Monday, December 26, 2022

Does The U.S. Omnibus Bill Amount To Declaration Of War Against Russia?

U.S. Omnibus Bill Amounts to a Declaration of War Against Russia

Chris Menahan

The bipartisan omnibus bill the Senate just passed not only arms Ukraine to the teeth but includes a provision to steal seized Russian assets and give them to Ukraine. 

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s amendment related to seized Russian oligarch’s assets and transferring them to the people of Ukraine passed by voice vote.It’s the fourth amendment to be approved Thursday to the US government funding bill.

“This amendment would allow the Department of Justice through the Secretary of State to transfer proceeds from seized oligarch’s assets or other sanctioned entities to the people of Ukraine,” Graham said. “It will be a god send to the long suffering people of the Ukraine. It will be a relief to the American taxpayer… It will be a bad day for oligarchs.”

American taxpayers said they didn’t want a war with Russia, instead our government is sending the Zelensky regime around $110 billion in military and economic aid and agitating for a full-blown war.

The US is giving Ukraine nearly double Russia’s entire annual military budget of $65 billion.

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