Friday, January 14, 2011

News You Won't Find in the MSM:

The information contained in the article below represents a category that we covered many times last year, so its time to bring it back.

I can almost guarantee that you won't find this information anywhere in the main-stream U.S. media:

Poll: Jerusalem Arabs want to remain in Israel

Similar data have been produced before, so this isn't really new information. Here it is (again):

Just days after the world erupted in anger over a construction project aimed at helping secure Israel’s control over the entirety of Jerusalem, a plurality of the Arab residents of the holy city said they want to remain under Israeli sovereignty.

A poll carried out by American Pechter Middle East Polls on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations revealed that if Jerusalem were divided in a final status Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, most Arabs living on the Palestinian side would try to move to the Israeli side.

A 40 percent plurality said they would move anywhere else within Israel to retain their Israeli citizenship if their Jerusalem neighborhood became part of a Palestinian state. A 35 percent plurality said they far prefer Israeli citizenship to Palestinian citizenship. Thirty percent declined to answer the questions, likely out of fear that preferring Israel could put them in dange

Those Jerusalem Arabs who said they want to remain Israeli cited a number of reason, including superior health care and social benefits, freedom of movement in Israel, and higher income and job opportunities.

The number of Arabs living in eastern Jerusalem and surrounding villages who are requesting Israeli citizenship has been increasing every year for the past decade.

Isn't that interesting? If the nation of Israel and the jews living there are so horrible (as painted by the media), then why would such a large number of Arabs in the region prefer to live under Israeli leadership?

Doesn't this represent an enormous conflict with what the media would have you believe? Not to mention what the terrorist groups will tell you (and subsequently parroted by the media and then in a similar, perfunctory manner by politically-correct politicians).

Again, the truth is elusive in these last days - but one can find it with a little digging.


Expected Imminently said...

It is several years since I was in Israel, but I can vouch for the accuracy of this poll. The young arabs could be bolshy, but the adults knew what side their bread was buttered.

We saw Arab resentment against the then PLO as they enforced a 'strike' making Arab shop owners close down in protest.

It was also telling that when the attack was coming in ? forget - Arabs were coerced to escape Israel to avoid getting hurt when Israel was over run by the Islamic armies. Some took the advice, they are now in 'camps'. Many others chose to stay with Israel come what may! They still have their homes and businesses.

hartdawg said...

scott scott scott....are you doubting the new york times,cnn and msnbc? and our current administration? I`M SHOCKED! the media is there to inform us and the president is looking out for us for our can you question them?

Scott said...

Thats a good point Hart - I'll take a slap on the wrist for this one :)

Scott said...

Sue, your last point is something that very few people know and understand, and its unfortunate. Those folks ended up in the "camps" - can you even imagine if Israel had such camps?