Friday, December 23, 2022

Doug Casey: Things To Come In 2023

Top 4 Predictions for 2023

Doug Casey: Perhaps the biggest turning point in recent modern history will turn out to be 2020. Governments and their minions found novel ways to gain huge amounts of control. These things were well underway before 2020, but since Covid, they’ve all gone hyperbolic. That trend will accelerate this year—albeit with some much-delayed pushback.

Four areas stand out.

First, a relatively inconsequential flu, followed by a vaccine hysteria, got far more voluntary compliance to all manner of extreme measures than most anyone could have imagined. The powers that be found that the public is vastly more likely to do as they’re told if the rationale is health rather than politics, ideology, economics, or the like. So we can count on many replays of this tune, including mandatory vaccine passports and lockdowns.

Second, the drumbeat against the newly-minted enemy element, carbon, has reached manic levels. A substantial part of the population, and a large majority of youth, have been convinced that Global Warming will destroy the planet unless we go Green, stop using fossil fuels, and attempt to run an industrial civilization on windmills and sunshine. It stands a chance of destroying civilization.

Third, central banks are racing to impose CBDCs, while governments run multi-trillion dollar deficits and bailouts, doubling and tripling debt levels with little discussion. This is unprecedented.

Fourth, the widespread acceptance of Wokism, racial quotas, aggressive LBGT++ promotion, ESG, and DIE. There are serious discussions of race reparation payments and a Guaranteed Annual Income. It’s part of an accelerated general collapse of traditional moral values.

What’s happening will, I think, be seen as a turning point greater than either WW1 or WW2. And there’s an excellent chance we’re looking at something akin to WW3 in the bargain. I don’t doubt that the era before 2020 will soon be referred to as the “Before Times,” a phrase that’s been used in dystopian science fiction. And the future could resemble dystopian sci-fi.

The future is what this discussion is about. But I’m not a fortuneteller and don’t have a crystal ball. All I can do is look at the facts. Ideally, facts that not everybody is paying attention to—interpreted through a lens that not everybody else is using.

Let’s briefly run down trends in the major markets. As with the four societal trends I just mentioned, this isn’t the place to go into the rationales, the “why” of things. I’ve spent time on that in past conversations. I just want to call 2023 the way I see it.


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Anonymous said...

BRAVO! Not wanting all to occur, but as far as an assessment as to where we were, are, and going, IMO this articulated very good Article ties events with a bow for the future reality brewing!

Now, many are positioned to weather the storm, so many are definitely not, and we must help each other, God willing! All because of absolute corruptive Godless lawlessness run amok, and laced with Communism sold as Liberal Wokeism, in my opinion!!

Can folks have been so naïve, or plain dumb to not had stopped this early on, apparently so; now naturally it has become harder to shield from, and resist, but with God anything is possible!! (: Understanding is part of resolving issues. Lesson should be, don't depend on man for health, wealth, or happiness;
know Jesus!! OK reality check: The way Doug sees it, it's close to the way many folks see it, great job Doug!