Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Rise of the Kings of the East

The rise of China over the past 2-3 decades has been fascinating to watch, to say the least. Its another one of the many prophetic signs that seemed unlikely just a few decades ago. But in today's world we see China rapidly becoming the world power:

Pentagon Surprised, Concerned as China Debuts High-Tech Weapons

The Chinese military is making significant advances in sophisticated weapons at a pace that has caught the Pentagon off guard, a senior U.S. intelligence official acknowledged.

The new weapons, coming as China's navy becomes more assertive in the western Pacific and South China Sea, include an advanced long-range ballistic missile, the Dong Feng 21D, said to be able to hit U.S. aircraft carriers before they are in striking range of the Chinese coast, and a new stealth fighter that could challenge the best new American fighter, the F-2

"Across a broad array of weapons systems, they are making progress,'' U.S. Navy Vice Adm. David Dorsett told reporters Wednesday. While the development of the new stealth fighter was anticipated, he said that "the speed at which they are making progress . . . we underestimated.''

To illustrate the accelerating speed at which China is developing sophisticated military capabilities, Dorsett said a decade ago it had no integrated "ISR'' system, referring to an integrated intelligence-surveillance-reconnaissance capability to seek out, identify and fix distant and scattered targets. Today, China has such a system, he said. Within the past 10 years China also has developed and deployed an over-the-horizon radar. Both capabilities significantly threaten U.S. naval freedom of action in the western Pacific

But thats not all...

China Has Plans For Five Carriers

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is assembling the production and basing capacity to make its aircraft carrier program one of Asia’s largest military endeavors.

The PLA is also building escort ships for its carrier fleet. In the autumn of 2009 it appeared that two Chinese shipyards were building two new destroyer classes, but their configurations and equipment are not apparent. The PLA is expected to build up to 18 modern Type-065A air-defense frigates. Two new Type-093 nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSNs) have been built, and a more capable Type-095 SSN is expected.

Chinese Stealth Better than Our Stealth?

There's been a lot of buzz lately about the newly revealed Chinese Stealth Fighter, the J20.

I note that the J20 is a big aircraft. It's wingspan of 46ft and length of 75ft make it bigger than an F22. Fitted with a pair of WS-15 Engines (the prototypes are thought to be using Russian Al31FU engines), it'll be fast too. (Information about the J20 came from ) From this data, I deduce that the J20 was designed to penetrate the air defenses of an American Carrier Group and launch missiles that would be powerful enough to cripple or sink the aircraft carrier. It could also be employed against our E-2 AWAC's aircraft.

Obviously, this could have a fairly detrimental effect on our ability to assist Taiwan against a Chinese "reunification" effort.

Beijing plans for Preemptive Nuclear Strike

China spent a great deal of money on its military during the past few years, and in 2010 alone, the budget reached 10.2 trillion yen, about 123 billion U.S. producing a stealth aircraft and a carrier ‘killing’ missile. Along with these military goodies, the PLA has decided to spice up its nuclear strategic policy:

The Chinese military will consider launching a preemptive nuclear strike if the country finds itself faced with a critical situation in a war with another nuclear state, internal documents showed Wednesday.

The People's Liberation Army's strategic missile forces, the Second Artillery Corps, ''will adjust the nuclear threat policy if a nuclear missile-possessing country carries out a series of air strikes against key strategic targets in our country with absolutely superior conventional weapons…''

Reported by the Kyodo News, this policy “is likely to fan concern in the United States, Japan and other regional powers about Beijing's nuclear capability.”
Oh, really? But yes, it should be a concern, considering the existential qualities of the government in Beijing, being that the government is the god, and that the last time the U.S. dealt with a similar godless entity, it was in the USSR.

Now, Preemptive Nuclear Strike sounds suspiciously like Nuclear First Strike, whether we like it or not.

It is interesting to go back and look at various prophecy books, written in the late '50's and into the '60's - way before China posed any threat at all - and see our "literal" prophecy scholars calling for China to rise as a world power. At the time it seemed like a ridiculous notion, as, at that time China had virtually no technology, no manufacturing infrastructure and basically set-up much like a third world country.

But since we know biblical prophecy to be 100% accurate - this shouldn't be surprising - this incredible rise of the "Kings of the East":

Its just another sign of these times.


Anonymous said...

I can't get the missile that
was sent up from a sub off the
coast of California, out of
my mind. Muscle flexing at the
very least. Picturing the USA
cowering on it's knees because
of govt policy in recent years.

Scott said...

It was muscle flexing, and probably in response to the intentional devaluation of the dollar with the stimulus II. We are very weak now, here in the US...But this is what must take place. Sad but true.

We'll be outta here before it gets too bad IMO.