was concocted by attention seeking “conspiracy theorists” in dank basement apartments and sinister mountain shacks across the country.

The truth is that mumblings of a “New World Order” have been floating around various elitist circles for decades, and every once in a while, those mumblings are publicized in the mainstream media. Globalists created the warped ideal; we just point out that it exists. Lately, we haven’t had to try very hard…

As most readers here are probably already privy to, elitist spokesman George Soros (who for some reason reminds me of the bloated floating Baron Harkonnen from the movie ‘Dune’) recently let spill all kinds of NWO gossip in a candid interview with the Financial Times. If you have not seen it yet, or you believe only kooks talk about the New World Order, I suggest you watch the below interview twice for good measure:

If you haven't already seen this, the link is contained in this report:

Soros: The Man Behind the Curtain



The following paragraph asks the same obvious questions that most of us have:

What is most interesting about this interview is Soros’ focus on the fate of the dollar in the NWO. He openly confirms nearly everything I and many others have been warning about for the past three to four years in the span of only ten minutes!

Why would Soros make such admissions? Well, I suspect that some elites believe that they should not have to hide their pet project for a “new order” from us lowly serfs, while others perhaps have been given the green light to start selling the masses on the supposed benefits of greater centralization. Soros literally tries to paint the collapse of America as “necessary”, and the devolution of the dollar as “healthy”, though I doubt that many people will be swayed by his charms. It’s hard to trust a guy that leaves a slime trail…

The following also points out the obvious, yet neglected issues by the MSM:

What alternative economic analysts are now discovering is that there are actually two economies; the one that the MSM and the government presents, and the one we all actually live in. The year of 2010 was highly representative of this strange developing duality.

So many malfunctions in terms of employment, debt, inflation, and bonds (especially municipals), and yet, so much “good news” pouring out of the networks. This is rather similar to the media frenzy just before the final market plunge of the Great Depression; government reports and mainstream news were overwhelmingly positive, right before the entire system took its last flaming nose dive into the gutter and stayed there for a decade.

More obvious questions are asked:

If we are to take anything from the recent Soros interview, it would be that the globalists are closing in on their target for the implementation of their new world order, or “new economic order”, or whatever interchangeable label they happen to be using at the moment.

But what does this mean for the rest of us?

When George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, Nicolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Putin, Gordon Brown, and so many others mention their desire for a “New World Order”, what exactly are they referring to? In terms of the economy, how will this elitist philosophy change our lives, and our nation? To know our destination, we must first examine the path we are currently on. What have been the results of globalism and centralization so far? What is the most likely next step? Let’s review where the elites have led us up until now, and where they have expressly proclaimed they would like to take us in the future…

This article is somewhat lengthy but it is definitely worth reading; perhaps more than once. What is fascinating, is the portrayal of a central financial (world) system and central currency as inevitable:

With all the talk in the MSM of global currency lately, I still have yet to see a viable argument for its usefulness. Just as with globalism, no real debate is pursued on global currency, only the presumption that such a step is “inevitable”. Sorry, but globalism is not inevitable, and neither is the rise of Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s). These are economic tools and methods which are enacted by a relatively small group of men. They are not universal laws of physics handed down by the gods.

Wow. As as mentioned before, I can recall feeling somewhat uncomfortable introducing these same ideas, just as recently as a few years ago, while giving prophecy talks. Today such discussions are read daily and met with yawns. We have moved towards the Tribulation at light speed in these last few years. It really is amazing.

The only purpose behind a global currency would be to streamline the centralization process; to perpetuate the psychology of globalism in the masses, making the construction of global government easier to introduce.

I agree with this point completely. It is interesting to read such commentary in a non-prophecy forum.

We prophecy watchers know what will be coming to the world, and this author, again, nails it:

Would global government be as wondrous and as Utopian as it is always presented? Will we finally get our Star Trek uniforms and flying cars? Not a chance. Global governance will not be Utopia; not under men like Soros, and certainly not under the IMF. The promise of paradise has always been used to make people do stupid and horrible things, from the Assasseens of Iran spoken of by Marco Polo, to the Russian communist disaster of Lenin and Stalin, and beyond.

Blind collectivism and feudalism has never led to peace, prosperity, wisdom, or spaceships propelled by dilithium crystals. What it HAS led to, consistently, is death, destruction, mayhem, and sometimes the loss of entire chapters of human knowledge. It leads not to enlightenment, but to the dark ages.

And that serves as an almost perfect description of the tribulation period which is approaching. And it is most definitely approaching. That road is being paved and cemented every day, as we watch, unable to change a thing. Not that we could anyway because we know that all of this fits into God's overall plan for humanity.

Fortunately, we have the Bible as our guide. God, in His incredible mercy and love, has given all us all of this information, in advance - so that we would be prepared and watching for the return of Christ Jesus.

It won't be long now. He is coming and He is coming soon. The signs around us inform us of this fact every single day.


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