Monday, January 24, 2011

In the news:

1. Update on Lebanon:

Lebanon faces isolation as Hizballah rises to power

Obama Administration officials were quoted by Arabic media on Sunday as saying all US foreign aid to Lebanon will cease if the Hizballah ends up controlling the government in Beirut.

Hizballah brought down the Western-backed government of Prime Minister Saad Hariri last week, and appears poised to either score a major victory in upcoming elections or to use its superior military forces to seize control of the country.

Christian leaders in Lebanon are panicked over what will happen to their country in the coming weeks. Samir Geagea, leader of the Christian Lebanese Forces, warned at a Beirut press conference on Saturday that Hizballah will “turn Lebanon in to Gaza,” referring to the current state of the Palestinian-controlled coastal strip after it came under the sway of Hamas.

Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom on Saturday said these development had removed all doubt that Lebanon is now a satellite of Iran, which sponsors and even gives orders to Hizballah.

2. New World Order:

Elites to tackle 'fundamentally changed' world

The eurozone's debt battle and the power shift towards emerging giants like China and India will be at the heart of discussions on a "fundamentally changed world" at this week's Davos meeting of global elites.

"The world has fundamentally changed," said Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum

"One of the most important factors of the new reality is the shift of geopolitical and geoeconomic power from north to south, from west to east.

That is an interesting quote, as prophecy scholars predicted this turn of events decades ago, based upon a literal view of prophecy.

"This has not only political and economic consequences. I think the world will go through some shock waves of adaptation," he added.

"It's a reflection of the accelerated leadership of China and India in the global and economic and intellectual discussions globally," he explained.

Russia is also out in force. Flanked by deputy prime ministers Aleksei Kudrin and Igor Shuvalov as well as foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is to open the meeting.

Lets see:

- World fundamentally changing to a new world order: Check
- Rise of the "kings of the east": Check
- Rise of the land of MaGog (aka Russia): Check

Looks like everything is right on schedule.

3. Reflections on the formation of a "PA State":

The Push to Create Palestine

Recently a string of Latin American countries — Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, and even right-leaning Chile — have recognized Palestine “within the 1967 borders,” indefensible boundaries from which Israel was attacked and could have been annihilated in 1967.

And last week Russian President Dmitry Medvedev reaffirmed that his country, too — not known for championing the rights of Chechens and Georgians — backs Palestine.

And now it turns out that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) — the progenitor of modern terrorism, particularly in its Arab and Islamic forms — has, for the first time, raised its flag over its diplomatic mission in Washington. And the State Department approves.

And, clearly, that international community is not concerned at the contradiction between its growing recognition of the dire problems of Arab countries and its yen to create another such country on Israel’s doorstep.

If it were, it would consider the results so far of the empowerment of the Palestinians since Israel began its political process with them in the early 1990s.

And what is this last sentence referring to?

One result: Gaza, the Hamas-run Islamist terror entity, probably sharing with Iran and Sudan the honor of most benighted regime in the region. The Palestinian-state enthusiasts don’t explain how Gaza fits into the scheme. Will they bestow full sovereignty on it as it’s raining rockets and mortars on Israeli towns?

Ahhhh. Now thats a thorny issue isn't it? This author must have missed the memo. We're supposed to ignore Gaza and pretend that the daily missile fire into Israeli civilian areas isn't really happening. And in closing, even more "politically incorrect" thoughts:

We must not shy away from posing an unfashionable question: what moral or pragmatic purpose can be served by adding the current Gaza and West Bank regimes to the calamitous realm of Arab sovereignty?

4. A Broke America

America the Broke

The government’s debt is our debt, and when our creditors at last demand their due, that heretofore unseen $45,300 per person in debt will suddenly surge to the surface and sweep all before it in a terrible deluge. Not one person in America will be unaffected. The rich will become less rich; the middle class will become, for all intents and purposes, poor; and the poor will see any hope they may have had of economic advancement disappear.

The deluge will come as a surprise to many. After all, cheap money and unlimited credit has given us the illusion of prosperity for all too long.

For decades, the government has been spending our wealth — first everything we made, then everything we ever going to make, and now everything our children and their children will ever make.

The entitlement promises made by national and local governments of the West are so vast that they can never be kept. When people finally and fully realize this, the capitals of the world will shake with the rage of masses which have come to expect everything, and will accept nothing less.

Indeed, it is already happening. The recent unrest in Greece, France, Britain, and elsewhere adumbrate our future rather nicely.

The reckoning is coming. It will be swift, and it will be terrible, and we will have only ourselves to blame.

Ouch. But the truth hurts, as they say. America will fall from power - thats a guarantee. Its just a matter of time.

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