Saturday, January 29, 2011

Globalism: The New World Order

Below is a fascinating view of what globalism really involves in this day and age. It may be different than you think - at least for now:

What is Globalization?

So what is globalization? In an economic sense, it is the integration of the national economies of the world. Just because we don't have a "one world government" yet and just because we all aren't paying our bills with implantable microchips yet does not mean that the global economic system has not arrived.

In fact, if someday the United States is merged into a one world government, that doesn't mean that our current government would disappear. It is likely that it would just be made subordinate to the global government, kind of like how our state governments have been made subordinate to the federal government in Washington D.C.

Trade is one of the primary tools of those seeking to implement globalization. This is something that a large percentage of those that are concerned about a "New World Order" fail to realize. Most people keep their eyes focused on the political realm, but the globalists realize that once you get control of money and trade you are a long way towards winning the game.

These three paragraphs form the introduction to the article. It is well worth reading. Lets jump to the middle and then to the conclusions:

That is exactly what is happening right now. Our "regional economy" and culture are becoming integrated with the rest of the world. Many applaud this change, but it also means that everything that once made America "exceptional" is being lost as we are merged into a new global system.

Fortunately, many Americans are starting to wake up to the threat of globalization. In particular, large numbers of Americans now realize that globalization is sending millions of our jobs overseas and it is destroying the standard of living of America's middle class.

You see, one of the things that globalization is ultimately all about is transferring power, wealth and control out of the hands of the middle class and into the hands of the global elite. The entire system is designed to funnel money into their hands and leave the rest of humanity fighting over a smaller and smaller slice of the pie.

Now the conclusions:

This is not communism and it is certainly not capitalism. It is probably best described as "neo-feudalism", and it is a system that will strip virtually all of our liberties and freedoms away if we allow it to.

Globalization is here and it is happening right now. It is destroying what still remains of the once great U.S. capitalist system. As our economy continues to be merged with the economies of the rest of the world, our standard of living will inevitably sink to match the standard of living that the rest of the world enjoys.

The entire game is changing. All of the things that you were taught about trade and economics as you were growing up are being turned upside down. Globalization is a complete and total nightmare. Hopefully the American people will wake up before it is too late.

Unfortunately, this train isn't stopping and it certainly isn't reversing course. This train is running full steam ahead - right into the Tribulation, where we will have a continuation of the global economic platform - only it will be controlled by a central figure. The world will also have a global religion and a global governance. We are just seeing the preparations in progress.

Its all about globalism and a new world order. I'm glad not to be part of it.

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