Thursday, December 29, 2022

Zelensky To Attend WEF Forum At Davos

Zelensky to Join World Economic Forum at Davos, Partner With BlackRock to ‘Rebuild’ Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced his intentions to attend the World Economic Forum’s Davos summit next month, as well as a partnership with globalist private equity firm BlackRock Inc. to “rebuild” Ukraine after what Zelensky insists will be a victory over Russia.

Zelensky told the people of Ukraine in a recent address to the nation that BlackRock “specialists” are already helping Ukraine to build a “reconstruction” fund, and that next month, he’ll take part in the World Economic Forum’s infamous Davos summit.

“Specialists of this company (BlackRock Inc.) are already helping Ukraine to structure the fund for the reconstruction of our state,” Zelensky told his nation during his recent address.

According to Zelensky’s presidential webpage, he recently held a video chat with Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock to hammer out details of the “preliminary” reconstruction agreement they struck earlier this year.

A darling of the global “powers that be,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has appeared via video stream numerous times before the WEF, and multiple fawning articles on the group’s website document the WEF’s admiration and open support of Zelensky and his government.

He’s also met with the WEF in person, joining its billionaire founder, Klaus Schwab, on stage.

Schwab and the WEF have repeatedly spoken of their plans to “capture” various seats in government, through the sponsorship of politicians all over the world, to streamline the implementation of their draconian agenda.

Zelensky didn’t specify in his address to Ukraine whether or not he will appear at Davos via video stream, or attend the summit in person.

On a recent in-person trip to Washington, on which Zelensky demanded more money for Ukraine as he addressed a joint session of Congress, the Ukrainian President was criticized for appearing in “costume” – a sweatshirt and military-style fatigues.

Throughout the current phase of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict, Zelensky has appeared on video in military-style garb, and a viral video has documented the extensive use of Hollywood effects and propaganda methods to spread his message around the world.

Taking a hardline approach to all things his government considers to be linked to Russia, including Orthodox Christianity and the free press, Zelensky, a former television actor, has been hailed around the world as the living and breathing symbol of liberal globalist society championed by the World Economic Forum.

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