Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mediterranean Union Leader Resigns

This development will be worth watching, as Jordan's Ahmad Masa'deh has resigned his post as the Secretary General of the Mediterranean Union. This is an interesting development for several reasons. The political maneuverings which will surely take place now as different individuals seek this position, will be something to keep an eye on. This is also intriguing because the Med Union is essentially a blank canvas and a strong leader could use this platform to gain world-wide status - not to mention the possibility of using the position in order to have an impact in the Middle East.

Jordanian head of Mediterranean Union quits

The Mediterranean Union's first leader, Jordan's Ahmad Masa'deh, has quit the job after one year in office, saying conditions for the post had changed.
A statement from his office on Wednesday said "the general conditions against which he accepted to assume the job have changed."
He would "continue his support for a professionally sound and politically empowered secretariat...," the statement added.
Masa'deh, 41, a lawyer, who was an ambassador to the European Union and NATO in Brussels, took office with the 43-nation, Barcelona-based union in January 2010.
Launched at a Paris summit in July 2008, the Mediterranean Union groups all 27 EU member states, with countries in North Africa, the Balkans, the Arab world as well as Israel in a bid to foster cooperation in one of the world's most volatile regions.


Anonymous said...

Scott I hope you read this and get
back with me >>>>>

There is something I did not tell
you since I thought it did not matter, but it appears now that IT

I used to reside on Maui and of course now I am in Hilo. BUT WHEN
I was on Maui I read this prophecy
regarding the Antichrist that an
evil would come into this world
on 3 SEP 1971.

OK, I found out that Masadeh was
born in Jordan on 19 MAY 1969.
Still, I felt he was the one, BUT
it has always bothered me that
the birthdates never did match up.

I think you know where this is
going. The NEXT PERSON to take
Masadeh's place could be it.
The birthdate needs to be matched.
Also, Nostradamus got Hitler right
but was off by one letter....he
said Hisler, but it was Hitler.

Nostra said that the Antichrist
name is MABUS.....which ain't
really close to Masadeh at all.

who replaces Masadeh.

Write soon

Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

hartdawg said... you think that MAYBE the head of the medditrenran union did NOT quit voluntarily? perhaps behind the scenes pressure? (maybe the future AC or someone used to put AC to power) i dont like nutty conspiracy theories but this one jumped out immediately

Scott said...

Hart- Thats an interesting comment. These days, I believe almost ANYTHING is possible. Thats why I am watching developments with the Med Union so closely. But definitely, if the AC is ready to make his move, and he wants to come through the Med Union, now would be a perfect opportunity. Plus, as mentioned, with the Med Union being SUCH a blank canvas, a strong leader could push whatever program he wishes, and the restraints of the EU aren't in place. IOW, it might be easier to come to power via the Med Union.

Stephen - thats also interesting - I didn't know that about the dates - do you have a reference for that?

Anonymous said...

Scott >>>

I do not have a reference, I misplaced that book somewhere.

But I certainly do remember it.

Please tell me if you SEE anyone
being appointed. to the UFM
head position. thanks, Stephen >>>>

Anonymous said...

"Mediterranean Union chief resigns as Egypt unrest continues
Today @ 09:29 CET

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The secretary general of the Union for the Mediterranean has announced his resignation, highlighting the institution's shaky foundations and apparent inability to tackle key issues in the region, including the ongoing political tension in northern Africa...

Would personally advise against anyone holding their breath regarding any potential prophetic significance of the Union for the Mediterranean (now its "parent," the 1995 Barcelona Process/European Neighbourhood Process (ENP), and strengthened 7-year ENPI, may be another matter). Fwiw.