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The Truth in an Age of Lies and Deception

We've mentioned this aspect of end times prophecy so many times - that this age would be a period of lies and deception. We see it manifest every single day.

Today, Jerry Golden has an interesting perspective on the Middle East:

How About Some Truth

This is relatively brief and worth posting in its entirety:

Israel has four borders, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and we could now say five if one considers Gaza. Our largest border is the Mediterranean Sea to the west but today even that is changing with the Prime Minister of Turkey making statements like if Syria is attacked by Israel they will not sit quiet that in fact they will defend Syria against Israel.

Today with riots in the streets of Cairo threatening to oust President Hosni Mubarak from his 30 year reign as Dictator of Egypt. The man that wants to replace him is the former head of I.A.E.A Mohamed ElBaradei who shielded the Iranian nuclear weapons programs for years. But looking over his shoulder is the Muslim Brotherhood connected to the Wahhabi out of Saudi Arabia who supplied the terrorist for 9/11. Mubarak's position is weak at best and his only option to stay in power is to begin shooting protesters dead in the street like they did in Iran. The question now is would the Egyptian military follow such an order at this point, I don't think so. As for what hangs in the balance for Israel and the fragile peace treaty seems to be in serious danger to completely failing and Egypt once again preparing to join in the fight to destroy Israel with the rest of the Islamic Arab World.

If you listen to the Main Line News Media you would think this is a good thing and that it's all about fighting for Democracy but the facts on the ground are quiet different. They are protesting for survival, they can no long afford the price of food and there are no jobs, put that together with the Islamic propaganda they have listened to all their lives and you have an explosion in the makings. If you were able to take a survey in Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan or any Arab country you'd find that the average man on the streets believes that some how Israel is the reason for their suffering and that Israel must be destroyed.

We are now seeing these same riots happening in Jordan and as I stated in past reports Jordan is pulling away from their peace treaty with Israel and embracing Iran and the rest of the Islamic Arab world to make sure they are not next on the list to be destroyed.

What seemed to be the quiet takeover of Lebanon by Hezbollah may not be so quiet after all as riots are breaking out in the streets of Beirut as well and this could be the kicker to start the next war as Hezbollah could very well start the missiles flying into Israel to change the political direction when Israel retaliates forcing the people to get behind Hezbollah and forgetting their political problems for the time being.

We are now hearing from Debka that Iran is sending a fleet of warships into the Red Sea and through the Suez Canal taking up positions around Israel's western shores. The US has sent the USS Enterprise carrier with a strike group carrying 6,000 sailors and marines and 80 warplanes, to read more about this deployment CLICK HERE.

In the mean time Syria continues to move long range missiles into southern Lebanon in preparation for the coming war. As far as Egypt is concerned it may be the only thing that could save Mubarak at this time is joining a war against Israel, but I can't see that happening in time to save him.
There are many Scriptures that are in the making of fulfillment in all of this, Zechariah, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel also in the Gospel of Luke and Matthews I could print them all here but you should know them by now. One thing is certain the Arabs learned their lesson in the wars of 48, 67, 73 and they want more assurance this time around and will come with all their might, only to be destroyed by God Almighty. The sad part will be the death and suffering once again to the Jewish people as the Devil tries once again to destroy the possibility of the return of the Jewish Messiah.

I am asked all the time how does this Ministry play into all of this, all I can say is we have heard from God and we will continue looking towards our salvation and strength knowing that God has a plan for this Ministry, what we do may not be big in the eyes of men, but very important in the eyes of God. We are short at this time on finances
The larger boat is still our greatest need, and the establishing of ground communications with our boats is also needed. Our travels will not be published for a while for obvious reasons.

As for the USA Obama has sealed its fate with his hatred of Israel and his love for the enemies of God and of Israel, but he put the final nail in the coffin when he repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell, now God has no choice but to be true to His Word.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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Robert Charroux said...

World War III

Prophets are frauds, and people who believe in prophecy are their victims. "Prophecy" has to be one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on human society. That's because prophecy is simply not possible. The reason for this will be blatantly obvious to any rational clear-thinking person: the future does not exist and is therefore unknowable!

In the USA the Christian Right are waiting for World War III. They think it's all just wonderful because it's foretold in the Bible: "Some groups within the Christian Right, such as the American Christian Zionists, believe the establishment of the state of Israel was a precursor to the Second Coming of Christ. They also claim that war between the Jews and Arabs was prophesied in the Bible. Ed McAteer, founder of the Moral Majority, said of the current [circa 2002] situation in the Middle East: "I believe that we are seeing prophecy unfold so rapidly and dramatically and wonderfully and, without exaggerating, makes me breathless".

Is McAteer telling us that his God expects and wants war? It appears the Christian Right believe that war must happen because it is prophesied in the Bible. But war is never inevitable. Rather, war is the result of man's decisions and actions.

In the 1970's Hal Lindsey wrote in his international best seller The Late Great Planet Earth that recent and forthcoming world events were foreseen by the biblical prophets. Communism was perceived by Lindsay to be the greatest evil the world had ever known. The USSR would invade Israel. China would mobilise against Europe. World War III was imminent and nuclear holocaust was inevitable. Lindsay did a meticulous job of matching up world events with selected passages in the Bible. As it turned out, he got it all wrong. No surprises there!!!

Going back to 1929, Rev. W. Lamb suggests in his book Signs that Mussolini might be the Antichrist. Had he waited a few years he would have picked Hitler as the Antichrist. In the 1980's it probably would have been Pope John Paul II (he was critically wounded but recovered miraculously). Like Lindsay, Lamb carefully links events of the day to prophecies in the Bible and is thereby convinced the end is nigh. Who now remembers Lamb and his book?

Continued in next post: The Late Great Planet Earth